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Hello everyone,

Believe me when I say, being covered in high end brands like Valentino, Givenchy or Burberry isn't the only way to look expensive. In fact, there are ways to stay on budget, but still look wonderful when you dress. I stick to these tricks every time as they have never failed me!!! Wanna know what they are? Stick around to find out and be sure to share your thoughts as we go.

I'm one who doesn't like a big brand logo being slapped front and center on my clothing. That's just my personal preference since I mostly like wearing clean and nicely cut pieces with noticeable details. It feels natural and appeals to my sense of style. Plus, it proves that fashion on a budget is totally possible! You can even create your dream closet without spending thousands of dollars on items, which you might regret later. Sign me up...I LOVE the sound of that!

And keep in mind this post is just a little inspiration. At the end of the day you should always dress however feels li…


Hello everyone,

Imagine've got no Valentine's Day plans, however, in the morning of February 14 your crush texts you and invites you to a casual date of bowling or a movie. Here's where this post comes in handy as you might be in a rush trying to figure out what to wear. You want to look casual, cute and put together at the same time! 

Last minute date outfits can be the MOST memorable and fun as your brain cells speed-up, your heart rate starts doing cartwheels...hahaha! I think you get the point!!! πŸ˜‚

I'm not a dating expert, but the fashionista in me tells me I know how to dress for any date. The winning point has got to be something I feel 100% confident in. For me, that most likely always involves a bold red lipstick and high heels. What's your confidence booster?  

If you would rather enjoy Galentine's day consider this look as an inspiration as well because I think it would be perfect for hanging out with your besties. No matter what this …


Hello everyone,

Have you ever wondered what effect at home teeth whitening would have? Is it as good as or better than going to your local dentist? 

In the month of January, I took the chance of trying Smile Brilliant whitening kit because I wanted a new whiter smile to help boost my confidence, go after my dreams, and hopefully, create more reasons for me to smile BIG throughout 2020!😁

It was an experiment that, to be completely honest, took a little bit of time, discipline,  and consistency, but from my results, which you will see in my "before" and "after" photos, you'll be able to notice the difference and make your own personal judgement as to whether the product works or not. What do you say? Get your score cards ready (1 to 10 being the highest) and let's make a difference in our smiles!!!  

This was completely new to me, every step was a learning one. For those of you wanting to improve your oral hygiene, I'm here to lead you through it all from cr…


Hello everyone,

LOVE is in the air!
πŸ’— Do you feel it? The birds are chirping, your thoughts are drifting toward that special someone, the flower shops are getting ready to spread joy as your smile tells it all. Valentine's day is near! Who's you special Valentine? 

Appreciation is something that fuels us, makes us feel important like we matter in this world, which is why I like that holidays like these exist. With the speed of time, it's key to reconnect with our loved ones, to stop and express our gratitude for their presence in our lives and to create pleasant memories together where the last thing that comes to mind is to check your phone. You know it would be hard to get back these moments, so the time is NOW! 

Any relationship is worth celebrating on Valentine's Day! Your best friend, mom, sibling can use a nice gesture, word or a lovely gift, which speaks to their personality. Something thoughtful, cute and made out of love!!!

I've got budget-friendly gift ideas …


Hello everyone,

What matters MOST to you...the outside or inside of a person? If I had to choose one, I would definitely go with what's inside. Is the heart tender and kind, loving and sweet? 

In that sense, I know what we notice immediately is the overall appearance of a person, clothing, shoes, accessories, hair. We don't see the undergarments, but to me they're just as important as the rest. Soft, yet sexy pair of bra and panties can skyrocket your confidence and make a difference in your day. How many times have you woken up excited to wear your new underwear? Me - every time!!! The feeling is special. I think every woman would agree with me when I say, we appreciate what's underneath.πŸ˜‰

Having fallen in love with the quality and comfort of SKIMS undergarments, today's post is inspired by Kim Kardashian's brand made for every body and every woman. I'm completely impressed by it, happy to talk about a few essential undergarments, which I find make dressing …


Hello everyone,

The BIG reveal is here... this year's color is CLASSIC BLUE! We'll be seeing lots of it in clothing, accessories and even decor. 

Blue has been my favorite color since I can remember (I've got a sharp memory πŸ˜‰ ), so I'm very excited such a calming shade is here to stay for all of 2020. To me, it symbolizes serenity, peace because I identify it with the deep ocean waves, which within seconds put your troubles away. It's a refreshing feeling! One that the longer it lasts, the better it gets.πŸ’™

To celebrate pantone's color of the year, I've got a few ideas on ways to style your blue pieces in today's blog post. It's going to be FUN! Plus, I would love to see how you would add the classic blue...casual, dressy or bit of both? And what's your favorite color to wear? 

One way to go about adding this color to your wardrobe is through a fun floral print. The tiny splashes of blues make a huge impact. Would be perfect for those of you who do…


Hello everyone,

Do you ever consider starting the New Year with NEW purchases? I dooooo! I like to freshen-up everything in my life. Starting from somethings as important as my thoughts to something material like my closet. It's necessary, as we continue to grow and discover what brings us happiness! 😁

On that note, today I'm bringing you a try-on haul from Forever 21 (my favorite store). A few pieces I picked up online. I've got to admit, I kept adding more and more to my cart, but made my final decision on these 5 items because I knew I could style them countless ways with everything else I already had. I know...IMPRESSIVE! I told you, I can shop smart even though sometimes my appearance can trick you into thinking otherwise!!! hahaha!   

Since online shopping is always fun for me, I'm ready to try-on my picks for the first time with YOU. Hopefully you'll join the fun because this blog would be so boring without you. Plus, I like seeing what other girls buy, so thi…