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Hello everyone,

Happy Spring! 🎕

It has been a while since my last road trip post! I know many of you enjoyed that series I started a few years ago. I decided to bring it back. Plus, it was definitely time for another vacation...short, but sweet and dreamy.

In a way this was a spring break vacation, even though when we planned it we didn't think of it in that way. It kind of fit perfectly with the weather warming up, the flowers giving every street a mesmerizing pop of color, and the people seemingly enjoying the outdoors. The BEST place to witness it all is in California

With endless beach views, lots of mini restaurants and cute streets there was no doubt about making our way to California for the weekend. Plus, a special (secret) sunset photoshoot brought us to Malibu. Yep, it was pretty perfect!!! 💕

I got to revisit some of my favorite beaches like Santa Monica and Venice Beach. At the same time I was able to explore new locations like walking down the Venice canals (a historic must-see landmark), my happy feet splashing in the ocean in Malibu and going on two fun rides at the Santa Monica pier. Ohhh What FUN

How has your spring break been?



Along the Pacific is Malibu beach which is about 30 minutes away from Santa Monica (where we stayed at an Airbnb). That drive is very enjoyable as your eyes roam among the diverse beaches, restaurants and stunning houses. I wouldn't get tired of it passing by everyday!

The special photoshoot I mentioned earlier took place at Malibu beach. It was so amazing because you not only come across gorgeous scenery, but there are so many photoshoots taking place. Everything from graduations to proposals. Especially during sunset, the whole beach was filled with creatives capturing a memorable moment in someone's lives. It was so nice to see! Plus, you know you wouldn't get shy with lots of people doing the same as you.😉

Even though the sunset on that particular day was hiding behind thick clouds, I had an unforgettable time. I fell in love with Malibu within seconds! It was my first time being there, but I'll forever remember it. You know summer is coming, so Malibu is already running through my mind nonstop.💙   


Venice Beach:

The most unique scenery and such a famous landmark are the canals at Venice Beach. My first time ever seeing them was on TV in the romantic movie "Valentine's Day", which came out in 2010. A few scenes were filmed there, so it was such a cool experience finally being there in person. Who remembers that movie?

 Strolling through the canals all morning was a blast! It's so romantic and quiet...a little nice getaway from the lively atmosphere of Venice Beach. If you haven't visited yet, I promise you, you've got to add it to your list as the first thing you do when visiting Venice. Also, the houses there are majestic, each one has its own personal style. Bring a camera because you know every step will be an opportunity for a lovely snap. 📸  

One of the things I appreciated the most while in California is everything being so close. Restaurants, cafes and basically anything you need is a walking distance. Super cute! On the way back from our walk from the canals, we stopped at the Pier House for some breakfast. I ordered a shrimp omelette with a nice cold beer. So perfect, I wish I was there right now enjoying the outside atmosphere of people passing by and the lively conversations happening.      

Santa Monica

Would you agree? The BEST thing about a beach vacation is you can find a place to stay just a walking distance to the beach. We found an Airbnb only four blocks away from the Santa Monica Beach. So convenient because whenever we wanted, we could go out and enjoy the sunrise, sunsets and all the views in between...😍 Can't Get Enough! 

Also, how about the fun Santa Monica Amusement Park? Unlike any other pier, full of heart beating rides. I love the way the colorful lights brighten up the pier while watching the waves dance around it. On our first night there we decided to let our inner child rejoice by getting on the Pacific Wheel and then screaming with closed eyes on the West Coaster. The magic of living in the moment and feeling like a kid again was so sweet, I could do it again! 

Here are a few places to visit while in Santa Monica:

Main Squeeze: The cutest organic smoothie and coffee bar. Such a great breakfast "pick-me up" to start your day on a high note. I loved the acai bowl I ordered! Plus, this place has really awesome beachy vibes with art, lots of plants and basically a whole lot of " Ohhh, I want to own a cool juice bar like this" vibes! hahaha    

Gnarwhal Coffee: Two mornings in a row, I had my coffee there. It's just so good and so hard to resist. Right on the corner and only a few steps away from the beach. We would get a coffee early morning and then walk down the beach to enjoy the quiet misty views. Also, they carry the most delicious croissants with melted almond butter inside. Yep, I licked my fingers all over! hahaha  

Tipsy Chef: One of the nights we wanted to go-out  and enjoy a few cocktails + food in a nearby restaurant. We came across Tipsy Chef, which showed really high in reviews when searching for a good spot. The best surprise was there was a live DJ and the place closed later than others. It felt like I'm back in Vegas (where we're used to mostly everything being open until late!)

I hope you liked this sunny post! See you in the next one! 💗

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  1. Nice outfits, I'm sure you had a great time. Thanks for sharing.
    I invite you to visit my last post. Have a good week!

  2. Amazing photos, I dream of visiting California one day! <3

    1. Thanks! Really hope you get the chance to visit soon.

  3. California seems like the perfect state for a road trip!

    1. Definitely so perfect! Lots to see and do :)

  4. A happy Spring to you as well!!!!!!
    You look pretty at the beach in Malibu wearing that flowy high-waisted long-sleeved ruffle hemmed maxi-dress!
    The red blossoms over the sidewalk look pretty, and the look underneath the pier is fascinating.
    You look happy there on the beach!
    Best wishes for excellent health, success and happiness throughout the rest of the Spring and beyond! xx

  5. I always wanted to visit California. Beautiful pictures!

  6. It's clear that spring has arrived, as you look blooming 😉.

  7. But you took beautiful photos :)
    Sunset, those red flowers - amazing :)
    I didn't have spring break ...

  8. beautiful photos of great places....
    wish to visit one day

  9. wow, looks like you had an amazing time in California! Some road trip. It is lovely to see another post in your road-trip series. I loved all the photos, but my favourites are the ones where you're walking on a beach in a dress. Happy weekend!

  10. These are stunning pics!

    Thanks for sharing such a great idea! Looking forward for the next post.

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  11. GReat photos :) I miss the good weather

  12. The dress you wore in Malibu is gorgeous! I'm going to California this summer and can't wait. Reading about your road trip is making me so excited for it!

    Julia x
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    Zíper Chique

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    Nice road trip series =) California is definetely on my bucket list, I want to see San Francisco and Los Angeles <3

  16. Hello Radi! Hope you're enjoying this spring season and thanks for stopping by my site :)

    Oooh California.... I had the chance to live close to San Diego and there are many interesting things about this region, and then the fact that you have Los Angeles and San Francisco in the same state :) You got your airbnb in a pretty area, I would love to get back to Venice Beach - Santa Monica zone! And you took many magical pictures in this journey!

    Take care and talk soon,

  17. so many beautiful photos! expecially the one on the beach and you look fabulous as well
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    1. Aww thank you so much!
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  25. I love this! Especially Santa Monica and Venice Beach, even though especially in Venice there are some very unglamorous parts. But even though I only like 2hrs from LA, I've never been to Malibu and I GOTTA go this year!

    Lots of love,
    Krissi of the marquise diamond

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      Yesss...have a new road trip in mind and a summer vacay to look forward to. So Excited!

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