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Hello everyone,

LOVE is in the air!
πŸ’— Do you feel it? The birds are chirping, your thoughts are drifting toward that special someone, the flower shops are getting ready to spread joy as your smile tells it all. Valentine's day is near! Who's you special Valentine? 

Appreciation is something that fuels us, makes us feel important like we matter in this world, which is why I like that holidays like these exist. With the speed of time, it's key to reconnect with our loved ones, to stop and express our gratitude for their presence in our lives and to create pleasant memories together where the last thing that comes to mind is to check your phone. You know it would be hard to get back these moments, so the time is NOW! 

Any relationship is worth celebrating on Valentine's Day! Your best friend, mom, sibling can use a nice gesture, word or a lovely gift, which speaks to their personality. Something thoughtful, cute and made out of love!!!

I've got budget-friendly gift ideas for February 14, which you can modify based on the person you have in mind. Here we go! πŸ‘„

Something that can always make a woman smile is a personalized gift. For example, picking-up her favorite movie, spend the time watching it together on Valentine's Day or getting your names/initials on a set of keychains. Even surprising her with a photo album with your favorite memories together from vacations, holidays, family gatherings...She would love that because honestly it's the time, effort and love, which you put into the gift that matters most.  

Also, who doesn't love a meaningful card in which you can write everything you love, appreciate about your crush. Let your soul pour-out! It will surely give them the chills and make them remember this moment for many years to come. A happy, loved soul is one of the most beautiful things to see! 

Also, I believe roses or a bouquet of her favorite flowers can make any woman loose her words in a good way. It's an easy gesture that would make the biggest impact on your Valentine!

Do you have anything planned for Valentine's Day? No matter how you end up spending this day, I hope you fully cherish the time with your loved one. πŸ’ž Be present, be happy and be loved!!!

If you want to see more Valentine related posts...let me know and I'll do my best to make it happen. Until then, Besos!!!

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Hello everyone,

What matters MOST to you...the outside or inside of a person? If I had to choose one, I would definitely go with what's inside. Is the heart tender and kind, loving and sweet? 

In that sense, I know what we notice immediately is the overall appearance of a person, clothing, shoes, accessories, hair. We don't see the undergarments, but to me they're just as important as the rest. Soft, yet sexy pair of bra and panties can skyrocket your confidence and make a difference in your day. How many times have you woken up excited to wear your new underwear? Me - every time!!! The feeling is special. I think every woman would agree with me when I say, we appreciate what's underneath.πŸ˜‰   

Having fallen in love with the quality and comfort of SKIMS undergarments, today's post is inspired by Kim Kardashian's brand made for every body and every woman. I'm completely impressed by it, happy to talk about a few essential undergarments, which I find make dressing a lot more easier.

Push-Up Bra

My go to bra is often a push-up style that gives me a bit of a lift, makes my upper body a bit more full. This makes me feel a lot more feminine and gives my tops/dresses a pleasant shape. Some women prefer no padding, which is completely fine. Whatever makes a woman happy and confident, that's what it ought to be!!!

With the many bra options at SKIMS, I knew I had to pick a push-up bra because not only am I in need of a new one, but I also love underwear shopping as much as every woman out there. It's the best. It feels part of my skin and now I'm one to wake-up feeling excited to put it on. 

Boy Shorts

The tomboy in me still loves a nice, soft pair of boy shorts to lounge in especially around the house. Also, if I'm wearing a flowy dress, I add cotton shorts as underwear instead of a thong since I'm known for wearing dresses when it's windy outside. Don't ask... I have no idea how this happens every time. The minute I walk out, my dress literally starts flowing all over the place!πŸ˜†      

What undergarment do you prefer for the bottom? And what's your favorite place to buy your underwear from? 


Whenever you want to target a certain body part, I would suggest giving shapewear a try. There are lots of options nowadays. Ones for the waist, hips/thighs, even a full slip on dress to cover the whole body in one. You get the support you need, when you want it the most. Depends on what you've decided to wear that day and what undergarment would make you feel extra sexy. So choose wisely! Remember the perfect underwear can give you that extra strut in your walk as if you're on the runway.   


When you've got a low cut top or something in super tiny straps, believe me you'll need a great set of pasties to stick on. Ones that not only stick, but stay on throughout the whole day/night. 

