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Hello everyone,

Does anyone know a woman who doesn't own a l.b.d. (little black dress)? Me neither! It's hard to explain, but a black dress is the ultimate wardrobe staple. A little black dress works for every age under the sun. If you're a guy, you might not fully grasp the concept of owning one. However, it's the same as what cars or cool technology gadgets mean to most of you (men). To sum it's exciting, pleasing to the eye and a great confidence booster. 

Seasons change, but a little black dress always stays classy, fierce and beautiful. It's like seeing the first sign of spring; the pink blossom of a tree or hearing the chirping of a bird flying by. So M&M...memorable and magical!!! 💖

I want to know...what occasion makes you bring out your "l.b.d."? And how often do you find yourself wearing one? It would be interesting to read your answers because I know, for me, I most often reach for mine when going out at night. However, I would also simply style it for a day at the park or a family picnic.  

Girls Night Out

Shop Boots

  You've got the little black dress and now what's left to do is call your girls for a fun night out. This lovely mini, ruffled hem dress is perfect to slip on, glam up and let sway in the spring night breeze. 

It's easy to let this dress guide you to the dance floor. I mean, I can't think of a better place to let it shine. For me that's an ideal night-out...all I want is salsa, bachata and more salsa! 🤣💃 Ok... and two, three tequilas! hahaha

What's even more special about this l.b.d. is that it's just so perfect with my new Up2Step boots. I can still smell that fresh leather, which comes with new shoes! Who else isn't afraid to admit their love for a brand new pair of shoes? Sometimes I even wonder if I buy shoes just to smell them! hahaha Ayyyy, ayudame! I even still keep the pretty box in which they were wrapped with an orange bow. Sorry, I can't help it! These over the knee boots feel and look of the quality of some world known high-end brands, so I want to keep them as shiny as possible. 

You can have a head over to Up2Step's Instagram for a closer look of their amazing collection. You've got shoes for every occasion and every season. I'm hoping I get the chance to wear my over the knee boots a few more times before it officially becomes sandals season.


Brunch/picnics and dresses go hand in hand especially right now when the sun is starting to shine and all you want to do is be outside enjoying the daylight!

Grab your picnic basket or reserve a table outside for some needed yummy bites and girl chats. This A-line black dress is what I would wear for the occasion. I would style it more casual with a denim shirt and combat boots. You want to feel at ease and comfortable, but still look cute. 

One thing I'm really hoping to do this spring is have a picnic outside. Last year, somehow spring flew by and suddenly it was too hot to even attempt at having one. What about you...what are you excited to do this spring? I know we are kind of limited in our choices because some countries went to lockdown #3, but we can still push/try to make the best of it.

Date Night Out

This isn't rocket science because you know a little black dress comes to mind right away when dressing for a date. You've got to have one in lace detailing because it's the most romantic and feminine. Mine comes in full sheer lace sleeves. 

The best thing about choosing to wear a black dress is that you can really brighten-up the look with different vibrant accessories. Also, you can add more color by applying a vivid lipstick. This way your l.b.d. is more suitable for spring. It all depends on what makes you feel the most confident!

I prefer always having a pop of color even if it's the tiniest like a flirty pair of blue fringe earrings. Impress and love yourself first and then your date!😉

What's your favorite style of a little black dress? And what occasion did you last wear yours?     

~ This post is a collaboration with Up2Step. All opinions are my own.
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  1. Yes black dress are suitable for many occasion. Nice post. :)


  2. Little black dress are musthave! I love all of your looks but mainly the first one ♥

    xx Alexandra z 𝕄𝕊 𝔸𝕃𝕎𝔸𝕐𝕊 𝕃𝔸𝕋𝔼 / INSTAGRAM

  3. Such cool photos, Radi! I wholeheartedly agree that every girl need a lovely little black dress for every occassion xx


    1. Means so much Naya!
      See you in the next post!

  4. Eu amo roupas pretas, são ideais para cada ocasião e muito elegante.
    Adorei suas fotos, arrasou no vestido!
    Diário da Lady

  5. You look fabulous showcasing all three of the little black dresses in your outfit photos above!
    I really:
    Love the airy swingy appearance of the ruffled hem dress you were wearing styled with the high-heeled Up2Step over-the-knee boots in the first OOTD;
    Love the look of the short-sleeved square-necked mini-dress styled with the large light blue denim jacket in the second OOTD;
    Love the inset embroidered lace panel and sleeves of the dress you were wearing in the third OOTD, and also;
    Love the looks of several of the black dresses in the shopping links :D

    my blog
    my YouTube
    my Twitter

  6. Definitely, a little black dress is an essential outfit! I wear my dresses paired with a denim jacket during the spring or fall, but it is nice to wear it during a night out as well! Love how you styled your looks!

