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Hello everyone,

When you think of lingerie probably the first thing that pops-up in your head is bedroom. Nothing wrong with that, but guess what? You can definitely wear it as outerwear too! It's all in the way you layer...keeping it appropriate yet sexy! 😍

I really like lace lingerie pieces, which can work as bodysuits when styled just right. Wearing one for date night or happy hour is so perfect. Plus, they're great for spring time, very breathable and a lovely staple. 

While I wouldn't have worn lingerie as outerwear in my 20s, now it's a different story.😂 I'm here for it because it adds to that confidence that sexy lingerie tends to shower us with. Every woman loves and adores pieces that makes her feel this way! Am I right? 

What's your take on wearing your favorite lingerie outside the bedroom? Thumbs up or down for you? It might not be for everyone, but I think I can convince you to give it a try or at least go outside of your comfort zone a bit. Let me show you some tips and tricks!😉

First and most importantly when styling your lingerie - you've got to OWN IT! Don't be afraid to go for it 110 percent! Style can be bought, but confidence can't. And remember no one can rule your world the way lingerie can!

Here, I wanted to go for a spring look. Since my bodysuit is a deep green, I decided to work around it by sticking with the same hue throughout. Something fresh, light and great for day/night time. 

Not everyday in spring is meant for dresses and skirts. The weather can be unpredictable, so a light pair of jeans is a top option. I prefer the high-waisted style because I can add crop tees whenever I want.

You want a little bit of lingerie to show, so it's seductive but tasteful. It will keep people on their toes, hahaha. It's safe to say that if you throw on a cardigan, a blazer or a jacket you'll be making history. They should write that in your kids history book!!! 😂 It will be one to remember! Keep your choice of outerwear open (not zipped up), so part of your lingerie makes an appearance. 

Finally, with the blossom of roses, it's sandals time. No more cold feet and closed toe shoes! 😁 It's a blessing here in Vegas while I know many counties are still trying to get through the cold winter. Yep, this is your sign to move to Las Vegas!!!

What do you think of lingerie being more than a sexy bed piece?
I'm all about SUMMER (my favorite season!) What kind of sunny posts do you want to see soon on here? 

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  1. Look so gorgeous, Radi! You found such a beautiful and cool body suit!
    I really love your collage, too<3


    1. Thank you so much Akiko!
      Hope you're having a lovely summer!

  2. Love this idea! The outfit is beautiful and you look radiant. I wish I had that confidence!

    Julia x
    Last Post: The Best Things To Do In (And Around) Dublin, Ireland ☘️

  3. OMG, I'm absolutely swooning as I read, re-read and am quoting the sage fashion and lifestyle advice you wrote and published for us above:
    '...when styling your lingerie - you've got to OWN IT! Don't be afraid to go for it 110 percent! Style can be bought, but confidence can't. And remember no one can rule your world the way lingerie can!' I am really loving it (Thumbs up)!!! :D
    You styled a lovely outfit! The bodysuit you selected looks very pretty, and you look absolutely fabulous rocking it styled with those light blue denim high-waisted jeans!
    I also love your nail-art, your pretty hairstyle and the colour of your beautifully applied lipstick.
    You look fabulous.

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  4. Loving the look! thanks for the tips and yay to sandals indeed
    Maria xx

  5. I've never tried this before! You look stunning


    1. Would be fun to give it a try. Let me know how it goes!

  6. It's really fun to test new products =)

    Pretty nice post, this looks really nice =) But it's not my style, I wouldn't feel so comfortable :D

  7. Lingerie as part of an outfit is such a good idea- a fun way to add a sexy vibe to any look. I like the way you've styled it here with a cardigan- great contrast!

    I'm wearing a prairie dress and sneakers in my new post because it's all about summer comfort right now. :)


  8. What a pretty bodysuit! And the way you styled it is so chic and cool!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  9. You look stunning! Wonderful and Lovely Post dear! xoxo

  10. you look amazing! love this outfit so much
    I hope you have a lovely week

    style frontier

  11. lovely style for summer.
    thank you for sharing

  12. Your dress is beautiful, and you are even more beautiful,It would be perfect if you could wear 27 hair color.

  13. I love this look with lingerie!

    Kisses ;*

  14. you look pretty....
    and outfit is excellent for hot summer season....

  15. You look amazing!! Lingerie is actually relatively easy to wear outside, you just gotta combine it with jeans (like you did) or loose pants and a tiny sweater or cardigan or something like that. And as you said, you gotta own it. Most important part always! <3

    Lots of love,
    Krissi of the marquise diamond

  16. Such blouses are becoming fashionable lately :)
    I own a short, mint, lace top - it looks like a bra.
    I also couldn't imagine wearing it before: D
    You look great :)

  17. Hello your look is fantastic.

  18. This combination of underwear with a warm, fluffy sweater looks great.

  19. Awesome look- I love to use my lacy body lingerie in my outfits- I feel so sexy and confidence wearing them :)

  20. Odważnie, ale bardzo kobieco! Super! ;)

  21. OBSESSED with this outfit! So cute for a date night :)

    mia //

  22. Hello Radi, I hope you're having a lovely summer-spring season!

    I love that you are always challenging yourself to find new ways to express your creativity through fashion.The green lingerie with the jeans is definitely the best combination for this hot months and you really now how to embrace it :)

    Take care and thanks for the love on the blog as usual!


  23. Definitely a sexy trend. I've seen it around.

  24. Looking so beautiful Radi!

  25. You look stunning, gorgeous photos!

  26. I´m so in love with this photos!!!

  27. You did 'Own it' Radi. That body suit looks stunning on you. And yes confidence is so important when wearing a lingerie. Your photos are always gorgeous. :-)

    Via |