Certain clothing looks unpleasant with bra straps showing, so this is the best way to overcome this challenge. For example, when I choose to wear an item with an open back, pasties come to the rescue. Easy, simple and you get the effect you wanted in the first place!

A little tip: carry an extra set in your purse because you know unexpected things happen. One might fly off into the streets and besides the embarrassment, you'll end up worrying about your nipple showing the whole time. This way you'll be safe no matter what!


To me, the next best thing after a sporty workout bra is a cute lace bralette. It feels amazing on as if it's not even there. You've got full freedom when it comes to movement! I like the feel of no strap marks on your skin after you take off your underwear, which is why a bralette is the perfect essential in my organized drawer. 

Also, I love the fact that bralettes are made so stylish. You almost always want them to be seen or peeking a bit with their pretty lace designs. That's why many times, when I wear a bralette, I just add a shirt tied at the waist with the buttons a bit undone on top. Also, whenever I wear sheer blouses, I'm always wearing a bralette underneath. No question about it, they go together! When do you go for a bralette instead of a regular bra?  

~ This post is in collaboration with Nakturnal. All opinions are my own. 
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Hello everyone,

The BIG reveal is here... this year's color is CLASSIC BLUE! We'll be seeing lots of it in clothing, accessories and even decor. 

Blue has been my favorite color since I can remember (I've got a sharp memory πŸ˜‰ ), so I'm very excited such a calming shade is here to stay for all of 2020. To me, it symbolizes serenity, peace because I identify it with the deep ocean waves, which within seconds put your troubles away. It's a refreshing feeling! One that the longer it lasts, the better it gets.πŸ’™   

To celebrate pantone's color of the year, I've got a few ideas on ways to style your blue pieces in today's blog post. It's going to be FUN! Plus, I would love to see how you would add the classic blue...casual, dressy or bit of both? And what's your favorite color to wear? 

One way to go about adding this color to your wardrobe is through a fun floral print. The tiny splashes of blues make a huge impact. Would be perfect for those of you who don't want to wear as much blue or desire to turn your whole outfit monochromatic. It's fine whatever you decide, as long as you still feel like yourself! 

You probably already own a cute blue print, which you're thinking of wearing. Now's the time to give life to this piece because you just found-out, this color is trendy... in fact, staying this way for eleven more months!!! πŸ‘Œ 

Jumpsuits are practical, easy to wear and even less effort is required to style, so I suggest getting a jumpsuit in a classic blue shade. It would be a great change from your regular blacks as you get ready for a night-out. Keep the accessories playful, fun and there's no stopping you! 

This color is completely flattering to many skin tones, so all you can do by wearing it is WIN! I promise you, most likely you'll also get your friends hooked. 

Turn the classic blue into streetwear casual with a graphic tee and a tracksuit. Of course, it can be done, while you still look super fashionable. This is the kind of outfit I would go for during the day on a weekend when I have to run a few errands around the city. What's your go to weekend outfit? 

And you know what I like? I like it when sporty involves lots of cool accessories like a beanie, a few jewelry pieces and a mini backpack. That way, I'm more satisfied with my overall outfit. It's unique and as fun as wearing a dress with heels, which says a lot since in my mind nothing can top that. 

Okay, so I know cobalt blue isn't exactly classic blue, but you know you can still wear all shades of blue. You don't have to only stick to this particular tone! I'm even thinking of wearing a complete blue monochromatic outfit with colors from light blue to navy and everything in between. Yep, one crazy idea! That's why I LOVE fashion! With ideas like these my mind blows as my heart soars. hahaha!

This outfit here is my usual go to night-out look. I'm a sucker for leather, skirts, tights and salsa dancing!!!πŸ’ƒ Anyone wanna go dancing? 

Think, breathe in...BLUE

Don't forget, you can rock this trendy tone in the form of accessories like a playful pair of tassel earrings or a cute bag in hand wherever you go. That would be a nice start to becoming familiar with the classic blue especially if you aren't used to wearing such a pop of color. I'm all for it as I've always loved bright colors. For me it was a bit of a challenge to begin wearing black at first because I was so comfortable with vivid pinks, reds, oranges... 

