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Hello everyone,

Want to know what's always in season? An adventurous road trip! 

Since living in Las Vegas, the desert has become my oasis!!! 🌵 I have enjoyed exploring all the unique national parks and I am always on the lookout for places to go. Each landscape has its own beauty and has paved my mind with some forever lasting happy memories. For example, I still remember the time my sister and I had to dig out our car with our own hands from the sand pit at the sand dunes. And the time my friends and I dipped into the hot springs and the freezing Colorado river in one day. Moments like these can't be bought or forgotten! What's a fun travel memory you smile about to this day? 

Every year my desire to road trip around Vegas and the nearing states increases. I have a few trips under my belt and have plenty more to go, so I decided now is the perfect time to give you some ideas on what to wear. The desert can be hot, unpredictable and truly breathtaking! 😱

Here I've got a collection of pieces, I would most likely wear and bring with me. I still like to look put together even if things get dirty or sandy. Also, I connect the desert with mostly bohemian vibes, which is my top rule when deciding my road tripping outfits. 


A kimono for me is the ultimate boho piece for a desert getaway. I like styling it over a cami top or even a cute bralette. More so, I love the way it looks in photos when in the background you can spot endless desert landscapes. Just like from a movie scene!

Also, kimonos are great because they're loose, can immediately add something extra to your look and there are just so many lovely designs to choose from. I'm a big fan of lace, hanging fringe off the hemline or light wash bright colored ones. What's your favorite?


You can't really survive the desert without this next item. Ok, maybe YOU can, but I know I can't because when I burn from the sun, I burn very red. That's why I always bring a hat, which I don't take off even for a second. It's a rule!  

When on an adventure it's good to have a bandana around your neck. It's very fashionable, but also, if there is wind you can pull it up to protect your face from the dirt. Having it around can only be a BIG plus!


When road tripping for hours or days, the last thing you want is to wear tight clothing, something that barely allows you to catch your breath. That's why if your desire is to look fashionable but comfortable, choose items that are stretchy, flow and are made of breathable material like cotton or linen. 

This is where my skinny jeans finally get a break because I like to go for wide leg jeans or sometimes even mom jeans.


This one is obvious and clear...sunglasses are a summer staple, no matter if going grocery shopping or traveling. I always have at least one pair in the car ready to go. There are so many designs that I like. My favorites are the round shaped tiny sunglasses and the always chic aviator ones. It really is an accessory that brings, so much. Combine your shades with a hat and you're going to be way too cool for the desert. I mean it!


Boots go with everything...dresses, jeans and shorts. Get a pair that you wouldn't mind getting dirty. Definitely don't wear your all time favorite boots. Choose a pair that you have worn for so many years that you wouldn't be bothered to hike in them. Even better if they've got a strong grip, so you don't slide all over the place. 

My top choice would be a flowy floral dress with black combat boots. I would add to the look, a few dainty jewelry pieces and I'm one happy road-tripper. It's that simple and effective!


When getting lost in the desert, you know sunscreen is essential, but you can go that extra step by wearing long sleeve dresses. They are still cute and you won't have to worry about sunburn as much. The less your skin is exposed, the more happy you'll be afterwards. I've had the experience where a lot of OUChhh happens. Because of that, nowadays I take a full bottle of sunscreen with me. 

There is an array of choices when it comes to dress picking, each made to match the location you're headed to. That's what I like to do. I find photos of my desired location and pick a dress from my closet that will fit right in. Yep, everything is well thought out. There's little space for errors! 😂

On road trips, dresses are an easy piece to style! You can make it look super casual and free-spirited. It takes one to zero effort...there are no tricky combinations to be made. Simple and effortless!


Believe it or not, the desert gets cold at night once the sun sets. So cold that you will need a thick overcoat to keep you warm. Don't underestimate the power of the desert. It's brutally hot and dry during the day but it can be freezing and windy at night. Bring with you a few layering pieces that will help make the nights a lot more pleasant. If not, learn how to make fire with your hands!!!🤣🔥

That's a lesson I learned kind of late because my first road trips included only lightweight items, which didn't help at all once the stars covered the sky. Now, I think twice! I even grab more than one coat with me. You know, just in case I end up in the mountains...hahaha!

Let the road trip season begin NOW! Where do you want to road trip next and what has been your most memorable trip so far?🚗 Drop your answers down below!  I can't wait to read them!!!  

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  3. Nice shots and loved your sunglasses:) thanks for your sharing ...

  4. Nice outfits.

  5. Your outfit fashion choices, suggestions and tips are all very practical!
    I'm loving the appearance of the outfits, the jewellery and accessories you enhanced the looks with and of your of your nail art and makeup. All six of the looks in the photos above look very attractive and stylish,
    and you model them beautifully.
    The kimono you were wearing in the second photo looks pretty styled with that OOTD.
    I'm also especially loving the white mini-dress styled with the thick blue jacket and wide-brimmed hat in the last outfit photo.
    From the shopping links above I'm loving the airy Yumi Kim Cornelia floral print Vicky mini-dress from shopbop.

