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Hello everyone,

Yayyyy it's SPRING!!! 馃尭馃尲馃拹

There isn't a thing to hate about this season, except, maybe if you have bad allergies and the pollen is completely making you miserable, then you might be annoyed with spring at times, but you can't really hate it because everything begins to blossom, to grow and it feels like a fresh new beginning. I love that feeling! A full breath of fresh air fills-up your lungs and suddenly you feel lighter and happier. 

I want to celebrate both spring and summer as much as possible by creating plenty of content related to the seasons, so please join me. Lots of ideas have started flowing (what happens when I'm my happiest). However, I am open to your suggestions - you can always share anything you might want to see on the blog in the comments section! 

I know we love and adore spring for being able to wear our floral dresses once again, but today I want to show you that tops can be just as beautiful. There are so many different styles to shop and wear. I've got more than one favorites! 

Alongside the beauty of spring, I'm betting on colors. I love vivid bursts of color that are completely uplifting. They can move mountains! 馃榿

If you're drawn to the more "laid back" looks, a crop tee is just for you. With a pair of jeans and some cute dainty jewelry pieces you'll be queen of CASUAL SPRING!

I myself have been kind of surprised by how much I'm drawn to these tees. I have started making a rainbow collection (one in every color), which I'm telling myself is healthy. Hahaha. I think I like the fact that wearing this top makes you look like you didn't try at all, but at the same time you're nailing the casual street style. Right, you know what I mean?

Also, since many of us are still lounging in our comfy sets, a crop tee is a good alternative to ease into starting to wear actual clothes, and later, even learning to put a bra on. Ohhh the good old times! 馃槀   

Let loose and be sure to add this flirty top to your spring wardrobe!

These tie front tops are made to make you feel like you're on spring break every time you wear them even if you're not. Super cute paired with denim shorts or with biker shorts. I can't begin to tell you how much I love a comfy pair of biker shorts. The minute they became a thing (two years ago), I've become a true fan. There is nothing better! I like them for travels, long hikes and basically any sunny days that involve some kind of activity. 

One of the many ways I would dress-up this same top is with a nice skirt. It would be perfect for a morning coffee date or a brunch with your friends. You'll sure feel the energy of this warm and beautiful season!馃尀 

Love playing with asymmetry? Me too, but only when it comes to style! 馃槈If we're talking geometry...I'm not here! hahaha

Be on the lookout for these chic tops with a peaking keyhole because they're very versatile and unique. You can benefit from this top both during a day or night out. Just change up your bottoms, shoes and accessories and you'll be set for the occasion.

I like the way the cut-out tops reveal a bit of skin and leave everything else to the imagination. You know, that's sexy! 馃挴     

Look馃憖...EYElets are everywhere! 馃ぃ 

These tops are popular as ever and such a staple for this spring season. One thing is for sure...they are a great alternative if you want something sweet. I immediately picture, a "girl next-door". The girl that can pull-off anything and looks amazing in it. Many of you fit into this category! You've got style that's for sure!!! 

The eyelet top is a more modern take on the blouses farmgirls used to wear back in the day. Would be an adventure to style with cowboy boots and shorts. Go BIG or go HOME right!?

Honestly, the bigger the sleeves the better!!!

This style of tops is my absolute favorite. I love a sheer detailing on the sleeves for extra sass. You know it, when there is something new and fun on the menu, you've got to try it. In this case, the puff sleeves, which can make your spring that much sweeter. 

Also, it's super versatile and easily a top choice for any spring or summer getaways you might have planned. I want to take mine somewhere tropical by the beach with a cold margarita in hand. Guess where I'm thinking? 

Which of these fashionable tops is your favorite? Is there one that you love, but I didn't mention it on here?

Wow, it's a new month already! Happy April!馃槝    

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  1. Hey Radi, I hope you're enjoying the first bits of spring!

    I know, I love spring, the weather (since at least here it's not too hot, just perfect) but basking in allergies is not my favorite thing haha! But despite that I'd say it is a season with a lot of beautiful things!

    And the thing I like the most if fashion since you can create unexpected combinations or playing with different fabrics and materials, like the options you're proposing in this blog post! *_*

    I love all the options, they really suit your style, but the one with a knot and the last one with all the drama and the volumes are perfect, since they add that "je ne sais quoi" to your outfit, very eclectic and timeless!

    The shooting is perfect by the way!

    Hey Fungi

  2. I need to get some more tees :)
    Your puff sleeves is beautiful!

  3. All of them are beautiful but i kind of fell in love with the last one!
    Hope you have a nice day!

    My blog - Lalabetterdayz

    1. I kind of know what you mean...馃槈
      Hope you have a great day too!

  4. Ahhh, I can wear all this girly tops every single day! I'm actually looking for a cute puff sleeve top now! You rock everything in here!

    Have a great day and keep safe!


    1. Ahhhh me too! Glad you liked this post. Happy spring!

  5. Unfortunately, it is so cold here that we can dream of such T-shirts. I am waiting for warmer days :)

  6. What beautiful tops. There is nothing bad in the spring, here we are in the fall, but you can really use the spring pieces.

  7. How cool is the Asymmetry outfit that you wear,Radi.

  8. Woooww I like how everything suits you! From you hair, makeup, and getup. It really emphasizes your beauty!

    beyond beneath

    1. Awww, so sweet. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  9. Pi臋kny blog. Ciekawy post. Zapraszam do siebie

  10. Nice selection. Love all of them.

  11. That tie front top looks amazing on you!
    Ah I just love spring! Winter was long and tiresome this year, so I'm looking forward to be outside more agian :D

    xo Noor

  12. I am allergic myself, but despite problems with breathing and watery eyes am I love this time of the year
    I like all your spring suggestions, but I like this cut blouse the most 馃槏

  13. Yes!!! I too love Spring!!!
    All five of the tops you were wearing in the outfit photos above look very attractive.
    I am especially loving that puffy sleeved white off-shoulder ruched crop-top you styled with the white denim jeans.
    I also like the looks of the WAYF Edith Smocked Waist Bustier Top and the WAYF Greyson Puff Sleeve Top you linked, both at shopbop!

