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Hello everyone,

With summer nearing, one of the top things on my mind is dresses - ones that show off the tan, the countless hours working-out (haha) and the happy spirit of the season varying from bright yellows to even brighter reds. That's what SUMMER is all about... a dress, which has the power to take you anywhere... for me, preferably somewhere with great music! #PartyLover 🎉
What's one of the top things that comes to your mind when you think of summer? 

This year I'm getting a head start because I've got a lot of dresses just waiting to be seen. I can't wait! They'll be my summer staples 100% and you know what? I won't have to wait long because Vegas is heating up.😁 I'm ready to sweat, even sunburn, and won't complain a bit... it's the most wonderful time of the year!!!

Here we go... let the good times roll and the summer dresses flow!!! 

1. Yellow Wrap Dress

You need a yellow-mellow beauty to make your summers brighter. For picnic or beach d…


Hello everyone, 

The desert festivities are on the way with the coming of music festivals this spring. Time to dig out all your hair glitter, cool accessories, boho dresses from last year and pack them for a musical adventure of a lifetime! 

Year after year we get better with packing especially if this isn't our first time ever attending a festival. We quickly learn the do's and dont's! The more prepared you are, the better time you'll have to fully enjoy the scene, the music, the vibes. So what do you say... let's get ready for this exciting trip?

I've got a few must-haves you should check you've got before hitting the road to Coachella or any other festival near your city! 

1. Clothing

First thing's first, you've got to get your outfits ready depending on how many days you'll be at the festival and how many outfit changes you want for different photo opportunities. It's easiest to lay them all out, so you can see everything yourself before plac…


Hello everyone,

This time around I'll be going more the athleisure route because it's possibly one the best decisions you can make to dress in sporty, chic all day. Mornings made easy and evenings made breezy! Made to take you anywhere in comfort and style (the two favorite words to a lot of us!). To make it even more exciting, I won't be sharing just one, but two looks... just to see how a great pair of joggers can become your new GO-to staple. If you're still pondering the thought, watch and carry on reading! 


This first outfit is made to so you feel BOLD with the yellow stripe taking control and elongating your figure. The zip-ankle detail gives it the look of a pant with the comfort of a tracksuit bottom... it's hard not to love it! Even more so once you start imagining all the cool ways you can style them. I bet, right now you've already thought of at least five ways? Share with me, what's on your mind?  

For more than once this week, I had the …


Hello everyone, 

It's good to be in today's world! Why? Because we've become more and more visual...telling a story through a photograph or a painting. I like that, having the ability to explore by seeing what's beyond in detail and color. Also, with one glance, an emotion can strike and take over every part of you. That's why I love Instagram!  

There I can fully create what my heart desires and share my love for anything with you within seconds. Plus, as they say, one photo can speak a thousand words! 

Since anyone can easily get inspiration from Instagram, I thought it would be fun to share with you some iconic spots to shoot at next time you want a cool location. Plus, it will get you all the "likes"!💓

So let this insta-fun BEGIN now!

1. Tennis Court

Whether or not you play tennis, just head to the nearest court for some cool photos by the net. I'm sure you've seen so many insta photos on the court, but believe me there's nothing more cool than…