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Hello everyone,

When you think of lingerie probably the first thing that pops-up in your head is bedroom. Nothing wrong with that, but guess what? You can definitely wear it as outerwear too! It's all in the way you layer...keeping it appropriate yet sexy! 😍

I really like lace lingerie pieces, which can work as bodysuits when styled just right. Wearing one for date night or happy hour is so perfect. Plus, they're great for spring time, very breathable and a lovely staple. 

While I wouldn't have worn lingerie as outerwear in my 20s, now it's a different story.πŸ˜‚ I'm here for it because it adds to that confidence that sexy lingerie tends to shower us with. Every woman loves and adores pieces that makes her feel this way! Am I right? 

What's your take on wearing your favorite lingerie outside the bedroom? Thumbs up or down for you? It might not be for everyone, but I think I can convince you to give it a try or at least go outside of your comfort zone a bit. Let me show you some tips and tricks!πŸ˜‰

First and most importantly when styling your lingerie - you've got to OWN IT! Don't be afraid to go for it 110 percent! Style can be bought, but confidence can't. And remember no one can rule your world the way lingerie can!

Here, I wanted to go for a spring look. Since my bodysuit is a deep green, I decided to work around it by sticking with the same hue throughout. Something fresh, light and great for day/night time. 

Not everyday in spring is meant for dresses and skirts. The weather can be unpredictable, so a light pair of jeans is a top option. I prefer the high-waisted style because I can add crop tees whenever I want.

You want a little bit of lingerie to show, so it's seductive but tasteful. It will keep people on their toes, hahaha. It's safe to say that if you throw on a cardigan, a blazer or a jacket you'll be making history. They should write that in your kids history book!!! πŸ˜‚ It will be one to remember! Keep your choice of outerwear open (not zipped up), so part of your lingerie makes an appearance. 

Finally, with the blossom of roses, it's sandals time. No more cold feet and closed toe shoes! 😁 It's a blessing here in Vegas while I know many counties are still trying to get through the cold winter. Yep, this is your sign to move to Las Vegas!!!

What do you think of lingerie being more than a sexy bed piece?
I'm all about SUMMER (my favorite season!) What kind of sunny posts do you want to see soon on here? 

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Hello everyone,

Recently I've had time to try out new brands. It's becoming easier for me to explore different companies. I like giving them a chance especially when they're recommended by friends or owned by them. This is the case with most of the new discoveries I'm going to mention today!  

If you're a fan of any of them as well, let's fan out together! If you scream, I'll scream!!!πŸ˜†

One of my top happy discoveries mostly for my feet is the brand Brooks. So good, it shocks me that I didn't know about them earlier. Thankfully a friend at the gym suggested I try their sneakers, and hooray, now I'm LOVING them. Thanks Val! 

One thing about their selection is they have endless colors, which are fun to style. Also, they're made for all kind of runners, whether you're a long distance runner or  you like the treadmill. Now that I own a pair of Brooks I spot them everywhere. hahaha!

The comfort of their sneakers(I have the Revel 4 white/black design) is something that totally won me over. I told everyone in my family, they need a pair. Yep, I'm an influencer now! πŸ˜‚ I already have my eye on a purple duo I want to get next. A great color for the summer! πŸ˜‰πŸ’œ

Do you know any other sneakers brands worth trying? I'm all ears and curls to hear your answers! hahaha

This brand is a personal favorite because it's created by two friends of mine. They're both very passionate about changing lives through a healthy lifestyle. They do it all from personal training to creating healthy meal plans. On top of that Meagan and Kain have started Hit Your Potential!

The moment I found out they have their own brand, I wanted not only to support their brand, but also support their message. I really like the t-shirts, the inspirational hoodies, the resistance bands and everything else they're in the works of launching. I can't wait to see what's coming next!

One day Kain was working-out in this mint colored t-shirt. I commented on how much I like the color (that's when I still didn't know they have a personal brand.) He told me all about it, so immediately I said I wanted to buy one. I actually bought two, one in black as well.πŸ˜‰ Yep, now I'm their biggest fan!!!

It's really awesome seeing your friends strive and make their dreams come to life! πŸ™Œ 

Don't forget to Hit Your Potential everyday, take positive steps toward your goals and kill it like no other!      

For the most part I've always been stuck with using the same deodorant until one day I saw Native in the store and decided to try it. The clean packaging caught my attention and immediately after that the ingredients. Their products are vegan! So good for the body! 

I love lavender and rose, so I grabbed this one to try first. There are so many more to test out...coconut and vanilla, cotton and lily and a few limited addition scents. I think I'll go through all of them one by one. 

I like the feeling even when I've worked-out, this deodorant prevents stinky smell. Also, it isn't greasy like others. It can't be compared because it really is one of the BEST. Don't miss on this great product!  

I'm really on a roll for finding new amazing active brands in which it's comfortable and fun to sweat in. This is one of them...RBX Active! It's interesting how I discovered it! Let's start from the very beginning. 

My sister is actually the photographer for this brand. For two years now, she has been taking the photos each time a new collection was ready to launch. Usually, it's two girls being photographed out in nature wearing their latest two-piece sets, sneakers, tank tops and leggings. 

The challenge is finding two models who would be a good match, have a nice chemistry and can work together. So for a while, my sister has offered me to be one of the models. I was never hundred percent sure about it because I have always modeled by myself and got used to being solo. However, this time around I agreed because not only do I love their apparel, but I was super happy I got to model with our mutual friend, Meagan. If you want to see the official photos head to their Instagram page. Also, we made it to their site, which is a HUGE deal...yep, we're famous now! hahaha πŸ˜‚

One thing about RBX Active is, honesty, it's one of the best ones out there! Just recently, I bought a new sports bra. I'm so happy now I've got a great brand I can stick to whenever I need to restock on new workout pieces. What's your number one favorite active brand? 

Sticking with our healthy lifestyle...a new favorite of mine is energy gummies. Throughout the day, many times I forget to take my vitamins. Most days get really busy, so I decided to add an easy step to my daily routine like recharging with these Goli gummies once a day. 

There's a few different kinds to choose from - ones for relaxing sleep, ones for healthy immune system, ones filled with the right kind of antioxidants and minerals, and overall, a cute bundle of choices for you and your body.

Put yourself first with these gummies and you'll see the difference! 

If you want to try them out: Head HERE! Use code "fashionradi" for a nice discount surprise!!! πŸ’–

I went through two bottles of the orange energy bites already and you know there will be a lucky 3 as well. πŸ˜‰ Which ones are you eager to try first?

What's a NEW brand you've recently fallen in love with?

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