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Hello everyone, During this season I naturally reach for more feminine, colorful pieces, but occasionally I still love adding some edge, at night time. That's when I come alive ( what living in Vegas does to you...LOL!). So when the mood is right, I choose leather, wild prints, unique geometric jewelry, and as you can guess, the outcome is a whole lot of SASSY. It's fun, even keeps me on my toes because I never know what kind of wild combination I might think of. These outfits end up being my most memorable ones... yet, I keep count of how many times I'm able to surprise myself...hahaha!        This is one of those times since I keep wanting to wear this outfit I'm about to show you, over and over again. My kind of cup of coffee, if you know what I mean! It gives me an attitude I never thought existed within me. LOL! Something else a bit crazy is that I never used to wear or like anything animal print. Now, my all time favorite print is leopard. This just shows


Hello everyone, One of the greatest things about summer style is that you can go all out with your prints. I love taking the spring florals into summer, having cute pink flamingos or tropical leaf prints dancing in the hot summer breeze in the form of a flowy dress or a set duo. It feels refreshing, summery and makes me extra happy!!! Besides the fun I get to have with prints, this season I've been into more linen pieces than previous years because it turns out linen saves the day every time. When the temperatures rise, the linen fabric lets the body breath, doesn't stick like the well know cotton and is ideal if you live on the west coast where things gets extra toasty. hahaha  What's your favorite summer print? One that completely defines summer for YOU...         So here we have my definition of a summer daydream! This set completely wins me over with the leaf print. It's like a drawing on a canvas, in this case a "walking canvas" made


Hello everyone,  YAY, the most awaited annual sale is back!!! Get ready to stock-up on summer and fall pieces at discount prices. Everything from shoes to accessories and trendy items you won't want to miss. I've got a list of things I want to get and finally the time has come for me to get WILD (with shopping, of course).  So here are the dates you would want to remember, so you can fully take advantage of the Nordstrom Sale! Tomorrow (July 12) is when early access starts... on July 19 the sales are open to the public and as you might already know it ends officially on August 4.  Some of the most wanted purchases I can't wait to add to my closet are a trench coat, boots, more maxi dresses, which can be worn during autumn and a few accessories. Here is a list of my suggestions! What will you be shopping for this year?  1. Crystalled Sandals 2. Triangle Hoop Earrings 3. Faux Leather Biker Jacket 4. Leopard Print Scarf 5. Sleeveless Button-Up


Hello everyone,  Eager to make the most out of summer, I enjoy new discoveries when it comes to shopping. A fun, new way for me to fill up my closet with eco and budget friendly pieces from various designers from all over the world is through FASHOM . It's so convenient because everything happens online, you have your own personal stylist who offers you items that fit your style and with one click you get to choose the pieces you want to be sent out to you. I love that it happens in the comfort of your home (my favorite way of shopping) without having to go from one shop to another. It saves me lots of time and you get unique clothing you won't see anywhere else!!!  I was super excited to try Fashom and share with you my experience from the beginning until the end. So let's get started!!! Wait until you see the summer items I received... any guesses what all of them had in common? If you've been reading my blog for a while now, I'm sure you already know!