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Hello everyone,

For the longest time I have wanted to get more into Korean beauty. Wanna know why? Because their products are made of the MOST natural ingredients making them so popular and beneficial around the world. Their skincare and make-up products are very impressive, so much so that, once you try them you'll feel the difference. Suddenly, you might realize you have been missing out all this time, thinking "How did I live my life without K-beauty?" That's exactly the conclusion I came to when I dug deep into these few products I'm about to share with you.πŸ’―  

One of the things I find interesting is that Korea skincare isn't considered a luxury (unlike in other countries) because there is a big demand for it (huge population). That's why Korean companies make the best products at very affordable prices. It's both great quality and price in one! That's three reasons to smile...the third one being that here in the US we're also blessed with Korean beauty. Have you tried Korean products before and what brand is your favorite?

I'm super happy to experiment with Korean brands first hand because previously I have only heard good things about K-beauty. Now, I get to touch, smell and apply everything! And of course, later (actually, now) tell you ALL about it!!!πŸ˜‰ From the way it's used to the after effect! Are you ready to learn more about my Korean beauty favorites

I used this mask again last night and there are so many good things I can say about it. First, it absorbs excess oil and refines the skin. Secondly, it calms the complexion and detoxifies blemish-prone skin with the help of the real heartleaf extract. And thirdly, it's the kind of facial treatment you'll want to give yourself as often as you can because it feels SOOOOO GOOD

They suggest leaving the mask on for 10 minutes. However, since I love a relaxing nighttime facial, I usually enjoy it for 30 minutes. 10 minutes is way too short for me...I like to spoil myself!πŸ˜‚ hahaha

After I clean off the mask with warm water, I take my facial roller to massage my skin. I love this kind of stuff and can honestly say that I can do it every single day without ever getting bored. It's my "ME TIME"! And no one else's.

If you haven't tried Korean beauty before, this one product will make you fall in love with Korean skincare just the way it did to me. Give it a try and then we can gush over it together on Instagram!πŸ€—

My next favorite is this creamy trio eyeshadow set. I've got the "Chocolate Dahlia", which are three different neutral shades. There are also warm pinks and bronze tones from which you can choose. 

I love it because I can easily apply just one color across my lid or combine all three. It's very simple since you don't really need a brush... often, I use my fingers to gently add some color to my eyes. Something quick especially if you're on the go and don't have a lot of time to get ready. 

The Kaja eyeshadows bring excitement to your day. Kaja means "Lets' Go" in Korean, creating a sense of enthusiasm wherever life takes you.😜      

I'm not one who prides herself on getting the perfect wing eyeliner. My line ends up looking like a road that's under construction, so you can imagine the help I need. Hallelujah for this duo; a double-ended stamp pen and liquid liner! They're the most clever invention ever because they make my road straighter and smoother. hahaha Not only that, but the time you save from creating your fierce eye wings should be recorded in the world records of Guinness.  

Here is how it works: Take your stamp pen and press firmly on the outer edge of your eye to create the desired wing. Then take your linear pen and draw in your line (make it as thick or thin as you like). Finally, connect the two lines for the ultimate wing look! Easy, breezy and like a true pro!πŸ˜‰  

This takes us to another Korean facial gem; a purifying serum, which feels like a freshly squeezed green juice for your skin. Why? Because it's got kale leaf, spirulina and chlorella. All the right nutrients to having a clear, beautiful skin throughout the season. 

I love it lots because a few drops go a long way. You can massage the skin afterwards and completely feel into "spa heaven". This sums up one of my daily happiness rituals on Earth. What's yours?

Have you tried any of these Korean products? What's one Korean brand I should check-out next?
Happy Thanksgiving!!!πŸ¦ƒ See you next week with a new post!😘

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Hello everyone,

The season of giving is upon us! 

With Thanksgiving on its way and then Christmas, it really is the most wonderful time of year to give back. I know this year will be slightly different, but we can still surprise our loved ones with a nice gift. Something that will say, "I'm thinking of you and appreciate you!". Your gift doesn't have to be only material. You can sing together over Zoom or prepare your dinners while chatting away on video chat. There are so many ways to stay connected and hopefully bring light and hope to the ones you care about.

