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Hello everyone,

We're levitating today...why you may ask? Simply because we're upgrading our everyday leggings into something a little extra. I call this unordinary and very extraordinary!😁 

Leggings are so great for this time of year where it's beginning to feel a bit more like autumn, but there is still so much sunshine warming up our days. It's just perfect!!! This is the time when I absolutely love combing long bottoms with cute everyday tops like a fun tee or a nice cami. Plus, you can't go wrong with athleisure when you want comfort and style mixed into one. It's a duo that's hard to resist since we've gotten used to sporting loungewear for the past year and a half. Everyday leggings have become the new norm not only for the gym, but well beyond it. When was the last time you wore something other than leggings? Be honest!!!

Before I get into the fun ways to elevate your leggings, I would love to know, where do you like to shop for leggings? Is there any awesome brand I should most definitely know about?      

There are so many ways to tweak your leggings and make them work for various occasions. Plus, there's always the option of going full on athleisure wear since that's super trendy, looks awesome and is hundred percent comfortable. The kind of streetstyle that anyone can pull-off and add their own twist to it. For example, I love seeing the baggy oversized sweater or the belt bag hanging over the shoulder. Let your personality shine!!! 

Just like with this look today, I love finishing it off with a cool outerwear like this awesome suede jacket. I mean, look at the puffy sleeves...😍. It's by a brand called SCOOP which I very recently discovered. The amazing part about it is that it sells at Walmart now, since a while back this brand used to be kind of exclusive and very expensive. This is the new addition I got for the upcoming fall and really like the way it completely transforms my everyday leggings. I definitely also see it over a floral maxi dress for fall or a simple pair of denim jeans. What do you think? By the way, If you want to see my autumn clothing haul in a near future post, let me know! 🍂 

Since I wanted to stick to the athleisure vibes, I added a pair of sneakers. I think the rest of the accents in this outfit were enough to upgrade it to the next level. We've got the cool accessories and the crispy white crop top. How would you style your leggings?

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Hello everyone,

The BEST thing about Vegas is that we have longer summers. Summers here extend into the end of September; sometimes even mid-October. I LOVE IT! Not only that, but also, there's so much to do here. Lots to see, experiment and drink! 🤣 

If you're a Las Vegas local you know exactly what I mean. If not, what are you still doing with your life? Get Vegasingggggg

This summer is one of the greatest ones I've had hanging out with friends, sharpening my salsa moves and getting back into live music after having everything shutdown because of Covid the previous year. It has been one of these summers I'll definitely remember for a long time. So, to keep the memories alive, I decided to share some of the things I did this summer. Also, these events are still happening, so you can totally take advantage of them and enjoy these last days of summer to the fullest. Sounds Good? 

Take note: A lot of these events appeared to me through ads on my phone. As you can see...I surrendered! Now, I'm an event ad goer who purchases an event after event to help extend my weekends. hahahaha!     

Cruising on a yacht during sunset has always been a big dream of mine. I saw this yacht tour happening at Lake Las Vegas and jumped at the opportunity right away. It was the perfect way to celebrate my sister's new job! I surprised her with tickets, and well, it was definitely a night to remember. 

We got to unwind to the light summer breeze, with the backdrop of acoustic music playing from the two-story yacht, cute mini bars on each level, and a crowd of people all dressed up in colorful summer attire. Most relaxing yet enchanting getaway because it felt just like a vacation. Pure magic! I totally recommend it if you're looking for something romantic or something new to do in Las Vegas.  

The cruise continues...well into the end of September. Here are the dates if you want to catch one before the end of summer. (Tickets cost $50 per person.) 

~ Friday, August 20
~ Friday, September 10
~ Friday, September 24

Necesito Cafecito...all the time! 😁 I can't pass a day without a nice iced cup of coffee. Thankfully, with the help of my friends, I found the nicest French bakery, which has endless delicious choices - lots of different croissants, macarons, fresh sandwiches and the most lovely European atmosphere. I love going at the Burgundy café located at the Village Square plaza. Make a stop there, if you've never been! I mean's a special place!

If you're looking to practice your French speaking skills or are homesick for your country, this is the place to brunch, talk and connect with others. And maybe dream a little more about Paris! 😉 I've never been, but I can picture the Eiffel Tower every time I'm there. I mean, how can you not when you've got the purest taste of French cuisine in your mouth? hahaha        

Where there's sunshine, there is always time for a wild water park! 🤗

This is literally the best way to spend the weekend with family or friends. So fun - not just laying in the sun and getting a tan, but really getting into your childhood spirit with the most adventurous water rides. I LOVE IT!

