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Hello everyone,

Anyone who knows me well will know that I love dressing up, even on days when there's no holiday or party to attend. Just because it's a fiesta in my head!
πŸ₯³ hahaha! And that's the purpose for this post. I always have fun with what I wear on days you wouldn't expect, like hump day. It gives me a boost to await the weekend with a salsa step forward and back. And you know what? This outfit just makes me want to dance non-stop! Plus, the photos turned out as if I'm looking at a pink summery Palm Springs, which is ohhhh so DREAMY! πŸ’œ Hopefully you feel it too!!!    

What else I feel is spring, the sunshine beaming down on me while my metallic top catches the light. It's pure happiness! Also, I smile wide as I have combined two favorite trends of mine into one...puff sleeves and shiny metallic! What trends are you currently into?

If you're looking for a special occasion to wear something more glam, you might miss your chance, so start dressing however your heart desires NOW. The power is in this current moment.πŸ˜‰ 

Looking at the palm tree, can't you agree it's one beautiful moment?! A pink paradise, which immediately makes you want to book your spring vacation. If you're guilty of scrolling through vacation destinations right about now...we can be guilty together! hahahaha

As long as there's sunshine and palm trees...which luckily happens often in Vegas, there will be colors in my choice of clothing and accessories. Exactly like this outfit, made to shine in daylight and nighttime from disco lights! The kind of special effect every metallic piece of clothing can bring you!

How do you feel about the puff sleeves and metallic trend, wrapped into one like a bow? To me it's one of the best presents I could ever receive since I love it so much! 

And how many of you are on your spring vacation right now? Let me know what spring related posts you would like to see on here? I'm ready to make your wishes come true!!!

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Hello everyone,

Believe me when I say, being covered in high end brands like Valentino, Givenchy or Burberry isn't the only way to look expensive. In fact, there are ways to stay on budget, but still look wonderful when you dress. I stick to these tricks every time as they have never failed me!!! Wanna know what they are? Stick around to find out and be sure to share your thoughts as we go.

I'm one who doesn't like a big brand logo being slapped front and center on my clothing. That's just my personal preference since I mostly like wearing clean and nicely cut pieces with noticeable details. It feels natural and appeals to my sense of style. Plus, it proves that fashion on a budget is totally possible! You can even create your dream closet without spending thousands of dollars on items, which you might regret later. Sign me up...I LOVE the sound of that!

On a side note; something that has been gaining lots of popularity is red knotless braids like these: fun new way to change-up your look for summer! Very fierce, red and something that you and your girlfriends can try out together. Matching your hairstyles is the new thing! 

And keep in mind this post is just a little inspiration. At the end of the day you should always dress however feels like YOU! You're the stylist of your own life!!!πŸ˜‰

Add a BOLD Lipstick

I'm someone who never leaves the house without a lipstick on, only if I'm going out for a run or a workout. It's part of my lips DNA...hahaha! Without color I feel as something isn't right about my look. A bright red lipstick definitely has the power to make me feel put together, classy and expensive even if the lipstick is from Target and it only costs 8 dollars. Can you relate? 

This is one of the make-up products, I always carry in my bag as it never fails to make me feel like a woman. Yep, "Man! I feel like a woman" by Shania Twain is just playing in my head right about now...hahaha!

So can you guess how many colors of lipsticks I have? Literally, every color under the rainbow. I own a whole separate box only for lipsticks. It makes me smile, every time I try to decide which one to apply. πŸ’‹

Style your HAIR  

It can take anywhere from five to ten minutes, but styling your hair makes a HUGE difference. I always enjoy brushing my hair first, then styling it by the look/feel I want to achieve from my overall outfit. For example, if I want Spanish vibes added to my flowy, colorful pieces, I tie my hair slick. If I'm going after boho vibes, I usually do a half-up style and add a few of my seashell pins, which are actually DIY. How cute are they for the festival season coming up?  