How do you feel about this year's pantone color? πŸ‘ orπŸ‘Ž

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Hello everyone,

Do you ever consider starting the New Year with NEW purchases? I dooooo! I like to freshen-up everything in my life. Starting from somethings as important as my thoughts to something material like my closet. It's necessary, as we continue to grow and discover what brings us happiness! 😁 

On that note, today I'm bringing you a try-on haul from Forever 21 (my favorite store). A few pieces I picked up online. I've got to admit, I kept adding more and more to my cart, but made my final decision on these 5 items because I knew I could style them countless ways with everything else I already had. I know...IMPRESSIVE! I told you, I can shop smart even though sometimes my appearance can trick you into thinking otherwise!!! hahaha!   

Since online shopping is always fun for me, I'm ready to try-on my picks for the first time with YOU. Hopefully you'll join the fun because this blog would be so boring without you. Plus, I like seeing what other girls buy, so this is our way of getting style ideas from each other. What do you say? Let's get started!!!  

1. Faux Fur Hooded Jacket

I can't even begin to tell you how cozy this jacket is. It's so similar to my mustard colored one you've seen me wear a few times. The one I included in my fall you remember? Well, having this one, made me buy another one with a zipper, a bit more loose (one size bigger) and in this pretty violet shade. I can barely focus right now!!! I'm freaking out for having a second teddy jacket. 🐻 

Because of the pretty color, I like to keep everything else at minimal. All grey is the way to go! At least that's what I felt styling it with on this day. I promise this grey didn't effect the Vegas sunny day...LOL!

And you know what? With this jacket I give out some warm free hugs, so if you see me wearing it, you know what to do!            

2. Patent Leather Mini Skirt 

Since a year ago, I've been obsessed with wearing skirts. Not the kind of obsession that goes away in two or three months. Completely the opposite, the kind where every outfit I think of begins with a cute skirt. Having so many proves my point and buying this one proves it even more, right? hahaha

I just love the idea of styling a graphic tee with an edgy patent skirt like this one or adding a feminine crop top with long bell sleeves. You can't go wrong with whatever you choose to wear on top. It simply works no matter what pops into your mind! How would you style this skirt?

A purchase like this one makes me want to go shopping each month... cross that, every week! I swear I need this skirt in every color under the rainbow. 

3. Cotton-Blend V-Neck Cami  

Simple, yet an everyday essential for me is a cami. This item was a no-brainer when it came to adding it to my cart because I know I will wear it a ton. It can be sported at home with a pair of shorts, even worn outside under your sweater or as the days get hotter, by itself. You can imagine these tops are super versatile. They are there whenever you need them 😊 Yessss, I'm still talking about clothing! LOL! 

You might get so comfortable with reaching for a cami every time you get dressed that you'll sometimes have to tell yourself "NO", so you can change things up. That's why we love fashion so much, it's good to take a leap and try to create various looks each time. This is what I strive to do every morning when being faced with a closet full of choices! 

4. Geo-Stitched Ribbed Sweater

It's still a bit chilly and while my heart is screaming for summer, I decided to stock-up on more sweaters until my favorite season arrives. At least now I've got a smile on my face! A big part of it comes from getting this black sweater. How cute is it?

Sweaters like these define #sweaterweather because fall/winter would be incomplete without them. We all know this to be true! Something so cozy is like a hug to your body. Ohh so poetic!!!

How many of you are sweater lovers? ALL for one and one for all.πŸ˜‰

5. Tokyo Graphic Metallic Leggings

I've never been to Tokyo, but with these leggings I feel halfway there! hahaha 

I love a good pair of stretchy leggings, which is why I bought these. Also, the metallic silver gets me every time. Seeing them it was difficult to forget, so I quickly added them to the rest of the pieces. As you can see, the cami, the teddy jacket go perfectly with the leggings. One outfit of velvet, grey, metallic and a pop of violet! Can it get better than this?

It feels amazing having comfort but still being stylish. I would always pick style over comfort, but here I got lucky with both. 😁 Who else feels the luck with their first purchases of 2020? Raise your hands!!!

And that's a WRAP for my first try-on haul of 2020? What did you like the most? Be sure to spill the beans down in the comments section...what's one new purchase of yours that you're excited about? 

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