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Hello everyone,

Moving soon? 

Moving is part of life! We move on in the hopes of starting over, starting fresh and bringing in new experiences. Sometimes our leaps of faith are BIG, moving from one country to another. Other times it's the same city with a slight change in neighborhoods. 

How many times have you moved so far? I know some people have lived all over the world, while others like me have only moved two times (both very significant in my life.) Keep on reading because I will tell you all about it!

In my opinion it takes a lot of courage to make the decision to basically start your life over. This happened to me when I was ten years old when my parents sat my sister and I down and told us that we're moving to America from little Bulgaria. You can imagine how BIG of a change that was for us. Plus, guess what? We didn't speak any English in the beginning, so everything was a head-nod. I don't think I spoke a single word for a full week...from the cultural shock and not knowing the language.🀯

Then, fast forward a few years into living in Chicago, and we moved again - to the Las Vegas desert. This was just as a significant move as the first one because these two cities are completely different. You've got to relearn so much, like the slang, the way of life there, the streets...everything!

It's interesting how you're able to easily adjust to some places and other times it takes you a few years to start calling a new city home. Back then, I wasn't a fan of Las Vegas for the longest time, but now I love it so much that it's hard for me to picture myself living in another place. It's really crazy when I think about it because it definitely has been a long journey. Have you had a similar experience? I would love to hear your story...what made you fall in love with that place which you once hated? For me it was finding love...once that showed-up in my life, I started seeing the beauty in everything!!! πŸ’–

Moving from one place to another is hard enough. The best thing about it is that you don't have to do it all alone. You can receive help by hiring Muscle Movers LLC Las Vegas to do the work that we often dread like moving heavy objects to safely packing your belongings. This is something I would love to take advantage of if I end up moving in the near future. I enjoy making my life easier!!!
πŸ˜‰Don't you?

Also, having Las Vegas long distance movers, you could be moving from one state to another or even internationally, you'll still have their support. Mostly, you'll have a stress-free move made for an easy transition into your new beginning. What's better than that? 

When your move is taken care of, your mind is put at ease and you can really focus on the importance of your move. This includes taking it all in and really enjoying every step of the way because it won't ever repeat itself. I know from my moving experiences, I wish I had help with my belongings being delivered for me to my new place. A lot of times it's good to have a helping hand!

When was the last time you moved? I haven't moved for more than ten years now, but that's the never know what life will bring you next. Hope it's one worth writing about! 😁 

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Hello everyone,

Wanna know what's better than a vacation? Going on vacation in the off season. It's literally the BEST! You feel like you have the whole beach to yourself, the restaurants aren't as crowded and you can walk from one place to another without bumping into people. And a bonus, everything is cheaper!

The sunshine state was calling my name for a while now and guess what? It all happened in the blink of a weekend. One of the first and most amazing getaways of the new year!🌞 The sun was smiling, the water was dancing and the tiny streets of Fort Lauderdale were keeping me excited from sunrise to sunset. Dreamy, refreshing and everything I ever imagined it to be!!!πŸ’— 

We got to do so much in just three days. I think the time has come for me to share my experience with you if you're looking to visit soon or dream of a warm, tropical getaway. Have you been to this part of Florida yet? 

I ate some of the yummiest various cultural foods, walked a bascule bridge for the first time, explored Bonnet House Museum & Gardens, swam in the cold waters at sunrise and fell completely in love with Fort Lauderdale.

Where to Stay:

One word...SONESTA

Oceanfront views guaranteed! This hotel is more than five stars in my eyes. You've got the beach a few steps away, the cutest set of restaurants around it, a room with a gorgeous view, and of course, no one to disturb your peace. When the last day arrived, I hundred percent wanted to stay longer. It felt like home! 

If that doesn't sound enough...well, they've got a newly renovated fitness center and a pool area. Also, there's an awesome restaurant called Steelpan by the lobby, which takes you on a tropical journey of multicultural flavors. Yuuuumy! 

