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Hello everyone,

So many people see only the GLAMOROUS side of being a fashion blogger, but my fellow bloggers know all the hard work that goes into being any kind of a, fashion, lifestyle or photography. It's a 24/7 kind of job where you're constantly thinking of ways to improve, pitching ideas to various brands, connecting with other bloggers, and regularly creating unique's an ongoing cycle!!! Just like any job out there this one too takes a lot of determination, consistency, work and creativity. Won't you agree? 

I know I've had some tough days because a lot of the times things don't go as planned even though the photos might show otherwise. It isn't always as bright and colorful as you SEE IT! For example, there have been times I've felt very frustrated when what I imagined in my head didn't translate the same way in reality or  I've had to say a hundred "NO's" to companies that didn't understand my brand. It's the "behind the scenes" that makes being a fashion blogger so much more than just a pretty picture. 

That's why today I wanted to share with you what it's like to be a fashion blogger. From my own experience, of course. It may not be the same for other bloggers.

Being a fashion blogger means you're the creative director, stylist, PR agent, brand ambassador, social media manager, model and everything else in ONE!!! It's even more difficult in the beginning if you have no knowledge, connections or any kind of help. That's how I started my blog, five years ago. I learned everything step by step, day by day! If you're thinking of starting a blog, I hope this post gives you some useful pointers. 

One of the most important things you've got to figure out first is your niche. What are you going to blog about? What is a topic that you can talk to your friends about non-stop that gets you passionate every time? What is the one thing everyone comes to you for advice? That is your niche! Mine is fashion! That's why most of my posts are style related...Occasionally I have posts that are about a different topic, like beauty or fitness because I have other interests that I like to share, and it's nice to break it up a little to keep my readers interested and engaged.. Plus, here I've got the freedom to share whatever sparks my heart.πŸ’—

From there expect to be at a desk working on your laptop for most of the day. I spend probably more hours than I want to admit on mine...answering e-mails, looking for inspiration, updating all my social media, preparing for an upcoming photo-shoot, checking-off deadlines, staying in the know of upcoming trends and always thinking of what's next.

I know it sounds like a lot, but I've gotten the hang of it. I even take a break in between. I go for a walk outside and once I get back I finish where I left off.  

Photo-shoot day is crunch time! It's your time to play and really see your vision come to live, but this only happens if you've prepared beforehand. My photo-shoot days for the longest time have been Sundays. 

In the beginning it used to take us up to 2 hours to take photos. Now, it takes us around 20 minutes depending on whether or not I'm shooting one or a couple of looks. Make it FUN and feed off your photographer! With time it will start feeling more natural and your creativity will flow and grow. Look for inspiration from magazines, Instagram, Pinterest, other'll find it everywhere. Where do you draw most of your inspiration from?     

Once you've got lots of photos to choose from, that's when the work starts all over again. You've got to choose the best ones, edit them ( I use PicsArt), create a theme, have a topic of what you want to write about, sit down and write it, have a set date you want to post it. When it's out in the open for everyone to see, get your marketing on. Start sharing it! 

Being a blogger has everything! You've got the creative and business side. Finding a balance to juggle them both at the same time is key. Also, you need at least one person who believes in can share your ups and downs with them. As well as a good photographer who is ready to drive to that planned location, to carry equipment, to pitch in ideas, and to help get the best out of you, one photo at a time. 

If you want to learn more in depth on how to make money from blogging, read this post

What's one thing you love MOST about blogging? And how many years have you been blogging for?

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Hello everyone,

May I ask you something? How is your May going? See what I did there...hahaha! Jokes aside, I hope you're finally able to go outside for a bit more fresh air and mostly be able to reconnect/see your family and friends (in real live, face to face.) 

The end of #quarantinelife might be here soon! YAY! πŸ₯³ This past weekend I was able to meet a few friends for coffee, which was so refreshing and something I needed. It felt like the good old times except there were a lot of walking masks. haha! I can't wait for the times when we actually get to see people's smiles again!😁 What's something small yet simple, you can't wait to experience again?   

Those of you who follow me on Instagram know I've been very active. I have been posting frequently, recreating challenges, sharing more style looks and even attempted to do this trio above (took me a while to edit). Do you like it? A lot of the photos have been done at home, which took me by surprise because I never knew that I could get this much inspired. I've always done my photoshoots outside. With coronavirus, I realized a white wall works just as fine! Adding some props and you just can't go wrong!  

To continue the tradition of my bright, tropical and summery vibes (my favorite), today we'll be dancing in print. It's going to be everything we imagine and dream of summer being like!!!🌞

This dress is one I see myself wearing in Costa Rica. It's got this rainforest-inspired print, which immediately leads me to think of a destination like this one. Yep, I'm guilty! It's hard to imagine if this summer passes by without a vacation somewhere tropical. All we can do is keep hoping! 

I've mentioned before...I love dresses with high slits and playful ruffles. Add to this spots of leopard print and you've WON me. What's your criteria to a fabulous summer dress?     


Hello everyone,

Today's post is a celebration of spring! With fresh beautiful flowers, vibrant colors, tropical palms...all here to make us SMILE! This is the kind of message, I look forward to spreading because I know bad moments happen, but the good ones are the ones we strive to remember most. They lift us up, give us hope and help us see the beauty of life. It's a precious one!!!

