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Hello everyone, Today's post is going to be FIRE ! 🔥 Speaking metaphorically of course, because we're going on a road trip to one of Nevada's most symbolic state parks called Valley of Fire . It's full of red shaped sandstone formations, which are so worth seeing in person...vivid, majestic, and a whole lot of picturesque. Are you ready? Grab your bestie (like me) and let this desert trip begin, NOW !!! This past weekend on Saturday, my sister and I decided to spend the whole day there. We packed our bags. Okay, I admit I packed two bags 🤣 and drove to the Valley of Fire. It was about an hour drive from where we live. Just perfect to warm-up my vocals in the car...hahaha. Yep, I sing my heart-out while I enjoy the surrounding views from the tiny old wooden farm houses to the endless green fields. Such a fun adventure especially since this is our first road trip of 2020. 🤗   Fun fact : The name Valley of Fire, comes from the fact that the whole valley looks like it&


Hello everyone, YAY...It's finally SUMMER ! 🌴 I think I was born to be in the sun all day, everyday! hahaha! This summer will differ most than others as we won't be able to travel, but I'm still planning to bring positive sunshine and lots of outfit inspiration your way. So, follow my blog as I continue to share with you my love for fashion, lifestyle, beauty and anything that will give you the biggest smile ! 😁   Today, I'm saying a warm goodbye to spring with a recap of a few of my favorite 2020 looks . Some were shot at home (quarantine edition), others were shot outside (empty streets, lots of room to play with -just my photographer and I) and a couple of them were inspired by a single prop. You'll see in a minute! What I enjoyed most about spring is the rise of my creativity. It kept me motivated, knowing that through art and doing what I love, I can let the hard times pass. My days were filled with ideas getting ready to be developed. So during our " s


Hello everyone, Ever wonder how some girls always look slim and tall and always beautiful? Well, all women are beautiful, but some know extra styling tricks and tips to enhance their beauty even more. The secrets are many - patterns and colors you combine, type of fabric and style you choose, accessories you add, and so much more.  Are you this type of girl or do you need a few hints here and there? Either way, throughout the years I've learned a few pointers, which not only work, but can really help you fall in love with dressing-up. Also, once you're familiar with the information I'm about to share with you, you'll find getting ready every morning a lot easier and 100% more fun!  I don't even remember the last time I had a difficult time coming-up with an outfit. Maybe, way back in my high school days when a pair of sneakers, jeans and an oversized sweater were my go-to. As you can imagine, there was minimum thought process of what to wear. It was the least of my


Hello everyone,   I've got the 411 scoop and exciting news on the must-have summer beauty products for this year!!!! 🤗 I know a secret agent from Sephora who willingly gave me lots of useful information that I'm ready to share with you today. She knows everything there is to know about the best self-tanner or the greatest primer to help your make-up go on more smoothly and last longer. On top of that, I always run to her when I need some product suggestions like a stylist, but for my face. hahaha! 🤣 So, I decided to take advantage of " my agent's " expertise and help your summer be EXTRA bold, beautiful, and glowy! With the right kind of beauty products, you'll be able to enjoy this season to the fullest. Plus, your skin will thank you along the way!  Fresh, naturally glowy skin is the NEW trend! That's why taking care of ourselves as a whole is super important. When the skin is happy, so is the mind and body. The opposite applies as well!!! Are you r


Hello everyone, How have you been? As I'm sure you already know, lots of significant events have been happening in the world. A few changes in my personal life as well, so I'm beginning to think 2020 is one we'll definitely always remember. We've seen and felt so many emotions during these past few months that I really hope the year will finish on a good note.  I still believe the BEST is yet to come!!!  We can all come together in shedding as much light as we can. From something as simple as connecting with a friend to helping a stranger in any way. Now more than ever we need to love, respect and true human spirit by the values we've been taught and given. Love always WINS !!! ❤ Are you ready for the summer? I know, I've been constantly summer obsessing because everything related to this season makes me happy. And yet again, I keep attracting summer vibes in my photos! Today is no exception...I hope you don't mind it because this is just the b