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    my Twitter

  14. Your outfits are really lovely. Thanks for showing them. Have a nice day. Best regards Jana

  15. With all the doggone snow we have gotten lately I am stuck indoors, fortunately there is the internet, thanks for giving me something to do.
    TY for the useful information! I wouldnt have gotten this myself!
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  16. so many beautiful designs! I do love off shoulder tops! xx
    Elegant Duchess xx

  17. Hi
    Yes, I suffer with spring allergies, but I also suffer with your wonderful tops because I would love to have them in my wardrobe ahahhahah !!! The last one is breathtaking !!

  18. Cropped anything this season! But my heart is with the puff sleeves lately.

    XX Angelica

  19. Oh yes I love pasta too =) I can eat it everyday too - with Bolognese, with Carbonara, with Napoli :D

    Nice outfits for spring, I like it a lot =) Love shirts with flowers.

  20. Thank you for this positivity boost, we really need someone that can motivate us. Wish you all the best my dear and may you accomplish all your plans for this spring.

    1. Thank you so so much! I wish the same for you...馃挄

  21. The queen of casual spring, I love it! Yes excellent selection of tops here. I love puffed sleeve tops and the rust velvet one you founds is gorgeous. And those 80s inspired jeans are fire!

    Wow this quite timely! Glad we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel

    Allie of

  22. Those Back Drops Are Flipping Amazing - The Casual Fit Outfits Wouldn't Be As Captivating Without The Creativity - Well Done - Enjoy Your Weekend - Stay Strong


  23. Beautiful looks!

    Kisses ;*

  24. These spring outfits are so cute! I love the eyelet blouse. I definitely feel you with the love hate relationship of spring. It is so beautiful, but the allergies are such a pain!


  25. Wow looking so beautiful babe....Lookin lovely in all.


  26. Such a great top collection babe! You are always so stylish!!!
    Kisses, Paola.


    My Instagram

  27. Suas postagens s茫o 贸timas, estou seguindo seu blog e curtindo bastante!! Parab茅ns!

    Meu Blog: Como jogar na loteria

  28. Suas postagens s茫o 贸timas, estou seguindo seu blog e curtindo bastante!! Parab茅ns!

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  29. hahahah I agree! there's nothing annoying or hateful on Spring! And I also want to make the fullest of it. Hopefully restrictions are going to be less by then.

    Eli | Curly Style

  30. These are such fun trendy spring tops on you! I like the tie front top! :)

    Hope you're having a good weekend :)

    Away From The Blue

  31. I love spring!! Your outfits are so beautiful, specially the last one.


    Anete Oliveira

    Blog Coisitas e Coisinhas



  32. Girl, you look amazing! This post makes me want to dress up and mix and match outfits right away. I love everything :)

    Saw your blog and thought if you would like to follow each other? Follow me and I'll follow back asap. Let me know what you think. I'd love to hear something from you! :)

  33. You look stunning in each of these photos, Radi! I am a lover of Spring and Summer, but agree on the allergies, haha. It gets me every year, but yet I still adore the warmth and all of the flowers beginning to bloom.

    Make Life Marvelous

  34. These tops look so beautiful. I like top from first and last photo. I can imagine them in my wardrobe.

    New Post -

  35. Your can't go wrong with a cropped tee, but that final look is SO cute!

    Katie |

  36. Spring and summer is always a great time to wear fun tops. love these styles. <3

  37. Amazing looks, you look very nice
    Kisses ♥

  38. Great spring top ideas. Cropped tops can look so cool when styled right. I like to see them balanced with high rise jeans or skirts. I also like cut out tops. Statement sleeve and puffed blouses and tops are simply perfect for spring.

    1. Thanks Ivana! Good to see you're also ready for spring.
      Hope you have a great day!

  39. So many beautiful tops here.
    I agree spring is the best season.
    My favorite top is the puff sleeved one. I feel like a princess when I wear theses tops.

  40. Such beautiful choices here. You can't beat a simple cropped tee, they're so versatile!


  41. All of the tops are looking great :-) And like always fantastic pictures dear xx

  42. All outfits is amazing!! Love them.

  43. Spring it's gonna take a while is coming, but I want it to come soon here!
    I loved the tops, they are beautiful! I love your outfits! :)

    1. Yes, you're welcome to come. Here in Vegas it's always nice. 馃槉
      Thanks a lot Valeria!

  44. The eyelet tank is absolutely gorgeous! I am so happy to bring out all my spring clothes!! Thanks so much for sharing x

    Lynn |

  45. Spring is definitely my fav season: since I have no allrgies I can fully enjoy the warm days. the nature and the perfect temperatures!
    It's since february that I can't wait to wear light and crop tops!
    Your idead are always the coolest and your photos just amazing, you always look like came up from a fashion magazine!

  46. A great review indeed, thanks for sharing!

  47. Love tops, i used all these


  48. Love all your Spring looks! So chic!
    xx, Jane

  49. I love the second! *-*

  50. All of these are so pretty!!

    Molly xx

  51. Beautiful looks ;)

  52. Fabulous tops, Radi! You look beautiful in all the looks. I really love the cut-out, eyelet, and puff sleeves tops. I have those in my collection. Happy new week!

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  54. Love a crop top! all year round even haha!