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Hello everyone,

With summer nearing, one of the top things on my mind is dresses - ones that show off the tan, the countless hours working-out (haha) and the happy spirit of the season varying from bright yellows to even brighter reds. That's what SUMMER is all about... a dress, which has the power to take you anywhere... for me, preferably somewhere with great music! #PartyLover πŸŽ‰
What's one of the top things that comes to your mind when you think of summer? 

This year I'm getting a head start because I've got a lot of dresses just waiting to be seen. I can't wait! They'll be my summer staples 100% and you know what? I won't have to wait long because Vegas is heating up.😁 I'm ready to sweat, even sunburn, and won't complain a bit... it's the most wonderful time of the year!!!

Here we go... let the good times roll and the summer dresses flow!!! 

1. Yellow Wrap Dress

You need a yellow-mellow beauty to make your summers brighter. For picnic or beach days, this kind of style dress is the "sunshine to my days". I love wearing this color, not only that, but its got everything I find appealing in one dress. The leg slit, the light adjustable straps, the breathable fabric, the cinched waist... TODO!    

It perfectly fits my desert surrounding, even my mood, most of the time! 

2. Black Mini Dress

This dresses countdown couldn't be possible without a LBD! The classical piece which every girl should have because it works for day/night, work/play. Very versatile and the winner for any occasion.

I like this mini flare style, which would fit every body shape nicely from pears to apples. It's made to highlight beautifully the silhouette of your body and give you the desired look you're going after whether that be dressy or a bit on the casual side.  

3. Leopard Print Dress

When the wild calls, show it off in this print. It calls to me everyday... no surprise there as I'm just born wild. LOL! Any of you feel the same way? 

Out of all the animal prints leopard is my favorite and the one I wear often. I'm even starting to lose count of every leopard piece in my closet. This means only on thing: the collection is getting WILD!

The style of this dress is very sexy with the low neckline and the stretchy fabric, hugging the body right. To me this is a party dress, which I'll always wear with heels. Somehow I don't see it anytime soon with sneakers. 

4. Maxi Red Dress

Everyone needs a maxi in their life! Mine had to be fire red because I love wearing this color the most. Even more special is the fact that soon I'll be wearing this dress to my best friends wedding. I'm saving the ruffles for all the dancing to be done and the roller-coaster of high emotions that come with love. I'm BEYOND excited! 

What's more is that this dress can totally be worn outside of wedding season. I plan on doing just that since a beauty like this is hard to keep locked in a closet

5. Stripes Midi Dress 

Like always, stripes are a summer must-have for me. They make the nautical style come to live. Looking effortlessly chic, stylish and ready to sail the sea! I enjoy portraying these vibes even if I'm nowhere close to the beach. The light summer breeze makes me believe I'm somewhere tropical with loads of boats, palm trees and endless scenic views. How magical!!! 

What are your summer dress picks and how excited are you for this season from one to ten? I can't contain my excitement... that's why this weekend I am heading to the pool. Maybe a bit too soon, but I'm feeling it!!!

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                                                                                                                Love, Radi


Hello everyone, 

The desert festivities are on the way with the coming of music festivals this spring. Time to dig out all your hair glitter, cool accessories, boho dresses from last year and pack them for a musical adventure of a lifetime! 

Year after year we get better with packing especially if this isn't our first time ever attending a festival. We quickly learn the do's and dont's! The more prepared you are, the better time you'll have to fully enjoy the scene, the music, the vibes. So what do you say... let's get ready for this exciting trip?

I've got a few must-haves you should check you've got before hitting the road to Coachella or any other festival near your city! 

1. Clothing 

First thing's first, you've got to get your outfits ready depending on how many days you'll be at the festival and how many outfit changes you want for different photo opportunities. It's easiest to lay them all out, so you can see everything yourself before placing it all in your suitcase. This way you can also work-out the accessories you plan for each outfit. Here I would suggest taking mostly dresses, fun ruffled rompers or any two-set pieces because they're the easiest to wear and style. You can most definitely turn them into bohemian looks by adding the known fringe, denim, floral prints, lace and anything that will match the desert festival vibes. 

2. Accessories

Once you've got an idea of your boho-chic outfits, the accessories are the next big step to consider. You can add bandanas (to help protect your face from the dust), small backpack (to carry your snacks/water/sunscreen), sunglasses ( you know why) and the more fun things, like golden body tattoos, hats, belts, hair pieces. You can work your imagination and really come up with thousands of outfits that feel like you and make you feel one with the mood of any music festival. 

3. Comfortable Shoes   

This is one I have to follow my own advice to because I'm a sucker for heels. Knowing you'll be standing up most of the time it's important to pack comfortable shoes. If you don't want your feet to turn into dust choose something like combat boots. If you're okay with getting a little dirty go for nice comfortable sandals, wedges or espadrilles. As you know, choose black ones, so they can go with all your planned outfits. Plus, this way you'll save lots of space in your luggage. BINGO! 

4. Sunscreen 

An obvious one, but also one we sometimes tend to forget. Don't leave the house without a sunscreen and as a matter of fact don't forget to apply your sunscreen frequently throughout the day. To make it more fun apply it to the rhythm of the music. Others will think you're crazy, but so what!?
Be sure to have it at hand at all the time, not leaving it behind in the hotel room. With so much to think about, this sometimes happens, but make the sunscreen part of your look and you'll never regret it. 

