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Hello everyone,

With summer at its peak, there is always something fun to do (especially in Vegas) or always something cute to wear. Won't you agree? 

While my week is busy and basically sometimes feels like it repeats itself, weekends are my days off to change things up. That's when I get to put up some make-up, dress up a bit and do things I enjoy like going out dancing or checking out a new hotspot in the city. It's these moments that recharge me and get me ready for the new upcoming week! 

Saying all this, I decided it would be a great idea to show you the outfits I wore this past weekend starting from Friday night and ending with Sunday. Of course, they're colorful, summery and totally me. What has your summer style been like this year? 

Let's get started because there's lots to talk about!!! Plus, a few outfit changes happening a day. πŸ˜‚  


Friday nights feel more than alright when heading out to dinner for a fun time! πŸ’ƒ

That's when I love to dress-up like I'm about to strut down the red carpet...πŸ˜‰In this case, we're talking about this vibrant flounce red dress. It's oh-la-la and more!!! And you know what? Fridays are my favorite day, so from time to time I like to get extra glammed up. An outfit that you feel amazing in always brings along a memorable time.  

What's your go-to Friday night look?

Summer season makes it so easy to find dresses to love. There's everything from flowy to maxi to exotic. You can find one which has everything that you in a single dress. Yep, the internet is that goooood! πŸ˜‚ It can read your mind! ( Careful what you're thinking about right now!)        


Often during the weekend, I like being outside in the sun. You know, there is a reason summer is my favorite season!
πŸ˜‰ That reason is sunshine, wearing a yellow dress and day drinking. hahaha!

A few weeks ago I was craving (yessss, I get hungry for clothes) getting a new summer dress, so I decided to check out one of my favorite brands...SCOOP at Walmart! I came across this midi dress with fluttery sleeves and guess what? Yep, I bought it immediately! It also comes in adorable polka dots print, which is another beautiful summery daydreaming choice. 

Being out and about on Saturday, I though this is the perfect dress to wear with a pair of white sneakers. I got to go to one of the cutest coffee shops in town (a blog post is coming in the near future). 

What do you think of the bright yellow?πŸ’› Makes you smile, doesn't it? I love it because you can effortlessly style this dress with a pair of wedges, which I have done as well.


Later on it was time to paint the town and of course change my look!

I went to the Eiffel Tower Deck Viewing (ticket per person is $25) from which you can see every angle of not only The Strip, but the whole Vegas! Really Stunning! 😍 This is something I did way back, a few years ago. It felt like the first time revisiting this spectacular view...Las Vegas always seems to AMAZE me!!!

Since it was a special day, I decided to dress-up for it. A bit of nude tones, a bit of sheer zebra print and lots of curls. hahaha There were definitely tiny moments during which I regretted wearing these wedges because we walked from Bellagio to Paris. It's not a crazy walk, but once again, walking the Strip in high platforms is something I would never recommend, yet I do it every time. Ayyyyy! πŸ™‰

What do you think of this outfit? I love to wear! One that can easily become a favorite night-out look.


Sundays are for what? Lounging, eating and long bath spas...

It's my day to rest up, prepare for the upcoming work week and happily lounge around in my comfy, most favorite two-piece set. What do your Sundays look like? 

I'm so happy days like these exist! How about the fact that there are so many cute sets online? I can't get over it!!! This outfit can become a staple literally any day of the week. I got mine from Amazon. It's so easy to get into the habit of wearing loungewear all the time. The BEST feeling, right?!

How many outfit changes did you go through this past weekend? hahaha
If you enjoyed this type of post...I can definitely do more! Just let me know!!! πŸ’•

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