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Hello everyone,

Technically it's autumn, but don't worry summer dresses aren't a thing from the past. We can continue to wear our favorites and feel like some part of summer is still with us. How do you like that? I'm all for it because I can't deny my love for both, the hottest season and a pretty bright colored dress. It's MAGIC

I want to keep this magic alive through the fall/winter months as long as possible, so today I'm sharing with you how you too can easily wear your dresses into autumn. Are you up for the challenge or should I say, are you ready to bring summer back? hahaha

Some of my favorite dress styles are a shirt dress, off the shoulders, a button down and a sweater dress. You'll see them here, in a bit. Meanwhile, I would love to know if you've already seen any sights of autumn in your city? Anything from colored leaves to a pumpkin patch? I recently saw a sign that said "fall sale" at a supermarket...does that count? haha 

Add Tights

When your legs need a little warmth, add tights!

I promise this makes a whole lot of a difference. Tights will keep your ankles feeling warm and your legs looking amazing.

Honestly, I love adding a pair of tights because they bring some sort of autumn feel to my dress and I like that. Usually, I go for fishnets or a lovely print like sheer florals or polka-dots. There are really cute options out there, which can totally play a significant part in your outfit. If you choose a bold print, go with more neutral colors when it comes to your outfit. However, if you wear an all black dress with black boots, why not let your legs have all the fun?!   

One thing is for won't see someone wearing tights with their dress during the summer. This is a pretty autumn touch, which you should take advantage of wearing right now.

Add a Jacket 

Here is where your favorite outerwear can come into play because this season allows it. Dust off your bomber, denim, leather and suede jackets because they look the BOMB over any dress. Really, you can hardly get this wrong! By adding your favorite jacket, you'll have more of these fall vibes, which we're aiming for. Plus, a jacket always comes in handy especially during the evening.  

I like to choose my jacket based on the dress I'm wearing. You see, if my dress is a bright coral or yellow shade (which 100% usually is), I get a dark colored jacket. And the opposite applies just because I like there to be balance in my outfit scheme.

Add an Autumn Hat 

Got to love hats! I know I do because they're the simplest, coolest type of accessory your outfit needs during this season. All it takes is one hat to feel like you've got autumn wrapped around your finger. Even more, they look awesome when combined with a dress! 

Beanies, wool fedoras or berets are just ideal. Throwing one on immediately makes you feel like you're part of some sort of fashion campaign. One time when I wore my beige baker boy hat, a woman walked by and said, "Your hat makes the outfit. You look like a model." I smiled at that because I knew she totally understood the power and effect this accessory has.

Add Boots 

We call autumn "boots season" for a reason. Any guesses why? haha I'm more than sure you know the answer, but how fun is it to go from summer wedges to your adorable booties. I mean just visualizing my favorite pair gets me excited. Imagine what happens when I actually wear them! Ayyy Mi Dios! 

What's your favorite pair of boots? Shape, color, detail...tell me everything!

For autumn, I love seeing dresses being worn with boots. It's the kind of combination that surprises me every time because years ago I would never have thought about it or seen it in all its light. Now, I feel the opposite and praise whoever decides to bring both summer and fall into one outfit.

Will you continue wearing your summer dresses throughout the fall? What's your favorite way to style it? 

See you again in October with more fall tips and outfit ideas!   

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 Hello everyone,

Today we're going to focus a bit more on beauty because it's an important part of our daily lives. Since Covid happened and even years before that, I've always loved applying more minimal make-up. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with wanting to play with make-up and do cool, vibrant looks, but I prefer enhancing my features just enough to feel confident in my own skin. 

On top of that, I also like my choice of products to be natural, to feel like my second skin...light and hydrating. That's why I was super excited when I found-out Selena Gomez's new brand will be just that. Rare Beauty was made to break the unrealistic standards of perfection and focus on owning your true uniqueness. Have you tried it yet? 

The brand launched earlier this month on September 3. I knew I wanted to give it a try and create this review as soon as possible. If you're still debating whether or not you should purchase some of these products, I hope this post gives you some useful insights about each product.

Before getting into the details, I want to say that Rare Beauty totally fit my "style" of make-up because I don't like hiding behind my make-up. Throughout the years my signature has become bold lips and everything else as simple and natural as possible. If you can relate, you'll probably LOVE this brand! 

Light Touch Weightless Foundation (#200C)

The first thing I've got is the foundation. It's got every color range to fit every type of skin, so I'm sure you'll find yours. 

One thing I love about the foundation and every product is the applicator, which makes applying the make-up super easy and without making a mess. Something that immediately caught my attention and surprised me in the best way possible. You just add a few dots onto your face and start blending with your brush. 