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  6. Love all your beautiful photos and outfits!
    xo, Jane

    1. Means a lot Jane. Thank you for dropping a nice comment!

  7. Ah yes the last time I went on a road trip was when I lived in Seattle. I even wanted to do one from Seattle to Vegas but it never happened. Loving all these looks and it must be nice to be so close to the dessert to shoot!

    Allie of

  8. Awesome looks! You are gorgeous *_*

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  9. Wonderful photos and interesting post dear!

  10. These are lovely photos! I haven't been out in the proper outback dessert before but I do love a good kimono - nice and light so you don't overheat but a fun way to add more colour to an outfit and it provides important sun coverage too, I agree it would be an essential! :)

    Hope you are having a good day :)

    Away From The Blue

  11. Such lovely pics. I like them. You always look great. Have a nice day. Best regards Jana

  12. These are some gorgeous pictures Radi. And yes road trips are truly memorable and fun. I just cant imagine how both of you dug out your car from the sand. We have been locked for so long that we have started craving travel. We really hope we will be able to travel soon.
    You shared some absolute essentials for such trips. Great post my dear. :-)

    Via |

    1. Thank you so much Via. Yeah, it was such a crazy experience. It was hard but we somehow did it. I feel you...can't wait to travel somewhere with an airplane soon.
      Have an amazing day!

  13. Hola Radi!

    I hope you had a fantastic weekend!

    You share a lot of useful trips for those who want to visit the desert! There is one here in Almería and I would love to go one day, so I'll take the recommendations into account for sure :) !

    Actually I would love to visit Nevada deserts soon again! I loved that you look stylish even in the heat, it is one of the most difficult thing to do but the cool stuff is that you created layers even in the hot weather.

    Have a lovely weekend!

  14. Great ideas for roadtrip, Radi! I really love you and Daniela's roadtrip!!
    I have never go to the roadtrip, so I would love to do to the desert for the first time:)


    1. You're so sweet Akiko!
      Come visit us in Vegas and we'll take you road tripping...😁

  15. Great post :P
    „Zapraszam także do siebie na nowy post - KLIK

  16. Do you know? What I miss more of this pandemic mess is the chance to travel and visit new places: it's so nice at leat to see your trips and enjoy those beaitiful views!
    Plus, your outfits are always super stylish and your photos the coolest (really I can't get why you don't have much more followers on Ig)!
    Anyway your tips are very smart, def i gonna keep them on mind for the future! :D

  17. I love all the looks! Have a nice weekend.


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  19. I have never been on a road trip and now I really want to go on one!

  20. Love your kimono and sunglasses!

    have a great weekend!

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    Great post with nice outfits =) I would wear shirts and shorts in the desert =)

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  23. Pics and outfits goals, as usual!
    Kisses, Paola.


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  28. These are all such lovely photos. I love kimonos and they look so perfect for a trip like this. You've made me want to start a roadtrip now! X


    1. Thanks Sophie! Me too. I feel like kimonos are made for the desert.
      Talk soon!!!

  29. Loving the thick coat and the kimono! What a cool post :)
    have a great start in the new week,

  30. I was in dessert only twice. In Morocco and Dubai and I like this area of nature. By the way from clothes is important for me Kimono and sunglasses.


    1. Ohh must have been such a cool adventure. I can imagine the gorgeous desert scenery.
      Have a great day!

  31. Great outfits, love the photos!
    I want to California.

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  33. Bohemian vibes are perfect for any trip! xx
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  34. Cool post and beautiful looks!

    Kisses ;*

  35. I really agree with you if the memories we encounter on a vacation trip cannot be forgotten or bought with anything. Experiences are extraordinary moments.

    As in any of your previous entries, your photo poses are always amazing.
    Great, Radi 👍.

  36. I'm in love with these pics and outfits! When I did a roadtrip around Vegas I was dressing leggings, t-shirts, kimonos and my fav boots. Now I would rather wear some long dresses or skirts to make good pics like yours ♥

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    Traveling to the desert must be an incredible experience :)

  40. I was just in Vegas visiting my sister and there were so many great spots for photos! Your looks and photos are gorgeous!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

    1. For sure there are plenty of spots. Thank you so much!

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  42. Love these desert pictures Radi! I love the idea of wearing a kimono in the desert because it is so elegant looking and lightweight!


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  45. Nice sharing! You look so beautiful! Dessert seems so wide. Really splendid! I hope to see the dessert alone one day. A cute dress might make you more charming!