This is the fist of many gift guides to come! And it's especially made for the blogger in your life. The one who spends way too much time in front of the screen and is constantly jotting down new ideas. Do you know someone like this? 

I do and thought it would be useful to give you some hints and gift ideas if you're having a difficult time deciding what to buy them. One word to remember when buying a gift for a blogger: CREATIVE! They're very creative, love beautiful artsy things and their desk area is more precious to them than their bedroom. Now, let's reveal...what I think any blogger would enjoy to receive!!!

When thinking of what to buy a blogger, I think in this, technology and organization. We enjoy drinking a cup of coffee while writing the latest blog post, we smile at new technology that makes getting our work done easier/faster and we go head over heels when having our stationery essentials organized to a point where we know exactly where everything is. 

This gift guide has a bit of everything a dedicated blogger would enjoy. For example, a new camera or gadget to help improve his/her photography skills, a new yearly planner to brainstorm events and meetings for the upcoming year or a pretty wall art to bring inspiration everyday in tackling the desired goals. 

What gift will you be buying your blogger friend? 

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Hello everyone,

Wonder how to wear the oversized trend? Luckily, you have stumbled upon this post because today we're going to get big (not physically, but stylishly), comfy, and chic. The whole purpose of the oversized trend is to look powerful and cool into loose-fitted clothing. It's one enjoyable, current popular trend, which gives you "lazy day" kind of vibes, but also works great in every possible way. Don't you think?

What's one thing that you love about this trend? For me, it's the ability to still have balance...meaning balancing-out the baggy piece with something else that hugs the body. For example, my favorite is definitely adding an oversized outerwear like a coat, jacket or cardigan and keeping everything else nice and fitted. For you, it might be the opposite, like wearing loose trousers while keeping the top "normal". Whatever you choose, you're perfectly right! I know I have found what best suits me and what I like MOST when it comes to oversized clothing.  

These outfit looks will be fall/winter appropriate, but I recall sporting this trend this past summer, so it's definitely one to incorporate into your style all year round. Often, I wear my camo baggy tee with biker shorts on the bottom. A simple, comfy outfit that I keep going to in the summer, especially on all the hikes we take. Did you try the oversized trend during the summer or are you looking to experiment with it this season? 

One thing is for sure...when sporting the oversized trend, the last thing you want is to drown in it. So, like I said earlier, try to pick just one piece to be extra loose (a size up from your original size.) For example, whenever I shop for jackets, I buy them in an L because I want that baggy effect, but also I know I will be layering it during the fall/winter, so I want to have space for movement. I think denim jackets are so cool and you can find really unique styles. They look awesome when you're part of a funky old-school music video!

Also, don't forget the boyfriend blazer or actually anything in your boyfriend/husband's closet. Most likely, it will work and you don't have to spend the extra money. It's right there...all you have to do is ask your loved one with a kiss!πŸ’‹ 

Whenever I wear this trend, the one thing that worries me sometimes is loosing the feminine touch of my style. For that, I always make sure to add cute, dainty jewelry pieces. This is another tip that works because, let's be honest, if you overdo it with loose pieces, you can loose yourself in the clothing. We don't want that, so wear this trend the smart way!

I've got to know...what do you think of this trend and how would you wear it?


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Hello everyone,

Have you ever asked yourself, "How do I keep my skin beautiful and healthy even during the colder months?" As the air gets cooler, we can sense our skin getting drier, itchy. We can even notice signs of skin cracks. These are all unpleasant things that can keep your skin and confidence from smiling, so today is the day to help prevent them. 

Past years, I've had the experience of getting the most hurtful cracks on my hands to a point where they would bleed. It was even more painful when I would wash my hands because the cracks that have turned into wounds would sting from the water. I'm so happy this doesn't happen anymore, but to get to this point, I had to make a change in my diet and beauty routine. This is how the idea for this blog post came about. 

If you have a hard time keeping your skin feeling hydrated, I hope my skincare tips bring you a more positive outcome. Are you ready for your skin to happily glow this fall? ME TOOOOO!

On a side note, I've got to mention the incredible outcome of  wholesale cbd bath bombs, which completely moisturize the skin and make for one relaxing enjoyable experience. You'll fall in love with the quality ingredients, the fun shapes and vibrant colors. So Good!!!

