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Hello everyone,

I've been wearing this one item so often that I had to make this post. The title gives it away... I'm talking about the white jeans!!! They're my go-to, not because I give them a wash every time I wear them, but because they're everything I want in a pair of jeans. This includes unique, chic and bright... my kind of signature style this fall!!! πŸ˜‰ 

I have already worn them so many different ways that I thought you would like to see. Would you? I'm hearing loud YESSssss! Or is this me daydreaming again?! LOL! Nonetheless, I hope this post inspires you and please share with me how would you style your white jeans. We can INSPIRE each other!!! πŸ’“

I know it can be a challenge to keep the white jeans as clean as when you bought them, but trust me they're just too cool to leave in the closet hanging. I would rather sit, walk and dance in them!!!


It's a denim dynamite everybody! Denim and white jeans as a combination EXCITE me. I mean, if clothes don't excite you, what will? Haha. Honestly I love the whole vibe of this look because it's put together yet cool with the over-sized denim jacket. It works and I like it like that!!! 

This is a quick outfit you can easily put together and rock through the autumn season like me. Shhh don't tell anyone, I have been wearing it more than once. Actually, do tell because I think clothes are meant for exactly that, especially if you feel confident in them. I know you feel me...what clothing item makes you feel unstoppable? 


If you're the girl on the GO, constantly moving from one place to another this outfit is for you. It's cute and casual, makes running around, or more precisely running errands, a lot more enjoyable. And you know I added watermelon earrings because I'm desperately trying to bring summer back! hahaha
It hasn't worked so far, but I'm crossing my fingers! Maybe if I wear them one week non-stop, the MIRACLE will happen!!!😱  

I feel like a lot of you will favorite this outfit the most because a tee and a cardigan go a long way. They're an everyday essential! Adding white jeans to the mix, it just can't get any better. So good, it screams..."Yep, I lovvvvve it!" 


So, we've got the white jeans, which immediately makes me want to go all out with a monochromatic look. It's like a white blanket outfit on cloud 9...of course I want to wear it! Here, I've got the sneakers, the furry coat and the clean cut details that I love. I can't explain the feeling with words, you've got to try it yourself!

Having one shade on from head to toe makes for one bold statement! There is not much else to be said, as the outfit does all the talking. Let's leave it to this look to finish the rest... hahaha!


And ending this saga with the sweet, knit life! hahaha  

The're nothing better than a cozy knit in the fall. Even more so when you've got white jeans at the bottom to make you feel extra special. I love the way grey and white look together! Like a holiday special, festive and heart-warming. 

Out of these 4 outfits, which one is more your style? And before I forget, do let me know what kind of holiday related posts you want to see this year? The clock is ticking and I want to hear your ideas!  

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Hello everyone,

With the new season here I think we like to change everything around us to give ourselves a fully "new life" where the new gives us a fresh, energizing beginning. Along with my clothing and make-up, I give my face brand new products to smile about. Since face recognition is the only way to easily unlock my phone, I need my face to be autumn glowing! LOL!!!πŸ˜‚ These five skincare products I'm about to share with you in a little bit, help with that. They've made it super enjoyable for me to stick to my day and night routines because they work and are the BEST. 

For me, it's very easy to find products that work because I don't have any problematic areas to worry about and my skin is normal, never too dry or oily. Lucky me, right!? My aim is to keep it this way, healthy and hydrated from morning until nighttime for years and years to come...hahaha! So here are the top five products I would suggest, if you're wanting to change-up your skincare this fall! 


Want your skin, including face plus neck, to feel hydrated all day? This is the cream for you!!! Sephora now has their own brand of skincare that is CLEAN from harmful chemicals, fragrances, and other things that you don't want in your skincare products, which is absolutely amazing! This All Day Hydrator contains hyaluronic acid to fight signs of aging and give you that hydrated, youthful, and glowy skin. You can apply it day and night like me and even use it as a make-up primer on days you want to wear make-up. It gives a very fresh and clean feel to your face, which is why it's my favorite and number one pick. Also, if you've got sensitive skin this is the product to try! 

I've been using it since the start of October and it's so good, the kind of product that gave me the idea to write this blog post. I just knew I had to share it with you!


Next up, I've got this cocoa extract serum from Drunk Elephant, which again is a CLEAN brand you can find at Sephora and promotes sustainability and products that are good for you and the environment made completely from natural ingredients. The serum is perfect for autumn, now that it's getting darker quicker and we're receiving less sunlight because it has a bronzing effect, which will give you a flawless, radiant skin during the winter months. It can be applied anywhere... face, neck, hands to give you a lovely touch of bronze without the damaging effect of sun rays, of course. 

