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Hello everyone, 

It's the end of the month and even though it was a short one, I was still able to find something new to love. Actually, a few things that can easily sum up the month of February for me! A bit of everything and a lot of life experiences. Now I know why this is called LIFE!

That being said, there will be less products or fashion in this post because the road took me to a less traveled path, which who knows where it might lead me. There were flashes of light, there were tunnels of dark. However, February definitely left its mark and let's not waste any time and show you what I discovered this time around. 


My go-to toner is this one by a brand I've always loved since I discovered it about a year ago. I noticed I was impressed by every Caudalie product I tried and now it's hard for me not to include at least one product of theirs in my favorites. I applied this toner every morning on the face and carefully around the eyes giving me this smoothness and nice moisturizing feel, which made my skin look as though I'm back in my early twenties. 

I can easily say it's the perfect way to start the day especially since the weather is still unpredictable and the last thing you want is dry skin. If you have used it before, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. Plus, the size is very efficient, I still have a bit more than half left even though I have been using it all month long. 

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The month began with a bang! Spanish rhythms making the whole crowd sway from side to side, faces smiling wide. It was an intimate experience as we were so close, able to feel the loud roar of the guitar strings to the soothing vocals of the two main singers, which flowed with the whole set of instruments. A truly unforgettable night! 

Located at the House of Blues in Mandalay Bay, this is the kind of concert I highly encourage you to see. It will change you forever, in a good way (at least that's what it did to me!) 

A few years ago, I actually read Santana's biography and now getting the chance to see his talent live, it made me appreciate his journey even more. One that was full of all sorts of obstacles, which lead him to his passion and being able to touch others with it. That's the true meaning of life!


This trendy piece of accessory is all the talks now. It's super cute because it gives your hair something fun to play with hahaha! But really, I love the way you can style a headband with your hair loose or with a high ponytail. It's a great way to pump-up your style even more!

The headbands are up there with all the trends we'll be seeing and loving this season, so it's only right to buy a few and give them life. 

I've seriously been wearing them lots this month and don't see how I'll ever stop. Just like my obsession with jewelry, now I feel like I can't leave the house without a headband on. 

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For the first time ever I experienced holding a real gun and shooting as though this is something I do everyday LOL! One of the guys there couldn't believe I was a newbie. What can I say... I've got a way of shooting right in the target!

This gave me the kind of rush I hadn't experienced before. I still remember the loud sound and even more, my heart racing after every shot. But you know what? I loved it and I would totally do it again!

You know, I can't forget to mention... I felt like I was one of "Charlie's Angels". It felt good to save the day!!! hahaha


The beginning of the year it's time to start planning your newly travel adventures. For that it's always nice to have new luggage, which can take you places. No matter how often you travel, it's necessary to have a carry on, which easily rolls from one gate to another. LOL! 

I have planned a few trips already for this year, which lead me to buying a new suitcase because, let's be honest... the old one was beaten up and didn't look much of anything. You would think it was a sack of potatoes from afar! hahaha     

What about you? Where are you headed off to these upcoming months? 

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What has been your favorite of this month? 

                                                                                                                                  Love, Radi  


Hello everyone, 

Let's talk trends! The ones that have made a lasting impression at every fashion show and we, consumers, will be seeing from one store to another - the MOST popular trends we'll want to experiment with this spring/summer season. Something each one of us will like and want to make their own by adding it to our everyday lifestyle. 

In the previous post, I touched down a bit of what's to come this week and here I am ready for this "trendy fashion party" to begin!!! I'm inspired, already thinking of all the ways I can make use of these trends and having fun along the way trying them out. 

Take note and be sure to let me know which new trend you're most EXCITED for?!

1. NEON     

The great "glow in the dark" neon colors are back, brighter and better than ever. We've got pinks, greens, corals, yellows... making a lightening impression from afar. How many of you have already seen more than five neon pieces when window shopping? Yep, that's what I thought... five is an understatement! They can be seen everywhere in every form from knit sweaters to popping neon sneakers. 

I like this trend and remember it being big a few years back. It's a good thing I saved all my neon pieces because now I can wear them again. This reminds me how trends tend to come back, so if it still fits you and is in good shape, it's worth keeping in your closet even if you might not have worn it in a year. 

The great thing about anything neon is the rest of your outfit can be very simple in one tone because the bright color is going to shine whether you want it or not. If feeling adventurous, you can always wear a monochromatic neon look. Be warned... you might stop traffic, but remember that's what neon colors are for!!!

Shop Neon Pieces:         

This is the kind of trend, which will have any jewelry lover feel "over the moon joy". Tortoise jewelry inspired by the turtle's shell with necklaces, earrings and cuffs covered in brown spots. Classy, beautiful and a lovely detail to add to your style. 

I've already gotten into this trend as well because I have a few pairs of earrings that I currently enjoy wearing. Oval, rectangular and dangling ones! One for every mood and outing opportunity. How would you rate this trend from one to six (six being the highest score possible)?  

Shop Tortoise Jewelry:    

Shake, shake your fringe! The kind that moves to the beat of your own rhythm following every step you take. It's playful, sexy and totally in style! We can all appreciate anything fringe because it looks amazing on and can make any occasion special. I love it for fun nights out in town with lots of music involved and fringe dancing by my side!😁  

I'm even more in love with the way fringe can create different vibes when combined with different pieces. It's very versatile - you can take it from an evening out partying to a summer festival with friends. It's FRINGELICIOUS!  

