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Hello everyone,

Ayyyy summer is slipping away, but one thing is for sure - nothing is more exciting than doing a little shopping for the NEW season. 

Exactly what I did recently! I added some new pieces, which I can start wearing as the summer days slowly fade away and fall starts creeping up on us. What have you been up to lately? 

A single glance at my closet, you'll be able to see that I'm a summer soul. That's not bad, but this year I decided I should stock-up on some cozy bits. You know, I need to balance things out!😉Plus, it's fun having more of an option when dressing for the colder days instead of just wearing the same jeans and a sweater. Variety is nice and cute at the same time!!!

Along with clothing, new skincare comes into play with the arrival of autumn. Don't be surprised if I drop a fall shopping haul part 2 because as you can see I'm taking this VERY seriously. Also, I always enjoy sharing new finds or gorgeous brands that maybe you would love as well. Let's share the love and let me show you the start of me getting my closet ready for the upcoming season. 

1. Two-Piece Workout Set

I do love a soft matching two-piece set in which I can workout and continue wearing even outside the gym. For this one, I had to go for the toffee fall color. It's so nice because the top bra is breathable, great for getting sweaty and the bottoms are not only comfortable, but also good for the numerous chilly days coming our way. 

Also, whether you feel confident enough to wear a tight two-piece set like this or not, you definitely should go for it because it will give you the boost to perform better and gradually help you build your confidence. Even if you don't care what you wear when working-out, you should treat yourself to nice, comfortable apparel. It makes ALL the difference inside and out! What do you usually wear to the gym?  

I've had these leggings and bra top for a week now and I'm so obsessed!😍 Feels so good to get active in them. Throw in a few punches, kicks or even spinning backfists! hahaha

This isn't just a's an anti-theft bag

Super smart, takes away the worry of someone stealing your personal information like cards or keys. It's so amazing for traveling because there is no way anyone can even cut off the strap. Not only that, but it's so stylish! A WINNER for sure!

I wish I had it for the New York trip, but you know, it will be coming along on all future trips. The security is top notch. You can also fit all your must-have essentials- even a small camera and your phone. It's a must-have! This crossbody bag goes great with everything, so you can wear it everyday. You don't need to wait until you book a trip somewhere. 

It's one of those purchases, which I don't know how I have lived without before. You know what I mean?

3. Honest Beauty Facial Oil 

For awhile I have wanted to try the Honest Company! I have read and heard about it, but I never really knew just how affordable it is until I checked it out myself.'s more affordable than you can imagine! Totally love this and the fact that this company is based around organic products, made for all skin types with truly nourishing ingredients. 

I'm so impressed by this facial oil!🔝 I've got it on right now...all over my neck and face. It's a good starter for me; a pleasant introduction to the brand and a great first choice that will lead me to building a whole Honest Beauty collection. Yep, I'm definitely getting everything else with the Honest logo on it! 

I have already got my eyes on the mascara, the shampoo, the lightweight moisturizer, the face cream, and ohhh, I can keep going on and on. Have you tried this brand yet?

4. Off the Shoulder Crop Top

Right now, it's still a bit too hot for sweaters, so I think the perfect piece to go for is an off-the-shoulder top with long sleeves. Super cute in bright orange! It can bring me back to the summers once autumn makes its entrance. I know we tend to go for darker colors during the fall/winter, but it's always a good idea to bring color back here and there, especially if it makes you smile.😁 

Of course, this top would be perfect with denim bottoms, but I think it can also be dressed down with high rise leggings. Why not? Especially on days you don't want to get super dressed up, but still want to put in an effort.

Denim is universal!💙 

No matter what type of denim clothing item it is, it goes amazing with everything. So the more denim, the merrier your wardrobe will be!😉

I had to add new denim joggers for this season. These are so cool and remind me of my childhood because of the side pockets. I used to wear that kind of style a lot when I was younger. Here I am bringing "wild side pockets Radi back" hahaha!

Usually, skinny denim jeans are my go-to. However, these ones are a little more casual which I like. Really good for everyday activities like doing errands and such. Also, let's not exclude brunch outings and other fun activities. What's your favorite style of denim jeans?

We all LOVE being inspired, whether that's a message we read or a song we hear, it's one of the BEST feelings ever. Right? 

Inspiration can cause a powerful ripple effect through the clothing or accessories you wear. That's why I enjoy finding/supporting brands that tell a story like the INSPIRATION. CO brand. Every message on their bracelets (made from genuine earth stones) is meaningful. You can choose one that you feel a connection to. Mine says "Enjoy the Journey" because many times the journey feels like a speedway (chasing things) meanwhile I want to have that reminder to really be in the present moment. Which jewelry piece is your favorite?   

To help spread their mission to "Inspire the World to Love" you can use code "RADOSTINA25" to receive 25% OFF your purchase. Enjoy!        

7. Pom-Pom Knit Sweater

Fall is more FUN with pom-poms!🥳 

I've wanted to get a sweater like this for awhile now, so this year I'm going to have all the fun. It's so nice because you can pair it with anything and everything on the bottom...leggings, jeans, shorts or a skirt. Very versatile and a good partner in crime to have when hopping from one season to the next. 

