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 Hello everyone,

Are you ready to get FRESH?πŸ’§ 

With the temperatures getting well above hundred degrees, it was about time we took a more refreshing road trip. A scenic view with natural waters to keep us cool! This was a great change from the several dry desert canyon parks we visited previously because we finally got to feel as if we're on the beach by the water...except this time a mesmerizing waterfall! EPIC right? I know!!!

Welcome to Little Jamaica! A hidden oasis (maybe, not so hidden because it gets super crowded over the weekend), along the Virgin River found right under the freeway bridge. A man made tiny pool where you can enjoy some family time, soak up in the water all day long and just have a blast. Perfect spot to visit and make the most of this summer!πŸ€—

From Las Vegas, it's about an hour and fifty minutes drive, just after you cross the Arizona border, in a town called Littlefield. It's only 10 minutes away from Mesquite. The driving is the easy part! The more challenging part is actually finding the hidden gem because you'll have to do a short hike to get there. You'll see it from above where it's mostly green and looks like a tropical forest, but the trail is not clearly marked and there's different paths all crossing each other. What we did was listen for the waterfall and try to figure out where the sound was coming from and follow the path that seemed to bring us closer and closer to the sound of falling water. We eventually made it down, and found another little hidden waterfall, so we decided to spend most of our time there, since there was shade and the water was cooler. Don't worry if you get a bit lost...we kind of did, but eventually found our way. Yay, for exploring and discovering new places!!!   

Now...It's time to get WetWild & Fresh!!!😜

With this kind of location, you don't need much clothes. Just your swimsuit, a towel, sandals, a few essentials and you're ready to go. My bag hasn't been this light since forever! hahaha Honestly, I don't even remember the last time I packed so lightly. This might be my FIRST TIME! LOL! Ayyy busted! I know, I'll try harder. I must get better and better at it with every road trip we take.πŸ˜‚

While a single swimsuit will do the job, I still like to put some effort into my look. I always like playing with cover-ups or button down shirts that I can tie around or let loose. For this one, you can even borrow one of your boyfriend/husband's shirts. Shhh, he'll never notice! Haha, and I promise, I'll never tell!🀫

Also, you know me and my jewelry obsession...rings, bracelets, and necklaces must all be present, so when the waterfall hits, you start panicking, checking if everything is still there. hahaha! I'm happy to say I survived this one, but had a few mental scares of losing my rings. This one I think you fashionistas can only understand!

Just like that with the snap of a finger, it's the end of August! I'm getting ready for the next road trip, which will be for a few days. I can't wait for you to see it, once the post goes live. Any guesses where I'm headed?

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Hello everyone, 

Who else has ditched their leggings/jeans for something more stretchy and comfy like biker shorts? I HAVE! I started wearing them last year when they became trendy, and guess what? They're still here to stay even in 2020! They won't be going anywhere, anytime soon! That's fantastic news to me, you, and the whole world because these shorts are a total CATCH!

One thing's for sure, with quarantine this year and the hot summer, my cycling shorts have been a true savior. I keep rotating them, one pair after the other. Now, I have a pretty good idea of all the ways I like to style them most. This is why I knew, I had to write this post!

Plus, you know that the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is starting in a few hours...begins August 19 (opens to general public), so now is the perfect time to stock-up on a few pairs for a lot less than usual. It's a WIN, WIN situation! 

And read further to find-out my favorite ways to style my cycling shorts! They're a great statement for a cool athleisure look, which you can take anywhere. So good for travel, weekends, going hiking or hanging out at home. Take your pick and let's get biking!!! hahaha!

First up, you need a WILD print!πŸ† 

Biking short bottoms, which scream, "Yep, I've got power and I'm not afraid to use it!" Here comes the snake print, leopard, or you can even go with the trendiest splashes of tie-dye or cute florals. It's all in YOUR FAVOR! Whatever your taste-buds love the most! 

My favorite are these leopard cycling shorts! I wear them a ton and here is how I like to style them most. I love having the biking shorts be the highlight of my look especially when in animal print, so I keep the rest of the look pretty simple. At the top I would add a crop tee or occasionally go for a long blazer. To pump-up the look, you can even tie a denim shirt or a bomber jacket at your waist. This would make you feel more bad-ass and will make you look street-style cool. 

Also, no matter if you're a sneakers or heels type of girl, biking shorts work with both. You can switch it up every time. Most often I wear mine with sneakers even though I'm a heels type of girl because I'm in LOVE with that effortless athleisure style. The one where you didn't try, but you kind of did, because you look BOMB! hahaha!πŸ˜‚

What's your go-to look with a print pair of cycling shorts?

Next up, you need a PLAIN pair of biker shorts!

Here the opposite applies! Whenever I wear my grey cycling shorts, I let the top be bright and colorful. For example, I would throw on a colorful t-shirt or sweatshirt just because I like that contrast. Some days I go completely monochrome, matching the color of my shorts with my top. That's another really fun way to style your biker shorts.

My all time favorite look is simply adding an oversized t-shirt. This way I get to focus more on the accessories and the vibe of the exact look I'm going after. Plus, I always seem to add a jacket to keep it more interesting. It doesn't mean I'll actually wear it, but I carry it around or tie it around the waist. That to me is the ideal way to wear your cycling shorts. What's yours? 