We visited Wet "n" Wild first, and then two weeks later, my friends and I did Cowabunga Bay Water Park in Henderson. Both are way fun when you're with the right company. At Cowabunga we stayed all day long, caught the most amazing fireworks and faced pretty intense, big water rides. It was a heart-beating adventure for sure!!! I would recommend visiting both because they each have their own charm and help create such fun lasting summer memories.  

Have you done any awesome water parks recently?   

This is the place everyone keeps talking about whether you're a local or not. It looks unbelievable from what I've seen or heard friends say so far. I'm definitely going to try and visit soon. It's on my bucket list that's for sure!

Everyone has been recommending the Omega Mart Meow Wolf's experience. However, there's also the Van Gogh art exhibition, axes throwing and so much more. If you've already been to Area 15 let me know what part was your favorite and drop me some ideas in the comments section. 

I'll share some photos on my Instagram once I get mesmerized by this place. Follow me so you don't miss it!!!      

Imagine this...a candlelight instrumental concert of the best works of Vivaldi, Beethoven or Chopin. I believe this is going to be hands down the best experience ever. I will be going to the Beethoven one in a week from now and can't wait. Music like this touches the soul, and ohhh my, I'm so sure it's going to be INCREDIBLE!

I'll come back and add photos once this event is over. You can catch these classical music concerts well into the month of November. There is also one that will cover the all time favorite hits of the Beatles if you're a big fan. Truly, you can't go wrong with classical music!

These above and plenty more are the reasons why I love Vegas so much. There's something for everyone to enjoy! How has your summer been so far? Have you done anything fun...anything you would MOST definitely want to relive again!? 🥳   

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Hello everyone,

Today I've got a cute SURPRISE which will have you dreaming of country chic décor style of warmth and coziness fulfilled with the richest smell in every room!!! 

Every Cedar Mountain Candle has a soothing scent that will make you feel like you're at a farmhouse overlooking endless picturesque mountain views. Not only that, but this brand is a local Vegas brand, which I'm always so happy to support and introduce because, for me, Las Vegas is home. 

All products are infused with essential oils, long lasting, vegan, and the vessels can be repurposed as gorgeous house decor piece after the candle has burned. I've got the vanilla cupcake candle burning right now!!! The sweetest scent fills the air. Just like with perfumes, sweet scents are my absolute favorites. 

One thing is for sure...autumn is nearing and Cedar Mountain Candle has a beautiful collection of scents for every season. You'll see everything from Blackberry Ginger for fall (which is not 10% Off the entire collection of Blackberry Ginger) to Lavender Spring Apricot for spring/summer and even Peppermint Bark for winter time. I'm sure you'll agree with me that these farmhouse chic candles would be an ideal gift when there is a holiday on the horizon. Here's a little something to make your shopping a bit more enjoyable: Use code "Radi" for 15% OFF!!! 

Do you want to hear the story of how I found out about this brand? (Keep Reading!)

I'm so EXCITED I found out about this candle company right before Holidays. I feel like I'm already set with what I'll be getting family and friends. It won't be a problem choosing a scent for every person on my list because CMC has more than 50+ incredible scents - something for everyone! 😉 

Here's the scoop on how I became familiar with Cedar Mountain Candle: So the beginning of last month, my sister who loves photography, candles and basically anything handmade surprised me with the news that she's going on a job interview. I thought, "ohhhh wow, this is interesting!" She later explained to me about everything the new job entailed from having her hair smell of delicious candle scents all day to helping develop and grow the brand's marketing strategy and social media presence. It got me really excited because I know how much she loves this kind of stuff. This is her PASSION that now she gets to call it her job! Plus, you know, I don't mind receiving a candle or two from her now and then! 😁 I want my hair to smell like sweet candles too!!! hahaha

When you visit the site  you'll see lots of amazing options not only for scents but also for vessels. My favorite are the pottery beaded candles because they're so farmhouse chic. You can continue using them as decor even after you have burned your candle to the very end. So Beautiful! Go check them out!!!

What scent do you love your home to smell like? If you're fond of blackberries...the scent of this month is Blackberry Ginger!!!🤗 Use code "August" for 10% off the Blueberry Ginger collection! 

IF YOU ARE IN THE UK or EU, you can order candles on and you can still use "Radi" at checkout for 15 % OFF your purchase! 


~ This post is a collaboration with Cedar Mountain Candle.

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