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Hello everyone,

One of the things we LOVE to indulge in around the holidays is food!😋 Especially Santa's cookies and everything filled with chocolate. That's when "unknowingly" after the holidays we realize we might have put on a few pounds. For women the most common place where things start showing is around our mid-waist. Our abs tend to get shy and disappear, but no worries, there are tips and tricks to hide it all with the help of style. Wanna know how to hide your tummy? 

These style tricks work if you feel like you've gained a few pounds or have recently given birth and want to minimize that area as much as possible. Of course, getting back in shape requires a regular schedule of working-out and a healthy meal plan, but with the right clothing you can also create the illusion of a smaller waist.    

In cases like these, I love seeing the way fashion can help improve your confidence. It isn't only about wearing the trendiest pieces. It's so much more than that! It's about knowing your own body, having the knowledge of what pieces work best together (for your body shape), and finally seeing/appreciating the outcome. 

So, if you had a few too many Raffaelo chocolates (I know, I did!), let's get into this post. Here are the simple tips you can apply right away and start the year feeling great!

1. Choose High-Waisted Bottoms

When shopping for bottoms whether that's denim jeans or linen trousers, always go for the high-waisted style. They make the mid-section look flatter and definitely make your legs seem a lot longer. It's a win-win situation when you want to add proportion to your body. Also, this style keeps the eyes away from the tummy area, which is exactly what we want.

I remember a few years ago the minute I learned this trick, I started transforming my wardrobe. I began buying high-waisted skirts and jeans. Now, this is easily a staple for me... I don't even have to think about it. Probably, you can recall so many of my previous looks are high-waisted.

Give it a try and see the outcome in the mirror. I think you would be surprised how something so small can make such a BIG difference. It really works!!!

2. Shift Dresses

Without a doubt, wearing a shift dress will help hide your wider mid-section because these type of dresses fall straight from the shoulders creating a straight line silhouette. They're very flattering...would look good on any woman. Also, with this style worrying about your thighs and hips will be the least of your worries. No one will ever see them! Why? Because shift dresses don't cling to your body the way many other type of dresses do. So next time you're on the hunt for a new dress, keep this in mind.   

Creating vertical lines with your choice of clothing, helps a lot with hiding belly fat. This includes long jackets, cardigans, blazers, or ponchos. They are something I like to call a "miracle worker" on days I feel bloated.


3. Monochromatic Looks

Honestly, I can't even believe that before I started blogging about fashion, I had no idea what this word even meant. Now, I'm constantly trying to wear full on red, white or black looks. Monochromatic looks have plenty of power! They're the definition of BOLD!

Monochromatic color scheme is wearing one color from head to toe in various shades. For example, different tones of green in your top, bottom and shoes. This has a slimming effect to your figure. Are you starting to see how simple it is becoming to hide this one least favorite area of your body with the right clothing?

Here are a few monochromatic looks I have done a while back. Click here! Can't wait to see you rocking this style!

4. Play with Layers

A significant part in style is knowing how to highlight what parts of your body you want to be seen and the parts that you would rather keep off the radar. Here playing with layers comes into play. If you "play your pieces right, you'll feel great". If not, you would end up wishing you wore something different and feel uncomfortable in your outfit choice. We all know that easily translates into your mood. 

To prevent the visibility of your waist as much as possible, stay away from adding belts or any kind of accessories around the mid-section. They would only draw attention to that area. That's the opposite of what we want happening, right? 

However, you can add a nice bright colored top with a longer duster, cardigan or coat. The bright shade at the top completely distracts us from focusing on any other area as does the long outerwear. Or do the opposite, combine a longer dress shirt with a short jacket. This is layering done wisely!


5. Go for Oversized Shirts 

Like my look here, I went for an oversized tee over my second-skin print top. You can even wear a button down shirt and tuck half of it in the front. This will show just a tiny bit of shape and cover the rest. I love the way it it a really cool casual spin. 

How many of you live in oversized styles? Let's not forget, this was a very popular trend last year and it's always here for us whenever we feel like we want to hide excess weight around the waist. 

When I decide to sport something oversized I still like keeping a balance. As an example from this outfit above, at the bottom I went for a mini patent skirt. This way I'm not completely hidden by my oversized t-shirt.


What are some of your style tricks for hiding the tummy area?  

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  1. Happy New Year, Radi! I love Raffaello chocolate, so those great trick ideas will help me!
    Your outfit is perfect, and the Zebra long sleeves are cool accent<3


    1. Happy New Year Akiko!
      Thank you. Love that zebra print fun to wear.
      Have a great one!

  2. as usual, u looked great.

    ur tips maybe useful for girl, but for me, i need more pounds lol because I'm skinny

  3. Thank you =) Oh yes I love fresh pressed orange juices, so this is perfect for me <3 :D

    Great post, I like your outfit a lot, it's really special =)

  4. Happy new year!! I hope 2021 is good for you. I always love how you style outfits, and you can't really beat a pair of highwaisted jean. I also love oversized jumpers xx

  5. I always buy highwasited trousers and jeans as I'm quite short so I need the extra length they give to my legs! Jumpers are also a must x


  6. Holiiii !!!
    I just found your blog from the comments of another blog in common and the truth is that I quite liked the aesthetics of your blog. You have a new follower from now on.
    I invite you to stop by my blog whenever you want. I write a little of everything !!
    Bsssos and we read !!