As for the foundation itself, I don't think the shade I picked matched my skin. It gave me a more unnatural look and it didn't feel like it's supposed to feel...barely there. Out of all the products I tried from Rare Beauty, the foundation is the one I'm not so sure about. I won't be repurchasing it, but I'll figure out a way to blend it in with another foundation and make it work. 

This product is one you'll have to try yourself to see whether it feels good or not on your skin. I think for me, I have tried better foundations, which I would totally go back to.  

Brow Harmony Pencil & Gel (Deep Brown)

Here I'm all LOVE because this duo gave me everything I needed. It made my dark bushes happy! hahaha

Its got a waterproof pencil on one side and a tinted brow gel on the other. Simple, fun and easy way to sculp and set your eyebrows. I completely love it because it enhances what you've got. Exactly what makes you rare!!! Appreciate it, celebrate it and show it in its best light!

Soft Pinch Dewy Liquid Blush (Grateful) 

The blush is another positive for me because it's one of the best liquid blushes I have tried so far. You honestly need the tiniest drops of this product on your cheeks. You can always build up if you like. I like the fact that it blends effortlessly and looks completely natural afterwards. It's a big HIT! It gives you the healthies kind of flush on your cheeks as if you just saw your crush walk-by.πŸ˜‰  

Positive Light Liquid Luminizer (Mesmerize)

Another wonderfully rare product is the liquid highlighter, which gives a beautiful glow. One that is just enough to leave you believing that you're glowing from within. I like it a lot!πŸ’‹

Also, it feels silky on your skin and I really appreciate the fact that it stays on all day. Long-lasting products are a BIG plus in my book, as I don't like to retouch my make-up or worry about it if I'm out and about the whole day. The only thing I ever take in my purse to reapply after a meal is my lipstick. What about you?    

Lip SoufflΓ© Matte Lip Cream (Inspire)

As a "forever lipstick lover" this is my favorite beauty product from this Rare Beauty collection. I love the velvety matte finish and this gorgeous coral shade. It completes me because I love keeping everything else natural and having only my lips pop. It would be difficult, or should I say, very surreal if you ever spot me without wearing a lipstick. I'm the only one who knows what I look like without a lipstick on!🀣hahaha

This product is definitely one of the very first ones you should try from this range. There's a reason it's talked about so much online and a lot of people seem to be loving it as well.        

What makes you RARE?❤ 

Overall I really enjoyed the products and found them easy to use and super natural in the way they felt on my skin. The one product from which I expected a bit more is the foundation. However, I recommend trying Rare Beauty because it's made to be affordable but still high quality. And if you're a fan of products made from natural ingredients, you shouldn't think twice about trying it.

Let me know, which Rare product is your favorite?

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 Hello everyone,

Wanna know something fun? Fall is coming! hahaha I'm pretty sure you already knew that, but I had to start this post with one of my classic jokes. Sorry, I couldn't help it! I promise, I'll make it up to you with this post and I might even drop a few more laughs because laughter kills all bacteria. Oops, I did it again!πŸ˜‚

Really, I'm just trying to get pumped up for autumn. While I love layering and truly getting creative with my style during this season, I'm a summer soul or I like to believe so. That's why don't mind me if I drop a tear or two on your keyboard while you're reading this.πŸ˜₯

Ok...after this, I hope your computer is still working! Mine is still managing even though there is this loud sound, which is roaring or am I going a bit crazy?πŸ˜† 

What were we here for? Ohh, yeah, that's right...FALL FASHION!πŸ‚  

Everything revolving around this season is slowly but surely creeping in. While you get your pumpkin spice latte, light your delicious fall candle, I'll try to help you get your wardrobe ready as well. It's just as important!πŸ˜‰ 

So here are the five closet staples, which I think will not only elevate your outfit, but will bring you the spirit of the autumn season! Enjoy!!!

Faux Fur Coat 

 Faux fur coats are continuing to be a BIG trend this year as well... YAY! Honestly, I cannot complain about it. It's the best piece of clothing you'll ever throw on and immediately feel like a DIVA. Am I right or am I always right? hahaha Ok, I'll take it, I'm always right!

You can bet this furry and super stylish coat can 100% elevate your outfit. Imagine wearing denim dungarees, a sweater dress or even jeans+a sweater. Now, picture this type of coat on each outfit I just mentioned and you've got something extra special. There are so many options, so many chances and so many ways to style your fur coat. Yep, I recommend having more than one. One in black and another one in a neutral beige color. These would be great starters to rotate all season long!


