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Hello everyone,

When the top and bottom match it's a match made in heaven! (at least in my head),,,🀣 

For so many reasons two-piece sets are ideal for spring. One, not much thought goes into deciding what to wear. They are already styled perfectly. Two, there are so many awesome designs. Three, you would want to go back to wearing them again the next day. Four, you can always pair the top or bottom of your favorite set with something different. Five, monochromatic looks are always dear to my heart. πŸ’•

I can go and on with my reasons for loving what a cute spring set does for you, but I would rather show you in photos. I've dedicated a whole post to this signature duo because there are so many pretty sets out there. Also, they are "a must-pack" item for your spring or summer getaway. So many tropical prints, shades and feminine styles to choose from. Do you have a favorite set you own and when did you discover the magic of owning one?

The first matching set I bought was a few years ago (pictured below). One in fire red with a long slit skirt and an off the shoulder top with bell sleeves. Right away it gave me those seΓ±orita vibes and I knew I had to buy it. I still have it and is my absolute favorite!!!


When it comes to spring sets, I would most likely go for a high-waisted skirt with a crop top. Give it to me in bright colors and I'm the happiest. Also, anything in polka dots or funky prints is something that would catch me right away. When I like what I see and I can't seem to stop thinking about it, I've got to have it!😁

Is there a specific matching set you love? Maybe shorts with a cute top or wide trousers with a fresh blouse? I want to know. Even better, you can send me a photo of it on Instagram. Yep, I'm that obsessed with two-piece sets! How can you not be, right? Also, where do you like to get yours from? 

It's so refreshing to rely on matching sets because they're light to pack when traveling, you can style them countless ways and that checks off those days when you think you have nothing else to wear. The BEST right?!

Which of these two pieces is your favorite?  

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Hello everyone,

The bigger the hair the more we care (and the more we sweat during the spring/summer)!
Whether you've got wavy hair, spirals or straight locks, it's always good to take care of your crown with the help of things like the  Kintsugi Amplifying Glaze. That way your crown is golden, beautiful and forever shiny! πŸ‘‘Because, just like anything else in life, the more you cherish it, the more it'll show its appreciation back.
It's all in the name of love leading with first and foremost...self love!

I have discovered a few natural hair products that are truly worth mentioning, which is why, today I'm going to dive deep into each one. Perfect timing, since temperatures are rising, so our hair needs all the love and care it can get.   

What's your go-to hair product?  

Vamos a la playa! πŸ˜‰

When it comes to hair we all want a healthy shine, but just as important is having a product that protects it from the strong sunrays. The Playa hair oil does it all. It repairs, infuses moisture and takes care of your long locks. You can apply it to wet or dry hair. 

One thing is for sure, it helps a lot if you add it before hitting the beach or going to the pool. It will be there for you through the harsh chlorine chemicals and keep the beauty of your color (if you like to color your hair).

I find natural oils to be wonderful for my body, so I decided to find an oil that works for my curls as well. One that also feels light, but works lovely for the very hot spring/summers in Vegas. 

This Ritual brand is too good! It shouldn't be missed. Your hair without the Playa hair oil is like the beach without sand. Impossible!

Wanna scream "Honey, I love my hair"? This honey infused hair oil will definitely add an excitement to your hair regime.

You know how eating honey helps improve our health and is very reach in antioxidants?! Well, the same goes when applied on your strands. It's there to keep everyone happy and satisfied. Just within a few drops and your hair will start to feel as soft as ever. Such a great product to own this season and continue using throughout the summer.  

The Gisou products are so popular for a reason. It's almost like magic in a bottle. Have you tried this hair oil before? I love the way a few drops can make all the difference. This is a great spring/summer ritual to add to our routines. It's just as important as applying sunscreen before heading out the door. You'll know the difference the moment you give it a try!


If you feel like your hair isn't at it's best and it feels more damaged than healthy, this moisture mask is for you. The kind of mask that intensely works at giving your hair back the right nutrients to look more voluminous and stronger. Who doesn't want that?

Once applied gently with your fingers through the roots of your hair, it's suggested to leave the mask in for 10 minutes. After that you can rinse it off and go about at styling it the way you want.

If you use this hair mask weekly, I'm sure within a month you'll be able to see great results. Your locks will feel more "YOU" and less the outcome of damaged strands.

It's here to strengthen your hair while you enjoy the two most beautiful seasons. This hair oil contains a special ancient Indian secret that I trust. They provide us with some of the most amazing herbs and ingredients, which connect us to nature and its healing powers. 

