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Hello everyone,

One thing is for sure - we can't escape the heat or skip summer, but we can choose to wear more breathable fabrics. Fabrics, which not only make it easier to adjust to each season, but also bring variety when it comes to dressing up. Having pieces in different textures, shades and textiles bring a new unique look to your style. That's why fashion is always so exciting and can be expressed in numerous ways!

When shopping online imagine typing in the search bar...beautiful dress. That really isn't specific and probably endless options will show up, which aren't exactly what you're looking for. Now, imagine typing in a red silk-satin dress. This will not only give you exactly that, but shows just how important fabrics are and why it helps to know and be able to identify them.

You may already know there are 5 natural fibers (they come from nature as opposed to being chemically produced). They include cotton, silk, wool, hemp and linen. Sometimes these natural fibers are used alone, but most often are blended with one of these 5 manmade fibers (polyester, rayon, acrylic, nylon and acetate.) Next time you purchase a new clothing item, you'll be able to tell by the tag exactly what fibers have been mixed to create this piece of clothing. It's so nice knowing what you put on your body just as much as we take into consideration what we feed our bodies. 

So why are fabrics so significant?

Having the knowledge of all the different blends is an advantage when going shopping. For example, having a garment made out of cotton and polyester may not need much ironing since the blend of polyester helps make it wrinkle resistant while cotton used alone in clothing wrinkles very easily. 
Also, in many activewear you might have noticed the combination of spandex and cotton. They're great for this type of clothing because cotton lets the skin breathe while the spandex provides stretch and durability. 

Now let's dive deep into the BEST fabrics for the summer!!!🌞  


Linen is one of the natural fibers I mentioned above, so this makes it a great choice for summer. In fact, it is 3 times stronger than cotton. This fabric may crease easily, but is ideal for the hot temperatures that are upon us. Often manufacturers blend linen with silk because the silk prevents the item from wrinkling and helps drape well over the body. Do you own any favorite linen clothing?

While back I had no idea that linen pieces could make such a difference during the summer until I tried it. And honestly, the 115 degree Vegas summers suddenly felt a lot more breathable and enjoyable. Plus, even if your linen pieces are a tight fit, they feel super soft and comfortable. Try wearing mostly linen over the summer! I'm sure you'll fall in love with this feeling. You'll see just how prestigious this fiber is...cotton will become a second best for you.


Everyone's favorite and the most common fiber is cotton. Here we like having apparel that says 100% cotton on the tag. To me it literally feels like I have hit the jackpot when I spot that 100% because I know I will probably wear it more often then others to the point where it will actually get old from lots of wear. This doesn't happen to me often since I really take care of my clothing or I don't go out much! Hahaha. Still trying to decide which one is true. 

One thing is for sure, cotton summers are the best. You can do so many fun activities that require movement like hiking, cycling, running or playing your favorite sport. Speaking of sports, what's your favorite?


Rayon is similar to cotton in many ways because it's got very similar qualities. That's a good thing especially in summer conditions. A fabric that is strong, absorbent, and drapes well. Three key points which can make any customer thrilled with their clothing haul. 

Often you'll see rayon added in a blend of cotton and polyester. That's how a breathable, shiny and durable garment is made. Plus, resilience is created so that if the item wrinkles, the fabric quickly bounces back. 

Yep, this makes me think that all these fibers are like magical can mix and match them to create something beautiful. We can surely appreciate the clothing we see and touch more now that we're familiar with this information. Knowledge is power!!!


On the outside it looks like denim, but can be recognized for being lighter and woven a bit different from denim. Chambray has this light blue shade, which feels and looks light. Where as denim is heavy and sometimes a bit hard to move around in. This is why during the summer you can swap your denim pieces for this nicer and more breathable fabric.

First thing that pops in my head is a chambray tank with cute ruffle sleeves that I own. It feels so different and so great from wearing denim. With this top, I realized that there is a better option for us especially in the summer heat. And most importantly it works!

Give it a go! πŸ’™


An absolute favorite of mine because of its elegance is clothing made out of silk. One silk dress, within seconds gives you a dressier appearance thanks to this mesmerizing shiny fabric. How many of you feel like Cinderella when wearing silk? Me too! 

One thing to remember when wearing silk: Be sure to spray your perfume before putting on the silk garment because otherwise the alcohol stains from the sprayed perfume will forever stay there. We don't want that! This fabric is delicate in many ways! 

