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Hello everyone,

I haven't done a favorites post since last year. It's not that I haven't had any new discoveries...I just have been focusing on creating other ideas, which have kept my mind busy and freshly inspired. 

However, July is perfect for sitting down and sharing with you a few highlights in my life because I love the summer and in many ways I've had an interesting month. It has been unpredictable, fun, sunny and really worth documenting. How fun would it be to look back on this post in a year or two and see what I have been loving? Also, I'm super curious to know what you have been loving as well, so don't be shy to share your thoughts with me!!!😉 

In a way, I'm feeling a bit nostalgic about this month because summer is slowly slipping away. I wish I could magically freeze this season. I can't get enough of the hot days, the vibrant colors, the fun summer getaways, the music that keeps my heart beating...TODO!💛

Here I am...saying goodbye to July with these awesome experiences and new favorites I've made!  

1. Climbed The Highest Peak At Mountain Charleston

This one is a WILD one, guys! I swear it was so extreme that I'm still recovering.

Out of the blue, my sister and I climbed the highest peak at Mountain Charleston and it was all her fault.🤣 Hear me out! 

So almost every weekend we go on hiking trips, ones that are bearable, fun and don't make me feel like I can't breathe. Well, this past weekend, things turned out differently. We endured on a hike that I will honestly NEVER, EVER repeat. I don't know yet if I should be happy or cry about it because it was everything we didn't plan or expect. But what can you do? Life is a climb! hahaha 

While we climbed I begged my sister we stop. She never listens to me!!! After eight hours of steep uphill climbing we were on top of the world. Keep in mind with only a backpack of three bottles of water and two energy bars. I know we are LOCAS! Somehow this keeps repeating...being unprepared! I don't even know what more to say!

Turns out this is the highest mountain in Clark Country and Spring Mountain at 11,916 feet high. It took us a full day...from 9 am to 7 pm. It's difficult to even put it into words. All I can say is it completely challenges you not only physically, but also mentally. Thankfully we had one another to help us keep going, so we make it out alive!💕

2. Drunk Elephant Set🐘 

This is one of my absolute favorite brands. I've used a lot of their face serums and eye creams. If you can recall, I even included them in previous favorite posts. This time I wanted to try their shampoo, conditioner and body cleanser for the first time. Literally, the best trio for a shiny, healthy, nurtured hair and body!!!

If you aren't familiar with Drunk Elephant, I beg you to check it out. You can find it at Sephora! This set of products I've been using throughout the month of July. I couldn't have asked for anything better. I will definitely continue using this trio in August too! Will have to repurchase it soon as I have tiny bit left.

3. "Sh*t Your Ego Says" by James McCrae  

Not only my favorite book for this month, but my overall favorite for this year so far. It will definitely make a positive difference in your life, especially now with the way this year has evolved. 

So many times and in so many ways, our egos make us feel less than. It keeps fighting for our attention and tries to wash away things that we have spend years building. To overcome your ego and learn the tricks it can play on you, I recommend you give this book a read. Plus, it's written in a very compelling way...I finished it in three days!😱

I loved the stories the author shares in this book. As well as the thought process, which we can all relate to because it's something each one of us faces in our daily lives. Some days are easier, other days are more challenging! 

Enjoy the read!📚

4. Scarf As Tops and Hair Accessory 

Something else I have been loving in July is making use of all my scarves. I've been using them as a hair accessory. Just wrap a pretty scarf around your high-bun as many times as you want. I like leaving the ends fly in the wind a bit. 

The bigger scarves I've been wearing as a tube top. All you have to do is fold the fabric into a triangle, tie the two ends around your back and you've got a cute top. Literally, it's so fun and looks great because I've got these cute print scarves, which otherwise I don't use often. Now they're out in the open, not collecting dust in my closet. hahaha! 

How do you wear your scarves? Have you tried something else other than wrapping it around your neck?

5. Home Decor

This has taken a bit more time as my sister and I have tried to rearrange and make something enjoyable out of every room in our apartment. There is a bit more left to go, but it's coming together nicely. I quiet like the tropical and seaside vibes we've decided to go for. Plus, we've added more plants to make each room feel more like an outdoor oasis. Once we're completely done, I'll share in a future post, my ideas on ways to refresh your own home on a budget. Would you be interested in seeing that?

Personally, wall art is my favorite part. It adds personal touches! Whenever you walk into a room, you can tell a lot about a person from their wall decor. Their personality shines from the wall...hahaha if you know what I mean!