Since the hair is our power crown, you'll definitely want to take care of it. Keep it healthy/fresh and just as beautiful as the rest. It can easily make you look expensive without even going to an expensive hairdresser. I color my own hair, my sister has become a pro at cutting it and I style it myself. See... it's that simple!!!

Take care of your Belongings

No matter the amount of money you spend on shoes, jewelry, always want to keep it in TOP shape, so you can wear everything for many years to come. How nice is that feeling, when five years later you can still wear your favorite pumps as if they're brand new without a single scratch? Best feeling ever right? Or the fact that there is no sign of any stains on your white jeans after wearing them for so long. These kind of details make you look more than expensive. They make you look classy and elegant!

Also, having details like tiny pearls on the collar of your shirt or a cool zipper pocket on your skirt, personally make me very EXCITED. They help express your unique personality! The importance is in the little things just like in life.  

Lean on your Investment pieces 

There are a few wardrobe essential pieces which will always go with anything in your closet. They're the starting point to building the stepping grounds for your own style. These items include the leather jacket, the white shirt, the pencil skirt, the denim jeans, the black pants, the blazer...If you invest in these classics, you'll be able to mix and match them to the rest of your clothing. Plus, you'll end up wearing them more than a few times. Also, I can't begin to explain how one simple staple from this list can make you look much more expensive without having to spend all of your money. 

My classic pieces I have bought from H&M and Forever 21, either on sale or at decent prices, are the pieces to reach for when I want to look more elegant, expensive or perhaps to ace that job interview.

Nails on Fleek

My final suggestion to looking expensive is making sure to take care of your nails. Have freshly painted fingers at all times, no chipping allowed. I always do my nails before every photoshoot (every week) and just enjoy having beautiful designs or different colors. This small hack has been part of my routine for so long that it would be weird if I suddenly stopped doing it. 

You can imagine how excited I get when I buy new nail polishes. It feels like I have bought my first very own house! As you know, a true girl boss, always has her claws on fleek.😁 She means business!              

What's something that makes you feel expensive when in truth it doesn't cost you much? I wanna know, so write me in the comments. 

Before I go, remember there's still time to enter the teeth whitening kit GIVEAWAY. Something for get your smile ready for lots of laughter in spring and summer!🌞 

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Hello everyone,

Imagine've got no Valentine's Day plans, however, in the morning of February 14 your crush texts you and invites you to a casual date of bowling or a movie. Here's where this post comes in handy as you might be in a rush trying to figure out what to wear. You want to look casual, cute and put together at the same time! 

Last minute date outfits can be the MOST memorable and fun as your brain cells speed-up, your heart rate starts doing cartwheels...hahaha! I think you get the point!!! πŸ˜‚ 

I'm not a dating expert, but the fashionista in me tells me I know how to dress for any date. The winning point has got to be something I feel 100% confident in. For me, that most likely always involves a bold red lipstick and high heels. What's your confidence booster?  

If you would rather enjoy Galentine's day consider this look as an inspiration as well because I think it would be perfect for hanging out with your besties. No matter what this day brings you, I hope you enjoy it to the fullest!!! πŸ’•

With this V-Day outfit, from the start I knew I wanted to play with one of last year's trends...socks with sandals! You might be asking, aren't you a bit late? I know it's 2020, but for me, fashion has no expiration date. I rock the trends whenever I feel like it! 😜 

Are you fond of the way this trend looks or do you prefer to ignore it like it never happened? I'm very surprised that I'm actually loving it. It's definitely unique, feels different which is why I like it so much. Sometimes it's good to go out of the ordinary and be extraordinary!!!😁 I actually think, thanks to the socks and sandals, this Valentine's Day look turned out so fun. Plus, your date will want to make you forever his after he notices your one of a kind taste in style. 

Even on days when we're not celebrating Valentine's Day, I love wearing red. I couldn't wait to add this crop sweater with a high rise pair of jeans. Puts me in the mood of loving! LOL! Yep, red has powers. Add to it red lips and you'll be fearless! πŸ’‹Your date might even get a red smooch at the end of the night!    