Also, when taking care of your silk garments never put them in a washing machine, dryer or leave them in the sun. Instead, hand wash with warm water and afterwards place them on a towel to soak up the moisture and dry by themselves. Told you this fabric is SPECIAL! πŸ˜‰

We've got the best summer fabrics down, so I think we're now officially READY for the summer! What do you say? 

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Hello everyone,

Remember that feeling when you stare at your closet for a while and think to yourself " I have nothing to wear?". This actually is a total myth because in reality you have plenty of clothing, you just might be lost at trying to decide what pieces to combine together. 

There are a few items that work with everything! Plus, I'm sure you already own them but from time to time might forget their true power. They're basics, which can easily get you out the door within minutes. Super convenient and simple to style. A bit unexpected, but nonetheless these basics exist and are loved by many of us (they have saved us numerous times) and are more than a great backup plan. Any ideas what items I'm talking about? Leave your guesses down below, before continuing to read on!!!

Recently, I've been relaying on one of these items quite a lot, so that's how the idea of this post came about. I wore it often and found it so fun to change it up from casual to dressy to more of streetwear. The camisole was there! Now, it's not so basic in my eyes!!! πŸ’― 

I hope this post is helpful to those of you who sometimes find themselves starring blankly at your closet and don't have a clue what to wear. These days come, go and sometimes even repeat! πŸ˜‚ 

Heads-Up: I'm sure you already own these 4 fashion basics! πŸ˜‰

White Sandals: 

Most often we tend to go for black shoes especially in the colder seasons, but let me tell you white sandals is all you need this spring/summer. So fresh, they lighten up your look! Extra points if you have a nice tan to show off. 

Wearing a white pair of sandals always reminds me of "vacation time". Somewhere in Mexico where I can take them dancing all night long...hahaha!

Remember when white boots were so trendy two season ago, well, no wonder they are still around. A basic, which can brighten up any gloomy day. They're so easy to style, you don't even have to think too much. I've got to admit, I really like that!

The only downside is the fact that these type of sandals can get dirty earlier than planned like right away. Sometimes I kick my own shoes while walking and guess what that leaves - a mark! (I'm not proud of this!)


My heart skips a beat at the thought of cami tops because they literally save me every time I'm contemplating what to wear. They're not only the ultimate layering piece, but also so nice to wear solo in these hot summers. I want to have every single shade there is. One for every day of the week!!! 😁

Even during the changing seasons camisoles are here to stay. You can wear them out and about or while cooking or cleaning. Just please wash them! I love one styled with a maxi skirt, denim shorts or flare trousers.  

This basic is always at its best!

White Tank Top:

Equal to the camisole adding a white tank top can bring an unexpected edge to your look. They're a bit more fitted and one of those basics that takes me way back. I wore tank tops a lot in my teenage years when my style was less exciting and most definitely limited to basketball shorts and tank tops. hahaha! OHHH BOY! 

You can easily add your favorite pair of white sandals, which I mentioned earlier. I love crispy, fresh white outfits during the spring/summer. This for me is the most wonderful time of the year (ayyyy, don't tell Santa I said this!). Lots of vibrant colors, striking prints and all around great vibes.

Sporty Jackets:

We've got a bit more time until summer officially hits, so while we enjoy spring it's always good and practical to have a jacket with us. You never know when the breeze will start swirling especially in the evening. For that, I like bringing a super light jacket like a bomber or a cardigan that I can easily throw on. 

Sporty jackets make getting dressed easier. We can't deny their comfort! It's like comfort food for your body!!! πŸ˜‚

What's you favorite lightweight jacket in the spring?

Are there any other basics that you love wearing? Tell me one piece of clothing you're currently into and why, no matter if it's trending right now or was a few years ago? πŸ€”  

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Hello everyone,

Want to know what's always in season? An adventurous road trip! 

Since living in Las Vegas, the desert has become my oasis!!! 🌡 I have enjoyed exploring all the unique national parks and I am always on the lookout for places to go. Each landscape has its own beauty and has paved my mind with some forever lasting happy memories. For example, I still remember the time my sister and I had to dig out our car with our own hands from the sand pit at the sand dunes. And the time my friends and I dipped into the hot springs and the freezing Colorado river in one day. Moments like these can't be bought or forgotten! What's a fun travel memory you smile about to this day? 