In need of pain relief? Look to not just any cream, but a CBD cream that will target the source of pain and help in healing the area which is causing you the most discomfort. It's so effective! You'll definitely notice the difference in the way your body feels before and after using one of these creams.

Another super important factor to take into account is to keep your skin moisturized...the more, the better! In the colder months, I'm often juggling different body lotions and face creams because without them the absence can be seen, and worst yet, felt. I find when I'm not using a good face cream, my skin goes to look less bright. When this happens, I like to add a dark spot diminisher into my routine, such as a Polyphenol Dark Spot Diminisher, that I find helps with this.     


If you've been wanting to splurge on a facial, right now is the best time to do it. You'll see a complete transformation in your skin complexion with just one treatment. The skin will look nourished, exfoliated and clean. It will feel exactly the way it feels during the summer even though in reality it's autumn...cold and dry. 

I completely understand if at this moment with the difficulties we're all facing, a skin facial is out of the question for you. What do we do then? Well, the next best thing is trying a new mask or peel at home - a DIY facial. Your skin will be super grateful and you can do this an hour before going to bed in the comfort of your own home. An absolute favorite of mine (currently using) is the Cold Plunge Olehenriksen Pore Mask made of  clay and snow lotus extract. You can imagine how lovely it smells and feels. I keep it on for up to an hour and once I wash it off with warm water, my skin feels brand new. What's your favorite face mask or peel?

Also, you can add a jade roller afterwards to massage the muscles of the face and increase your circulation. Not only that, but a few minutes of massaging the face with a roller, you'll ease muscle tension, get rid of toxins and puffiness. I'm all for it! Plus, it's super simple and feels so nice on your skin!!!


Another super important factor to take into account is to keep your skin moisturized...the more, the better! In the colder months, I'm often juggling different body lotions and face creams because without them the absence can be seen, and worst yet, felt. 

Not only that, but you've also got to drink more water. Make it a mission to drink a full bottle a day. More liquids will improve your daily energy and skin glow. The saying..."everything starts from within" is completely true. 

Here, the two brands that I 100% trust with the hydration of my skin and have been using  for years are Drunk Elephant and Laneige (Korean brand). What new brands would you suggest I try?



How to keep your beauty products in a good condition? Well, always keep your eyes on the expiration date. Just like the food we eat, beauty items have an icon with a number on it. That number tells the number of months that product is safe to use for after opening it. Also, you can tell by the change of color or the funky smell. Any sign of this, you've got to get rid of the product no matter how much you love it. Your skin, just like your body, deserves the BEST!

This is why it's very convenient to buy just one of everything, not 3 new palettes or 5 new mascaras. After you are fully finished with one item, you can always head back to the store and replace it. Otherwise, you'll end up with lots of beauty products in your drawers, which you might never end up using. This is how I buy skincare and make-up products! I save money and at the same time fully use each product.  


Throughout the years, I learned that sunscreen isn't just a "summer thing". Unfortunately, I learned this lesson the hard way because applying sunscreen was a habit that I had to practice and get used to. Now, it's completely locked in and comes like second nature to me. I apply it even during the fall and winter months. It's super important because even though it's cold outside, the damaging UV rays can still burn your skin and eventually damage it. That's not the look we're going for, so before going-out take a few minutes to apply your sunscreen.

During these seasons, a sunscreen with a SPF 30 or higher is just fine. It will feel light on your skin and of course, your skin will greatly benefit from it.



This topic is so important! There can be found so many harsh ingredients in your skincare and make-up products, but thankfully there are plenty of brands who focus on clean, natural beauty. I love seeing the increase in them! I think it's very important to not only be commercial oriented, but to create products that benefit our skin and help improve our overall health. These brands include Rare Beauty, Honest Beauty, SK-II, Tatcha, Drunk Elephant and plenty more. Which clean brand do you love? 

As for the ingredients to avoid next time you're buying beauty products...parabens, sulfates, phthalates (the main ones). Be cautious of what you're buying and mostly what you're using. I'm still learning lots about this topic and as I get older, I'm more careful of what I apply on my skin.

What beauty tips do you follow during the fall/winter? Is there something I have missed? Let me know! 

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