As each season rolls around, you and me will enjoy every day! That's why this past weekend, I wanted to have fun and bring as much brightness as I can with my looks. Most were taken at home, but on my daily walks I was able to capture my beloved palm trees dancing in the breeze. Yep, I love palms!!! Luckily, I live in a city that is full of them. And you guessed it feels like a vacation every time I go out!🏝

What brings you the joy of spring?🌹 Is it being able to enjoy the daily sunshine on your balcony or buying a bouquet of flowers for your home? I would love to know!

There are so many precious treasures of spring! Just like summer, it feels so much more...words can't describe it. I love the warm air, the bright blue sky, the smell of flowers, the rejuvenating feeling I get from within, and so much more. The happiest of days with the sweetest of memories!πŸ’›πŸŒž   


Staying at home has it perks like coming-up with creative photo-shoot ideas. Something I have been doing lots of lately!πŸ“Έ 

Funny story...I saw this palm leaf on a recent walk outside and decided to take it home with me...hahaha. I knew it would be a great prop for getting my excitement across. I even wore my swimsuit to make it official since I can't wait for the hottest season. Maybe, I should have added a kid's inflatable pool to really get the party started. hahaha! Nonetheless, it was FUN! Who wants to borrow the palm leaf? I'll send it right over so you can have some beach vibes at home as well!

Also, I've had the strongest urge to celebrate spring with a bouquet of flowers. This one has been smiling at me every time I go to the living room (which is way too often with this quarantine situation). Before the flowers say goodbye, I decided to take some snapshots with them. Did you see the final outcome on my Instagram

I know the Coronavirus has put a stop to a lot of our spring/summer plans, but I'm hoping these photos brought some sunshine your way. Later when we're able to visit an actual beach, I know we'll appreciate it so much more than before.πŸ– What paradise location are you dreaming of as soon as we're able to travel again?

Have an extra sunny rest of the week and I'll catch you next Tuesday for a new post! πŸ’–

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Hello everyone,

Grab your popcorn and head to the nearest cinema (your living-room) for some movie time. We can't go to the movie theater yet, but we can always bring the theater to our homes as we enjoy some family time. 

This has become something my family and I look forward to each night during quarantine. Each one of us picks a different movie we want to watch! I choose the BEST ones!!! πŸ˜‰ If this has also become sort of a tradition in your household, I've got some great movie suggestions for you. 

When it comes to movies, biographies are my top favorite. I would pick them over any other genre because I love true stories - they are life lessons told through someone else's experience. The ups and downs of life and how they balance each other out truly fascinates me. What's your favorite genre of movie? 

Biographies tend to have all the moods in one from drama to love, so when I want something more easy-going I enjoy a romantic comedy, one that can make me laugh.

That being said, my list today consists of more than 2 biographies, so bring tissues and get mentally prepared because I know after watching these movies you won't be able to stop replaying them in your head. This always happens to me when I see a great film!!!πŸŽ₯

Dim the lights, press play and hit the volume! Welcome to CinemaRadi!!! hahaha!

JOJO RABBIT- This is an absolute must-see film because it's so exquisitely done. It takes place during WWII. Jojo embarks on a journey of growing up and self-discovery. He has a big secret and is perplexed with the decision to tell or not to tell. At the same time he is faced with advice and judgement from his very close imaginary friend. I won't tell you anymore because you really should give it a watch!      

LIKE A BOSS- A comedy that will give you insight of what it takes to run your own business. There is plenty of laughter and so much "fierstness". You'll know what I mean once you see it. I liked's the kind of movie, which will definitely help you forget about this pandemic at least for an hour and a half.      

ADIDAS VS. PUMA: That's the Name of the Game!- Ok, so here is a favorite biography of mine. Out of the whole list this film is my FAVORITE! I loved getting an insight into the lives of these strong-minded brothers. It really made me appreciate their vision, determination and leadership. However, one unfortunate thing happened...they quickly became rivals and that's when things got ugly.          

THE CONDUCTOR- Wow! "The conductor" blew me away. Another biography about the first woman to become a world famous orchestra conductor. She devoted her whole life to achieve this dream. This movie is everything!!! I watched it with my family a week ago and I still think about it. It won me over!!!   

EXTRACTION- An action movie. I used to really love action movies. Now, they're all kind of the same to me, but since I haven't seen one in a long time, this film wasn't bad at all. It had a powerful story which I liked. The main reason why I decided to add it on here. Have you seen it, yet?    

THE WAY BACK- From the very beginning, this film starts out dramatic and dark. It's more than just a basketball movie. The main character Jack chooses alcoholism to numb the pain of his past. Will he heal in the end? You've got to watch and see!    

BOMBSHELL- You have probably heard a lot about this movie or have already seen it. It goes on telling a story of three women who face similar challenges when striving to become news anchors at one of America's top networks. It opens your eyes.  

ONWARD- One of the cutest Disney animation movies, which you can watch with you kids. I loved every second of it! There was adventure, new discoveries, the importance of family highlighted throughout, and adorable characters. What else could you ask for? Super'll laugh, you'll cry, and you'll appreciate the lessons you'll learn from watching it. 

What have you been watching lately? Comment down below what movie I should check out next, and let me know if you have seen any of the movies I mentioned above!

I hope you're doing well! I'll talk to you again next week. If there's anything specific you want to see on the blog soon, let me know as well!!!

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