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Hello everyone,

For many people the change of season is exciting, but for me, the shopping that comes along with each season tops it all! I mean, that's one way for me to step into autumn - with a fresh new outlook, and of course, a brand new style. It feels like the first day of school shopping all over again! 🀣 How many of you did a little sneaky shopping spree as well? If you did...I applaud you! This just shows that great minds think alike! πŸ˜‰

It took me a while to get these looks ready, but here we are. I'm more than satisficed with my new fall pieces because I definitely shopped the sale section and can proudly say that I picked up items which would be fun to layer throughout the season. Also, keep in mind autumn in Vegas is very unique...unlike any other city. We've still got plenty of sunshine!!! 🌞 Temperatures begin to cool off at the end of October.

If you LOVE shopping sprees, hauls and seeing what's new, I hope you enjoy this post! This is easily one of my favorite posts to do, so let's welcome autumn together with a BANG! Enjoy and I look forward to knowing which piece of these is your favorite?!        

A satin dress has been on my wishlist for the longest time. I feel like well before I was even born! 🀣 
I bought this one the minute I saw it because this kind of dress can easily work for the upcoming holidays. However, it can also be layered cute and casual with sneakers and an added outerwear jacket for the changing fall season. 

Only thing that secretly kept me from buying a silk dress is how delicate it is. The attention it needs to take care of it is sometimes more work than looking after a toddler...hahaha! For example, when ironing you have to iron it safely by flipping the fabric inside out and using a cloth on top as a safe net from destroying it.  

I'm already thinking about showing you a few various looks with this silk dress in a future post. I see the outfits in my mind. Now, all I've got to do is make it happen!!! Would you be interested in a post like that? Do let me know!!!

While it's hard for me to let go of summer, one thing I love about fall is going back to wearing all different styles of boots and sneakers. I turn into a real Shoeholic very quickly!

I've been wearing these beige sneakers ever since I got them. Honestly, it's the one pair in my collection that without a doubt goes well with everything. I even forgot I've got other shoes because I've been reaching out for these ones so often. Just like a pair of black combat boots they're a winning pair in every autumn look... trust me!!! Above is an example of one of the many ways you can style them!

Are new shoes on your radar as sweater weather arrives?

Okay...puff sleeves is where it's at for me! I see them, I want them and I've got to have them. This suede jacket was the starter of my fall shopping haul. It kicked off not only the new season for me, but also my desire to shop more!
πŸ˜‚ I know, what a shocker!!! 😱 Welcome to my world!

Certainly with fall finally here I've been really focusing on changing my color palette as well. I'm leaning toward lots of browns and grays this year. What about you? 

Did you know this jacket is by a brand named Scoop carried by Walmart? I recently discovered it and become a fan of. It's sooooo Good! I know this because I've noticed every time I add something to my shopping cart, it's by Scoop! I keep checking back for their new styles! Ayyyy help me! πŸ™‰

Lace and bodysuits are like chocolate and cake to me. The perfect combination of pleasure and sweet. This is why this new item made it fast and furiously into my shopping cart. Everything online happens so quickly...hahaha! I can't remember the last time I went into a mall to do some shopping for clothing. 

With this one, definitely the sage color got me. I figured it's great to wear the way I wore it here or layer it a bit more once the air starts getting cooler. Plus, it's sexy! It looks and feels like lingerie. I LOVE IT!

Guess where I bought this bodysuit from? It was on sale! Yep forever crush! 😍 I've been so obsessed shopping the sales there for so many years. My closet is mostly a combination of forever 21 and H&M pieces. I can't even break this cycle...πŸ˜… Ohhh well, I'm not even complaining about it.

5. Hoodie + Joggers Loungewear Set

My fall shopping haul is ending on the soft side because there's nothing softer than this two set loungewear. It's absolutely the best material. I imagine this hoodie and joggers are going to keep me the warmest during the autumn/winter because everything else I have is kind of lightweight, meant for spring/summer. Ayyyyy and I consider myself a smart shopper! πŸ˜‚ 

For basics I love shopping at H&M. Exactly where I got this set from. They carry the most classic staples that every wardrobe needs whether it's for work or a day off (most of us can only dream about.)

What fall staple have you bought recently that you're totally head over heels for? Show me & tell me!

Happy new season!🍁 Talk soon!    

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