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Hello everyone,

With the Vegas streets being emptier and more deserted than ever, seeing less traffic and people outside as I enjoy my daily walks, I thought I can definitely squeeze in a photo-shoot. I want to continue bringing you NEW content and start adding color. Spring is finally here!πŸŽ• 

Plus, we can all use a bit of inspiration, something to help take our minds off the worries we might feel inside. Hopefully, this way, before we know it, we'll be sharing laughs with friends, going-out for brunch, enjoying the spring weather and doing everything that once made us happy.πŸ™ 

As my city can get very crowded, this time I had the tranquility to shoot at a location, which otherwise would be packed with sports fans making it almost impossible to capture a good photo. You know those spots - the spots where you can't get away with at least three people popping up in the background of your photo or the spots where you can't escape the passing cars even for a second. I had the Las Vegas Ballpark all to myself!!!

Before we get into the outfit, I hope you're staying safe, finding fun ways to keep busy and continue believing that the BEST is yet to come! 
If you follow me on Instagram on my stories you can see how much my sister and I have been staying active. We recently did the #couplesyogachallenge, which was hilarious...we couldn't stop laughing. We'll definitely be dancing salsa soon and we'll for sure be thinking of lots more ways to have fun as the quarantine continues. 

I'm so thrilled that dress season is back. You can feel it in the air! That's when all I really want to do is be outside all day and enjoy it. However, since the circumstances, this was a short, but sweet trip. A lot better than constantly going to the fridge and back to the living room. hahaha!  

Like I said earlier, I wanted to start adding color, so here we are with a mustard dress. It has been a season favorite because its silk, easy-flow fabric, and it's perfect for any hot day. Also, you can most definitely wear it with wedges or sneakers. It really comes down to what style you're going after! I wanted it to feel spring, but edgy and chic at the same time. 

For the edgy feel, I decided to add my floral leather jacket and velvet choker. It felt right. and now looking at the photos, it feels even more than right. It's exactly what I would have worn if restaurants and bars were open. I guess, I'm going to have to wait a bit longer...patience is a virtue. I just need more of it! haha! This got me thinking...where's the first place you'll go once the world comes alive again? Me: DMV...I have to renew my driving license.    

I miss the days of dressing-up. That's why it's hard to go into my closet and create  all these outfits in my head with no place to show them off. But this shall also pass. We must keep the hope alive. We must remember the things were are grateful for. We are all in this together. And if you feel like doing a full face of makeup one day, even if you know you're not going to go anywhere, do it! The most important thing is to remain high-spirited as much as possible and do more of the things that you love. I wish all of you a safe quarantine. 

I'll see you in April! Let me know what you would like to see next on the blog?! 

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Hello everyone,

Nowadays our homes have become our playground, gym, movie theater and work office. With the rapid spread of the coronavirus our daily lives have shifted completely from what we once knew. Now more than ever we're beginning to appreciate the small things that we once took for granted. For example, just catching a breath of fresh air on my balcony makes me realize how much we need the sun, the air...our PLANET. It's so unfortunate to see our Earth crying-out through Covid-19, reminding us of the fact that we've totally forgotten to cherish it. But in moments like these, we can only learn and hopefully get back to our roots as humans. What's really MOST important? Why do you think this disease even started and continues to spread? 

While our planet recovers, we're left to stay at home. For most of us this is a bit difficult as we enjoy seeing friends, traveling to new places, being busy and getting things done. However, during the quarantine we can still make things happen! We can grow, explore, learn and connect. πŸ’•

I've found it refreshing as I try each day to make the best of it! Most importantly, I've realized that no matter what, I'll always have my family. That's what has made this whole experience so lovely. Now is the time to strengthen relationships, to learn a new hobby, to give power to your creativity, to reflect on what you want in ask yourself lots of questions!

You can even start learning a new language or pick up one you've lost touch with years ago. With the internet at our fingertips, thanks to providers like spectrum internet, it's easy to explore new skills and hobbies. Just imagine if we didn't even have the internet to rely on...we'll be lost without any kind of connection. 

If you're feeling down about the coronavirus and are in need of a few ideas to help you forget (even for a while) about the current news we face each day, this post is for YOU! 


Daily exercise is one of  the best ways to keep yourself physically and mentally strong. Since quarantine, I've begun changing up my work-out routine. Again, I have returned back to doing yoga to help repair my muscles and keep my mind at peace. Honestly, I've missed it so much and already feel a great difference. 

I follow Ali Kamenova's youtube videos for power yoga flows that are dynamic yet healing. She's incredible and I highly recommend checking her out. Even if you're a beginner, with ease you'll be able to advance and start enjoying the more intense practices. 

What has been your way of staying active at home? 

Also, while working-out from home, I've taken the time to really focus on my exercise. I make it a mission to tune out everything else. So far so good! It's a true blessing to have yoga as a distraction from any negatives. It heals, it rejuvenates, and it's the kind of start I look forward to each morning.    


