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Hello everyone, Nowadays we are fortune enough because we can fully express our creativity through one of many platforms, my favorite being Instagram . You have an idea that keeps you awake at night. You execute it just like you saw it inside. You see it blossom right in front of you. You feel satisfied of your hard work. Then you move on, repeat the same process with a newfound idea!  That's why I love Instagram... visuals made to inspire, take you back to a moment in life of happiness, of a memorable time, of beauty. Each photo tells a story of my life! Not only that, but we also get to connect with one another and share the joys which make us who we are. This is where you have full control of what message you want to spread out into the world. For me, that's positivity, something colorful and fun to hopefully brighten-up your day!!! 🌞 Just follow your heart and create what speaks to you the most. If you're running low on ideas, I've got some for you. Use


Hello everyone, It has been said before, but I'll say it again...summer style is my favorite way of feeling like I'm waking up in paradise everyday. With the amount of tropical prints, flowy fabrics and bright corals to pinks, I can't get ENOUGH! There's just something in the way, a summer outfit can bring an ease to your mood, overflowing you with happiness. I feel light, happy and ready to share with you the summer trends that add to my joy.  The little things, like getting a tan to go with your white maxi or applying your favorite red lipstick can make all the difference in feeling confident and summer ready. What I enjoy doing is changing up my nail color weekly to give me more of those summer vibes... and the best part is, it works! Plus, it's a nice way for me to relax and spend these few minutes to myself... with no other distractions. Yep, the phone doesn't exist when I'm doing my nails! haha  Before I share my whole routine with you, I thin


Hello everyone,  Happy Summer! 🍉 There's this care-free way of summer where all you want to do is drink cold smoothies, have your feet in the sand, go with the flow and make relaxation your ultimate companion. What better way to celebrate what summer is all about than with another sunny outfit ?! One of many to come because this season tends to always surprise me in the best way possible... I LOVE IT! I hope you're in for the ride and are just as excited! Grab your watermelon and let me show you what I came-up with this time. One thing is for sure, it'll have you dreaming of an never-ending SUMMER!          I've got the believe that summers or really anything in life is what YOU make it, so why not make it bright, beautiful and fun for yourself. It's up to you to have the best time, create the memories you've always wanted to experience, be this blissful fountain of your own happiness. Forget the rest, there is enough of that. Everything beg


Hello everyone, Ready or not summer is almost here... in my heart it has been summer all along with the palm tress present in almost every photoshoot, with the vibrant colors making a pop and the boho-chic accessories giving the illusion that I'm always on vacation. However, today I'm turning it UP a notch because I dream, live in the hot tropics and I am always inspired by the fun, natural, easy-going fashion during this time of year.  I wouldn't change it for the world... when summer and style come together, there's magical sunshine in the air. That's how it feels since these are two of my favorite things! Wanna know what else I feel? I feel the strange need to jump into the pool right now with my laptop... it's so hot! haha             To keep as cool as possible, but still wear something, I like taking a summer scarf and wrapping it around as a top. There are lots of ways to do this! You can go for a bandeau type of style or even one with