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Hello everyone,

I've been wearing this one item so often that I had to make this post. The title gives it away... I'm talking about the white jeans!!! They're my go-to, not because I give them a wash every time I wear them, but because they're everything I want in a pair of jeans. This includes unique, chic and bright... my kind of signature style this fall!!! 😉

I have already worn them so many different ways that I thought you would like to see. Would you? I'm hearing loud YESSssss! Or is this me daydreaming again?! LOL! Nonetheless, I hope this post inspires you and please share with me how would you style your white jeans. We can INSPIRE each other!!! 💓

I know it can be a challenge to keep the white jeans as clean as when you bought them, but trust me they're just too cool to leave in the closet hanging. I would rather sit, walk and dance in them!!!


It's a denim dynamite everybody! Denim and white jeans as a combination EXCITE me. I mean, if clothes don…


Hello everyone,

With the new season here I think we like to change everything around us to give ourselves a fully "new life" where the new gives us a fresh, energizing beginning. Along with my clothing and make-up, I give my face brand new products to smile about. Since face recognition is the only way to easily unlock my phone, I need my face to be autumn glowing! LOL!!!😂 These five skincare products I'm about to share with you in a little bit, help with that. They've made it super enjoyable for me to stick to my day and night routines because they work and are the BEST. 

For me, it's very easy to find products that work because I don't have any problematic areas to worry about and my skin is normal, never too dry or oily. Lucky me, right!? My aim is to keep it this way, healthy and hydrated from morning until nighttime for years and years to come...hahaha! So here are the top five products I would suggest, if you're wanting to change-up your skincare thi…


Hello everyone,

How's your autumn going so far?🍁 Are there any changing colors where you are or are you enjoying the sunshine like me? I feel fall in the air at nighttime with the crisp wind on my skin, making me wish I brought something more cozy other than a light jacket. Ohh well, at least my style doesn't suffer from it! 😂 I like to imagine it's always summer in my heart no matter the changing seasons.

Besides making this month "beret season" like I said in a recent post, I'm also very much into wearing various print tights. I can't fully separate from my dresses/skirts just because it's getting colder feel me? So I'm happily "bringing tights back"...see what I did there...this could be a potential song title! 😁 And don't forget to hit that imaginary "play" button because it's about to go down... LOL! 

Ok sorry, I lost track! I'm in a dance mood. Must be because the full moon is in Aries and I'…


Hello everyone,

Lights, camera, pose...
📸 The three starting elements you need when being photographed, but it's save to say that to create great content/ it's good to focus on the little details. When every detail comes together the outcome is one to be proud of. 

Throughout the years of blogging, I've learned some things about posing in front of the camera and I think now is the perfect time to spill the tiny details that have helped me grow and gotten me to a point where I'm comfortable being photographed. This wasn't always the case... In the beginning, everything was a bit challenging because I had to figure it all out as I went. I had no idea about the importance of knowing your angles and letting your photographer take your vision to the next level. Yep, it's hard work, and with the right mindset/support, it becomes something as natural as driving. 

To any of you reading this post, who are striving to improve their photos, want to be more "at home"…


Hello everyone, 

I have officially named October "beret" season because berets are my favorite accessory to wear during the autumn. I have a few and I like to throw them on with any outfit I might be wearing. They go with simple jeans and a tee combo or dresses...really everything and anything! Plus, having a beret on always gives me the feeling of strolling through the streets of Paris, hopping from one store to another with a BIG smile on my face and both hands filled with shopping bags! How does that sound? I LOVE the sound of it!!! 😉

Apart from the beauty of this season, it's the best time to start playing with accessories and slowly changing up your color palettes. I even began changing up my make-up to darker shades of lipsticks and playing a bit more with the eye colors since now my make-up won't sweat-off the way it does during the summer. I'm reminding myself of this, once I start desperately wishing it could be summer again! hahaha

So let's welcome th…