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Hello everyone,

With the new year here and spring on the way we're getting closer and closer to spring cleaning. For some that means re-decorating, for others it means buying new furniture. Overall I think all of us are excited for bringing light, sunshine and more serenity to our home. 

I'm not an expert at interior design, but I definitely love color-coordinating things, making a space feel more homey, and mostly, shopping on Amazon for new finds. It's something I've been into for the past few months, and now the time has come for me to share my newest decor ideas. 

A BIG win for me is that everything on Amazon is budget-friendly and you can really make your vision come to live. You don't have to spend thousands of dollars in the hopes of adding a mini indoor water fountain or an art piece that makes you smile every time you pass by it.😁

When I was younger I remember my room always being super colorful with lots of bright colors from reds to vivid oranges. The beauty of growing up is now there is actually a well-thought-out color scheme. I completely love gold and white together, so I've decided to let this be my main point of inspiration. Looking at the outcome, I must say I wasn't wrong. It's kind of a dream finally coming true for me!!!😍

Are you into decorating, re-novating your space? Where do you draw inspiration from?

1. Abstract Wall Art

First things first, I can't live without art. Art in the shape of any form: photography, paintings or even sculptures. It's so beautiful and ohhh so fulfilling when waking-up to it. One hundred percent something my creative soul can't get enough off!!!

Since my theme is gold, I was immediately drawn to these touches of golden glitter in this three piece set. Plus, I've always loved blue, so it was completely natural for me to buy this art and not for a second doubt myself if I've made the right decision. The canvases are 12x16 big. They fit perfectly for any nice cozy area whether that's a coffee corner or a hallway leading up to your bedroom.    

What does your ideal inspirational art piece look like?

2. Pineapple Jewelry Holder

Besides loving pineapples, I own lots of jewelry (my other obsession alongside shoes), which I like to display creatively someway or another. For that I found this pineapple ring holder on Amazon that now sits on my bedside table. It makes it so easy to put on my most used accessories early in the morning. Also, I love the way it really adds a lovely touch to the whole room. It's so CUTE

You can see a theme happening here because my mini pineapple matches my pineapple air diffuser which I will talk more about shortly. Now, all I might be missing is a pineapple bed cover and sheets...hahahaha!πŸ˜‚

3. Geometric Decorative Pillows 

A bed or a sofa without pillows is something I think a lot of us consider to be unusual because well they're not only comfy, but I love the way it all looks put together from afar. If they match the shade of the sofa that's extra bonus points! hahaha

I got a set of four pillow covers and four foamily pillows. This way whenever the covers need washing they can easily be taken off and I can change them up with other fun designs when the mood strikes or the season changes. Are you a pillows person? How many pillows do you like having around?

Here once again I went for yellow, which nicely compliments my grey bed sheets and my gold bedside table. I'm finally starting to see and appreciate the way sticking to a theme really works. It's so nice seeing it all come together and mostly doing it with a certain vision, intention in mind. I finally feel like an adult! πŸ˜‚

4. Zodiac Horoscope Neon Sign

I absolutely love lights, cool signs and sparkly disco balls. They're a great addition to making any room more fun and more me! By the end of this year I will probably (no doubt about it) have put up a neon sign in every room. It's so magical to my eyeballs! One of those small things that make me super happy! I'm sure you know what I mean! 

I kind of always have been into astrology, (I mean who isn't these days?), so the Aries in me decided it's time to put up a sign of honor...LOL! What's your sign? 

It sits on the wall right above my bedside table and it lights-up the room really nicely at night. I don't just like it, but I LOVE IT!

5. Gold Round Tray Table 

My very recent Amazon purchase was a gold tray table good for anything you would want to put on it. I've got all this on the top level and the second lower level I've filled with my fragrance collection. I find it easy to reach for and a great way to display these lovely perfume bottles. Also, you can thank me later because I'm saving you from seeing what my previous bedside table looked like... trust me, you don't want to know.

It's so perfect and golden! Big enough to fit a lot and small enough to look cute...πŸ˜‰

6. Essential Oil Diffuser

Lastly, an essential oil diffuser makes such a serene impact on a room. This is the second pineapple you're seeing from me. I can't help it...I'm tiny bit obsessed!🍍

Air diffuser not only clears the air, but also cleans the mood if you're feeling intense or stressed about something. I do enjoy changing up the oil scent every time from orange, to lavender to vanilla. It's all so sweet and happy. What's your favorite scent?

I like that everything I've mentioned in this post is so affordable. Really, you can re-design any space one by one with items from Amazon. I mean who doesn't love shopping there? My cart is always so full because I keep adding and saving things I want to get next. I can't stop! I want to keep decorating and making my dream space come to life!!! It's inspiring!

Have you started your spring cleaning? Are you going to add some new changes inside your home?     

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