With the closure of restaurants, shops and social events, quality time with your family is your savior. You might even start liking the people you live with πŸ˜‚ hahaha! I know that I have definitely forgotten at times how fun my parents can actually be. Now that we're mostly at home, it has been nice having an audience for my comedy/dance nights. hahaha!  

You can play board games, watch movies, cook and drink together (only if you're over the age of 21 of course). How are you spending your quarantine family time? What do you enjoy doing most with them? 

The recent movie we watched is "Bombshell". If you have any other recommendations, please let me know?


You know how with our busy schedules before the coronavirus we had to squeeze in some relaxing time. Well, now we can open up our own spas at home! We have the time for a manicure, a massage, a facial, a soothing bath. 

In fact, I had a massage last night. Plus, each day I try to do something beauty related for myself. It makes me happy! There's no better feeling than taking care of yourself in every sense of the word. When was the last time you had a spa day in the comfort of your home?  

If you have a sister, spa time can become even more fun as you have a chat while you pamper up. That's exactly what my sister and I did! Staying at home never felt better!


Look at staying inside and keeping safe as a positive. During this time you can read, learn a new skill or do some journaling. These things will help you grow even more as a person. Plus, you'll keep your brain cells functioning and alert. I wouldn't want this time to go to waste. It can be used wisely, help shape us even more as human beings.  

This is why I haven't stopped blogging. I enjoy writing and letting my creativity flow. Also, I like knowing that we can still connect through social media as we fight to prevent this virus and continue to pray it comes to an end soon. 

You can even start learning a new language or pick up one you've lost touch with years ago. With the internet at our fingertips, it's easy to explore new skills and hobbies. Just imagine if we didn't even have the internet to rely on...we'll be lost without any kind of connection. 

During quarantine you can turn into a chef or become close to one. This is your chance to experiment with new recipes, learn how to cook, or like me, enjoy your sister's cooking. I can't's way more delicious, plus, I get to be the judge!
πŸ˜‹ So far I think at the end of this virus, she can totally enter "Master Chef". 

What's something delicious you cooked recently? 

I, on the other hand, am a bit more impatient when it comes to cooking. I like making easy, simple things because when I'm hungry all I want is to eat and not to have to go through the many steps that it takes to create a meal. My specialties are oatmeal, eggs and sandwiches, and I make a killer cup of coffee. Basically the breakfast options.πŸ˜‚ 


I'm one who loves upbeat music, but this past week I calmed down a bit and turned into meditation. It's so calming! As someone who has this much energy, relaxing music helps balance things out. My current favorite Spotify playlist is "Meditate to the Sounds of Nature". I have played it a countless times already. It has the ability to calm my mind each time. 

Every time it's different. Some days a meditation can lead up to 30 minutes, other times it continues up to an hour. It really depends on how you feel and how much time you think you need to center yourself. It's a great healer for negative thoughts or tough times like the one we're facing right now. 

In addition to meditation, I have found a few inspiring podcasts to listen to. "The School of Greatness" Lewis Howes, "On Purpose" Jay Shetty, "Pretty Big Deal" Ashley Graham. Do you know any other ones I should check out?

How have you been coping with staying at home? What new hobbies have you picked along the way?   

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Hello everyone,

In today's post "let your sneakers be your wings," I show you that comfort can be just as fashionable. More so, if your feet are looking for a break (mine totally are), leave your heels to the side. πŸ‘  

This week we'll make comfort and style our priority! Not only can you run to catch the train in your sneakers, but you can feel wonderful after a long day on your feet. I can't say the same about heels even though they're dear to my heart. More than a few times, I recall, I had to run in my heels and let me tell you... it wasn't a pretty sight. Also, when taking them off, more often than not, I've got blisters all over. Am I lucky or what?πŸ˜‚     

What I love the MOST is that as the seasons roll on by, adding an awesome pair of sneakers has become so trendy. I constantly notice it. A cool streetwear outfit with these type of shoes turns heads just as heels do. And the ways to style them are endless!!! Are you ready for this trainers lookbook? We're going easy, casual and sweet. Sweet because I love milk chocolate! hahaha

1. With Dress 

2. With Joggers

3. With Overall Dress

4. With Knit Skirt

5. With Cycling Shorts

6. With Leggings

7. With Jeans

I never thought that sneakers could be fashionable and bring flavor and character to what I'm wearing. I've been playing sports throughout my whole childhood and adolescent life. Sneakers were shoes that helped me run faster and made me feel comfortable. I never matched them to my gym shorts and t-shirt. I just threw on the first pair I spotted. Plus, I was a total tomboy. I didn't even know about mascara until I went to my senior prom. Yes, I am dead serious.

Then, I grew up. Slowly, I found my feminine side. Actually, when I think about it, starting this blog really inspired me to explore fashion and beauty. I had no idea what I was doing at first. Looking back at my first posts, you can see how I was still trying to figure out my style, what fashion meant to me and what role it played in my life. Today, I feel more in tune with myself and the woman I've become. 