Every year my desire to road trip around Vegas and the nearing states increases. I have a few trips under my belt and have plenty more to go, so I decided now is the perfect time to give you some ideas on what to wear. The desert can be hot, unpredictable and truly breathtaking! 😱

Here I've got a collection of pieces, I would most likely wear and bring with me. I still like to look put together even if things get dirty or sandy. Also, I connect the desert with mostly bohemian vibes, which is my top rule when deciding my road tripping outfits. 


A kimono for me is the ultimate boho piece for a desert getaway. I like styling it over a cami top or even a cute bralette. More so, I love the way it looks in photos when in the background you can spot endless desert landscapes. Just like from a movie scene!

Also, kimonos are great because they're loose, can immediately add something extra to your look and there are just so many lovely designs to choose from. I'm a big fan of lace, hanging fringe off the hemline or light wash bright colored ones. What's your favorite?


You can't really survive the desert without this next item. Ok, maybe YOU can, but I know I can't because when I burn from the sun, I burn very red. That's why I always bring a hat, which I don't take off even for a second. It's a rule!  

When on an adventure it's good to have a bandana around your neck. It's very fashionable, but also, if there is wind you can pull it up to protect your face from the dirt. Having it around can only be a BIG plus!


When road tripping for hours or days, the last thing you want is to wear tight clothing, something that barely allows you to catch your breath. That's why if your desire is to look fashionable but comfortable, choose items that are stretchy, flow and are made of breathable material like cotton or linen. 

This is where my skinny jeans finally get a break because I like to go for wide leg jeans or sometimes even mom jeans.


This one is obvious and clear...sunglasses are a summer staple, no matter if going grocery shopping or traveling. I always have at least one pair in the car ready to go. There are so many designs that I like. My favorites are the round shaped tiny sunglasses and the always chic aviator ones. It really is an accessory that brings, so much. Combine your shades with a hat and you're going to be way too cool for the desert. I mean it!


Boots go with everything...dresses, jeans and shorts. Get a pair that you wouldn't mind getting dirty. Definitely don't wear your all time favorite boots. Choose a pair that you have worn for so many years that you wouldn't be bothered to hike in them. Even better if they've got a strong grip, so you don't slide all over the place. 

My top choice would be a flowy floral dress with black combat boots. I would add to the look, a few dainty jewelry pieces and I'm one happy road-tripper. It's that simple and effective!


When getting lost in the desert, you know sunscreen is essential, but you can go that extra step by wearing long sleeve dresses. They are still cute and you won't have to worry about sunburn as much. The less your skin is exposed, the more happy you'll be afterwards. I've had the experience where a lot of OUChhh happens. Because of that, nowadays I take a full bottle of sunscreen with me. 

There is an array of choices when it comes to dress picking, each made to match the location you're headed to. That's what I like to do. I find photos of my desired location and pick a dress from my closet that will fit right in. Yep, everything is well thought out. There's little space for errors! πŸ˜‚

On road trips, dresses are an easy piece to style! You can make it look super casual and free-spirited. It takes one to zero effort...there are no tricky combinations to be made. Simple and effortless!


Believe it or not, the desert gets cold at night once the sun sets. So cold that you will need a thick overcoat to keep you warm. Don't underestimate the power of the desert. It's brutally hot and dry during the day but it can be freezing and windy at night. Bring with you a few layering pieces that will help make the nights a lot more pleasant. If not, learn how to make fire with your hands!!!🀣πŸ”₯

That's a lesson I learned kind of late because my first road trips included only lightweight items, which didn't help at all once the stars covered the sky. Now, I think twice! I even grab more than one coat with me. You know, just in case I end up in the mountains...hahaha!

Let the road trip season begin NOW! Where do you want to road trip next and what has been your most memorable trip so far?πŸš— Drop your answers down below!  I can't wait to read them!!!  

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Hello everyone,

If you're into Instagram (social media overall), you know that a single shot is very important. Hence why, it's got to be well thought out especially if your niche is fashion. There is so much to think about! What you'll be wearing, what background will work for your outfit, what details to capture and what poses to do in order for your photo to be relatable, unique, beautiful and even professional. 