Here we are! We've reached the end of my monthly favorites. What are some of yours?...please share them in the comments below!🥰 

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Hello everyone,

Today's destination is a sight to remember, so don't blink even for a second! Did you just blink?🤣

This is our third road trip so far! I hope you're LOVING this travel series!!! 🥰

My sister and I decided to head toward Panaca, Nevada to explore the one and only Cathedral Gorge State Park! It took us three hours to get there, the longest drive from our previous two trips, but nonetheless, super FUN. The whole ride there was very scenic with green fields and roaming cows enjoying their day. Yep, I was amazed...I haven't seen a real cow since forever. These exact views brought back memories of the green, small village I grew up in. Also, there were lots of rock formations keeping the road interesting, making the time of this drive seem shorter. Just like Rascal Flatts sing in their hit song, " Life is a highway, I want to ride it all night long"!   

So let's ride together toward Cathedral Gorge! 🚗

Cathedral Gorge was kind of a surprise to me because my sister didn't tell me where we're headed until the very end. All I knew was that it's going to be a three hour drive. And boy was I surprised by this beauty?!!!It was incredible!!!🤯 

I was completely in awe with the way it was created. I learned that everything began with a volcanic eruption many, many years ago, which helped form these slot canyons, spires and long narrow caves that we got the chance to walk through. How magical is that?! It completely reminded me of Antelope Canyon in Arizona, which we got to explore last summer, this time around. 

The dramatic and unique patterns of the rocks are seen from miles away. Like a painting that's breathing in beauty and harmony into this world. Things only nature can do, so effortlessly!

I loved it and recommend visiting if you're in Nevada! Add this park to your list of places to see. The entrance is only $5.00 per car!

Again, it was extremely hot, so be prepared to get a summer tan. I wanted to dress boho yet sporty because I knew we would do some hiking while there. What do you think of my outfit? I like the way it fits the backdrop with the fun, bright accessories. Like many of my summer looks, this one would be perfect for festival season.

How's your summer going so far?🌞 Any fun road trips or travels you can't wait for? 

Catch-up on the whole series:  

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Hello everyone,

My road trip series we're making a stop at BIG Dune!!!🏜 

This one is going to get a bit sandy and a lot crazy because I've got an epic experience to tell you all about. Something that felt straight-out of an episode of survivor. Getting there was a challenge, but the epic sunset, the gorgeous sparkly sky full of stars on the way home and the lunar eclipse were so worth it. Keep reading because you won't want to miss this story!🤗🙉 

The journey started somewhat spontaneous! My sister and I decided within a day to head to Big Dune. It's the Amargosa Sand Dunes, which are about 100 miles north of Las Vegas...approximately an hour and a half drive. This location is like discovering the secret "Sahara" because not many people know about it, except for locals. That being said, there was absolutely no one around. Not a single person when we got into a bit of trouble with the car. I'll tell you more next!

So we get ready, pack a few water-bottles (turns out not enough), take all the camera equipment, of course, and around 1 o'clock  in the afternoon we start the road trip. Keep in mind...this is our first time going to Big Dune and we don't know much about this place. Well, quickly we learned more than enough! hahaha🤣 

Here we go!!! In order to get to these scenic sand dunes, you have to drive through a dirt road. Well, that's exactly what we did except we did it in our Nissan sedan. See where I'm headed with this story?... The front tire of our car got stuck in a sand pit on our way there! 

In the beginning the road was fairly good, smooth with rocks and dirt. However, as we drove further, suddenly layers of deep sand appeared. As my sister kept driving, she could sense that it might get dipper. Before we knew it...we were stuck!🙊 

All the emotions flooded!!! It was Monday. No one was around. Two girls, stuck in the middle of the desert in scorching hot weather. At that point, it was 3 pm, which is the hottest time to be roaming the desert. Ayyyy Caramba!!! What do we do? We tried pushing the gas a few times, but that dug an even deeper hole around the tire, so the only thing left was to start digging. We got out and got to work!!!

I completely forgot about my make-up, nails, clothes, jewelry. We had no idea how long it would take us to be free, but we had to act fast. Thankfully, my sister (who's more of the car expert than me) got the idea to use the cover board inside the trunk in which we store some essentials and a spare tire. We ripped it out and used it as a platform on which the tire would eventually grip. For that we needed an even surface, so we had to dig the sand until we had a nice even ground. First couple of tries weren't successful as the car got hotter and we got more tired from the sun. However, after a while I found a wooden brick to the side, which helped us a lot with the sand digging. That's when our team-work (dream work) started showing results. We smoothed out every side, around each tire, one pushed, the other one took the wheel. And after around 2 hours of heavy duty desert work, WE DID IT!👏    

This was the sweetest celebration everrrrrr! YAYYYY!🥳

We backed-up the car to a safe place and from there walked to the sand dunes for these magical photos. At this point our water ran out, but I feel like we were trained for this. These views kept us feeling grateful and happy that we were there. 

