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Hello everyone, 

It's officially autumn season, so I decided to celebrate by picking up a few fall pieces that I can mix and match with the rest of my wardrobe. I can't hide it, this is my favorite way to welcome in a new season. It always puts a smile on my face! 😊

I bet it's hard to find a girl who doesn't love shopping, am I right? For me it's the kind of excitement that equals the one when I hear my favorite song playing on the radio. My heart starts beating faster and my face changes to completely in awe. Just imagine it... I won't show you! LOL! 

These are a few items I got before my trip to San Francisco because I knew it would be fall by then and I could make use of warmer clothing as it got windy there at times. So I packed it all in...a total of 3 looks in a carry-on bag only. Yep, let me hear your applause because this wasn't that easy to do! hahaha!!!

For so long I wanted a new pair of white skinny jeans and I finally got it. I got it extra good because these jeans feel like leggings, extra comfy and flexible. Yep, jeans can be flexible... I can even do yoga in them! hahaha 

I was searching for a pair with ripped knees for a little edge and a lot of vibes. Also, I love the high-rise style, so I can wear them with my crop sweaters and tees, if I want to layer more with jackets this fall season. 

The moral of the day is that these jeans were worth the wait. I'm sure you know exactly what I'm talking about. When something is worth the wait, the feeling is amazing...can't be described with a single word!       

Next up I saw this soft, cozy mustard jacket and thought it will do lots for me during our Vegas autumn. Nights are starting to get a bit chilly, so this is the perfect throw on to have. Plus, I like it more with a monochromatic look, so the color really pops out. This is why I wore it in San Francisco with black pieces, darker jeans and a black bodysuit. How would YOU style it? 

It's one of these jackets that feels more like a blanket. Gives the warmest hugs and makes any day brighter. It's so autumn-licious! Just imagine what it'll do with a cup of warm coffee in one hand!πŸ˜‰ 

The MOST exciting accessory for me during the colder months are hats. My favorite styles are berets and cabby hats. I love them to pieces, which is why I knew I had to purchase a black beret to go with every outfit of mine. I already know this beret is going to take me places because I'm sure I won't be taking it off much! LOL! 

My hats collection is growing steady as it's becoming a bit harder to find a place where to store newcomers. But in my book, that's a wonderful problem to have! What do you think? 

Surprisingly, I didn't go as crazy on this shopping haul because I knew exactly what I was looking for and told myself this is what I'll get until next week of course. hahaha! So the final piece of clothing I picked up is this grey one shoulder sweater. I'm sure you can relate, but I can't start autumn without a new sweater to warm me up! It's something no one has ever heard of before!!! 

This one I knew would look great with the white jeans, so it was a no-brainer. And I can see all these pieces being styled multiple ways, so this haul is one to be proud of in my book.

What did you purchase recently? Happy Autumn Everyone!!! πŸ‚ I can't wait to share with you everything I've got planned for this season! Stay tuned and wishing you all the BEST!!! <3 

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Hello everyone,

On my last post I mentioned I'll be out of town on a weekend getaway, so today I'm here to tell you all about it! This was my first time visiting San called and I answered!!! πŸ˜‚

It was one unforgettable experience! So different and interesting from what I'm used to here in Las Vegas. Starting from the way of life to the unique houses and the curvy uphill streets that were a whole workout trying to walk up and down. Yep, it felt like a completely different world, which was fun to dive into for these three days that I was there! 

While in San Fran, I was able to see most of everything we had planned to see with three months of researching in advance before flying out. So, today I wanted to share with you my impressions and the top places you must check-off your San Francisco list. I hope this helps those of you who are planning to visit soon!

Before getting started, I wanted to point out that September is the best month to visit this city. You can find the cheapest airplane tickets and the weather is the nicest. Our first day there was super nice... locals told us that it usually doesn't get this sunny. So lucky right!? However, most days you can expect humidity, winds and from time to time sunshine, so pack warmer clothing as it gets very chilly quickly at nighttime. 

Now onto the attractions you must see...   

San Francisco is famous for the Golden Gate Bridge, so this should be your first stop. It was ours, on the day we landed. We were there on time for the magical sunset and even caught the full moon, which was happening on Friday the 13th. It was so BREATHTAKING!  

I loved the ocean breeze and seeing the bridge mesmerized me from every viewpoint. Walking barefoot in the sand and taking all this beauty in was the perfect "welcome" this city could have ever given us!


We landed in the afternoon and headed straight to the Richmond District where we strolled around for Asian food to feed our starving little bodies. From there we walked to the Golden Gate Park and into the tranquil Japanese Tea Garden. Entrance is $9 per person and it's open from 9am-5pm. So beautiful and perfect for Instagram photos! But also, be sure to walk around and really enjoy the beauty. It's so different from the city with lots of greenery and relaxing sounds. 

