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Hello everyone, For the longest time I have wanted to get more into Korean beauty. Wanna know why? Because their products are made of the MOST natural ingredients making them so popular and beneficial around the world. Their skincare and make-up products are very impressive, so much so that, once you try them you'll feel the difference. Suddenly, you might realize you have been missing out all this time, thinking "How did I live my life without K-beauty?" That's exactly the conclusion I came to when I dug deep into these few products I'm about to share with you. 💯    One of the things I find interesting is that  Korea skincare isn't considered a luxury (unlike in other countries) because there is a big demand for it (huge population). That's why Korean companies make the best products at very affordable prices. It's both great quality and price in one! That's three reasons to smile...the third one being that here in the US we're also blessed


Hello everyone, The season of giving is upon us!  With Thanksgiving on its way and then Christmas, it really is the most wonderful time of year to give back. I know this year will be slightly different, but we can still surprise our loved ones with a nice gift. Something that will say, "I'm thinking of you and appreciate you!". Your gift doesn't have to be only material. You can sing together over Zoom or prepare your dinners while chatting away on video chat. There are so many ways to stay connected and hopefully bring light and hope to the ones you care about. This is the fist of many gift guides to come! And it's especially made for the blogger in your life. The one who spends way too much time in front of the screen and is constantly jotting down new ideas. Do you know someone like this?  I do and thought it would be useful to give you some hints and gift ideas if you're having a difficult time deciding what to buy them. One word to remember when buying a


Hello everyone, Wonder how to wear the oversized trend? Luckily, you have stumbled upon this post because today we're going to get big (not physically, but stylishly), comfy, and chic. The whole purpose of the oversized trend is to look powerful and cool into loose-fitted clothing. It's one enjoyable, current popular trend, which gives you " lazy day " kind of vibes, but also works great in every possible way. Don't you think? What's one thing that you love about this trend? For me, it's the ability to still have balance...meaning balancing-out the baggy piece with something else that hugs the body. For example, my favorite is definitely adding an oversized outerwear like a coat, jacket or cardigan and keeping everything else nice and fitted. For you, it might be the opposite, like wearing loose trousers while keeping the top "normal". Whatever you choose, you're perfectly right! I know I have found what best suits me and what I like MOST wh


Hello everyone, Have you ever asked yourself, "How do I keep my skin beautiful and healthy even during the colder months?" As the air gets cooler, we can sense our skin getting drier, itchy. We can even notice signs of skin cracks. These are all unpleasant things that can keep your skin and confidence from smiling, so today is the day to help prevent them.  Past years, I've had the experience of getting the most hurtful cracks on my hands to a point where they would bleed. It was even more painful when I would wash my hands because the cracks that have turned into wounds would sting from the water. I'm so happy this doesn't happen anymore, but to get to this point, I had to make a change in my diet and beauty routine. This is how the idea for this blog post came about.  If you have a hard time keeping your skin feeling hydrated, I hope my skincare tips bring you a more positive outcome. Are you ready for your skin to happily glow this fall? ME T OOOOO ! 1. GET A F