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Hello everyone,

Today's post is going to be FIRE!πŸ”₯ Speaking metaphorically of course, because we're going on a road trip to one of Nevada's most symbolic state parks called Valley of Fire. It's full of red shaped sandstone formations, which are so worth seeing in person...vivid, majestic, and a whole lot of picturesque. Are you ready? Grab your bestie (like me) and let this desert trip begin, NOW!!!

This past weekend on Saturday, my sister and I decided to spend the whole day there. We packed our bags. Okay, I admit I packed two bags🀣 and drove to the Valley of Fire. It was about an hour drive from where we live. Just perfect to warm-up my vocals in the car...hahaha. Yep, I sing my heart-out while I enjoy the surrounding views from the tiny old wooden farm houses to the endless green fields. Such a fun adventure especially since this is our first road trip of 2020.πŸ€— 

Fun fact: The name Valley of Fire, comes from the fact that the whole valley looks like it's on fire. I'm telling you fire attracts fire (I'm a fire sign)...hahaha! Now, I know why this park was calling my name all this time! 

~ If you're wanting to visit soon, the entrance fee is $10. It was super hot as expected, so pack lots of water. Also, be sure to have your camera in hand because everywhere you turn, there is an opportunity to capture plenty of cool scenic views. Ready to see my photos?πŸ‘€ 


So what do you think? Have you been to the Valley of Fire, yet? If so, what was your favorite part? 
I really loved the whole trip there, but my favorite part was seeing the "Seven Sisters". They are tall, rocky boulders, that are seven in count and look a lot alike, hence their name. The photo of me above in my work-out attire is from there. I'm between two of the sisters! hahaha. I felt part of the family immediately!πŸ˜‚

I wouldn't mind visiting this park again. It's unique in its own way and a bit different from what I'm used to here at Red Rock Canyon. Also, next time my sister and I can even hit a few of the hiking trails since that's one of our favorite hobbies to do together. Best kind of therapy...we talk, laugh and occasionally get scared when imagining the snakes that roam around the desert. Speaking of animals, we saw a big ram with huge horns up-close from our car. It looked unreal at first like a statue until it started to move. It was beautiful!😱  

And just like that, the hours disappeared, the sunset accompanied us on our journey home and I'm happy to share this road trip here with you. Thanks for coming along for the ride!!!πŸš— 

See you again, next Tuesday!!!

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Hello everyone,

YAY...It's finally SUMMER!🌴 I think I was born to be in the sun all day, everyday! hahaha! This summer will differ most than others as we won't be able to travel, but I'm still planning to bring positive sunshine and lots of outfit inspiration your way. So, follow my blog as I continue to share with you my love for fashion, lifestyle, beauty and anything that will give you the biggest smile!😁 

Today, I'm saying a warm goodbye to spring with a recap of a few of my favorite 2020 looks. Some were shot at home (quarantine edition), others were shot outside (empty streets, lots of room to play with -just my photographer and I) and a couple of them were inspired by a single prop. You'll see in a minute!

What I enjoyed most about spring is the rise of my creativity. It kept me motivated, knowing that through art and doing what I love, I can let the hard times pass. My days were filled with ideas getting ready to be developed. So during our "staying at home" situation, I took advantage of this time. I grabbed the bull by its horns!!!🀣 What have you enjoyed most about spring?🌸 


Once spring hits, I always start going a bit boho with my style by adding tribal prints with more dainty jewelry pieces. I like that care-free festival vibe kind of look where you can make a simple pair of shorts seem cool and exciting. That's why I took this direction to many of my 2020 outfits! Casual, boho-chic with the hope of creating festival looks, which would remind us of all the great spring festivals usually going on right now.  

With the pandemic happening during this season, I haven't shopped creating at all, compared to other times. However, it was fun to rediscover my closet from items I haven't even touched to pieces I often try to add one way or another each time. In a way this was a big eye-opener for me because it helped me see the evolution of my style and what I should buy more or less of. I can't wait for that first shopping spree day!!!   

What has been your style like during this spring? If you can, surprise me with something other than leggings and a tee. I know this was most of our everyday "home edition" including mine.πŸ˜πŸ™‰ And which of these 10 outfits is your favorite?

See ya during the summer!🌞 Take care!!!      

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Hello everyone,

Ever wonder how some girls always look slim and tall and always beautiful? Well, all women are beautiful, but some know extra styling tricks and tips to enhance their beauty even more. The secrets are many - patterns and colors you combine, type of fabric and style you choose, accessories you add, and so much more. 

Are you this type of girl or do you need a few hints here and there? Either way, throughout the years I've learned a few pointers, which not only work, but can really help you fall in love with dressing-up. Also, once you're familiar with the information I'm about to share with you, you'll find getting ready every morning a lot easier and 100% more fun! 

I don't even remember the last time I had a difficult time coming-up with an outfit. Maybe, way back in my high school days when a pair of sneakers, jeans and an oversized sweater were my go-to. As you can imagine, there was minimum thought process of what to wear. It was the least of my worries! However, since then, things have changed! Now, picking out an outfit is my primary way of expressing myself. It feels natural, gives me a boost of confidence, and it's something I love!!!