High-Waisted Jeans

Keep your high-waisted jeans close by, next to you because once you find your favorite pair, which feels and looks amazing, you'll end up creating your outfit around them. Plus, you know what? There's nothing wrong with that since a high-waisted pair has only positives. One of them makes you look longer and slimmer. Add a warm crop sweater on the top and I can only see you smiling in this outfit. If not, leave it up to me to make you smile. 

Even better, with autumn nearing you can rock your denim jeans with your favorite boots. I love going for shoes that have a wild print or some kind of funky detail. My favorite pair so far are velvet grey boots, which in my eyes shine every time I take a step. I can't wait to wear them soon!!!

Also, don't be afraid to find a pair of jeans a bit more out there. Meaning they can be distressed with cool embroidery, studs or something a little less ordinary. That would make dressing even more exciting! You can really take your style to the next level!


I wait for fall every year just to throw on a hat. Hats are my favorite autumn accessory! They're a most definite must-have piece if you want to look stylish in any outfit. My absolute favorites are the French berets and the baker-boy caps. Each year this time around, I add a new color or style to my wardrobe. That way my collection continues to multiply and I have a handful of options to choose from.

Are you a hats person? If you aren't you can always try changing up your hairstyle or even adding tiny hair accessories like cute pins and a headband. Experiment with it all and from there I'm sure you'll be able to find one that speaks to you the most. That's how I fell in love with berets and baker-boy caps!  

Currently, the bucket style hats are trendy and will be throughout the fall/winter of 2020. They basically go with everything! I love the more street style, athleisure kind of looks with this type of hat. I've seen lots of cool looks on Instagram of girls who really know how to rock them. I might come up with an outfit wearing one in a future post to give you more inspiration. Stay tuned!      


How is it even possible to think for a second that we can skip styling a blazer this autumn? We can't, won't and aren't willing to! That's why a blazer is an essential wardrobe staple. You've got the choice between cut slim styles to more cool, casual boxy fit with long sleeve blazers. And the best part is you CAN have both! Also, there are so many prints to experiment with. You've got tartan, stripes, geometric prints...really "never-ending blazer affair".

Whether you're dressing more formal for work or are going for a night-out, a blazer is the answer to fit both occasions perfectly. I love the look of a blazer over a white tee or even a cami top with a signature necklace showing. How do you style yours in the months of fall?


Leather Skirt 

Last but not least, we've got the signature leather skirt. I'm obsessed with skirts and most definitely own more skirts than dresses. I love them and wear them all year long. During the autumn/winter months, the only thing I change is I adding a pair of cute tights underneath. Makes for one awesome combination!

Trust me, a black leather skirt can take you places. Forget about your car! hahaha

So, how do you style your leather skirt? Try with a chunky sweater on top, a wrapped denim shirt or even your coziest hoodie. These are the more casual options. For a more dressy event, I would pair my leather skirt with a fancy top with playful puffy sheer sleeves. These tops are still a favorite trend of mine!

What's your favorite fall staple that helps elevate your style each time? Anything else autumn related you would really like to see on here? Hit me with your suggestions!πŸ₯° 

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Hello everyone,

Here I am recharged and full of sunshine!🌞

My family and I went on a four day vacation to Lake Tahoe. The adventures were endless, from hiking the most beautiful vistas, paddle boarding for the first time to falling asleep on the beach numerous times, and getting sunburned. hahaha! Ohhh what a JOY

Everyday felt a little less ordinary and a lot more special. It was wonderful finding the beauty in every moment, being offline and soaking-up everything around me. I'm still in that state of mind! The beauty there is one of a kind...crystal clear water, most breathable temperatures, scenery that automatically makes you feel grateful for being alive in the NOW and a place where time feels as if it has stopped in your favor. If you have been to Lake Tahoe before, I'm sure you would 100% agree with me!!!πŸ‘Œ

Today, I'm super EXCITED to share with you my impressions and experience from where to stay to what beaches to enjoy! A bundle full of new discoveries. We were able to do and see a lot in these four days, so let this travel guide begin!πŸ€— 

Where to Stay

We were in the South part of the lake...stayed at Grand Residences Marriott, which was just perfect because this hotel is located right in the center of everything. You've got restaurants, cute cafes, a park, a few beaches only a walking distance away. Super easy to get out and explore! 

Also, the hotel itself was wonderful!!! Wearing a mask was mandatory. There's valet, which was very convenient. We ended up being out and about everyday because we wanted to explore as much as we could in these four days.

Van Sickle Bi-State Park+Tahoe Rim Trail

This is the first park we hit up once we arrived even before checking-in because it was literally ten steps away from the hotel and the closest place we could have a picnic in the forest surrounded by the biggest rocks and pine-cones I've ever seen. Also, be warned, we didn't see any bears, but seeing one in Lake Tahoe would be normal. Plus, I hear they're very friendly! They exist and are always in search of food, so always look after your food. 

