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Hello everyone,

Nowadays our homes have become our playground, gym, movie theater and work office. With the rapid spread of the coronavirus our daily lives have shifted completely from what we once knew. Now more than ever we're beginning to appreciate the small things that we once took for granted. For example, just catching a breath of fresh air on my balcony makes me realize how much we need the sun, the air...our PLANET. It's so unfortunate to see our Earth crying-out through Covid-19, reminding us of the fact that we've totally forgotten to cherish it. But in moments like these, we can only learn and hopefully get back to our roots as humans. What's really MOST important? Why do you think this disease even started and continues to spread? 

While our planet recovers, we're left to stay at home. For most of us this is a bit difficult as we enjoy seeing friends, traveling to new places, being busy and getting things done. However, during the quarantine we can still…


Hello everyone,

In today's post "let your sneakers be your wings," I show you that comfort can be just as fashionable. More so, if your feet are looking for a break (mine totally are), leave your heels to the side. 👠

This week we'll make comfort and style our priority! Not only can you run to catch the train in your sneakers, but you can feel wonderful after a long day on your feet. I can't say the same about heels even though they're dear to my heart. More than a few times, I recall, I had to run in my heels and let me tell you... it wasn't a pretty sight. Also, when taking them off, more often than not, I've got blisters all over. Am I lucky or what?😂

What I love the MOST is that as the seasons roll on by, adding an awesome pair of sneakers has become so trendy. I constantly notice it. A cool streetwear outfit with these type of shoes turns heads just as heels do. And the ways to style them are endless!!! Are you ready for this trainers lookbook? We&…


Hello everyone,

Guess what? It didn't take long before getting bit by the RED fashion bug again. I really tried staying away from posting any red outfits on here because last year there were plenty - from tips on ways to wear the MOST romantic color ever to matching my red attire with the stunning Red Rocks we're so fortunate to have here in Las Vegas.

Plus, many of you have said that this is "my color" and I should wear it more often, so I'm more than happy to follow your orders.😉 Good thing there's never a dull moment with this fiery pigment as I always seem to find a way to create various looks. Some edgy, others chic! And overall most of them romantic because red just has that power. I think mainly for this reason, I enjoy monochromatic red outfits. Fully stepping into this hue, which often, a lot of people shy away from. All I'm saying is...don't be SHY!😘

You know what's interesting? On International Women's Day, I went to a girls party …


Hello everyone,

Set the alarm to "snooze vacay" because it's time for a VACATION!!! Spring is nearing, so is our desire to go off somewhere tropical and enjoy a few days, even weeks of sunshine. Straight away I think of Mexico because it has been my favorite destination from the minute I visited Cabo San Lucas a few years ago. I can't describe it in MAGICAL, plus there, I feel at home. What's your soul-free top travel destination?

If you're already packing or booking your spring break trip right now, I'm here to help your packing journey be a little smoother. I've got a checklist for you and a few...ok, scratch that, a LOT of cute clothing items you should bring with you to make your vacation extra colorful and adventurous. Sounds good?🌴

You know what's even better? Having a birthday in spring. This way you can take your birthday to the beach...How Funnnnn! Just giving you a few ideas because birthdays and vacations look good together.😉



Hello everyone,

Anyone who knows me well will know that I love dressing up, even on days when there's no holiday or party to attend. Just because it's a fiesta in my head!
🥳 hahaha! And that's the purpose for this post. I always have fun with what I wear on days you wouldn't expect, like hump day. It gives me a boost to await the weekend with a salsa step forward and back. And you know what? This outfit just makes me want to dance non-stop! Plus, the photos turned out as if I'm looking at a pink summery Palm Springs, which is ohhhh so DREAMY! 💜 Hopefully you feel it too!!!    

What else I feel is spring, the sunshine beaming down on me while my metallic top catches the light. It's pure happiness! Also, I smile wide as I have combined two favorite trends of mine into one...puff sleeves and shiny metallic! What trends are you currently into?

If you're looking for a special occasion to wear something more glam, you might miss your chance, so start dressing howe…


Hello everyone,

Believe me when I say, being covered in high end brands like Valentino, Givenchy or Burberry isn't the only way to look expensive. In fact, there are ways to stay on budget, but still look wonderful when you dress. I stick to these tricks every time as they have never failed me!!! Wanna know what they are? Stick around to find out and be sure to share your thoughts as we go.

I'm one who doesn't like a big brand logo being slapped front and center on my clothing. That's just my personal preference since I mostly like wearing clean and nicely cut pieces with noticeable details. It feels natural and appeals to my sense of style. Plus, it proves that fashion on a budget is totally possible! You can even create your dream closet without spending thousands of dollars on items, which you might regret later. Sign me up...I LOVE the sound of that!

And keep in mind this post is just a little inspiration. At the end of the day you should always dress however feels li…


Hello everyone,

Imagine've got no Valentine's Day plans, however, in the morning of February 14 your crush texts you and invites you to a casual date of bowling or a movie. Here's where this post comes in handy as you might be in a rush trying to figure out what to wear. You want to look casual, cute and put together at the same time! 

Last minute date outfits can be the MOST memorable and fun as your brain cells speed-up, your heart rate starts doing cartwheels...hahaha! I think you get the point!!! 😂

I'm not a dating expert, but the fashionista in me tells me I know how to dress for any date. The winning point has got to be something I feel 100% confident in. For me, that most likely always involves a bold red lipstick and high heels. What's your confidence booster?  

If you would rather enjoy Galentine's day consider this look as an inspiration as well because I think it would be perfect for hanging out with your besties. No matter what this …


Hello everyone,

Have you ever wondered what effect at home teeth whitening would have? Is it as good as or better than going to your local dentist? 

In the month of January, I took the chance of trying Smile Brilliant whitening kit because I wanted a new whiter smile to help boost my confidence, go after my dreams, and hopefully, create more reasons for me to smile BIG throughout 2020!😁

It was an experiment that, to be completely honest, took a little bit of time, discipline,  and consistency, but from my results, which you will see in my "before" and "after" photos, you'll be able to notice the difference and make your own personal judgement as to whether the product works or not. What do you say? Get your score cards ready (1 to 10 being the highest) and let's make a difference in our smiles!!!  

This was completely new to me, every step was a learning one. For those of you wanting to improve your oral hygiene, I'm here to lead you through it all from cr…