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Hello everyone,

This month was one of a kind where lots happened, all wonderful things that I know I'll remember forever. The BEST kind of month... busy, beautiful and memorable. That's why I can't miss this chance to sum it up and have a look back at everything I loved in the month of May. What's one thing you enjoyed during this month?  

Most of it turned out to be life events, but I couldn't help adding a few products. As for fashion, I'll be back at it full force in the next post. Here we go!

1. Event: European Music Fest

The very beginning of May started with a three day weekend with lots and lots of music. I couldn't wait!!! Even more exciting was the fact that artists came from different European countries to perform, hence the name "European Fest". My favorite part was when the legendary members from "No Mercy" and "La Bouche" took the stage. Literally, my childhood dreams came true!!! It was like I traveled back in time wh…


Hello everyone, 

Fourteen years later and I'm back in the city I once used to call home... CHICAGO! The kind of city which quickly made me believe in better and bigger things. That's why it will always have a special place in my heart!!!
💗 Even more special was the fact that my sister and I got to attend my best friend's wedding (we went to junior high school together). Truly, the most FUN wedding I've ever been to. Abby, if you're reading this... lots of besos y abrazos from us and we can't wait to see you in Vegas in the near future!!!

This weekend trip couldn't have gone any better! There I was, able to visit new monuments like the Millennium Park, while remembering old places, smells and streets. It felt both so different and in many ways the same as before. One of the first things that shocked me was how green it was and that people actually walked around their suburb. This is something you would rarely see in Las Vegas. 

So, with the three days we had, …


Hello everyone, 

If you tear up from the thought of a hot summer and wish it could be winter forever, this post is especially for you. Naturally, I'm a BIG lover of summer, but I know a few of you feel the opposite, which is why I decided to hopefully lift up your spirits and raise the temperature. Let's forget about the cold and see all the amazing things summer has to offer!!!

This post was recently requested by one of you, so here it is! 

As someone who lives in the desert, I find summer to be the most FUN for all the activities you can enjoy with friends and let's not forget about all the margaritas...It's the best time to relax and make the long summer days last! 

One last thing... are you ready to fall in love with summer? 

1. Book a Trip

When I think of the hottest season of the year, the first thing that comes to mind is taking a trip to a even more tropical place with a beach in sight. However, you can always book a winter vacation somewhere cold because when it'…


Hello everyone, 

With a special trip only a week away, I've got the travel bug and am feeling nostalgic of the places I've visited so far. That's why today I'm going to look back at some of my favorites! My top five choices, which I wouldn't mind revisiting again and again because they left their mark in my heart like a passport stamp. Whenever I think back to these trips, I'm always fulfilled with the great memories that happened along the way. Ohhh and can't forget the many funny stories, which to this day make me smile. 
Este es mi lugar FAVORITO! Mexico always feels like home; the friendly people, the lively atmosphere, the rich food, the upbeat music... TODO! For these reasons Cancun goes straight to the top of my list. When I'm there, I never think about or want to return back to Vegas! hahaha 
I live it up, make each day count and relax to the max! Truly my dream destination for the longest time until I visited it last year. And now I wold be eag…


Hello everyone,

Today is all about VIBRAS! We're getting closer to summer, we're starting to think of tropical destinations, we're adding lots of colors...I'm so ready for these good vibes I just mentioned and more. How are you feeling?  

It's no secret that I get summer excited months in advance because I love the heat and the fun tropical styles I get to play with. Honestly, it's never boring here in the desert or at least that's how I like to make it for myself. You've got to enjoy life and make the best out of it!!! What's one way you make each day count? 
I have to share with you, I just started reading a new book " The Bingo Theory" by Mimi Ikonn, which is something I look forward to reading ( I started it yesterday and am for sure finishing it today). It's one way I like to make my days count because I enjoy learning about relationships... the ins and outs of communicating, learning about energies and everything that is bigger than…