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Hello everyone,

My most recent summer destination has been to...Amazon and back! 🀣 I'm actually not complaining because the scenery there is stunning, the colors are popping and the hottest season can be felt every step of the way. 

I really can't remember what I did with my life before Amazon?! All I know is that I started shopping there A LOT at the beginning of lockdown.. Now, whenever I need something for the home or I'm in the mood for a little seasonal shopping spree, I head straight to Amazon. It's just so convenient! And great prices!

Since my love for Amazon has become deeper, I've decided it's the perfect time to share with you my favorite pieces. Be warned: you'll see more colors than the rainbow...hahaha, lots of bold prints and the occasional solids, but still vibrant sets. 

What do you love to shop MOST from Amazon? What's the last thing you bought from there? Don't worry if you purchased more than a few things. You can still tell me. I can keep a secret! Your husband or boyfriend won't find-out from me! πŸ› 

This green dress is the definition of a must-have summer boho dress. One of the best purchases I made on Amazon. It looks amazing! 

I love dressing it up with white wedges or down with a pair of sneakers. I recently wore this dress to a special event on an yacht and three people commented on how much they liked it. Everybody was surprised to find out that my dress was from Amazon and not some overpriced boutique store.

Also, this dress fits all sizes. You wrap it around your waist as tight or as loose as you like. Very nice for day when you're not feeling your best. You can tailor it to your liking.


The dress saga must continue because I think Amazon has some of the prettiest floral print dresses and styles. Another maxi, but this one is more sensual and sexy because of the open back and the low front v-cut. Isn't it beautiful?

I imagine wearing this beautiful floral maxi on vacation at dinner and a walk on the beach. A gentle breeze would make it look even more stunning with the slit showing off the legs. This kind of dress deserves all the sunshine and palm trees it can get. It's so perfect for summer that I hope by wearing it, winter delays or something...hahaha!

Who doesn't like a cute boho ruffle dress?

It's so easy for me to fall in love with one because I love florals, ruffles, something chic and something sweet. This is one of the first Amazon dresses I purchased at the very beginning of the year. I've been wearing it for special summer nights with heels. Nights that involve dancing, music and a little fun!

I can't get over the fact that this is another Amazon find because it looks like a boutique dress. I really like the long sleeves and the deep v-neck line. It makes the dress very feminine and sexy!


Summer solids are wonderful, but it's fun to kick it up a notch with some kind of print like this two-piece polka dot crop top and long skirt duo. I love the tiny polka dots. This is the kind of print that I thought I would never wear because I wasn't  ever a big fan, but look at me now... hahaha! Crazy how taste and preferences change as we change. What's something you never liked wearing before and now you're kind of obsessing over? 

This is such an effortless and easy-going outfit, especially if you wear sneakers. Very chill, summery and a favorite go-to set. You can wear it to the beach, or brunch, even dinner. Choose your accessories wisely and you can pretty much wear this two-piece set anywhere. 

Two-piece sets have a way of making summer, and life in general, feel easier...😁 Not much thought goes into it. This is perfectly fine on days when you're in a rush to get ready. It's nice to have something to fall back on when life becomes hectic. 

This blue dreamy set is everything I like...very lightweight, playful sleeves, leg slits and the best part is both top and bottom can also be worn separately as well. I can see the crop top worn with a nice pair of high-waisted denim jeans and the pants combined with a simple cami top. What do you think? Go get yourself one! Link is right there! 

While summer is fun for its bright and flowy apparel, I'm also into finding cool workout-sets that can easily be combined with the pieces I already own. Amazon has a really great selection when it comes to comfortable, stretchy tops and shorts. I found these camo high-waisted shorts  and thought I've got to add them to my summer finds because they passed the squat-proof test! Plus, they fit and look great. 

Another favorite brand of mine, which sells on Amazon is RBX Active. I got a pair of black biker shorts, which I must say I wear most often. Check it out for sure!

What's the most recent Amazon find you've been loving? I think it's safe to say that shopping at Amazon saves me every time...they've got everything under the sun you would need. Truly the BEST!

Time to check-out what's new on Amazon! πŸ˜‰ Talk soon!!! 

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Hello everyone,

Who else loves nailing the day, the week, the year with amazing nails? This is something that I enjoy spending my time doing. I have created my own nail care routine through the years, which works for me and makes me happy. Taking care of my nails weekly has easily turned into my "me time". It feels like my own therapy session where I completely focus on the details of what I want my nails to look like. My favorite part is deciding the nail polish and the design I want to create. There's almost always nail studs or sparkle involved and often I like painting my nails two different shades. It's so FUN!

Okay, as you can tell by now, I might be a little too obsessed with all things can call this a fetish of mine. hahaha 🀣 I'm sure I must not be the only one! We girls enjoy and take pride in having pretty nails!!! Whenever I have my nails done, I feel more like a lady. This simple act definitely makes me more confident. Like always, it's the little things we do for ourselves that count!πŸ˜‰

Also, I've never gotten my nails done by someone else because I feel like I already have all the tools I need. Plus, like I said, this is something I really LOVE doing! I have my own nail salon of soothing music with plenty of nail polish colors all at the comfort of my home.

As this hobby of mine continues to grow, I decided now it's a great time to share with you my favorite nail tips and tricks. The products that work for me and make my nails as happy as can be!!! 😁


Before even thinking about painting my nails (most likely a vibrant color), I always get them clean and ready. This Tweezerman mini kit comes to the rescue every single time. What's great about it is that you can literally take it with you anywhere. Slip it into your purse or bring it along for your travels. Its got the very essentials...cuticle pusher + cleaner, a nail clipper and a nice file to shape the nails. 

One thing that I have found works for me is I shape and cut the death cuticle skin right after a hot shower. That's when the skin is softest and easier to work with. It takes only a few minutes! Then I take a nail buffer block and smoothen the nails, so it's easier to apply the nail polish. This of course, leads to my favorite part, which is coming up with the design and color shades I want to use. 

Just a week ago, I bought this metallic 12 pack set of nail polishes from Amazon. I was so excited to try it out that I quickly decided I had to paint my nails in two colors. I went for this unique metallic green and yellow. Colors which make me even more summer happy! πŸ’šπŸ’› What's great is I have been wearing this design for a few days now and it hasn't chipped the slightest. I can definitely make it through this weekend and then I'll pick new colors to sport. I don't think I can get tired of the way the metallic polishes shine. I know some people like nudes and others like fun, playful, vibrant shades like me. Which one are you?               

When it comes to sealing the nail polish, I'm very fond of Sally Hansen's products. I have used her top coat for years and still find that it works for me. It gives my nails a nice finishing glossy touch and dries them within seconds, so I can get on with my day. I hear the Deborah Lippmann top coat is also a winner. One I'm for sure looking forward to trying because it has gotten so many positive reviews. What top coat do you use?  

Since I like all things nail related and gadgets that help make my life easier, I'm looking to get a pedicure nail dryer soon. If you have any suggestions on a really great one, please let me know. Looks like I will definitely be turning my desk area into a mini nail salon when I'm inspired to do my nails, which is very often. 

Just as I like collecting different colored nail polishes, I'm a maniac for nail art (studs, stamp designs, anything unique). When the mood strikes, I enjoy creating something pretty and different. I can't say that I have always been happy with the outcome, but you know this can happen to the best of us...🀣

What does your nail care routine look like? Do you like to keep up with nail trends? If so, which one is your favorite?      

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