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Hello everyone,

I just read all about it, "Fashion can be fancy, but everyday looks can be both chic and cute." I totally made that up because it's the first thing that popped into my head!!!

Today I've decided to go casual with the touch of little lovely details. Basics you can easily find in your closet and wear yourself when you want something quick, nice, and makes you feel as if you're going to a modeling go-see. It's the kind of attire to go for when heading from one agency to another trying to book as many shows/clients as you can. I know "America's Next Top Model" taught me that...I've watched it since the first season and I guess a few things have stuck with me. Are any of you fans of the show?   

So here we go with my version of an everyday look for everybody!

Speaking of basics, it all begins with denim... at least that's what I think. In this case - fitted denim jeans with rose embroidery on the side. One pair can last you years,…


Hello everyone, 

Today we're going to set aside the style trends for a bit and focus more on the trends on our heads... hahaha! Really just taking some of the most popular hair accessory trends we saw on the runways and recreating them in our day to day lives. For me, it's a fun way to try something different; a great outlet for making my outfit stand-out even more. I'm sure you're familiar with these trends and a lot of you are already rocking them!!!  

Just like I like changing things up in my looks, I like trying to do the same with my hair whether that means adding a braid, hat or a few bobby pins for a cool edge. It takes creativity, which is what I like the MOST!!! Coming up with something that shows off who you are and at the same time allows you to freely express yourself.  

From Gucci to Marc Jacobs, designers took us on a wonderful adventure where the hair accessories were just as important as the clothing. Let's see if I can do the same for you by showing y…


Hello everyone,

Let me hear you scream loud... SPRING BREAK! The time to get together with friends, loosen up, enjoy a vacation or two, make, or better yet, drink, cold cocktails, have music blasting only if you're brave enough to start dancing... you got the idea!😉 All the good times that come with spring break!!! 

My thoughts are beginning to drift... I'm starting to imagine a palm leaf giving me a nice breeze, a breathtaking view in miles of crystal blue water, the sun happily warming up every part of me, the joy of being present and soaking it all in. What are your spring break fantasies? 

My whole look and even photos today are inspired by the most FUN time of this season. I've got the lace, the bathing suit, the embroidery, the palm tees, the music playing inside my head to get us excited for a spring break that looks and feels just like a musical LOL! 


First thing's first, every spring break needs new swimsuits to splash in. Colorful ones that put a smile…


Hello everyone, 

Spring is here, so is the opportunity to layer less and less as the temperatures keep rising like good old times. For that reason, it's time to think light, start adding colors and even a bouquet of flowers to your looks hahaha! 

For me one of the best pieces to help you transition into spring is a denim shirt. And today, I'll show you just how easy it is to style it into four various outfits. It takes minimum effort because denim goes with everything. Plus, I love pieces that make one's life easier when it comes to dressing and saving time doing so. We all have busy schedules and goals to chase, so let's do it in a FASHIONABLE way!!! 

1. Wrap Around Your Waist  

This is literally my favorite way "to play" with the denim shirt when I feel like my outfit needs something extra. Honestly another reason is to cover up my mini skirt because it turns out it isn't called mini for no reason LOL! I mean I can barely sit if I don't have something w…