This same park is very popular for its Tahoe Rim Hiking Trail. It's one of the nation's top ten trails because the vistas are absolutely breathtaking. From atop you can see the grand views of the Carson ranges of California and Nevada. Like the true hikers we are, after our picnic, we put on our hiking shoes and headed that way. Along the way, there was the biggest SURPRISE...a powerful, beautiful waterfall! It helped us cool-off! I love these kind of nature surprises along the way. And you can totally mountain bike there because we saw a group of six having a blast. Made us want to add mountain biking to our list of adventures we want most definitely to try. 

Sand Harbor Beach  

When visiting Lake Tahoe, making a stop at Sand Harbor is a must. It's one of the most beautiful places to spend the day. You've got sandy beaches, shady forested areas, crystal waters, panoramic mountain views and lots of room for fun activities. You can go kayaking, paddle boarding or even scuba diving. There is also an area for barbecuing and having a picnic! It's beyond AMAZING

I loved the rock formations peaking out from the water. So ideal for taking photos! My sister and I joked how much they remind us of Ariel from the "Little Mermaid" since that was and still is her favorite Disney movie. 

Keep in mind every beach has an entrance fee of $10, so be sure to have cash in hand. Also, beaches usually open at 8:00 in the morning.  

The second day of our trip we spend the whole day at Sand Harbor Beach. Early morning we got up to explore and take some photos there. We loved it so much that we decided to stay until sunset. The water was very cold, but when you keep moving by swimming, it feels just right. It was such a great change from the high temperatures we had all summer long in Las Vegas. 

Baldwin Beach 

One of these days we planned to try paddle boarding for the first time. The third day was the charm! A few summers ago I gave surfing a shot. It was a bit more intense as waves kept knocking me down, so I knew I should go for something more calming. 

Paddle boarding totally won me over! It's the best feeling ever being deep in the middle of nowhere surrounded by stunning views everywhere you turn and not a single drop of noise. Only you and your thoughts! 

To rent paddle boards for a whole day, most places at Lake Tahoe charge $85, but with some wise research we were able to find a cool shop from which you can rent your boards $50 per board, for a whole day. How awesome is that? The place is called SUP Tahoe Stand-Up Paddle. The guys there were very nice and super helpful. They recommended we head to Baldwin Beach, only 3 miles from their shop because it's the best beach to easily unload the boards and enjoy the ride. That's exactly what we did!

My sister and I had the best day paddle boarding. We had more than a few laughs as we were trying to look professional! hahaha! The first time around, a woman that was paddling near me gave me the best advice ever...she said, "Paddle deep as if you're mixing cookie dough". It worked, since her helpful comment, I think I've made around 500 cookies. hahaha! 

This is the kind of activity I can't wait to do again soon. It's definitely my new favorite hobby!

Cascade Falls Trail 

This is the second hiking trail we decided to take on one morning. I highly recommend it! It's so stunning, you'll be lost for words with every step you take. As you reach the peak, you've got the most serene vivid blue color of the Cascade Lake and of course, Lake Tahoe. It's hard not to say "WOW" aloud! Truly Incredible!!! 

I believe this hike is for everyone because it isn't as difficult as some of the really hard ones I've been on. Plus, it's a short kind of hike. Short and sweet with water-streams, magical vistas and a path of rocks to help guide you in the right direction.

Add Cascade Falls Trail to your list, and trust me, you won't regret it! I know Lake Tahoe offers so many hiking trails that we have yet to discover. For that, we'll need to visit for a month or why not just move there altogether?! hahaha

Emerald Bay State Park

 The most surreal views of them all is the precious Emerald Bay. You've got the incredible Eagle Falls and you can even pay a visit to the Vikingsholm castle located close by the shore. To get to the beach, it's a bit of a hike, so for sure wear comfy shoes and carry only your top essentials...the less bags, the better. 

Even though this is one of the most popular places in Lake Tahoe (gets busy) does not disappoint. I had the most wonderful time, staring at the bay, thinking how on earth is nature so beautiful, so good to us and so powerful at the same time? 

Also, I found it very interesting learning about the 38 room mansion, which is inspired by Scandinavian architecture. It belonged to Lora Knight, once a private property with 232 acres of land all to herself. Just imagine waking-up to this view! 

Your turn...have you been to Lake Tahoe before? What were your fist impressions? 
I can't wait to go back!!! It's got mountains, beaches, nature, fresh air...everything I love into one!
This seems like the perfect way to end summer! See you in the next post!!!πŸ₯°

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