To add this cool, casual vibe to the look, I finished it off with a puffer jacket. You know... to keep things warm and cute. Also, it gives off the "I didn't really have to try" vibes, which a lot of guys like on a girl. 

I hope you enjoyed this Valentine's Day outfit as it's a bit different from the elegant dress date night look. What kind of date are you getting ready for? Happy Valentine's Day! May you always be loved!           
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Hello everyone,

Have you ever wondered what effect at home teeth whitening would have? Is it as good as or better than going to your local dentist? 

In the month of January, I took the chance of trying Smile Brilliant whitening kit because I wanted a new whiter smile to help boost my confidence, go after my dreams, and hopefully, create more reasons for me to smile BIG throughout 2020!😁 

It was an experiment that, to be completely honest, took a little bit of time, discipline,  and consistency, but from my results, which you will see in my "before" and "after" photos, you'll be able to notice the difference and make your own personal judgement as to whether the product works or not. What do you say? Get your score cards ready (1 to 10 being the highest) and let's make a difference in our smiles!!!  

This was completely new to me, every step was a learning one. For those of you wanting to improve your oral hygiene, I'm here to lead you through it all from creating the perfect impressions to the actual whitening application. Also, the brand made it very easy for me as they were there to answer any questions or concerns. The whole experience was a positive one, as I still got to enjoy the hobbies I LOVE the most, like drinking my daily cup of coffee or going for my weekend hike. By the way, stick around, because in the end you'll be able to WIN your very own whitening kit!!!πŸ˜ƒ  

Once you receive your kit, the first step is to make dental impressions of your upper and lower teeth. Don't worry. It's super easy. The kit comes with detailed instructions that anyone can follow. After you make your dental impressions, you send them back to Smile Brilliant, so that they can use them to create your very own set of invisible custom-fit trays. I was super pleasantly surprised to receive mine just days after I sent them back, which made me very happy because I could start the cleaning process almost immediately!

The cleaning process can last up to 7-12 days depending on how much gel you apply each time. I was able to complete all 12 days. Doing it every night before bed, once a day or every other day, as I wanted to be as consistent as possible and get the best results.  

Whitening gel steps: 

1. I floss then brush my teeth with water toothpaste. 

2. I apply thin layer of the gel (the one in the orange packaging) to my upper and lower trays. 

3. I insert the trays and set my timer. First time ever, you can start at 45 min, so your teeth can get used to the feeling. You might feel a bit of tingling (that's normal.) Every session after that, I set my timer for 3 hours for full effect. 

Desensitizing gel steps:   

1. Once my 3 hours are up, I clean my trays with cool water and let them dry while I brush my teeth with toothpaste. 

2. Again, I apply the gel (this time the one in the purple packaging) onto my trays and place them in my mouth. 

3. This one, I set for 20 minutes maximum. 

4. Once the time is up, I spit out the remaining gel and remember DO NOT rinse your mouth. Also, don't eat or drink anything that might stain your teeth. I did all my cleaning before going to bed, so I can enjoy the full effect of waking-up with whiter teeth. I recommend you do the same.  

Here are the RESULTS
What do you think? What score do you give it?

I personally enjoyed whitening my teeth in the comfort of my home. Once I got used to doing the steps, it quickly became part of my night routine and I was able to see improvement everyday. Yep, I recall staring at my smile in the mirror and telling my sister, "OMG, look at my teeth...I can't stop smiling!" She just laughed at me as I was obviously too excited!!! πŸ˜‚ 

And now is your chance to enter the GIVEAWAY! You can be smiling/showing off your new smile as much as me! Enter here!!!
Open to Australia, Canada, United Kingdom and USA. The WINNER will be chosen by Smile Brilliant and they will personally contact you. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!!
You can always shop more: 15% off store by using fashionradi15 code at checkout. 

~ This post is a collaboration with Smile Brilliant. All opinions are my own.
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