The moral of the story is: if you're headed to the Big Dune, be sure you have a 4X4 jeep to take you there. One that will effortlessly pass the off-the road challenging road. Also, carry lots and lots of water. Add double than what you think you'll need.

What do you think of this place? Doesn't it look like we're somewhere in the Sahara desert? 

It was absolutely beautiful! I can't wait for our next "sister adventure"!💕

Catch the start of our road trips with the Valley of Fire, if you haven't seen it yet!

See you next time!!! 

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Hello everyone,

With summer finally here everything increases to💯degrees. That includes my desire to go to the beach as well as to add more than a few bits of accessories to my outfits. 

I like going ALL out with my summer style!!! From sparkly anklets hanging on my feet to a unique handbag to set the mood. This is why today I've decided to share with you the biggest 2020 summer bag trends you wouldn't want to miss this season. From the micro style bag to the slouchy sac, there is something for everyone. A signature bag for every occasion, mood, desire and personality! Which one will you identify with the most?👜  

Besides wanting my bag to be able to fit my belongings, I also want it to highlight the look I'm going after whether that's edgy and cool or girly and cute. In the end your choice of bag can make or break an outfit! In this case I always want mine to help enhance my style, tell my story with a single glance. One such site is Baginning, with a variety of the MOST trendiest handbag styles. Made to leave you desiring more than one. You've got to have them all!😉  

So let's get into the most popular bag trends of this summer!
Keep note of your favorites!


The tiniest bag you'll probably ever see...the micro bag. It's one that most likely won't fit your cellphone (you'll have to carry it in your hand), but it's super trendy. You might be able to slip in just your lipstick. Anything else will be a challenge! For those of you who like a fun challenge, go for it!

However, I'm very drawn into the many colorful mini bags and their itsy-bitsy appearance. Have you seen them? Me...numerous times and I can't get enough of how cute they are. So cute that I want one! It would go with a lot of my wardrobe pieces, that's for sure. 

Plus, it will only take zero to minimum effort to carry around since it's so small. Your shoulder won't ever hurt! I'm all in...this tiny fact wins big points for me. I've had some bag experiences in the past where the first thing I want to take off once I get home is my bag instead of my bra.    


If the micro isn't your cup of coffee, go for a similar version to the large tote bag but more slouchy. It easily fits under your armpit, can store way more things than you need and is one of summer's trendies bag styles. They're really BIG...took the runway by storm!  

The super sac has the silhouette of superman (at least to me) because it can take you places. A city, girl with a busy schedule also known as a girl boss would highly appreciate it. Having one in a neutral or black shade is all it takes for you too look stylish and ready to conquer the day. 


Remember I mentioned earlier my desire to head to the beach? Well, the raffia bag is meant to go there with you. They're the pretties straw basket bags seen in so many dreamy tropical prints. I love that they can be carried as a tote or over the shoulder, are super comfy and the kind of basket which is so instagrammable. That is if you're planning to take a few pics with it while at the beach!

In a way it reminds me of the fanny packs, which came back full force last season because it's so convenient. Just imagine it with a summery maxi dress or a bold print two piece set. Breathtaking, if you ask me!!!


Want a bag worth hugging and hanging onto? Go for the over-sized pouch bag. A slouchy, but sleek clutch made to be close to close, you can feel your belongings! hahaha 

This style is similar to the super sac bag since big, slouchy leather bags are coming back. What's your perfect bag size? I like medium, not too big or too small. A handbag big enough to carry a few of my must-have essentials and small enough to feel light and free. 


Concluding with the final summer bag trend of 2020...the bucket bag. It's a timeless accessory! If you get one in a neutral shade, you'll end up wearing it a ton because it'll go with every outfit of yours. I love these kind of bags that you want to use over and over again. It naturally fits into your lifestyle!

Thinking about it, out of my bags collection, this design is the one you'll see most of. I have one in black, which hands down is the most used one of them all. The rest I have barely touched! 

What's your favorite summer style? Is there any other bag design you love that I haven't mentioned in this post? Let me know!

Bye for now!!!💕       

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