The drunk elephant products are some of my favorites. I've tried a lot of them in the past year and I have fallen in love with this brand. So, if you're in the search for something wonderful and would like to try a new brand with a handful of amazing products, I suggest this one. Yep... I'm drunk on elephants!!! 😜  


This honey cleanser  from Farmacy is ultra gentle, natural, plant-based with moisture magnets...what can be better than that? After a long day, to completely get rid of any make-up and dirt, I take just a few drops of this and massage it gently into my skin with water. A little product goes a long way with this one as it surprisingly foams really well. Then, I rinse it off and I'm left with clean, smooth, glowing skin. I've never used a better cleanser! You know how sometimes your skin feels really dry and tight after you've cleansed it? With this, I never get that feeling because it's completely natural with real ingredients and it's just so worth it. It's the best feeling in the world... knowing that waking-up you won't have a trace of make-up on your pillow, as if last night never happened, plus, you get the added benefit of natural glowy skin. 

Once you try it, you'll want to spread the buzz because it's bee-licious!!! 


Traveling or not, this hydrating mask from Summer Fridays must be by your bedside. It's one of these masks, which you can leave on for ten minutes or more and you won't have to rinse it. You just blot it gently with a warm cloth and enjoy the amazing aftereffect. I even apply it under and over my eye area because you know you got to work on preventing those wrinkles even in our late 20's.

For me, one of the best ways to end any day is relaxing with a face mask hours before going to bed. Not only does it make me feel great, but also gets me ready for the next day. One of the many ways I love to recharge!


And my final pick is not to be missed because it's a winner when it comes to bringing youthfulness back to your skin. The Marc Jacobs Youtquake hudra-full retexturizing gel cream fights fine lines and wrinkles, and literally retexurizes your skin. I don't know how they do it or what they put in this cream, but I love the way it has transformed my skin.  It gives you a glowy complexion, which makes you smile every time you see yourself in the mirror. Plus, I really love the fresh smell it has, as if I just got out of the shower. It's PERFECT!

What skincare products have you been loving this fall? Anything new I should try-out that I haven't mentioned on here? Let me know!  

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Hello everyone,

How's your autumn going so far?🍁 Are there any changing colors where you are or are you enjoying the sunshine like me? I feel fall in the air at nighttime with the crisp wind on my skin, making me wish I brought something more cozy other than a light jacket. Ohh well, at least my style doesn't suffer from it! πŸ˜‚ I like to imagine it's always summer in my heart no matter the changing seasons.

Besides making this month "beret season" like I said in a recent post, I'm also very much into wearing various print tights. I can't fully separate from my dresses/skirts just because it's getting colder feel me? So I'm happily "bringing tights back"...see what I did there...this could be a potential song title! πŸ˜ And don't forget to hit that imaginary "play" button because it's about to go down... LOL! 

Ok sorry, I lost track! I'm in a dance mood. Must be because the full moon is in Aries and I'm an Aries, so the energy is taking flight like never before hahaha! It's CRAZY! Any other Aries out there who feel this shift as well? 

Back to the OUTFIT!!! As you can see I've gone a bit army green monochromatic with my shirt dress and cool jacket. It was actually planned because I'm one who plans everything - even the smallest things like outfits and lunch times hahaha! I also tend to love wearing one shade of color during these months. Somehow it feels right as I like the way darker shades look in monochromatic looks. Last year, I wore a full-on red, grey and white look! This year I'm continuing with the same tradition, so, be sure to follow my blog to see it ALL! And you know, you can always write me any suggestions for what you would like to see on here! πŸ’‹   

For every effortless chic diva out there, this is it... the same as the look you give yourself when you know you've done something right! Make it lasting and powerful!!! 

How many of you are pumped for Halloween next?πŸ‘» Who are you going to dress up as? 

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Hello everyone,

Lights, camera, pose...
πŸ“Έ The three starting elements you need when being photographed, but it's save to say that to create great content/ it's good to focus on the little details. When every detail comes together the outcome is one to be proud of. 

Throughout the years of blogging, I've learned some things about posing in front of the camera and I think now is the perfect time to spill the tiny details that have helped me grow and gotten me to a point where I'm comfortable being photographed. This wasn't always the case... In the beginning, everything was a bit challenging because I had to figure it all out as I went. I had no idea about the importance of knowing your angles and letting your photographer take your vision to the next level. Yep, it's hard work, and with the right mindset/support, it becomes something as natural as driving. 

To any of you reading this post, who are striving to improve their photos, want to be more "at home" when being photographed, and would like to create images that are visually appealing, this is for YOU! I apply these five steps myself and find that they have completely made a HUGE difference to my photos. To prove it...have a look at my older blog posts from 2015 and compare them to my most recent ones. I knowwww...Exactly!!!


One of the best ways to get comfortable in front of the camera is to include props in your photos. Literally anything would work because with a prop in your hand, you'll be able to loosen up and make it part of the story you're wanting to tell. You can hold something as simple as a pair of sunglasses or a bouquet of's special, unique and will inspire you to try different poses.   

