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Hello everyone,

Often when we hear the phrase "sustainable fashion" a lot comes to mind. I used to think it's something not so sustainable because it's hard to apply or find. However, now that I'm getting more familiar with the benefits of many leading brands providing clothing that offers quality material that helps reduce waste. It's safe to say this is a WIN-WIN situation for the consumer, the brand and our environment too. Happy faces all around!!!😊

This past year I have completely surrendered to buying new clothing items and it honestly has felt so good. Something I never thought I would say, but here we are!!! hahaha Also, when I open up my closet, I almost feel it finally breathing again.πŸ˜‚ 

I can't hide the fact...this sustainable lifestyle is rubbing off on me. Throughout this time, I have found a few simple ways that have helped me to be a more sustainable consumer, which I would like to share with you today. How do you feel about sustainable fashion? Is it something you have already experience with or are you just becoming aware of? 

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 1. Quality over Quantity

Like anything in life quality is so much better. You know it feels different, extra special. Quality pieces feel as if they were made especially for you, fit you like a glove and honestly make your confidence sky-rocket. If you know exactly what I mean sayyyyy YESSSSS

It completely makes sense why ethical, quality brands have higher pricing. What you receive is an item that will last you more years than something that is fast fashion. I've got to admit, many times my eye is attracted to quality items. They have this glow to them that is hard to explain and even harder to resist! Name a quality purse you bought and you hated! Not Likely...hahaha     

2. Support Ethical Brands

Nowadays a lot more ethical brands exist. Not only do they exist, but they have made their mark in the fashion world. BIG APPLAUSE for that! πŸ‘ Supporting them can only help multiply all the good that they are doing. IT's a way to celebrate, acknowledge, and highlight their efforts. 

One of my favorite sustainable brands is H&M. I have a feeling it might not only be me who loves shopping there. The pieces there for sure are made to be styled with everything, completely trendy for years to come and of amazing quality. What else could you ask for? 

Next time you head shopping, think of the impact you want to make as a consumer. Even if you haven't heard of the brand name before, go for the sustainable option. Most likely you'll end up loving it!           

3. Donate/Sell Unwanted Clothing

Don't let the clothing you're trying to get rid off go to waste. You can easily donate it or earn a few bucks selling it. This year I donated two full garbage bags of clothing I no longer used. I was so surprised by how much clothing I had that just took so much space in my closet. Cleaning it all out felt somewhat therapeutic...clean wardrobe= clean mind! hahaha

Also, once you have donated or sold a few of your items try not to go on a shopping craze. Make smarter, more sustainable choices. Your wallet, your spirit and your closet will thank you.    

4. Air Dry Your Apparel

Extend the lifetime of your clothing by simply air drying it after a wash. This is something I have always done and it really works. No wonder I used to have clothing from high school that still looked like it was never worn. This easy act makes a great impact on our environment as well. Extra points if you air dry your clothing all year round not only in the summer when the fabrics can dry within an hour.


How are you planning to lead a more sustainable lifestyle? I know at first it can seem impossible, but it can easily become a great habit. One that will change the way you spend your money and help you appreciate the simplicity in being a sustainable consumer. Why not give it a shot?         

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Hello everyone,

Seasons come and go, but summer is one of the easiest seasons to style. Think about don't have to layer piece after piece of clothing, so you don't really spend a lot on apparel. This is the season to save money because you can simply wear cute summer basics. Where as during the fall/winter you need hats, coats, boots, sweaters and jeans, which somehow have to go great together too. Yep, I prefer summer styling, and mostly the hot weather, because it gives me all the HAPPY feels!!!😁

Who here is fond of their basics like me? They're the key ingredient to any meal (outfit). Also, I see them as the reliable multi-tasker, which saves the day in many occasions even in the really unpredictable ones. My favorite top 3 basics include tees, dresses and skirts. What are yours? I can go into a lot more detail about the exact type of basics I love, but will of course share this as we go. Got to keep you in suspense like the real authors do! haha 🀣

How basic are you going to go this summer? I'm going fully in with inexpensive yet very cute items. Yep, give me all the CHEAP THRILLS! πŸ˜‰


Everyone's got them because shorts are just so easy to throw on. And guess what? They take so little space when packing for a vacation. Add a few different tank tops and you're completely summer ready. 