Ready for a little knowledge time?πŸ€“

1. Go Monochrome

Choose the same color and go with it! Black is the easier route to go, but you can always step out of your comfort zone and try red, blue or pink. Wearing monochromatic creates the illusion of being taller (an inch or two) and slimmer, since wearing one shade from head to toe creates a vertical, elongating line. You are free to contrast each piece, meaning you can have your top be brighter than your bottom. See, it's that simple!

My favorite so far has been wearing all red or blue with all the denim pieces I own. What about you? Any cool monochromatic looks you have worn recently? Also, I just remembered how much I love my leopard print looks. It's the one animal print, which to this day continues to multiply in my closet, so how can I ever pass a full on cheetah look?! You guessed it right... I CAN'T! πŸ†  

2. Shapewear

                                   Full Body Shaper                      Zipper Hooks Bodysuit Shapewear

Ladies, shapewear is another wonderful option to consider when feeling bloated or wanting to be sure everything stays in place. It isn't something you should be embarrassed of. Actually adding an undergarment will be a lot of help when you've got a tight-fitting outfit on. There are numerous styles to choose from; bodysuits, shorts or even waist trainers to help squeeze in your mid-section. I recommend checking out FeelinGirl because they've got it all. Your secret to the perfect fit! Don't be surprised if you get a lot of compliments by the way your new sexy dress looks. 

I know that a lot of us find it difficult to make these abs appear including me, so this is the next best thing. You'll have that hour-glass shape in seconds with the best waist trainer for women. And no one else has to even know about it! I have used one when I was a chubby teenager, fighting to get rid of my baby chubbiness. You know that weird time when you're growing from a teenager to becoming a young woman. Yep, I've been there! πŸ™‰ 

I see shapewear as a great way to help us target the area we're mostly trying to work on at the gym. When having to pick from the list of best bodysuits, you can target a few areas at once; thighs, bum and midriff. How lucky are we to have undergarments!  

3. Prints

Fashion is extra fun when adding prints. However, knowing which patterns can make you look thinner is key. Vertical stripes are best! If the stripes are found in a high-waist type of skirt, shorts or trousers even better. That's when you'll also look a lot taller than five minutes ago when you were lounging in your sweats at home. Stay away from big, horizontal stripes. They will make you look rounder, a bit unflattering. I remember one time, I wore a mini striped horizontal skirt on a night-out. Friends and I took photos and later when seeing the photos, I noticed how big my bottom part of my body looked. I thought, "Wow, did this skirt just make me a size bigger?" Later, I discovered, it totally did!  

Same concept goes with any other prints whether floral or animal. Opt for the smaller patterns and keep away from the huge patterns.

4. Maxi Dresses

Simple way to look sleeker and taller is by wearing a maxi dress. One that almost touches the floor. It will give you exactly what you're striving for. Plus, is there anything better than a dress during the summer? 

Dresses give your figure a beautiful silhouette. You can add a pair of nude pumps (ones that match your skin color) to help increase even more this elongating illusion. I promise you, you'll see the difference in the mirror. You can even take a photo of yourself to see how an easy styling suggestion can make a big change.

5. High-Waisted Bottoms

Any high-wasted bottoms are ideal because they have the magic power to make your torso smaller and your legs longer. That's exactly what we want, right? 

I love and constantly wear high-waisted leggings, shorts and skirts. It has been a staple of mine for years now. 

Use this trick to your advantage because it really doesn't require much effort. If you're a fan of wearing crop tops even better. You see, I can't think of a better pairing!

Which of these tips do you apply most when it comes to your styling? I look forward to hearing from you! πŸ’‹   

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Hello everyone, 

I've got the 411 scoop and exciting news on the must-have summer beauty products for this year!!!!πŸ€—

I know a secret agent from Sephora who willingly gave me lots of useful information that I'm ready to share with you today. She knows everything there is to know about the best self-tanner or the greatest primer to help your make-up go on more smoothly and last longer. On top of that, I always run to her when I need some product suggestions like a stylist, but for my face. hahaha!🀣

So, I decided to take advantage of "my agent's" expertise and help your summer be EXTRA bold, beautiful, and glowy! With the right kind of beauty products, you'll be able to enjoy this season to the fullest. Plus, your skin will thank you along the way! 

Fresh, naturally glowy skin is the NEW trend! That's why taking care of ourselves as a whole is super important. When the skin is happy, so is the mind and body. The opposite applies as well!!! Are you ready to be happy inside and out?

Next time you head to Sephora, check-out these summer products!🀩 Clean beauty will bring a positive impact on your lifestyle. Of that I'm sure, because it has tremendously improved mine!!!

This hair perfector is first on the list because with the hot summer sun, it's necessary to have a product that prevents your hair from damage. It keeps it looking shiny, healthy and strong...everything we want our hair to be! 

Hairstylists even swear by Olaplex because it repairs the hair from damage caused from coloring, excess heat from styling tools, and even pollution. You can apply it once a week as a treatment after shampooing. Leave it in for a few hours while you watch a show, then rinse and you'll not only see, but also feel the difference. 

