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Hello everyone, I haven't done a favorites post since last year. It's not that I haven't had any new discoveries...I just have been focusing on creating other ideas, which have kept my mind busy and freshly inspired.  However, July is perfect for sitting down and sharing with you a few highlights in my life because I love the summer and in many ways I've had an interesting month. It has been unpredictable, fun, sunny and really worth documenting. How fun would it be to look back on this post in a year or two and see what I have been loving? Also, I'm super curious to know what you have been loving as well, so don't be shy to share your thoughts with me!!! 😉   In a way, I'm feeling a bit nostalgic about this month because summer is slowly slipping away. I wish I could magically freeze this season. I can't get enough of the hot days, the vibrant colors, the fun summer getaways, the music that keeps my heart beating... TODO! 💛 Here I am...saying goodbye t


Hello everyone, Today's destination is a sight to remember, so don't blink even for a second! Did you just blink? 🤣 This is our third road trip so far! I hope you're LOVING this travel series!!! 🥰 My sister and I decided to head toward Panaca, Nevada to explore the one and only Cathedral Gorge State Park ! It took us three hours to get there, the longest drive from our previous two trips, but nonetheless, super  FUN . The whole ride there was very scenic with green fields and roaming cows enjoying their day. Yep, I was amazed...I haven't seen a real cow since forever. These exact views brought back memories of the green, small village I grew up in. Also, there were lots of rock formations keeping the road interesting, making the time of this drive seem shorter. Just like Rascal Flatts sing in their hit song, " Life is a highway, I want to ride it all night long"!       So let's ride together toward Cathedral Gorge! 🚗 Cathedral Gorge was kind of a surpr


Hello everyone, My road trip series we're making a stop at BIG Dune !!! 🏜  This one is going to get a bit sandy and a lot crazy because I've got an epic experience to tell you all about. Something that felt straight-out of an episode of survivor. Getting there was a challenge, but the epic sunset, the gorgeous sparkly sky full of stars on the way home and the lunar eclipse were so worth it. Keep reading because you won't want to miss this story! 🤗🙉   The journey started somewhat spontaneous! My sister and I decided within a day to head to Big Dune. It's the Amargosa Sand Dunes, which are about 100 miles north of Las Vegas...approximately an hour and a half drive. This location is like discovering the secret "Sahara" because not many people know about it, except for locals. That being said, there was absolutely no one around. Not a single person when we got into a bit of trouble with the car. I'll tell you more next! So we get ready, p


Hello everyone, With summer finally here everything increases to 💯 degrees. That includes my desire to go to the beach as well as to add more than a few bits of accessories to my outfits.  I like going ALL out with my summer style!!! From sparkly anklets hanging on my feet to a unique handbag to set the mood. This is why today I've decided to share with you the biggest 2020 summer bag trends you wouldn't want to miss this season. From the micro style bag to the slouchy sac, there is something for everyone. A signature bag for every occasion, mood, desire and personality! Which one will you identify with the most? 👜    Besides wanting my bag to be able to fit my belongings, I also want it to highlight the look I'm going after whether that's edgy and cool or girly and cute. In the end your choice of bag can make or break an outfit! In this case I always want mine to help enhance my style, tell my story with a single glance. One such site is Baginning , with a variety o