5. Bring Layers

I know it's the desert - meant to be super humid and hot, but at night it gets chilly and you'll need a denim jacket, kimono or any type of jacket to help keep you warm. Have it wrapped around your waist the whole time or have it in your backpack. In the end you'll be glad you carried it with you all day long!     
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Happy Spring! 

Will you be going to any music festival this year? If yes, what do you plan to pack? 

Talk to you in the next post! 

                                                                                                                                   Love, Radi   


Hello everyone,

This time around I'll be going more the athleisure route because it's possibly one the best decisions you can make to dress in sporty, chic all day. Mornings made easy and evenings made breezy! Made to take you anywhere in comfort and style (the two favorite words to a lot of us!). To make it even more exciting, I won't be sharing just one, but two looks... just to see how a great pair of joggers can become your new GO-to staple. If you're still pondering the thought, watch and carry on reading! 


This first outfit is made to so you feel BOLD with the yellow stripe taking control and elongating your figure. The zip-ankle detail gives it the look of a pant with the comfort of a tracksuit bottom... it's hard not to love it! Even more so once you start imagining all the cool ways you can style them. I bet, right now you've already thought of at least five ways? Share with me, what's on your mind?  

For more than once this week, I had the urge to make atheleisure my "happy choice" because with spring coming, it's a great way to start wearing lighter fabrics and forget about the layering we tend to do in winter. There's a sunny side UP to everything! πŸ˜€    

With the side yellow stripe, I saw it as a great opportunity to match it with my mustard bodysuit. A way of letting the sunshine rays know it's time to come out and play. I love it, when the weather gets hot! 

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Green symbolizes harmony, life, nature, growth...what better way to draw in more of these vibes your way than by wearing green? The world is magical in color and I like to take full advantage of it! 

Here the athleisure pants have gone in the direction of a night kind of look thanks to the heels. What can I say, I can't live without them and honestly don't plan on it. You can say, I have an obsession with shoes!

There's evidence, even the back building is loving the green wasn't green before I got there LOL! 

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How do you imagine your athleisure look? 
Are any of you spring ready? I know I am... even festival season ready! Be sure to come back next week to find out what I mean! 

                                                                                                                                   Love, Radi   


Hello everyone, 

It's good to be in today's world! Why? Because we've become more and more visual...telling a story through a photograph or a painting. I like that, having the ability to explore by seeing what's beyond in detail and color. Also, with one glance, an emotion can strike and take over every part of you. That's why I love Instagram!  

There I can fully create what my heart desires and share my love for anything with you within seconds. Plus, as they say, one photo can speak a thousand words! 

Since anyone can easily get inspiration from Instagram, I thought it would be fun to share with you some iconic spots to shoot at next time you want a cool location. Plus, it will get you all the "likes"!πŸ’“

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So let this insta-fun BEGIN now!

1. Tennis Court

Whether or not you play tennis, just head to the nearest court for some cool photos by the net. I'm sure you've seen so many insta photos on the court, but believe me there's nothing more cool than wearing a chic outfit and casually taking in the scene...pretend Federer and Nadal are playing...hahaha!!  

This is the kind of location, which will allow your photographer to think outside of the box and create something you would both be proud of. Be sure to follow their creative thoughts and in no time you'll be getting all new followers and likes. Most importantly, you will end up having a blast and will want to take photos there again.... GAME. SET. SNAP πŸ“Έ 

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2. Middle of the Road

Call me dangerous, but I love a middle of the road kind of shot with a stunning view like the desert rocks. It's not only breathtaking for the nature surrounding you, but you can be the foreground boho queen...hint: red dress draws the eyes right in! 

Like they say, choose a road less traveled because you want to be safe and have enough time for your photographer to take enough captures. We all know, it takes a village of photos to pick from when it comes to posting one on social media...LOL!

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3. Bookstore/Magazine Shop

Start flipping those magazine pages because this is our next insta-worthy location! Imagine you're in the headquarters of Vogue with past and current issues all around you. The last thing you would want is to leave without a selfie or a photo.πŸ˜€ 

I enjoy seeing these type of shots on Instagram because locations like these allow you to get creative and "do it for the gram"! 

It's definitely a nice way to grab a coffee on the way and enjoy a few minutes of looking through your favorite magazines. 

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4. Car

For this one, a vintage car would be nice, but until it comes your way it's fine to go for your own. You would be surprised how awesome the photos can be especially if you park near any palm trees for reflections. That's what my photographer and I had in mind when we decided to take the car for a spin and create some interesting, visual appealing shots. 

I loved this concept and now know that cars can be used for other things than just driving. If it wasn't for Instagram, I would have never guessed so! hahaha 

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5. Arcade 

Why should kids have all the fun? We can too, but first don't forget to take an Instagram shot. With all the neon lights flashing left and right, this would the ideal spot for an energizing, multi-likable image!

At the arcade your personality can easily shine through, and for sure, that will be appreciated later on when you post it to your profile. Because we like seeing/following people who are affectionate, who have a way of making us smile and are easy to relate to in more than one ways!

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Which of these insta-worthy spots would you like to shoot at next and I would love to know what are your favorite photos to look at on this platform? 

                                                                                                                               Love, Radi