To many, fashion could be a very superficial subject, but from experience, I can say that it is a form of art, a form of self-expression. It has hidden powers. It can make you feel strong and confident, fun and flirtatious, cute and sweet. And when you think about it, you are all of these things. It's not "a costume" that you put on to hide who you are. You actually are all of these things. The fun part is that you get to bring out some aspects of your personality more than others whenever you choose. You are in control. 

Anyways, we were talking about sneakers...I'm totally in love with this trend. Surprisingly, sneakers go with everything, not just my high school basketball uniform. They are playful and casual, comfortable and sassy. One thing is for sure. I never thought I would be wearing sneakers with a skirt.

I think that one advice I would give to you guys is to try out the fashionable trends that spark your interest. Don't be afraid just because you don't think you can pull it off. How would you know anyway? Try it. Give it a chance. See how you feel. And most importantly, love yourself. :) 

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Hello everyone,

Guess what? It didn't take long before getting bit by the RED fashion bug again. I really tried staying away from posting any red outfits on here because last year there were plenty - from tips on ways to wear the MOST romantic color ever to matching my red attire with the stunning Red Rocks we're so fortunate to have here in Las Vegas.

Plus, many of you have said that this is "my color" and I should wear it more often, so I'm more than happy to follow your orders.πŸ˜‰ Good thing there's never a dull moment with this fiery pigment as I always seem to find a way to create various looks. Some edgy, others chic! And overall most of them romantic because red just has that power. I think mainly for this reason, I enjoy monochromatic red outfits. Fully stepping into this hue, which often, a lot of people shy away from. All I'm saying is...don't be SHY!😘

You know what's interesting? On International Women's Day, I went to a girls party and noticed so many of us wore red including me (without planning it). It got me thinking how majestic this color is - completely lets you embrace your feminine side and feels like you've stepped into a "power suit". 

With spring peaking around the corner, I simply reach for pieces that easily help me transition into the new season. This idea brought me to my knit skirt... a must-have wardrobe staple. It can be styled with a cute graphic tee or a cozy sweater. All it takes is you knowing the forecast in your city. It will save you the time of debating what to wear.  

Most often I go straight for my heels, but with this red look I wanted to make it more street-style with some sneakers and cool accessories. I like these stylish, yet effortless vibes! Something you can accomplish with a lot of your wardrobe staples by adding a comfy pair of sneakers; vansadidas... really any brand you love! 

Who's excited for spring? Would you like to see some spring festival looks? 

I recently read that Coachella won't be happening in April 2020 as it usually does... it's postponed to October 2020 because of the coronavirus. However, if you still want me to create boho-chic desert looks, I would LOVE to! Just let me know!!! 
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Hello everyone,

Set the alarm to "snooze vacay" because it's time for a VACATION!!! Spring is nearing, so is our desire to go off somewhere tropical and enjoy a few days, even weeks of sunshine. Straight away I think of Mexico because it has been my favorite destination from the minute I visited Cabo San Lucas a few years ago. I can't describe it in MAGICAL, plus there, I feel at home. What's your soul-free top travel destination?

If you're already packing or booking your spring break trip right now, I'm here to help your packing journey be a little smoother. I've got a checklist for you and a few...ok, scratch that, a LOT of cute clothing items you should bring with you to make your vacation extra colorful and adventurous. Sounds good?🌴 

You know what's even better? Having a birthday in spring. This way you can take your birthday to the beach...How Funnnnn! Just giving you a few ideas because birthdays and vacations look good together.πŸ˜‰  

In need of a vacation experience that is beyond your ordinary resort? Just steps away from your favorite water parks and lots more, Orlando is the destination for you and your family. There is so much to check-out the minute you check-in, so pack your bags and see you on the sunny side. Let the adventure begin!!!       

Now let me introduce you to my ideal vacation must-pack items:

It really depends on how many days you'll be vacationing for, but this here is what I would bring to, let's say, a 5 to 7 days trip. If I'm going somewhere for the weekend for 3 days, I would cut this list into half and only bring one item of each and even leave a few behind. There's no need to carry much if you're doing spring break on the fast-lane!

When planning a beach vacation most likely you'll be spending your time at the beach, so sunscreen, swimsuits, beach towel, sunglasses and a beach cover-up are the first things you'll probably pack right away. However, it's good to have a few evening items for dinner like a more elegant romper, a midi dress or a cute flirty two-piece set in which you can show off your tan. I would also add one denim jacket for these nights in case it gets chilly because it would literally go with anything you decide to wear.  

When it comes to shoes, here's what I suggest. You'll need flip-flops for the beach, of course. One pair of black wedges for dinner and a pair of sneakers in case you're planning to have a whole day of exploring or maybe hitting up a cool hike trail. You might be tempted to want to pack your whole shoe collection, since we girls believe we need a different pair of shoes for every occasion, but trust me these three pairs are completely enough.   

What do you think? Did this make things easier for your upcoming spring vacation? If I missed anything, let me know!

Happy March and I'll talk to you again next Tuesday! πŸ’—  
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