I like how cozy and pink it is! Imagine how great it would be to cozy up with it by the Christmas tree with a hot cup of coffee (caramel macchiato).😁 A dream come true!!!!

You can never go wrong with a cute, warm sweater. I look forward to shopping for new ones every year when autumn hits. Otherwise, I get cranky and you don't want to know what happens next...😂

Did you already do your autumn shopping? What fall inspired content do you want to see next? 

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    1. I love it! Will try more of her stuff for sure.

  2. I love the pom pom sweater so much, and the bracelet is beautiful!

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

    Make Life Marvelous

    1. Thank you! Can't wait to wear that sweater non-stop!

  3. All of the outfits you styled, both with the
    Forever 21 Active Seamless High-Rise Leggings,
    and with drawstring waist blue denim joggers, all looked fabulous being modelled by you,
    whether styled with the Forever 21 Seamless Ribbed Sports Bra,
    with the long-sleeved off the shoulder crop-top, or with the pink Pom-Pom knit sweater.
    Both the coordinated and the complementary outfit piece stylings look very aesthetically pleasing.
    The colours of your lipstick and of the nail lacquer also look very pretty
    Your skin, makeup, hair, outfits, figure and you all look beautiful. xx

    my blog
    my YouTube
    my Twitter

  4. all your purchases are so cute! that first set especially - so flattering and perfect for encouraging my lazy self to workout x

    mia //

  5. I love the fact that you have purchased orange items, this color is perfect for fall. All of the pics look amazing but I must admit that my favourite one is the first set :) Now I want to buy something similar, I hope I can find it here in Madrid
    Lovely pic, as always
    Kisses from

  6. I don't even know when autumn started in my place - it was rainy and cool at the beginning of September, so I had to say goodbye to crop tops and sports clothes - I like them very much.
    I only have sweaters left - I like them very much too :)
    You look great in this yellow denim set :)

  7. Such a beautiful outfits Radi . And this oil sound so good!

  8. Thanks for sharing such a great idea! Looking forward for the next post.

    Minimalist Tops Fall Wardrobe

  9. Great finds, Radi!
    I especially like the ots top paired with that cute minibag, so cool and seasonal look!

  10. Thank you =) I love my new sneakers too. Black and white together is always a good choice.
    Thanks I have much fun with them <3 :D

    Nice fall haul =) I love the sweather weather <3 :D
    The workout sets are pretty cute, like the style and colours.
    The facial oil sounds good, it's important to have a good skincare in the cold season.

  11. lovely fall season with beautiful outfits....

    Have a great weekend

  12. Great autumn shopping. You are fully ready for the autumn of Radi. You are fully ready for the autumn of Radi. I was enchanted by the sweater with I was enchanted by the sweater with pompoms, it is charming.

    Have a nice day!

  13. You look so cute in the pom-pom knit, Radi!
    All of those fall items are great, and I would love to try the workout set, facial oil and bracelet!


  14. I also can't believe that summer is finish and we already step in Fall. But I like items that you pick for yourself, that yellow bag is so cute and color is amazing. I would like to get the same for me.

  15. What great additions! Loving your pom pom sweater and denim joggers!

  16. Such a great haul, the honey face oil sounds like something marvelous! <3

  17. you look so sweet with lovely outfit.....

    Have a wonderful day

  18. Love the yellow top! You look stunning gal! Wonderful Post! Have a great day!
    Rampdiary | Fineartandyou | Beautyandfashionfreaks 

  19. oh yes, lovely selection to get ready for fall! x
    Maria xx

  20. Such a great haul Radi! You are so gorgeous.

  21. You got some great pieces for autumn! I really like that orange top it's incredible on you and so fun with that little bag!

    Hope you are having a great weekend :) Quiet Sunday for us as it's cold and rainy today!

    Away From The Blue

  22. Loving your looks here, babe! The matching workout set is SO cute and that fall color is great- you can layer a sweater/long cardigan over it when it cools down!

    I'm into a good pom pom sweater, always! :)

    Great styling!

    New post up here; hope to see you there!

  23. Love the color of that set! And, the pom pom sweater is darling!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  24. Hey Radi, everything is going well over here 🙂 I hope everything is going well on your on your side too :)!

    Happy to see your recent discoveries, specially the two pieces set! I love these kind of garments since you can have many different options to wear, from the whole set to separated looks playing with other different pieces. And the color you picked up is perfect for autumn season.

    Secondly, that Honest Oil sounds perfect for these days *_*


  25. Oh indeed you got some great things. Love the color of the workout set and the denim joggers are too cool! I have a pom pom sweater similar to this in a mustard color and I love it. I want to try that oil from Honest. I like oils in winter/cooler months.

    Allie of

  26. I love everything, especially that pom pom sweater and the workout set is such a fabulous colour
    Julia x

  27. I like your post and outfis. It´s a pitty, that we have not a shop Forever 21 in our country.