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 Hello everyone,

With autumn here there is nothing like spending more time at home, right? The only thing is sometimes we run out of things to do. Once we have rearranged our wardrobe, carved pumpkins, set up fall decorations and checked-off everything on our list, we can enjoy some quality time with friends and family. A fun activity to do all together is to make your own candles!!!

This is the season to get cozy and creative! Candle making is something I haven't done before, but always had the desire to try. Well, I finally did! It's very therapeutic and so interesting learning about the process of candle making. It actually takes some time and some accuracy to get the wax and oil to the right temperature, so the candle turns out just right. Also, this gave me an insight on how candles are made...I was curious to find out ever since my sister started working for a candle company. Well, now I know all the secrets! πŸ˜‚ 

Are you ready to get cozy and add some aroma to your home? 

I got this Ash & Harry candle making kit and am ready to show you my new skills!πŸ˜‰

This is such a fun fall activity to do with your kids. They can choose the smells or help with the small tasks like pouring in the finished mixture. Cute little helpers are always needed!😁

One of the BEST things about this candle making kit is that it contains everything you need don't have to go out of your way and purchase things. It contains wicks, pretty decorative pods, a thermometer, a measuring cup, a few choices of essential oils and coloring blocks. Literally, all of the fun bits and necessities. It's as wonderful as it sounds! πŸ’•

I won't bore you with the steps to candle making because the instructions were very clear and easy to follow. I'll just tell you that there's something so nice about burning a candle later, which you know you made yourself. That feeling of creating something yourself is so empowering. It feels extra satisfying because nowadays you can just buy things already made.

Have you tried making your own candles? 

If you're in the search for something to do, I highly recommend trying out this kit. Get your closest friends/family and enjoy a day of creativity!!! 

~ This kit was send to me by Ash & Harry. All opinions are my own.
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