I love natural clean beauty products. With the years passing, as I get older, I am definitely more aware of the kind of products I use. You want the BEST for yourself, not just something or anything that looks good on the outside. 

The Fable & Mane oil can give you a full hair treatment while you sleep. Just apply it before going to bed and leave the oil to do the rest. πŸ˜‰

And we've come to my final suggestion for keeping your hair in its most beautiful form...the scrub shampoo. Its got tea tree oil and California sea salt, which help restore the natural balance of your scalp. Also, it exfoliates your crown just the way a body scrub does. Massage for 30 seconds for great results! 

It most definitely works for every hair type. If you haven't tried it yet, this season is your turn to do so. I think the Playa collection will easily become a favorite of yours. The products are so fresh, clean and truly improve the look of your hair. I recommend trying the dry shampoo as well and the leave-in milk conditioner.

What spring/summer products are you currently using and loving?πŸ’•  

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Hello everyone,

We're revisiting Joshua Tree because this time I want to take you through some of the most significant spots. I go into a bit more detail of what to see, so you can really make the most of your trip. Expect high temperatures, endless desert landscapes and the making of many fun memories. 

This is absolutely one of my favorite national parks in California. I would recommend it to everyone, which is why I'm currently eager to write this post. It's good to spend more than one day there, that's for sure! Plan accordingly and let this post guide you! 

We visited at the end of March for the weekend, so you have an idea of everything I'm mentioning. If you decide to visit another season, some things most likely will vary from my own personal experience. Keep that in mind!

Now let's explore Joshua Tree!πŸ€—     


First day or should I say the minute we arrived, we headed to Jumbo Rocks and Skull Rock. Both are close to one another, so you can check them out within a day. The Jumbo Rocks are a whole field of stacked rocks, which you can explore as long as you want. You can easily loose track of time because there are so many directions you can go. 

As for Skull's HUGE! I'm sure you won't miss its head (or skull).😜 What's so interesting about it is that nature helped turn it into a skull. Long time ago the gathering of rain drops started to transform the rock creating the two hollow eyes resembling the head of a skull. How awesome is that? If that doesn't tell us just how powerful nature is, I don't know what will. Things like this fascinate me every time!    


Another scenic view filled with huge boulders, great hiking trails, and perfectly good for those of you who enjoy rock-climbing. There is no right or wrong way to explore Hidden Valley. It's a loop that will take you all around, so you won't miss all the various shaped rock formations. It's very beautiful! I loved walking in the sand and even going thru some rocks that helped create shadowed caves. So good for those days when the sun is really blazing.   

From this hike we decided to walk and jog to Barker Dam. You can definitely drive to it. We decided to go extreme once again because my guide aka. my sister won't give me a break...🀣 The dam was actually empty of water when we reached the top. That made it not as striking as I would have imagined it to be.    


If you only had time for one stop while visiting Joshua Tree, Keys View is hands down the one place you've got to visit. It's hard to put into words how stunning and majestic the views are from up there. It feels close to what it feels like to be on "top of the world" or at least that's how I felt watching the sunset descend behind the valley. 😱

Like a birds-eye view you'll be able to spot so much beauty. For example, on the far left you'll see Salton Sea (230 ft. below sea level). Also, you've got a full view of Coachella Valley, Palm Springs and Signal Mountain in Mexico (which can only be seen on a very clear day). 

You really can't find a better way to end the day after a full day of hiking/exploring. It was an epic sunsetting show because so many people sat on their blankets and enjoyed the beauty. At the very end you could hear the sound of applause from the people as a way of appreciation for all that nature brings/does for us. It was really touching!!! πŸ₯°    


Our last day, early in the morning we decided to hike to see the well-known Arch Rock. It gets very busy there, so I suggest going as early as possible (if you want to be one of the few). It's understandable because the photo op there is one not to miss. Way instagrammable and fun to climb since you can get on top of the arch or pose below it. 

The Arch Rock trail is located near Twentynine Palms, California and it's an easy walk to get there, even kids can do it. Once there, there are so many rocks you can climb on and explore. The whole scene looks like something from a different planet. I was in awe a few times thinking is this real?

This particular view, reminded me how much I want to go to the Arches National Park in Utah next.  


Before we headed to Vegas, our final stop was at Cholla Cactus Garden. A full landscape of teddy bear cacti trees (can be spotted along the road). They'll look cute and soft, but don't touch or step on them...πŸ˜‚ Literally, the spikes can get way deep into your shoes! And...I think you know what happens next!

