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Hello everyone,

Let's get into the HOLIDAY spirit!!! πŸŽ„

I'm starting off a series of blog posts all made to excite us and get us into a festive mood this time of year. Today it's all about the glam outfits, each one made to party because I know this is the season of attending parties from work related gatherings to family Christmas dinners. So I've got style ideas and tips to help you pick an outfit appropriate for each type of event and mostly give you the confidence to walk into the room and have an incredible time. Are you READY? 

When it comes to holiday parties... let's just say they are my specialty,hahaha because I love socializing, drinking (shhhh), dancing, laughing and I always having a blast deciding what to wear. That being said, you're in great hands! Just read until the end of this post, gather outfit ideas that suit your personal style and clear some time for a bit of online shopping. 😁 

1. Girls Night-Out

If you're planning to get together with your girlfriends for the holidays, exchange gifts and have a few drinks at a bar, this is the kind of outfit you should go for. Your look should be fun, bold and festive. You can be more free in your choice of clothing, meaning you can most definitely go for sheer fabrics and show a bit more skin than at other parties. Plus, I'm assuming they're your closest girlfriends, so they know you better than you know yourself, and more than likely, you always feel you can be your true-self in their company.

I know I love wearing metallic, sequins and see-through fabrics during the holidays, so I decided to mix them up into this one outfit. It screams party and it's a super fun night-out look! Just be ready... an outfit like this might get you a few more free drinks. LOL! Cheeeeers! 
2. Work Christmas Party

Lots of work places organize their own annual Christmas parties, which you most definitely will have to attend. You've got to have an outfit for this type of party as well! Here, it's important to still keep it professional and classy. However, you can play with the festive red and green colors for something more fun than your usual work outfit. Stay away from pieces that reveal too much skin. If you've got a low cut top or a dress you're not too sure about, have a blazer on top to make it more appropriate. You wouldn't want your boss/colleagues to see that side of you! LOL! Also, at a work party, there's nothing worse than others staring at your outfit, being distracted, not looking you in your eyes when having a conversation.

A safe bet is always a white shirt, pencil skirt and long pants. From there you can add something red or green, or why not both, like I did here. This outfit is prove that you can still add some holiday cheer to your work party outfit!   

3. Christmas Family Dinner 

'Tis the season for getting together with loved ones and celebrating! There's nothing like spending the holidays with your family, seeing the joy and sparkle in their eyes as we bond over shared past memories. In many cases this is the only time we get to see close relatives since a lot of us have families spread all over the world or in different cities. Thankfully, holidays like Christmas are able to connect us and make us feel home!

On Christmas Eve my family and I always have a special dinner, which later leads us to opening our presents under the Christmas tree. Years ago I made it into a family tradition because I couldn't wait until Christmas morning to open gifts. Santa said it's okay! LOL! 

On this special family holiday, I love dressing-up, adding a bit of spark. Anything gold is my absolute favorite and when it shines it earns extra points in my boo just like this cozy, shiny sweater! The golden theme continues with the long tassel earrings and the pleated skirt. Definitely go for something comfortable that makes you feel happy, in the mood to eat, celebrate and eat some more... hahaha! 

4. NYE Party

We can't let the holidays slip on by without welcoming in the New Year! πŸ™Œ This is where all the FUN happens in your outfit and outside of it. hahaha! Who's excited for 2020?

There are not limits when it comes to your party look...ok, maybe don't show-up naked. But I mean, you can go all out with accessories, your sequin dress which you've probably worn only once before, and your most uncomfortable heels, which you haven't even touched. hahaha! I'm laughing out loud because that's so me!!!

Easiest choice for a NYE party is a sexy dress or a playful two piece set. Both are meant for a wild night, just you know, a little heads up. I already have in mind what I'll be wearing this year. I might even show you, if you're really curious?!        
Hopefully, this post got you into the holiday spirit! Just know, there's lots more to come, so see you again next week! What are you MOST excited for this holiday season?