Also, there's more reasons to smile when you hear the word shorts. The BIGGEST one is that they're super inexpensive, which is why a lot of us own more than one pair. I love denim and biker shorts the most! They're the styles I'm most tempted to buy over and over again. You know how it isn't enough. You've got to have the embroidery one, the distressed one or the very pretty one with a captivating studs design.


When you want to feel more feminine you can skip the beat to a flirty skirt. Another great wardrobe summer staple, which you can wear for years to come. I still have skirts from five years ago that are in style and you know will always make an outfit feel more complete. For example, the leather skirt or the pencil skirt are just the BOMB.

I have a gingham skirt that is one of my favorites and to this day, this pattern is chic, and may I add, looks extra sweet.πŸ˜‰ What are your favorite type of skirts? Flowy, maxi, body hugging, or mini?


Summer and sandals go hand in hand together. Plus, sandals are easy to find, cheap to buy and so fun to collect...hahaha! Every sandal under the sky is trendy. You can wear them seasons to come as long as you can keep them in great shape like me. You can say that shoes are my soft spot! I love them dearly and want them constantly. 

I'm always up for a nice heeled sandal that gives me legs for days.πŸ˜‚ The flat ones I would mostly wear to the beach and back or when my feet are very much hurting in blisters from dancing. What's your top go-to style of sandal?


And just like that I'm sure when you read the title of this post, the first thing that came to mind is dresses. They're the definition of summer with the endless vibrant colors, cuts and the memories each dress can remind you of over and over again. I have so many memories based on dresses I have worn every summer. It's insane in the most beautiful way!

Name a dress that you don't love? I don't think there is one for me. I find all of them unique in their own way. The kind of basic you can't seem to forget! That's why every summer we hope and wait for the season to arrive quickly, so we can kick it off with our favorite dresses.


To top it all off we've got to highlight the importance of a cute summer top. They're the perfect partner in crime for our shorts and skirts. It's one BIG summer affair that's for sure! 

Right now, I'm loving the tops with the voluminous sleeves, which make you feel extra or part of a Hollywood movie. Being this dressed-up always feels nice and special even if all you're doing is going out to brunch. A girl can dream right?!

What's your go-to summer basic? 

I hope you have an amazing summer!!!🍹 See you again next week with a new post! 

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Hello everyone,

It's the most wonderful time of the year!!! No, it's not my birthday, nor have I won the lottery. It's SUMMER BABY!!! ⛱ Many of you know I call summer "my season" because I come alive. hahaha The rest of the seasons you can find me sleeping...🀣

Now that I've got the crashing of the waves making sounds in my mind, the sun shining so high, the drinks manifesting in my hand, I think this is my GREEN light to start my summer inspired posts. 

What's summer without the beach or some sexy bikini pieces? Yep, you've got that right...non-existent! Book that desired tropical destination! While you're at it let me introduce you to this year's swim trends. What's in, what's out and what's good showing?! hahaha πŸ‘™ 

Pro tip: Don't be one to save your swimwear! Use it to the fullest because you already know next summer new swim trends will be popular. Let's get shopping and enjoy the BEST (in my opinion) season of the year. πŸ’› 


One of the biggest trends not only in swimwear, but also fashion is cutouts. This trend is ultra-chic and sexy. I'm sure you've already seen plenty of styles in this trend even if you aren't fashion obsessed like me. I LOVE IT! I'm secretly hoping this trends stays with us for at least another two years. Crossing my fingers. 🀞 Wait, now it's a bit harder to continue typing! hahaha

I'm one that appreciates details in clothing and believe this is the reason why I like cutouts. Plus, you don't have to show it all off, instead you can give a sneak peek with a full-body keyhole swimsuit. There are so many cute colors to fit your mood, tan, personality and overall fabulosity. πŸ˜‰

Are you into the cutouts swimsuits?