  7. Wow!! Beauty in black! Lovely Post dear! xoxo

  8. I love all three styles and LBD any time of the day or night Boots are also another weakness of mine and OMG I need these boots you are wearing they are stunning Happy Spring Cris

  9. All outfits are so beautiful, Radi! In particular, Date Night Out<3
    I just checked some L.B.D from your great selection!


  10. such a beautiful and easy to wear dress, definitely a must-have ! love how you styled it.

  11. A black dress is essential! :)

  12. Every woman needs a black dress!
    It combines with everything and there is the possibility to create countless combinations.
    I loved your dress, it looks beautiful!

  13. You can't go wrong with LBD, timeless classic xx
    Elegant Duchess xx

  14. Little black dress is absolutely must have - yours one is absolutely stunning- I like them so much. You look awesome on this fabulous pictures dear

    1. Thanks so much! Want to know a little secret?...I just bought another black dress.

  15. I really love a basic, black dress. Thanks for your inspirations. Have a nice day. Best regards Jana


  16. gorgeous dress, very cool
    have a nice day!

  17. Can't imagine my wardrobe without little black dress.

    1. Absolutely! Me too!
      Hope you have a great day!

  18. Every woman should have one in her closet, have a nice day

  19. Love your dress! The pictures are amazing!

  20. I do agree. LBD is such a classic. I have a few of them and I wear them often. I love how you styled yours with those high boots, very sexy.
    I often reach for a LBD for a date night or a social event of some kind. It's an elegant and simple solution for a special lunch or dinner.

  21. Hey dear Radi! Hope you're enjoying the first bits of spring.

    As you well said this is a piece that can resist seasons, even trends. Trends may come and go but in the very end this kind of pieces can lift our wardrobe when we say "I have nothing to wear" right?

    You managed to show us very different options that can be used by many different girls! In some options you just need to change the shoes or the accessories and voilá....a new outfit is there!

    Enjoy the weekend, all the best from Spain!
    Hey Fungi

  22. A little black dress is always perfect! I love the boots of the first outfit!

    The world of a vet

  23. I always love to see how you can really rock every trend in your unique way, with alot of style and a bit of sexiness! Even the most classic of all: the LBD!
    The first outfit is my fav: look very yours, fierce and sassy!

  24. An LBD is such a classic and versatile wardrobe staple!

  25. I love little black dresses so much! They are perfect for any occasion and you can always dress it up or down. Thanks so much for sharing x

    Lynn |

  26. I love LBD!! All your outfits are so beautiful, specially the last one.


    Anete Oliveira

    Blog Coisitas e Coisinhas



  27. Your little black dress looks great with the boots, such a statement! I agree, a little black dress is a wardrobe staple! :)

    Hope you are having a good weekend :)

    Away From The Blue

  28. I love your black dress,
    And I will also love to have a pique-nique outside,

    1. Thank you!
      Will definitely make it happen this spring. 😉

  29. The little black dress is so versatile and a classic I love the way you styled this :)

  30. I really love how you style the dress! so chic

  31. A little black dress is in fact an item perfect for so many situations just as you perfectly demostrated. I love your looks, all of them.

  32. Nothing like a good LBD! They are forever classic and you're killin it beautifully, Radi.

  33. Beautiful black dresses 🤩!!! You look amazing!!!

  34. Black clothing is always a good choice. I like medium length dresses so I can create simple and elegant looks.

  35. I said yes to a black dress and I can't agreed more babe. Black dress is a must-have on a girl wardrobe.
    And I love all your look in this post, they're so elegant, sexy and gorgeous all in one.
    Have an awesome new week babe.

    1. I say Yessss too!
      Thank you so much for the sweet comment!
      You too...have a fab week ahead!

  36. LBD is such a staple!! You wear it so well for any occasion!!

  37. Love how you styled this LBD! You look amazing!

  38. Each of these looks are gorgeous, Radi! Really love the date night look!

    Wishing you the brightest week ahead, friend!

    Make Life Marvelous

  39. I like this black dress. It suits you very much and highlights your temperament. I like it very much.
    colored lace front wigs

  40. I love all of these outfits! I definitely need to get some more LBD as I only own one! Great post!

  41. A black dress is always a good choice. Thanks for sharing.
    I hope you'll visit my blog soon. Have a good week!

  42. oh cool, this information is really useful and definately is comment worthy! hehe. I'll see if I can try to use some of this information for my own blog. Thanks!
    Hunter Abbassi
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  43. You look so sexy and chic in that first look, Radi! It's always great to have an LBD or two three in your closet. ;-)

  44. Little black dress are must have! I love all of your looks but mainly the first one. I like this black dress. It suits you very much and highlights your temperament. I like it very

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