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Hello everyone,

Woooh-ahaaa! Black Friday is nearing, so is Cyber Monday, and that only leads to shopping and more shopping! πŸ™Œ It's the best time to catch the sales and hopefully finish your Christmas shopping earlier. We all know this can take a lot of our time because we don't want to forget anyone on our list or make a present that isn't well thought out or fits the personality of the people we're shopping for. So here, I've got your gift ideas for the fashionista, the guy in your life, as well as the home and beauty lovers. Mark your favorites and let the spirit of holiday shopping BEGIN!

My sister, for example, is a total home lover. Gift her anything pretty and useful for her home and she would die a happy lady, hahaha. There are so many gift ideas out there for those people in your life that appreciate an aesthetically pleasing and cozy space where they can relax and unwind. Here is a list of some of the treasures I found:

1. Globo Trellis Pillow 

Okay, so all women know that guys are super hard to buy presents for. Even though our men don't openly tell us what they want (it's because they really don't know what they want, right girls? LOL!)...anyway, we can still surprise them and make them feel special by picking something that we know they already like and would appreciate - a nice cologne or a watch. The following list is some of my favorite gift ideas for men: 

1. Cashmere Striped Crewneck Sweater

This has got to be the easiest category to buy for, in my opinion. I mean, beauty?! Yes, please! The options are endless! From luxury perfumes to body lotions and scrubs, from festive lipsticks to the perfect skin care kits - ah! The only problem I see here is that while you're shopping for your friend, it would be absolutely unacceptable not to get yourself something as well, hehe.

1. La Vie est Belle Eau De Parfum   

And now...for the grand finale...where are all my fashionistas at? Ladies, I don't have to say anything, right? I mean, the smell of brand new shoes, the cozy feels of a chunky turtleneck sweater, the perfect accessories to tie the whole look together....ah, the world is a better and prettier place because of fashion! Only thing you have to be careful about is getting the right size, but if you don't know it, it's not the end of the world, because you can't go wrong with a nice bag or a piece of jewelry that your friend has been eye for a while. 

1. Cashmere Double-Slit Turtleneck Sweater

Let the shopping EXTRAVAGANZA begin!

Which of these categories will you most likely be shopping? I'm curious to know who's the fashionista in your family/group of friends? I know I'm all over that category!πŸ˜‚  

I'm looking forward to this day and all the holidays coming up! It's going to be amazing! Be sure to enjoy it while it lasts. We all know in a flash it will be January again! 

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Hello everyone,

Wanna know something? It's a fall overall kind of day today because I'm bringing back my checkered overall dress, which you might remember from earlier this summer. However, this time I'm waving a leaf in the air (hahaha) and making it more suitable for autumn. Can you see, feel and tell? It's going to be EPIC!!! 😊🍁

It's just too good knowing that lots of summer pieces can also be worn in other seasons. This way you can work with what you have, still be creative in your style and not have to shop every time a new season arrives. You can't go all works out in the end! I know for myself...I find the joy in setting one item as the main character in this case the gingham overall dress and trying to wear/style it from spring to winter. And let me tell surprisingly turns out better than expected! My mind runs through countless ideas with one that screams "THIS IS IT!". 

So let our minds run wind and let us celebrate the last few weeks of autumn!!!

You know I couldn't keep the whole outfit black, I had to add something bright, yet "autumny"  that I would want to wear over and over again like coral. It makes me happy!!! If I was in a forest full of vibrant colored leaves, I would be picture-perfect matching them. Just imagine the Insta photo in your mind! LOL!

This heart sweater is an old one, but still a good one. Somehow I immediately thought of it when I was searching for something to pair the overall dress with. It wasn't easy finding it because it was somewhere in the closet surrounded by other sweaters, but "high five" I conquered it. hahaha! This is the result to prove it! πŸ˜‰

On top of that I'm happy to once again start wearing my over the knee boots. Their velvet fabric makes me crush on them so much... to a point where autumn might become my favorite season. Just kidding, not going to happen! πŸ˜‚ Summer is my MUSE!  

To top it all off, in my opinion this outfit needed a beret and fishnets. Just because, you know...that's when my personality shines! hahaha As I like to always say, it's all in the details! When every detail comes together, it creates something beautiful as a whole like a painting that tells a story. 

What are your thoughts on overall dresses? Yay or Nay?! 

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