Shop Fringe Pieces:         

Who loves comfort and style mixed into one? I do, and I am so glad funky, chunky trainers are here to stay. I've seen some of the coolest designs, colors and platforms ready to make the "heels girls" like me think twice next time they reach for their four inch pumps. 

With this trend, streetwear becomes the new IT style! Casual, cool and so chill! Think about it, with a pair of sneakers you can make even a dress look cool. Let's not even start with skirts or trousers... outfits you would want to wear over and over again!

Shop Chunky Sneakers:        

Cycling shorts might not be everyone's "cup of coffee", but you'll be seeing lots of them this season. I know they can be a bit much, but you can always style them, so they aren't as revealing. For example, you can always pair them with an over-sized blazer or shirt, so it covers the areas you don't want to be visible to others. Other than that they're so comfortable that, in my opinion, are worth giving a try if you've never thought about it. 

I know for a fact Kim Kardashian was a big influence in making the cycling shorts as popular as they are because she was almost always photographed wearing different shades of these type of shorts. They became her signature and now I can hardly picture her wearing something else! Those who ever thought she isn't talented, I think creating this kind of difference in fashion proves otherwise. 

Shop Cycling Shorts:       
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Which of these top trends is calling your name? Somehow all five know my name hahaha! 

                                                                                                                                 Love, Radi   


Hello everyone,

It's going to be one colorful year in fashion. Why, you may ask? Because there are lots of new trends to look forward to. Ones that I'm sure you've already seen walk down the runway, even if you're at home catching all the action of fashion week through your screen. With that in mind, I gathered a few of my favorite trends and put them into one outfit. As for the rest, you'll have to come back to the blog because I'm going to cover them soon! 

So what's going to be seen all over the shops and magazines this season? Well, one thing is for sure it won't be boring or unnoticeable. It's going to be trendy, eye-catching and worth having. Beginning with the cycling shorts, the neon colors and taking steps into a pair of cool chunky sneakers. The kind of trio which makes for a perfect laid-back choice for any day of the week. 

With streetwear being a hit, it's easy to pull-off a complete casual outfit. You can make it out of current trends and guess what; your now casual outfit will look more of a fabulous one. I know what I've put here together I can wear over and over again this upcoming spring season. 

As I mentioned earlier, neon is going to be BIG, so don't be afraid to make your neon glow. There are already so many neon pieces to choose from. I've seen it all... from bright blazers to even brighter trousers. Have your pick and make it unique!!! I've gone for a cute coral hoodie crop because it gives me that POP and you know how much I love it!  

To continue on the road to "style heaven" my cycling shorts wanted an early GO. No matter how chilly it was, I let my legs catch some of the sunshine. You must be a bit of a risk taker to sport these shorts because well they show lots and feel as though you aren't wearing anything at all. But hey, we're all risk takers here who WIN at life as we continue to grow!!!

The rest is history; a nice comfortable platform which gives me height and allows me to walk for hours and hours. Plus, these chunky trainers are the IT type of shoe to have. I see them slay with maxi dresses or even denim jumpsuits. You'll end up wearing them a ton because they with everything!

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Which of these three trends I've mentioned in this post are you most excited to wear? Also, stay tuned because I'll be revealing the must-have fashion trends of 2019. You wouldn't want to miss it! 

                                                                                                                                    Love, Radi    


Hello everyone, 

A bit of bright yellow sunshine during the winter time goes a long way! 💛 It makes you think of summer - flowy dresses, warm memories and long days fulfilled with mesmerizing sunsets. Closer and closer we get, but until then, we can depend on colors to ignite these same feelings within us. 

From the very start I've been all about wearing something bright - one piece that stands out whether it's a funky print or anything from romantic reds to everlasting greens. I really have been liking that and must say that I have gotten better at it as the years have passed. Once I was an amateur, but now I'm a complete professional in knowing my own style and what I want it to say about me. Have you explored deep into your personal style yet? 

Another idea I've had this year, as something I would like to do more of, is mash-up casual yet stylish pieces into one, so the overall vibe is comfort as though I haven't put that much thought into my look, which we know in reality isn't true at all! LOL!!! Stay with me, I think you know exactly what I mean because today's outfit is the perfect example of that. 

When comfort is on your mind, you better believe that it's possible to not only feel, but look good as well. I think it's nice to take advantage of your cozy hoodies and sweatshirts during this time of year and layer them with any trendy coat of yours. It's a BLISS situation! For that reason, I took my grey zipper hoodie and added it as a fun little touch to the vibrant yellow and black coat... peaking just enough to be seen.

Just like that for this particular look, I couldn't picture anything else than adding my high-waist trousers with the side stripe to elongate the legs and make me look taller than I actually am. The kind of essential, which can take you to work and play... your only job is to put it to play!😜

It's worth mentioning that here I was finally able to give my heels a rest and go for the most comfortable pair of boots I own. I think I might have forgotten how to walk in something other than heels. hahaha Funny how two years ago it was exactly the opposite... I was desperately trying to make walking in heels look natural!

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What's your take on mixing comfy with trendy pieces? Is it a "no go" or a "way to go" for you?

                                                                                                                                    Love, Radi