Inside the Japanese Tea Garden you can find a small cafe, where you can sit and try/enjoy Japanese food. We had noodles...for the first time! So delicious! 


Next up... make a stop at the most significant colorful Victorian Houses called the Painted Ladies build in the 1960's. The detail of the architecture is stunning to see!

Right across from the houses is a park where you can sit, have a picnic, and enjoy the view in front of you. On Saturday everyone was out and about taking advantage of the sunshine. It felt lively and you could hear so many different languages being spoken. Perfect start to the weekend for sure! 

Here you can definitely spend more than an hour. For us time flew by as we decided to sit front row and rest from all the walking we did earlier.  


From Union Square you can catch a cable car to Lombard Street. That was our initial plan, but when we got to Union Square we saw a sign that said for that same weekend the cable cars were closed, so instead we went for an Uber. We weren't able to fully get the fun experience of riding a cable car, but if you have the opportunity while in San Francisco, be sure to do it. 

I loved seeing the whole city from there with the steep eight hairpin turns street making it a tourist sight you wouldn't want to miss. It's the kind of beauty you think you could only see in a movie!


For seal-watching, mesmerizing sunsets, lots of shops/restaurants and a view of Alcatraz Island (a former prison), you've got to make your way to Pier 39. With a very lively atmosphere, you'll end up forgetting about time. 

Here we got to try the most popular San Franciscan dish, the clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl. Really, the best thing I tasted on this trip!!! πŸ˜‹ If you're a foodie and like trying new foods when travelling, you'll love it! Mark it down as something you must eat when you visit San Fran!!!


The BEST 360 view of San Francisco is at the top of Twin Peaks. I mean the photos tell it all, but you've really got to see it in person!!! We visited it on the last day...hiked from the city to the very wonder I can barely feel my legs! hahaha Plus, did it with heavy backpacks on because hours later we were headed to the airport to catch our flight back to Vegas. LOCAS!  

This is the view which will make you wish you could stay a bit longer and completely make you fall in love with San Francisco. That's how I felt the minute I caught a glimpse of it!!!


And our very final destination was the 163 mosaic steps created by the community that lives near by. It features flowing sea to stars design, which is stunning to watch from the bottom. These stairs became an attraction thanks to the people who made it happen. I love the idea of what people can accomplish together when they have a set idea and dedication. The power of community!

And that my friends ends my travel guide to San Francisco. These were the places which made my trip so memorable! Please let me know if you've already been to San Fran and what were your personal first impressions? If you have any more questions like where to stay, I would love to help... DM me on instagram

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Hello everyone,

Today we're going to have a bit more FUN because for the first time I let my sister pick my outfit. She had full control of what I wear, from the clothing to the accessories. Yep... she's the BOSS! 

Honestly, I loved the way she dressed me! So much so that I wouldn't mind doing this again. Plus, it was a great way to relax and let someone else take charge. A nice practice to fully put your trust in someone else and be open to their ideas. In a way it felt liberating and we both had a blast bonding over something we enjoy! I highly recommend trying this with your sibling...maybe you can style each other. That gives me the idea... If you want me to style her in a future post, just let me know!!! 😜

For this, the only criteria I had was that the outfit to be more autumn related since I put an end to the summer looks with my previous post. She agreed and ran toward my closet like never before... ok, not really but that's how it played out in my mind! LOL!!! Loca...I know!!! 

Looks like my sister was feeling purple because she immediately went for my holographic jacket and told me my lipstick should match it. So I I always do! hahaha! 

This got me thinking, I should wear more purple because I love the way it looks. I think I even forgot this color exists. I haven't worn it in a long time. I should add... thanks sis for opening my eyes!!! What color have you forgotten about?    

From there she chose one of my simple crop tops and to make it more fall appropriate she picked my favorite velvet leggings that I wear the most. I think I've had them for two years now and still love them as much as the first day I laid eyes on them.  

The one thing, which I think she did amazing with, was the way she played with colors by adding these yellow beaded earrings. I love the contrast!!! I like the way the purple and yellow play off each other. Two words...Bravo SIS!!! πŸ‘

It was so exciting for me to wear this outfit throughout the day because I knew someone special picked it out for me. She knows me the best! It's still ME...vibrant, happy and chic! How do you think she did? 

I challenge you to do this with your boyfriend, brother, girlfriend or sister... and be sure to share your results with me on Instagram. Trust me, take the leap...most likely you will end up being happily surprised!!!      
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