My favorite part of this hotel was how close it was to the beach. I'm definitely a beach girl rather than being at the pool all day. I love feeling the sand underneath my feet, feeling the breeze in my curls, and mostly, hearing the beautiful sound of the waves crashing.πŸ–     

Places to Visit: 

 Historical, charming and picturesque! The Bonnet Gardens were right around the corner from our hotel, so on the last day, early morning we headed there. It was a surprisingly cold and windy day (not something you would expect of Florida), but this visit made it sweet and fun. 

It was so nice to walk around this estate because it felt like a huge tropical paradise. So green...I have forgotten what trees look like since moving to Vegas. It was interesting hearing the long history of this place and taking in the beauty of the gardens. I can't imagine how many people it takes to keep it looking like this all the time. 

When visiting, keep in mind...lots of spiders on the rise. We had a few laughs because they were blending in with their surroundings and at the same time big enough to be seen.🀣    

~ Las Olas:

Las Olas is a sight to remember! The most stunning neighborhood with lots of modern houses that had their yachts parked up front instead of their cars. I kept thinking...what do these people do for a living? Imagine getting out of your house and casually riding along into the sunset. It leaves me kind of speechless because of how grand everything looks. 

I really enjoyed exploring this neighborhood since it's located in the downtown area of Fort Lauderdale. There was tons to see and even smell. Lots of art galleries, flavorful restaurants, artistic streets and overall lively vibes. It felt inspiring and ohhhh so colorful!!!

Don't think twice! If you're in this area, you've got to visit without a doubt. Spending a day there is so worth it. Half a day or why not even a full day?!     

 Places to Eat In Fort Lauderdale:

~ El Taquito: This is the first restaurant we went to minutes upon arriving in Fort Lauderdale. Very delicious Mexican food with only a tiny street separating it from the beach. I had quesadillas with beer, which went perfectly together. El Taquito marked the beginning of a great that I still think about often!    

~ Steelpan Kitchen & Bar: As I mentioned a bit earlier, this bar is part of the hotel. It was very romantic, the burgers and cocktails were high on my scale according to my tastebuds and I had one of the most memorable nights there. It's a definite "must go" even if you're not staying at the Sonesta hotel.   

~ Kisses from Italy: This is a good breakfast spot which looks like the cool little city diner everyone loves to hang-out at. I had a fresh smoothie and a healthy, filling bagel. I really liked the red kisses decor. It looks like it can be part of a fun music video!     

~ Aqua Mediterranean Grill: I'm all about the Mediterranean food especially the sweet baklava. Super special food, which always reminds me of home. It's located very close to El Taquito. Hard to miss and a place you've got to experience!   

~ Nanou French Bakery & Cafe: This is without a doubt my favorite bakery we stopped at for coffee and a croissant. The French do know how to do breakfast at its finest. I love the cute outside sitting area and the fresh blue and white color decor. I honestly didn't want to leave and enjoyed every second of being there.    

~ Primanti Brothers: Very popular for its famous pizza, Primanti Brothers were mentioned more than once, so we took this into an account and stopped there on our last day. The pizza was amazing! You can add on it whatever you like. Only thing to keep in mind is that they only accept cash when paying.   

~ YoMamas Ice Cream: Don't leave Fort Lauderdale without getting an ice-cream at You Mama's. You won't regret it one bit. I can still taste the sweetness and experience that joy of seeing all the flavors they had on display.    

~ Premiere Cafe & Bar: This place made for the most wonderful atmosphere and Argentinian food. It rained while we sat outside and enjoyed our food and wine. Plus, in the end, we were surprised by three pieces of cake to take with us. It was such a lovely treat! 

I hope you enjoyed this travel post! What were your impressions of Fort Lauderdale if you've already been there? I would LOVE to know! 

Talk soon and see you on the next adventure!😘

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