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Hello everyone, 

It's officially autumn season, so I decided to celebrate by picking up a few fall pieces that I can mix and match with the rest of my wardrobe. I can't hide it, this is my favorite way to welcome in a new season. It always puts a smile on my face! 😊

I bet it's hard to find a girl who doesn't love shopping, am I right? For me it's the kind of excitement that equals the one when I hear my favorite song playing on the radio. My heart starts beating faster and my face changes to completely in awe. Just imagine it... I won't show you! LOL! 

These are a few items I got before my trip to San Francisco because I knew it would be fall by then and I could make use of warmer clothing as it got windy there at times. So I packed it all in...a total of 3 looks in a carry-on bag only. Yep, let me hear your applause because this wasn't that easy to do! hahaha!!!

For so long I wanted a new pair of white skinny jeans and I finally got it. I got it extra good be…


Hello everyone,

On my last post I mentioned I'll be out of town on a weekend getaway, so today I'm here to tell you all about it! This was my first time visiting San called and I answered!!! 😂

It was one unforgettable experience! So different and interesting from what I'm used to here in Las Vegas. Starting from the way of life to the unique houses and the curvy uphill streets that were a whole workout trying to walk up and down. Yep, it felt like a completely different world, which was fun to dive into for these three days that I was there! 

While in San Fran, I was able to see most of everything we had planned to see with three months of researching in advance before flying out. So, today I wanted to share with you my impressions and the top places you must check-off your San Francisco list. I hope this helps those of you who are planning to visit soon!

Before getting started, I wanted to point out that September is the best month to visit this city. You can …


Hello everyone,

Today we're going to have a bit more FUN because for the first time I let my sister pick my outfit. She had full control of what I wear, from the clothing to the accessories. Yep... she's the BOSS! 

Honestly, I loved the way she dressed me! So much so that I wouldn't mind doing this again. Plus, it was a great way to relax and let someone else take charge. A nice practice to fully put your trust in someone else and be open to their ideas. In a way it felt liberating and we both had a blast bonding over something we enjoy! I highly recommend trying this with your sibling...maybe you can style each other. That gives me the idea... If you want me to style her in a future post, just let me know!!! 😜

For this, the only criteria I had was that the outfit to be more autumn related since I put an end to the summer looks with my previous post. She agreed and ran toward my closet like never before... ok, not really but that's how it played out in my mind! LOL!!! Lo…