It's one of the most fun ways to express yourself and your creativity. I mean, that's why most of us are hooked to Instagram and enjoy scrolling from one photo to another, right? 

This year, I have used the most props when photographing because it feels more like "play time." I love the final photo results and a little fun won't hurt anyone!


This one requires a bit more preparation before the actual photo-shoot because you've got to have an idea of a location, which will also go great with your outfit. The place helps a lot in bringing your vision to live. For example, whenever I'm wearing a boho outfit, I like photographing in the desert with a cactus or two surrounding me. If I've got an edgy, chic outfit, I like heading to Downtown for some graffiti walls to be part of the background. 

In my experience, the location is just as important as the rest of the other tips I'm giving you. That's why when planning everything out, I never miss the chance to find or search for an inspiring location. Many times when I'm running errands, I see cool locations around the city and make a point of remembering them when the next photo-shoot comes around. 


This is something my photographer, who is also my sister, always tells me and not only motivates me, but to this day makes me laugh every time. She says, "Radi, now it's time to play with the camera"! 😁 It has even become a joke between us!

I know she's right because in order to get the job done, you've got to loosen up, be comfortable in your own skin and move as if you're dancing with the camera. Sometimes it's easier said than done, but you feel the difference right away and know when everything clicks. 

For her to be able to capture lots of awesome photos, I move slowly from one pose to the other and only stop when she tells me to hold a certain pose. That's how we reach up to 300 photos to choose from later! 


For this one you've got to be open to trying new poses and let your photographer guide you. Remember, they are the ones behind the camera, so they see what's going on better than you. So, even if something they tell you feels awkward to do in real life, trust your photographer because it most likely looks amazing on camera. Also, knowing your body would be a big plus as it will help you create shapes that are flattering and look good in every photo. For example, to help me look taller than I actually am (I'm 5'7), I get up on my tip-toes and have one leg extended forward. This makes me look as if I'm 6 feet tall and I love that in photos! 

Something else you can try is have your photographer bend lower, to get a different point of you. Really the photographer can move as much as you and try to capture you from every angle. You never know, some photos might surprise you, you'll end up loving...while others, you can just ignore and maybe try another time with a bit more practice.  


The best results happen when the photographer and model are in sync, so you'll need a photographer who you can fully trust. This way work flows more easily, you can freely accept direction, and work becomes naturally fun. 

For me, since day one, my sister has been my photographer. We've gotten to a point where we shoot for 5-10 minutes and each one of us perfectly knows what she has to do. Everyone plays their part and the outcome is one we're both happy with. 

Remember that you can't see what the photographer sees through the lens, so follow their lead and let them be your guide to posing. If they say, they would like to try something new, go for it. It's great to know that the photographer has a vision and ideas of their own, which they can contribute.  

What rules do you stick to when posing for photos? I would love to know!

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Hello everyone, 

I have officially named October "beret" season because berets are my favorite accessory to wear during the autumn. I have a few and I like to throw them on with any outfit I might be wearing. They go with simple jeans and a tee combo or dresses...really everything and anything! Plus, having a beret on always gives me the feeling of strolling through the streets of Paris, hopping from one store to another with a BIG smile on my face and both hands filled with shopping bags! How does that sound? I LOVE the sound of it!!! πŸ˜‰   

Apart from the beauty of this season, it's the best time to start playing with accessories and slowly changing up your color palettes. I even began changing up my make-up to darker shades of lipsticks and playing a bit more with the eye colors since now my make-up won't sweat-off the way it does during the summer. I'm reminding myself of this, once I start desperately wishing it could be summer again! hahaha

So let's welcome this brand new month together with a new, effortless, chic style! πŸπŸ‚πŸ 

I think this outfit is good for any day especially during the weekend when you want to mix comfy with chic. More precisely, when you want to wear a sexy dress, but feel the need to leave the heels behind. A game of yin-yang...dressy-casual! 😁  

To do exactly that, I went for my mustard dress. This is the color I'm mostly drawn to and have been wearing lots recently. I love it so much for fall! It's super unique in my eyes and makes a statement! I enjoy a dress with tiny noticeable details, like buttons, going down the front. As you may know these type of dresses were very trendy throughout the summer and made plenty of vacations more dreamy and fashionable. Now, they can continue to do the same for us even during the cooler months.

The one thing I suggest doing when wearing a dress in the fall is layer it with a cozy jacket or even add tights and closed toe shoes. It'll be so worth it, when you're not freezing after the sun is set. From there, stack your favorite jewelry pieces, and if you're into hats like me, add one. The accessories always make a big difference to our outfits! 

Overall, this outfit is the kind of style I'll be sticking to all autumn because it represents me and the season perfectly. It feels right!... When something feels this way, it means one thing... keep doing it! πŸ˜‰ What feels right for you? 
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