    1. Holiiii!
      Awww welcome to FashionRadi. Thanks so much!
      I will definitely stop by. See you there!

  7. Thanks for tips! They will be very useful after Christmas :)

  8. These are great tips! I've been plus size since I was young so hiding my tummy is a must Lol! I love wearing dresses all the time and those shift dresses you linked are fab! xo

    1. Thanks and I really hope you found this post useful.
      Have a great week!

  9. I love a high waisted trouser/jean situation! It's really flattering on my body shape!

    Katie |

  10. Love the tips and tricks!
    Layers are my friend :)



  11. I love all five of these excellent fashion and style tips!
    My tummy could use some hiding after so much physical inactivity and gobbling too many munchies while watching shows on NetFlix.
    I love empire waists (shift dresses too) and tiered ruffles.
    All of the looks I'm imagining using your style tips from above would look great.
    I also love really the look of the outfit you styled and were wearing in the delightful photos above - it's very attractive and you look absolutely fabulous wearing it!!!!!!

    my blog (Dec. 31st, 2020 post)
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  12. My weight is fairly stable but I struggle a lot with bloating so outfits that are easy on the tummy are my speciality at this point. I'm a huge fan of the oversized shirt with skinny bottoms so you don't totally lose your shape x


  13. Cool dressing tips and tricks.
    As always, your photos are always impressive.

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  16. Wow, I loved your look!
    I love black and white. You are beautiful with this look :)

  17. wow you look amazing 😍
    I like this styling (or rather its colors 😊)
    The "layered" dressing proved to be the best for me 😉

  18. useful tips....

    Love your last photo from top....beautiful

  19. I definitely need to use a few of these tips post christmas LOL! Great post as always Radi :) xx

    mia //

  20. You look really great. There is no need to hide anything of you. Have a nice day. Best regards Jana

  21. Awesome outfit dear :-)
    Happy New Year

  22. I don't think you have any tummy issues because you look great! But thanks for these tips!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  23. These are all great tips! And I love the outfit and the photos. You look amazing x


  24. Your tips are very, very udeful! I am sure that each and every one of us, me for sure, have exagerated in something and have put some weight. I have read your tips, some of them were already in my daily routine but some of them will come very handy to me now.

  25. Very useful tips... perfect after Christmas... LOL!
    Amazing look and great pics, as usual!

    Kisses, Paola.


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    Thanks for this great informative post.

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  28. These are great tips! High waisted pants are always more comfortable and look so chic!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

    1. Thanks and I totally agree with you.
      Talk soon Jill!

  29. High wasted pants and skirts definitely make a huge difference! I have to admit I did eat quite a bit of dessert in December haha. I hope the new year is off to a good start for you!


    1. For sure. worries, I tend to eat dessert after each meal.🤣
      I hope the same for you Jill. Thanks for stopping by.

  30. Exactly! Tummy needs attention after this holiday season, and thanks for the tips to solve the problem :)

  31. I think these are great tips, but ultimately its all about feeling comfortable! Thanks girl!

  32. Or if someone has a big breast it will be good to wear t-shirt with neckline. When someone has neckline you will see the upper part of body more then lower part of body with big tummy.


  33. Love this outfit, babe! I adore wearing high waist pieces, I find them the most flattering and versatile for combining. <3

  34. I love the tips, I think we'll all need to practice this after lockdown!
    Love your fluffy red earrings <3


  35. Hey Radi,

    First of all happy 2021, I hope you're having a good start of the year and that you can have a lot of happy moments :)

    Coming back from a short pause and I am happy to see your blog posts again! I adore the way you share tips for good people with real problems. Of course eating is one of the best things in the world, obviously there are tricks to take care of our health but we can also do some magic with our garments to stylize the silhouette!

    I'd say the monochromatic looks and the high waist are the most useful! I try to put my pants a little big high and then the magic happens, specially in this season of the year after eating too much haha!

    All the best!
    Hey Fungi

  36. I did a post like this for hiding a baby bump but I've never thought of trying it to hide a chocolate binge belly, haha! I just continue to wear my normal clothes after Christmas - we all indulge a little and it's natural for weight to fluctuate, I wouldn't worry too much about it :)

    Hope that you are having a great weekend :) It's a quiet one at home here, Brisbane is on a 3 day lockdown as we have had the first case of the virus outside of quarantine in over 3 months!

    Away From Blue

  37. These are great ideas that I'll definitely be using! Thank you for sharing.

    1. I'm glad. Let me know which one works best for you.

  38. I really like and agree with your tips!
    I always use high-wasted bottoms or monochromatic clothes hehe >.<
    kisses :)

    My blog - Lalabetterdayz

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    I love high waisted jeans.

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    1. Thank you so much for your sweet words. I truly appreciate them!

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  45. This is great advice and I'll be taking a lot of it on board! I suffer really badly with bloating so I'm always looking at ways I can hide things a bit better! Thank you for sharing!
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    1. Thanks Amy! Glad you found this post helpful.
      See you in the next post!

  46. Thanks for this fab fashion tips.
    You look great in those pics.
    Have a great year ahead.


  47. Your look is so amazing. <3
    Now in relation to the post, I have become more minimalist throughout the quarantine and loving monochromatic looks and if it were colder here I would certainly bet on the overlays.

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  52. Oi.
    Essa bolsa é linda, fiquei com vontade de uma bolsa branca acho que tive uma há muitos anos atrás.

  53. Que brincos estilosos!
    Ótima combinação de look!

  54. I am suuuuch a fan of high-waisted pieces to hold you in! Such a great fashion trick!

    Le Stylo Rouge

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    1. HOla!
      Please DM me on my Instagram @fashionradi. I would love to answer your questions there.
      Talk soon and thank you!

  56. Girl, I'm with you on eating way too much chocolate over Christmas! LOL! Great tips, Radi! My favorite is the high waisted bottoms. That's been my favorite type of bottoms to wear ever since the trend came back!

  57. Your Neck Of The Woods Treated Us Very Well - And With The Amount Of Empty Calories I Consumed, Thanx For The Hiding My Belly Tips - Be Well And Stay Strong