Such a pretty sight! 🌡 More then a few times, I tried to imagine what it would be like to see this from above with a drone. (Yep, for a second I wanted to be a drone.) hahaha!

Also, depending on the month you're visiting you'll be able to see the different desert plants in full bloom. For example, the delicate magenta flowers bloom from the month of May until June. The yellow Senna shrubs are happily alive from April until May. I believe this garden looks a bit different from month to month and you'll be easily surprised every time you visit. 

For those of you planning to visit Joshua Tree soon, I hope you found this guide helpful. It's hands down one of the BEST National Parks of California. I loved it! I would go back for a second visit in a heartbeat!!! πŸ’•

Have you been to Joshua Tree? If so, what was your favorite memory?

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Hello everyone,

Yayyyy it's SPRING!!! πŸŒΈπŸŒΌπŸ’

There isn't a thing to hate about this season, except, maybe if you have bad allergies and the pollen is completely making you miserable, then you might be annoyed with spring at times, but you can't really hate it because everything begins to blossom, to grow and it feels like a fresh new beginning. I love that feeling! A full breath of fresh air fills-up your lungs and suddenly you feel lighter and happier. 

I want to celebrate both spring and summer as much as possible by creating plenty of content related to the seasons, so please join me. Lots of ideas have started flowing (what happens when I'm my happiest). However, I am open to your suggestions - you can always share anything you might want to see on the blog in the comments section! 

I know we love and adore spring for being able to wear our floral dresses once again, but today I want to show you that tops can be just as beautiful. There are so many different styles to shop and wear. I've got more than one favorites! 

Alongside the beauty of spring, I'm betting on colors. I love vivid bursts of color that are completely uplifting. They can move mountains! 😁

If you're drawn to the more "laid back" looks, a crop tee is just for you. With a pair of jeans and some cute dainty jewelry pieces you'll be queen of CASUAL SPRING!

I myself have been kind of surprised by how much I'm drawn to these tees. I have started making a rainbow collection (one in every color), which I'm telling myself is healthy. Hahaha. I think I like the fact that wearing this top makes you look like you didn't try at all, but at the same time you're nailing the casual street style. Right, you know what I mean?

Also, since many of us are still lounging in our comfy sets, a crop tee is a good alternative to ease into starting to wear actual clothes, and later, even learning to put a bra on. Ohhh the good old times! πŸ˜‚   

Let loose and be sure to add this flirty top to your spring wardrobe!

These tie front tops are made to make you feel like you're on spring break every time you wear them even if you're not. Super cute paired with denim shorts or with biker shorts. I can't begin to tell you how much I love a comfy pair of biker shorts. The minute they became a thing (two years ago), I've become a true fan. There is nothing better! I like them for travels, long hikes and basically any sunny days that involve some kind of activity. 

One of the many ways I would dress-up this same top is with a nice skirt. It would be perfect for a morning coffee date or a brunch with your friends. You'll sure feel the energy of this warm and beautiful season!🌞 

Love playing with asymmetry? Me too, but only when it comes to style! πŸ˜‰If we're talking geometry...I'm not here! hahaha

Be on the lookout for these chic tops with a peaking keyhole because they're very versatile and unique. You can benefit from this top both during a day or night out. Just change up your bottoms, shoes and accessories and you'll be set for the occasion.

I like the way the cut-out tops reveal a bit of skin and leave everything else to the imagination. You know, that's sexy! πŸ’―     

LookπŸ‘€...EYElets are everywhere! 🀣 

These tops are popular as ever and such a staple for this spring season. One thing is for sure...they are a great alternative if you want something sweet. I immediately picture, a "girl next-door". The girl that can pull-off anything and looks amazing in it. Many of you fit into this category! You've got style that's for sure!!! 

The eyelet top is a more modern take on the blouses farmgirls used to wear back in the day. Would be an adventure to style with cowboy boots and shorts. Go BIG or go HOME right!?

Honestly, the bigger the sleeves the better!!!

This style of tops is my absolute favorite. I love a sheer detailing on the sleeves for extra sass. You know it, when there is something new and fun on the menu, you've got to try it. In this case, the puff sleeves, which can make your spring that much sweeter. 

Also, it's super versatile and easily a top choice for any spring or summer getaways you might have planned. I want to take mine somewhere tropical by the beach with a cold margarita in hand. Guess where I'm thinking? 

Which of these fashionable tops is your favorite? Is there one that you love, but I didn't mention it on here?

Wow, it's a new month already! Happy April!😘    

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