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Hello everyone, 

Whether you enjoy blogging as a hobby, which helps you escape the responsibilities of your everyday life or want to call blogging your career (more than 100%possible), this post will help you get an idea of multiple ways to make money from your blog. There are many factors that go into achieving this, but as long as you have a vision for your blog, you'll get there step by step. 

I'm eager to write this post and share with you my knowledge of blogging because with the New Year, I know that many of us want change, want to call our hobbies our jobs, want to fully emerge into our creative beings, and are open to growing/achieving our goals in 2020!!!

As you may know, in April I'll be making 5 years since I starting my fashion blog. During that time, I had zero knowledge of the depths of blogging and how one could turn it into a profession. With time I read a lot of books (currently I'm reading 3 books about blogging), other bloggers' shared experiences a…

BEST OF 2019!

Hello everyone, 

Salud to the end of 2019! (Yep, I currently have a shot glass of tequila in one hand...what can I say, I'm starting off the holidays just right!) 😂 If I start writing in español, just know it's the tequila in me!!! hahaha! You know I hate drinking alone, so here I am, I've got your company to look back at some of the great memories of this year. 

It has been a fiesta in every sense of the word from tearing up my heels from too much dancing to feeling like I've lost the rhythm a few times as the year passed on by. I guess that's LA VIDA! Who's ready to ring in 2020? But before we do, salud to surviving 2019. Know that a New Year brings new experiences, new changes, new opportunities. However, we've got our friendship and support to fall back on. I appreciate every single one of you, your friendship and your constant support...THANK YOU! 💕


This year, when it came to fashion, I really wanted to experiment, not be afraid to try different …


Hello everyone,

It's crunch time! Time to have everything wrapped and ready to go, so the holidays can truly be enjoyed with your family and friends. 🎁

Last minute gifts can be some of the best purchases because you probably already have an idea of what you're looking for; all it takes is to head to the store or open your laptop to purchase it. However, if you still can't make up your mind and are left hanging for ideas I can help you with filling-up the stockings with stuffers to the max! A few present ideas for your loved one... all of which are under $35!!! 

Remember the thought counts! The gift you're picking must be related to the person's likes. You've got to know their hobbies, what makes them the happiest. Don't go buying something you would like to receive yourself. The point of giving is to put the other person's needs and interests first. I feel like that's one of the most common mistakes we make. Also, don't let time pressure you into …


Hello everyone,

With Christmas getting closer and closer each day , I think it's inevitable to begin the process of getting ready and pampering ourselves. Somehow we all become our happiest, most festive self around this time of year. 

We've gone through the holiday party looks you should wear, in a previous post. Now it's time to take care of some details like freshly painted nails and cute festive hairstyles. We all want to look and feel confident from head to toe, right?! So, besides my suggestion for making a visit to the hairdresser for a refreshing blowout, today, I'm going to show you four hairstyles you can try out this holiday season. 

With short hair, sometimes it becomes a bit difficult to think of new ways to style it, but surely, these hairstyles will make you feel a little more special. They would work with any length of hair, as long as you're ready to have fun twisting and turning hahaha! Plus, I went for hairstyles that are easy to recreate. They don…


Hello everyone,

2020... Who's READY? 🥳

It's the season of celebrating the end of an year and the start of a brighter, golden New Year! With the challenges we faced, the adventures we took, the twists and turns we encountered in 2019, at midnight once the clock strikes 12, it's time for a clean start. Leave the bad behind and believe in the blessings awaiting just for YOU! 

Another year, another chance to smile at someone, to ask your crush out, to take that dream vacation, to reconnect with your inner self, to take a chance, to lead the life you have been imagining. Make it count!!!

I will take my own advice and try my best to make 2020 a great one. In the beginning of 2019 February, something happened that shook me to the core and made it hard for me to enjoy even the good moments. Now, as I sit here and write this post, I feel stronger, willing to flip the page to a brand new chapter of my life. We can all find the courage to continue on and make the best from the deck of c…