With bikini season on the way, we want to look our best when hitting the pool/beach. That's when this cream comes in handy. It tightens your bum area and helps get rid of cellulite. Just massage the cream on the desired area and you're ready for the summer. You can apply it as often as you want. If you want faster results, I suggest using it daily just as if you're using body lotion. 

Primers for summer are essential because the last thing we want is smudged make-up. So you pump a bit on the back of your hand and apply it evenly on your clean skin before adding any touch of make-up. Let it sit for a few minutes. Once it feels like it has fully absorbed, you can start applying your foundation. And you can be sure it's not going anywhere.    

I love the look of glowy skin during summer, so a luminizer is the answer. It adds great for the body and face (can be added as a highlighter too). Start with an even thin layer. It's totally buildable if you want the JLo glow. There are a few gorgeous shades to choose from. You'll feel like a summer goddess in your own skin!   

Want a vacation glow? These drops will give you just that. I use it for the face and neck. It would be difficult to cover the whole body. I like applying it before bed on a freshly clean face. You can even mix it in with your moisturizer. Add 3 to 4 drops and you'll be in paradise. Isle of Paradise also make body tanning mouse and water, which are perfect for tanning the whole body. 


Enriched with Vitamin C, this dream mask can bring radiance and the needed hydration to your skin. It's so dreamy! It's super easy to use. Apply a thin layer before going to bed. This way it will absorb nicely into your skin while you're sleeping and you'll wake-up more than ready for the day. The kind of boost your skin needs this summer!    

Another must-have cream is from the Tatcha brand. This cream can be applied morning and night onto face, neck and upper chest area of your body. It's a great option if you're looking for a product to fight anti-aging as it improves the overall tightness of your skin. A very popular cream that is loved and recommended by so many people.    

During the summer dry days, hydration is needed not only on the face, but lips as well. The Dior lip glow oil nurtures the lips and leaves them feeling smooth. It acts as a lip gloss. You can wear it on its own or apply it over a lipstick for some shine.   

The wipes which can take care of any lines, uneven tones and acne scars. Good to use once a day, frequently. It's the holy grail to an amazing skin especially if you have been having trouble with finding something great with satisfying end results. I'm not exaggerating when I tell you that these work magic. They act like an eraser of old skin to reveal new, more even complexion.    

The best sunscreen for any skin type. It can be easily applied before your make-up, 15 minutes before going out in the sun. Keep it in your handbag, as you can definitely reapply it throughout the day. No worries, it won't mess-up your make-up! It feels more like a primer, giving your skin a matte finish.

Do you own any of these Sephora products? If so, which one and how do you like it?

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Hello everyone,
How have you been? As I'm sure you already know, lots of significant events have been happening in the world. A few changes in my personal life as well, so I'm beginning to think 2020 is one we'll definitely always remember. We've seen and felt so many emotions during these past few months that I really hope the year will finish on a good note. 

I still believe the BEST is yet to come!!! We can all come together in shedding as much light as we can. From something as simple as connecting with a friend to helping a stranger in any way. Now more than ever we need to love, respect and true human spirit by the values we've been taught and given. Love always WINS!!!

Are you ready for the summer? I know, I've been constantly summer obsessing because everything related to this season makes me happy. And yet again, I keep attracting summer vibes in my photos! Today is no exception...I hope you don't mind it because this is just the beginning. Wait until July and August arrive...and heads-up, I'll probably continue this all through September, hahaha! How does that sound?  

This post is special because it's got the glow! Meaning, we caught the sunset light that gave me this tan, which I really wish I had. hahaha! I need to work on it, so you don't mistake me for a snowflake in real life! haha!

One of my favorite things about sunset photo-shoots is the opportunity to play with shadows. Just like this close-up shot of my face covered in the silhouette of the plant tree. It's so cool! It takes a bit of time and precision, but I love the creativity behind it; the fact that art can take on so many different forms. Without limit, you and your photographer can explore with the help of nature! What's a cool, creative shot you have done so far that you're super proud of? Share it with me on Instagram, I would love to see! πŸ‘€  

If festivals were happening right now, this outfit would be one for the books. It's boho-chic, yet comfy. Its got a tribal print, cute dainty rings, a bit of fringe and a lot of memories...not yet, but hopefully soon, when music festivals start occurring again. If not, I love the bohemian style so much that I don't see a problem wearing it on day to day basis even if it's only for a grocery run.πŸ˜‰ 

I know this is a very difficult time - a time of transformation and change. There is a lot going on with the riots in the United States and Covid-19 around the world. But I hope to be a bit of a light and inspiration to some of you. I wish my blog to be a place where my readers can feel safe and welcome. We are in this together. I hope for love, understanding, unity, and respect. I hope we can find a way to live in peace and love. Keep believing in the goodness of the world. Keep believing in your dreams. Keep being the kindness, love, and strength you want to see in the world. Bless you. Love you, guys. And thank you for your continued support. Thank you. 

Anything specific you would like to see on the blog? Let me know in the comments! I'll try to make it happen as soon as I can.

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