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 Hello everyone, Are you ready to get FRESH ? 💧   With the temperatures getting well above hundred degrees, it was about time we took a more refreshing road trip. A scenic view with natural waters to keep us cool! This was a great change from the several dry desert canyon parks we visited previously because we finally got to feel as if we're on the beach by the water...except this time a mesmerizing waterfall! EPIC right? I know!!! Welcome to Little Jamaica ! A hidden oasis (maybe, not so hidden because it gets super crowded over the weekend), along the Virgin River found right under the freeway bridge. A man made tiny pool where you can enjoy some family time, soak up in the water all day long and just have a blast. Perfect spot to visit and make the most of this summer! 🤗 From Las Vegas, it's about an hour and fifty minutes drive, just after you cross the Arizona border, in a town called Littlefield. It's only 10 minutes away from Mesquite. The driving is the easy part


Hello everyone,  Who else has ditched their leggings/jeans for something more stretchy and comfy like biker shorts? I HAVE! I started wearing them last year when they became trendy, and guess what? They're still here to stay even in 2020! They won't be going anywhere, anytime soon! That's fantastic news to me, you, and the whole world because these shorts are a total CATCH ! One thing's for sure, with quarantine this year and the hot summer, my cycling shorts have been a true savior. I keep rotating them, one pair after the other. Now, I have a pretty good idea of all the ways I like to style them most. This is why I knew, I had to write this post! Plus, you know that the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is starting in a few hours...begins August 19 (opens to general public), so now is the perfect time to stock-up on a few pairs for a lot less than usual. It's a WIN, WIN situation!  And read further to find-out my favorite ways to style my cycling shorts! They're a


 Hello everyone, How's everything in August so far? I hope you're doing more than well and enjoying the last month of summer. As we get closer to autumn, I'm hoping to squeeze in a few more summery, bright and happy style posts your way. What would you like to see? I'm thinking to continue the road trip series . As for the rest, I'm open to any of your suggestions. Let me know!  Today, in a way, I went back to my high school days, with tie-dye . That's when I first made my very own tie-dye shirt. Now, here we are again, this well known trend, which made a HUGE comeback this summer 2020 season. Even my eyebrows are turning tie-dye - that's how excited I am! 😂 hahaha  Best thing about this trend is that you can DIY it yourself if you're feeling adventurous. You don't have to spend extra money for something you can make yourself and you get to choose your colors, which is the best part. How Fun! One activity you can do at home with your bestie! And


Hello everyone, Here we go again! Back in the car, doing a bit more off-road driving (while crossing my fingers we don't get stuck somewhere for the second time), visiting the well known Jean Dry Lake Bed in Sloan, Nevada. This time, this trip felt more like a backyard outing because this place is super close, only 45 minutes away. It didn't require any long preparation like the previous road trips.  As the name hints, this is an open dry lake. It's very popular when it comes to photo-shoots, videos or films being shot there. For example, " The Hangover " contains some scenes from this dry, yet magical spot.  It was my first time visiting it! I love the simplicity, yet the raw beauty of it. Like the ocean, the eyes see beyond the horizon! Only difference is that the ground here has endless dry spots, which feel like they would crack any minute with every step. How cool is that?  Also, on the way to Jean Dry Lake Bed you can make a stop at the Seven Magic Mountai