When it comes to bikini less is more! hahaha 

Very classy, tiny and revealing. I know string bikini might not be for everyone, but just think about it if you want less tan lines, this style is so perfect. It's minimalism done at its best! At least that's the way I like to see it.  

String bikini is a great start to your fashion wardrobe this summer if you're trying to get more into sustainable fashion. That and the fact that you've got to keep your style pieces at minimal, creating looks with the essentials you already love and own.


The one-shoulder silhouettes are taking over this 2021 swim season. I mean what's not to like? It's simple, yet super cool the way it focuses the attention at your shoulders area. This is great if you're one who isn't so fond of others noticing your thighs or legs. A nice way to highlight what you like and use the style to your advantage. What's one part of your body you would like to show more of?

Asymmetrical bikini is plain fun! This is the one time where it's fun not having equal sides. You feel like a rebel who is more than ready to take on summer. hahaha


The wrap bikini is exactly wraps around your body. This extra detail is very feminine and kind of more exciting than wrapping presents. hahaha Let's put it this way. I like it a LOTTTTT!!!! 

I know this is the style bikini I want to buy next. I've got the cutout bathing suit, which I added recently to celebrate the start of summer and hopefully all the pool days yet to come. How are you planning to spend your summer?


This fashionable swim piece is not only stylish, but also practical. The underwire is ready to support and lift any cup size. Bigger bust would do great in an underwire bikini. It will definitely feel more you're wearing a sports bra. 

Also, this doesn't take away the fact that there are some adorable bright colors to fully get you in the swing of summer. I'm already there, but I thought I would mention this for those of you who aren't that into the summer season.

Tell me...which of these swimsuits do you love, hate, want and need? And what are your summer plans? 

Happy Summer!!!πŸ’›  

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Hello everyone,

Bulgaria is one of the oldest European countries established in 681 AD. It's a country rich in culture, history, good food, hospitable  people, and beautiful nature.

If you are planning a trip to Europe you most likely aren't going to Bulgaria only because you may not know enough about it. I'm here to tell you a little bit about it and show you some amazing places you should definitely include in your travel itinerary. 

Bulgaria is a hidden gem in southeastern Europe that will leave a special place in your heart once you discover its beauty and charm.


Let's start with Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. The city’s landmarks reflect more than 2,000 years of history, including Greek, Roman, Ottoman and Soviet occupation.


The Eastern Orthodox Saint Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is a marvel of the neo-Byzantine architectural style with beautiful domes and arches filled with religious paintings and mosaics. If you happen to visit the cathedral during a service your experience will be elevated. It's quite beautiful and spiritual.


Vitosha mountain lies on the outskirts of Sofia and is one of the city's symbols and the closest site for hiking, alpinism, and skiing. Vitosha is the oldest nature park in the Balkans. It's one of my favorite locations when I want to escape from city life and reconnect with nature. 

If you happen to visit Vitosha mountain, you must visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Boyana Church Museum and then hike up to Boyana Waterfall. Bulgaria is full of spectacular hikes and waterfalls and Boyana Waterfall is definitely one that won't leave you disappointed. 

The best time to experience this natural wonder is in the spring when it is at its most lavish state due to all the snow melting down the mountain. 

The actual hike can be rated moderate to hard, but it is so worth it. All the trails in the mountain are clearly marked and there is an opportunity for great photos around every corner.


One thing to love about Bulgaria is the amazing food and abundance of restaurants, cafΓ©s, and retail shopping. Vitosha Boulevard is like the Rodeo Drive of Hollywood. It is one of the busiest and liveliest streets in Sofia filled with a variety of cozy art cafΓ©s, restaurants, and high fashion labels and outlets. It's the hot spot for business lunch meetings or romantic date nights. It's Sofia's main commercial street in close proximity to theaters, museums, parks, bars, and the National Palace of Culture.

There is so much more to do and see in Sofia that I could just keep writing and writing but I want to tell you about some of the other beautiful cities and places in Bulgaria that you must visit on your next European adventure. So, I'm going to move on, but just remember - when in Sofia, enjoy an afternoon coffee on Vitosha Boulevard with friends, go see a live theater performance, enjoy live music at one of Sofia's trendy bars, and then, recharge your batteries in the gorgeous Vitosha Mountain nature park. 