Now all that's left is for me to let you enjoy the Nordstrom sale where you can stock up on all your favorites! Happy shopping! Talk to you soon!!!πŸ₯°

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 Hello everyone,

How's everything in August so far? I hope you're doing more than well and enjoying the last month of summer. As we get closer to autumn, I'm hoping to squeeze in a few more summery, bright and happy style posts your way. What would you like to see? I'm thinking to continue the road trip series. As for the rest, I'm open to any of your suggestions. Let me know! 

Today, in a way, I went back to my high school days, with tie-dye. That's when I first made my very own tie-dye shirt. Now, here we are again, this well known trend, which made a HUGE comeback this summer 2020 season. Even my eyebrows are turning tie-dye - that's how excited I am!πŸ˜‚ hahaha 

Best thing about this trend is that you can DIY it yourself if you're feeling adventurous. You don't have to spend extra money for something you can make yourself and you get to choose your colors, which is the best part. How Fun! One activity you can do at home with your bestie! And we all have a little more extra free time nowadays, so it's perfect! 

One thing I love about tie-dye in 2020 is that the print isn't as flashy. The splash of colors are more subtle. Otherwise, I don't think I would have fallen for making it part of my wardrobe, again. This to me is the more grown-up version with a side of tequila. haha! Are you YES or NO for tie-dye? 

Ohh, I almost forgot...stick around to see my "mini me"! Words can't describe how adorable she is!πŸ‘§  

Besides tie-dye, my "mini me" is also super trendy right now. Do you like her? Ohh if you thought that I was going to show my kid...this is the closest thing to it. hahaha! My neon micro bag, which always brightens my day, and in fact, my whole outfit. I take it everywhere and sometimes even forget it's there's that small and adorable! 

This style bag is one of the many that took the fashion scene by storm. The smaller, the better! Even though I'm still wondering where to fit my cellphone! haha. Here's a blog post I recently did...going through the must-have summer 2020 bag trends! Enjoy!!!

When deciding what to wear, I was this close to reaching for my biker shorts, but then I changed my mind. I wanted to step away from the lounge wear I've been getting so comfortable sporting at home. That's why I decide to go for a white denim skirt. It feels so good to wear something other than sweats or leggings! I think you can a breath of fresh air, right!!!

And just because I'm not sure if I can still walk in heels, I went straight for my hiking sneakers. Chunky, black and can go with anything and everything. It's scary to think I haven't worn heels in weeks, but I guess we can call that balance. hahaha! Balancing life with whatever type of shoe it throws at me!πŸ™ 

What trend are you currently into? Tie-dye, chunky sneakers, mini bags or all of the above?

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Hello everyone,

Here we go again! Back in the car, doing a bit more off-road driving (while crossing my fingers we don't get stuck somewhere for the second time), visiting the well known Jean Dry Lake Bed in Sloan, Nevada. This time, this trip felt more like a backyard outing because this place is super close, only 45 minutes away. It didn't require any long preparation like the previous road trips. 

As the name hints, this is an open dry lake. It's very popular when it comes to photo-shoots, videos or films being shot there. For example, "The Hangover" contains some scenes from this dry, yet magical spot. 

It was my first time visiting it! I love the simplicity, yet the raw beauty of it. Like the ocean, the eyes see beyond the horizon! Only difference is that the ground here has endless dry spots, which feel like they would crack any minute with every step. How cool is that? 

Also, on the way to Jean Dry Lake Bed you can make a stop at the Seven Magic Mountains because they're very close to one another. Practically sisters!!! hahaha! This way you'll explore two very popular locations in Nevada in one go!

For this trip, I'm super EXCITED because I actually got to style two various boho summer looks! Having combined travel and style in one (two of my favorite things), makes me extra HAPPY! I'm ready to share this happiness with you! 

The first outfit is something I wear often during the summer...a crop top with any high-waist kind of bottom. I like changing it up from skirts to jeans and even shorts on a daily basis. In this case, I went straight for my ripped mom-jeans,which are so comfy. So comfy that I don't know why I've never been into mom jeans before. I guess, I never thought I could pull them off! 

As for the crop top, which is in fact a bikini top. Always got to be prepared for the desert heat. You never know when you might come across a hidden pond. hahaha! Unfortunately, there wasn't one in sight this time, but hey, there's always next time. I have high hopes that our next road trip will involve splashing in the water! 

And just like that summer boho looks always involve some kind of fringe for me. Guys, I honestly can't stay away from it!!! Double doze of suede and fringe is the way to go. I've got the light jacket and clutch to make the dry lake feel more alive, playful like a summer concert. 

The next BEST thing to wear in the dry desert is a loose, lightweight dress. Won't you agree? Exactly, why I went for this dress of mine. I've forgotten how good it feels to go road tripping in a dress. From now on, I'm thinking to stick to a casual dress...a tank top or a strappy loose style. 

With a simple dress like the one I'm wearing here, I mostly like to focus on the accessories. I enjoy stacking and layering everything...rings, bracelets and necklaces. It gives the outfit more personality! In the end, that's what matters right? Personality over looks!!!

Which look do you like better...dress or bikini top+jeans? 

I hope you enjoyed this sweet, short and fun road trip to Jean Dry Lake Bed! Have you been here? 

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