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Hello everyone, I'm back to talking fall fashion because, well, there is a LOT to talk about! hahaha This season we might not be shopping as often (compared to last season), that's why it's important to make smart choices on any new purchases. This includes items, which can really last us a lifetime. How will you know? I can help you by introducing you to some of the current most sought-out pieces. You'll find out what's trending. Wanna know what's even better? A lot of these pieces you can find in your husband or boyfriend's closet. Why? Because this season the BIGGEST trend is everything oversized! If you don't have a partner whose closet you can raid, sneak into your dad's closet. Yep, you heard it first here!!! Sometimes you've got to do what's best for YOU! 😁Now that we've got our "secret plan" in full effect it's time to think fall fashion. What does your personal style look like during this time of year? What do…


Hello everyone,

Just like that summer is BACK as I got to spend this past weekend on the beach where I'm most happy! A road trip to Utah, a full day of adventures, and in the end, happy feet with shoes full of sand. This place has it all...dreamy blue waters, red sandstone landscapes, sand dunes and the warmest October breeze. I can keep going and going! Just remember the's called Sand Hollow State Park. No matter what month, what day, what've got to visit it!!! 
On top of that, it offers amazing trails for riding ATV's through the sand dunes for the wild at heart, boating for the party seekers, fishing for the mellow hearts, camping for the home bodies on wheels and epic backdrops for the instagrammers. Everyone under the stars can be fully satisfied here! And you know what's interesting? This state park opened not long ago to the public in 2003. This makes it one of the newest, and so far, most popular in Utah.   
You'll find Sand Hollow Sta…


Hello everyone,
How is your October going so far? 
I hope that no matter what happens around you, you still find joy within yourself. You still appreciate the things that once made your heart warm and you continue to believe in the GOOD. Plus, just think of how nice it is that the family holidays are nearing and there is always hope for a better tomorrow. 
I really wish every single one of you reading this...a VERY happy fall season. I know this blog is about sharing our love for fashion together, but often I feel the urge to go a little deeper into the things that actually matter. The LOVE that keeps this Earth breathing and evolving! 
I find that now more than ever we're all going through some changes like the falling leaves from the light breeze. Let us be swept away by this natural beauty. Every season brings a new chapter. Every chapter brings new stories to be told. One day I'll share mine!!!
Today's look goes a little like this! As the calendar marked the beginning of au…


Hello everyone,

Technically it's autumn, but don't worry summer dresses aren't a thing from the past. We can continue to wear our favorites and feel like some part of summer is still with us. How do you like that? I'm all for it because I can't deny my love for both, the hottest season and a pretty bright colored dress. It's MAGIC
I want to keep this magic alive through the fall/winter months as long as possible, so today I'm sharing with you how you too can easily wear your dresses into autumn. Are you up for the challenge or should I say, are you ready to bring summer back? hahaha
Some of my favorite dress styles are a shirt dress, off the shoulders, a button down and a sweater dress. You'll see them here, in a bit. Meanwhile, I would love to know if you've already seen any sights of autumn in your city? Anything from colored leaves to a pumpkin patch? I recently saw a sign that said "fall sale" at a supermarket...does that count? haha 



 Hello everyone, Today we're going to focus a bit more on beauty because it's an important part of our daily lives. Since Covid happened and even years before that, I've always loved applying more minimal make-up. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with wanting to play with make-up and do cool, vibrant looks, but I prefer enhancing my features just enough to feel confident in my own skin. On top of that, I also like my choice of products to be natural, to feel like my second skin...light and hydrating. That's why I was super excited when I found-out Selena Gomez's new brand will be just that. Rare Beauty was made to break the unrealistic standards of perfection and focus on owning your true uniqueness. Have you tried it yet? The brand launched earlier this month on September 3. I knew I wanted to give it a try and create this review as soon as possible. If you're still debating whether or not you should purchase some of these products, I hope this po…


 Hello everyone,
Wanna know something fun? Fall is coming! hahaha I'm pretty sure you already knew that, but I had to start this post with one of my classic jokes. Sorry, I couldn't help it! I promise, I'll make it up to you with this post and I might even drop a few more laughs because laughter kills all bacteria. Oops, I did it again!😂Really, I'm just trying to get pumped up for autumn. While I love layering and truly getting creative with my style during this season, I'm a summer soul or I like to believe so. That's why don't mind me if I drop a tear or two on your keyboard while you're reading this.😥Ok...after this, I hope your computer is still working! Mine is still managing even though there is this loud sound, which is roaring or am I going a bit crazy?😆 What were we here for? Ohh, yeah, that's right...FALL FASHION!🍂Everything revolving around this season is slowly but surely creeping in. While you get your pumpkin spice latte, light your…


Hello everyone,

Here I am recharged and full of sunshine!🌞
My family and I went on a four day vacation to Lake Tahoe. The adventures were endless, from hiking the most beautiful vistas, paddle boarding for the first time to falling asleep on the beach numerous times, and getting sunburned. hahaha! Ohhh what a JOY
Everyday felt a little less ordinary and a lot more special. It was wonderful finding the beauty in every moment, being offline and soaking-up everything around me. I'm still in that state of mind! The beauty there is one of a kind...crystal clear water, most breathable temperatures, scenery that automatically makes you feel grateful for being alive in the NOW and a place where time feels as if it has stopped in your favor. If you have been to Lake Tahoe before, I'm sure you would 100% agree with me!!!👌
Today, I'm super EXCITED to share with you my impressions and experience from where to stay to what beaches to enjoy! A bundle full of new discoveries. We were abl…