Rila is the tallest mountain in Bulgaria and the Balkan Peninsula with its highest peak - Musala reaching 2925m. Rila is home to the most picturesque and most visited lake groups in Bulgaria - the Seven Rila Lakes. I don't have personal photos of the lakes to show you, but please Google this natural wonder and discover its enchanting beauty.
Definitely, definitely make sure the Seven Rila Lakes makes it on your list of places to visit in Bulgaria because it really is a complete sensory experience you will remember forever.


Rila mountain is also the home of the Rila Monastery - one of the most significant cultural sites - Bulgaria's national symbol, listed on UNESCO's World Heritage list. It was founded in the 10th century by St John of Rila. 


The Stob Earth Pyramids, also known as Stobski Pyramids, are located at the western foothills of Rila mountain. The pyramids vary in shape from sharp through conical to mushroom-like. The pyramids are a tourist destination, although not as popular as the much larger Melnik Earth Pyramids, but still a wonderful example of the vastness and diversity of Bulgaria's landscape. 


Plovdiv is the cultural capital of Bulgaria and the second largest city. It is an ancient city built around 7 hills.


It's just the most inspiring and culturally invigorating walk you will take whilst in Bulgaria. The Roman theatre of Plovdiv is one of the world's best-preserved ancient theatres and it is currently in use. During the summer months, the theatre hosts theatrical plays and musical shows.


Nebet Tepe is one of the hills of Plovdiv where the ancient town was founded and it is one of the most popular spots where locals and tourists enjoy watching the sunset.

Hisar Kapia Gate, the Regional Ethnographic Museum, and the trendy district Kapana are other places You must add on to your Plovdiv itenerary. 


Veliko Tarnovo is a city with immense historical significance as it is knows as the capital of the Bulgarian Empire. It is one of the most beutiful cities I have ever visited, located in the middle of the northern part of Bulgaria. Veliko Tarnovo was built on three hills: Tsarevets, Trapezitsa, and Sveta Gora.This small picturesque city is home to one of Europe's grandest medieval monuments, the Tsarevets Fortress, which leads me to my next place you must visit when you are in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria. 


Tsarevets served as the Second Bulgarian Empire's primary fortress between 1185 and 1393. The fortress is massive, composed of thousands of feet of stone walls, many of which are up to 12 feet thick, and covers a total area of over 50,000 square feet. 

An emblematic attraction for Veliko Tarnovo is the Sound and Light show that lights up the whole Trarevets Fortress with dramatic music, multicolor lights, lasers and chiming bells to depict the tumultuous history of Bulgaria. Go see it!


Take a walk around Samovodska Charshiya in the Old Town of Veliko Tarnovo. This street is entirely pedestiran and has preserved so much of Bulgaria's history, spirit, and culture. There are beutiful street art and murals, an abundance of artisian and crafts shops where you can watch craftspeople at work, great restaurants and bars, and beutifully restored houses which house various workshops for everything from wood carving and pottery to weaving and painting. 


Now...there is one place that will literally take your breath away. Hotnishki Waterfall in the town of Hotnitsa which is 15km from Veliko Tarnovo. Just go. You will witness the vastness of Bulgaria's natural beauty. 

Besides endless ranges of luscious green forests and mountains, Bulgaria also has some of the most beautiful beaches along the Black Sea Coastline. Major cities to consider are Varna and Burgas. There are cute towns like Nesebar, Sozopol and Sinemorets. The Cancun of Bulgaria is Sunny Beach. And then, there is Sveti Vlas. Don't miss an unforgettable vacation on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coastline.

The photos I have here are from Sozopol, which was just magical and I think you can sense that. Just imagine being there. 

I have to probably write ten more blog posts about Bulgaria to be able to include everything that this beautiful country has to offer and it still wouldn't be enough. I hope you were able to learn a little bit about Bulgaria from this post and maybe you feel inspired to plan a vacation so you can see all this beauty for yourself. 

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