Being a model can be tricky! Even more so when you're not one and you've never modeled before. However, through posting style looks on Instagram for many years, it becomes so natural to strike a pose. Sometimes I catch myself posing even when there isn't a camera pointing in my direction. hahaha 🀣 

If you're stuck on ways to pose in front of a camera or are still a bit uncomfortable when the shutter button clicks, I hope this post gives you some fresh new ideas. You'll be a professional model in no time! πŸ˜‰ I can guarantee it right now!!!

When the idea of starting a fashion blog came to me, I knew it would require of me to be in front of the camera what feels like 24/7. It was difficult to find my angels, to feel somewhat normal in public taking photos, to know when to smile or smize and on top of that to try and do various poses. It was so exhausting because it would take us hours just to photograph one outfit. Now, thankfully, this is all in the past because my photographer and I can photograph up to 3 outfits in about 30 minutes. The whole process feels very natural, we get a lot of work done and I even love having the camera follow every move I make. 

How do you feel about posing? πŸ“Έ Let me introduce you to some of my favorite Instagram poses. 

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Sitting Cool

I mastered this "sitting cool" pose last because honestly, I needed a lot of practice...🀣 You've got to pretend like you don't give a care in the world. This attitude will get you there and surely will bring you an awesome set of photos to choose from. Just chill, squat, you can elongate one leg or keep both legs bent. And finally smize or close your eyes in a dreamy way while you pose through the pain. hahaha 

I'm telling you, it's an effective pose that will make your Instagram feed more fun. Also, you might start doing this pose every time. I'm guilty of this because the first time I tried it, I liked the way the photo came out and now I kind of sit cool every time there is an outfit photoshoot. Just a heads UP! 😜

Have you tried it yet? Start "sitting cool" from now on! Only make sure there is a camera across from you or people will start wondering what's really happening?! 🀣

On The Go

This pose is somewhat easy to achieve because we're basically always on the go in our everyday lives. Running from one place to the next and then, to the mountains and back....hahaha! So I feel like you won't even have a problem with mastering it. 

The whole point of this model pose is to seem like you're caught in the moment with movement. That's why it's good to place one foot forward and maybe look to the side or beyond the camera, so it looks as if you had no idea there is a camera present. I always love the outcome of my "on the go" photos because my legs look ten times longer than what they actually are. It's magical no matter which angel you look at it! 😁

Also, you can get insta-worthy various awesome shots as you slowly model-like cross the street while your photographer points the camera at a low angle and snaps away. While you do this, you ought to play with an outwear jacket in your hands or swing your bag in one hand. Movement is key! Of course, don't have the whole photo blurry, but do play around with what you've got. 

The Standing Insta  

Eye to eye as if you're locking eyes with your crush the moment you see him. Gaze straight into the camera and don't look away. Add a flirty smize and you've got a winning capture. You can either stand completely straight or twist the body a bit to either side like I've done in the images above. 

What I like about this modeling pose is that the eyes really do tell a story. Just like when meeting someone for the first time. You connect with the soul of that person through the eyes. So Powerful!!!

It's simply beautiful! You don't need much to create these shots. I would even say, keep it as simple as possible because we've already got the focus on the eyes. And guess what? We don't want anything else to distract us from that. 

Casual Sideway Glance

A casual side glance can be very powerful! Even more so if you flip the hair while looking to either side. You know, for more oomph!

This one always takes me a lot of hair flips to get one great shot, but in the end it turns out really cool. Plus, you know Instagram loves the more creative photos where there is some kind of movement (something fun happening.) 

I like to think that with the toss of the hair, it's always a great hair day. hahahaha! You don't have to worry about finding a hat to cover. Please try it, your insta-likes will start pouring in.     

Over The Shoulder

This final model pose will make you ask, "What did you say"? Something you can pretend to ask your photographer as you look over your shoulder while they get the shot. It's simple and like the many poses I mentioned, it looks natural. 

I feel like I do this one a lot without really thinking about it too much because I'm always chatting to my sister. Also, the camera has become my best friend over the years, so you know, I like to entertain what's around me. πŸ˜†

A big tip I would say when being in front of the camera is move around and don't be afraid to try different poses. I started bending all kind of different ways recently because I not only want to improve, but I want to try something new I've never done before. 

Which of these five model poses do you feel like you do MOST often? I hope this post gave you new ideas for your next photoshoot. Keep smizing and I will talk to you in the next one!!!     

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