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Hello everyone,

How's it going? I hope you're doing great and you're more than ready for another style post from me. Estoy siempre lista!!!😉 

Are you power skipping of joy for spring season? If not, give me 15 seconds to make it official...🤣

Often spring brings along the fun (they're best friends)! This includes lots of effortless, boho and exciting pieces, which add a little something special to the whole season. One such fabric is denim. It always makes a grand entrance and is so practical. I wouldn't blame you if you wore denim everyday. I would even encourage it because it fits everyone like the person who's ready to mingle with everybody at the party. 

Denim is universal!💙 

I love it, love it and love it some more. This is why and how the idea came about for this post. There are so many denim looks I want to share with you. Plus, denim can be and is spring appropriate, if you've got the right shade or length. For example, during the spring it's best to transition to lighter or white denim staples instead of the dark wash shades that we're used to wearing during the colder months. Also, it's highly recommended to go for denim cut-offs...let your legs feel the sun! 

Let the denim guide begin NOW! 3,2,1...

Short Overalls

Who here likes wearing overalls? 

Once spring hits, I replace my dungarees with short overalls. I know overalls might not be everyone's cup of coffee, but for me, they take me back to my "younger self". I wore them a ton when I was a teenager, so they're kind of a combination of "nostalgia" and a staple I still enjoy wearing. I don't know if that will be the case once I reach 40!🤣 I'll be sure to let you know.  

Denim overalls are just way too easy to style. That's why they're a must-have for spring. You can wear them with a basic tee or add a long-sleeved shirt underneath. As for shoes, I like wearing mine mostly with comfy sneakers. Take it real casual and cute like way back in the days.

Denim Skirt

Drop everything you're doing because we must scream this one out together "WE CAN FINALLY WEAR SKIRTS AGAIN". And I've got to legs need extra tan. I feel like I need to spray a whole bottle on them...🤣 

Wearing skirts is my absolute favorite. I've said it before and will mention it again...I definitely wear skirts more often than dresses. At least that's what I remember from the last two years. I feel like denim skirts are more versatile than dresses and I can really build up a whole VIBE around them. As for dresses you don't need much thought. You throw it on and you're done. 

Just imagine wearing your denim skirt with a lovely puff sleeves top or even a nice cami top. There is no mistake to be made. You'll look beautiful either way!

Balloon Denim Jeans

Okay, so spring sometimes has its breezy days, so a light wash unique pair of jeans will do you just right. I like jeans that have some sort of detail about them which makes them extra interesting like studs, floral embroidery or this balloon style. Also, it's good to show a little ankle, so you can start pairing them with your strappy sandals. What do you think?

I always bet on a high-rise style because they help elongate your legs and I get to style them with a few of my favorite crop tops. What's your favorite style of denim jeans? 

Again, since spring is almost here, I like going with a super light wash pair of jeans. Running away from black or dark wash denim as fast as possible. I enjoy running! 😂

Denim Shirt

I can't let this guide pass without mentioning the one and only denim shirt. It's the absolute best piece to have when transitioning from winter to spring. You don't even have to wear can tie it around your waist. This will make your outfit look 100% more cool!💯

Denim shirts are fun to wear with shirt dresses, cycling shorts, crop tops and so much more. You name it! It will most likely go great like peanut butter and jelly or spring and flowers. 

I like the oversized denim shirts because they really help create that awesome street style. Plus, you know oversized clothing has been trendy for a while now. Especially last year when the pandemic began...with each month things started getting baggier and loose.

Denim Dress

What's spring without a charming dress? I don't even want to find out...hahaha! 

One thing is for sure, the minute the weather allows, I've got my flirty denim dress with wedges on. This off the shoulders style with a single ruffle is my favorite. You've got to see the way it dances in the breeze. Easy, breezy, super pretty!

One thing I love about wearing a denim dress is that I can add on my colorful accessories. I've got plenty of them and with this kind of dress they will surely pop-out. For example, a mini yellow bag with gold feather earrings and a lovely pair of nude wedges. Otherwise, if the dress is already colorful or in a fun floral print, I tend to take down a notch the accessories and wear more delicate gold or silver pieces. I let the dress be the highlight of the show!

Denim Shorts

Finally let's give it up to the denim shorts because they're present at every spring/summer vacation. Even when not on one, wearing them feels like it. You can really play up the tropical vibes with a single pair of denim shorts. Exactly like this outfit above! I wrapped my pom-poms shawl as a top, added vibrant accessories, threw on the denim shorts and headed to a nearby neighborhood with lots of palm trees.🌴 You can do the same!

How do you like styling your denim shorts? Do you enjoy dressing them-up or down more?

Who else has got denim fever after reading this post? I know I do! I'm halfway running to my closet to see what denim piece I want to wear next. hahaha! 

Also, you can always drop down a comment about what spring content you would like to see? I most likely will make it happen!!! 😉 Where's my wand?

See you again next Tuesday!   

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