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Hello everyone,

To end January on a high note, I got the strong urge to fuel my bold side with an EDGE. Something extra cool, meant to hit the streets at a speed of more than hundred miles an hour... fast and furious like a race car. That's just the way I roll! πŸ˜‰    

Fashion can also be fierce, creating a statement that makes you feel as though you've crossed the finish-line first. WINNER! It's exhilarating, powerful, and you can most definitely say, memorable. 

I know this month flew by just like that, but when you're ready (have dressed the part) you're in for the ride of a lifetime! 3,2,1...GO! 

I wanted something black, vinyl with a touch of cozy. All together they create my ultimate look for an everyday outfit that is super comfortable and easy to wear. Even just a tee would work with these awesome patent pants because they bring the gloss and shine anywhere they go! 

I can't begin to tell you how much I love a furry teddy coat. I'm sure many of you feel the same way because they're the best kind of way to stay warm and look fashionable all at the same time. The wardrobe must-have, preferably in all the key colors like black, beige, white and grey. One for every week of the month! 

And like that, as a finale, I added three accessories just as bold as the rest of the outfit. A chunky cuff bracelet, oval tortoise earrings and clear glasses. The kind of trio ready to THRILL!  

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What does your street style look like?You can always share a photo of it on my Instagram. I would love to have a look! See you there! 

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Hello everyone, 

With the end of the first month of the new year, I've come across new discoveries. Discoveries that make me think how nice it is to try something new!!! That's when life gets exciting... you end up falling for things, which otherwise you may have never known about, if it wasn't for your curiosity to try it. Even the smallest discoveries like tasting a new dish at a restaurant to buying a an outfit that you've always assumed isn't for you - Moral of the story: Give it a chance! 

I like to think I'm open toward new discoveries, which leads me to new amazing experiences every month. It's something I want to do more of this year because that's when life opens up to you and you feel part of it. And who doesn't want to feel loved by life? For this reason, every month I sum up all the wonderful memories, even products, which have made a difference in my life and share five of them with you on here. It's a chance for you to get to know me ( find out what I'm currently loving) and for me to ramble on about my favorites. So here we go with my January highlights!!!

1. Global Winter Wonderland

Have you ever wanted to travel the world in one night from Australia to India and then America? Well, that's possible with a lights show like this, which I got to go to a few days before it closed. Extending across the parking lot of Rio Hotel & Casino, this lantern festival increased my desire to travel and see the world that much more.

I enjoyed crossing borders from one country to another, seeing their most monumental structures, which make them so famous. Destinations that we all hope of seeing with our own eyes someday!

It was a beautiful night, seeing a life-size safari on my left with Taj Mahal on my right. You can't get that anywhere else! Something Vegas knows how to do incredibly well... creating magic and making the impossible seem possible!!! 

2. Box of Pink Beauties 

I collected and created my own box of beauty essentials. Do I get extra points for the dose of PINK? Everything I'll ever need into one; lip sleeping mask, eye-cream, hand cream, bold lipstick and a romantic rose mini perfume. My night and day favorites! It's like the Birchbox of my dreams!    

A little trick...I put this box on top of my bedside table and have used them all month long. Plus, they add a nice decor that I'm always happy to look at. Pink makes me smile no matter what! 

3. My Virtual Closet  

Fashion, style and lots of outfit inspirations! With a few years of blogging behind me, I've created numerous looks for all different type of occasions. The best part is you can recreate them and even buy them because I've linked the same or similar items on my shopping site. Have a look around and let me know which look catches your eyes? Of course, there will be lots more coming your way!

Just like my closet, this virtual site inspires me. It feels amazing seeing what I have created so far and just how much my personal style has grown. I would want to spend all my time there if I could! 

If you were to browse my closet, this is exactly what it would look like... lots of colors, some wardrobe essentials, way to many florals & a whole lot of love and appreciation for everything in it! 

4. Vegas Snowy Mountains 

Getting away from the city traffic and into a complete winter wonderland, only 40 minutes away into Mt. Charleston. A place that feels, smells and looks like where I grew up! So surreal, it amazes me every time!

With lots of snowball fights, fast sledding, and unforgettable times, I had to include this memory as a January favorite. I think I'm going to the mountains again soon because you know the fun doesn't stop there. It continues from one month to another with so many activities to do. 

I might have gotten used to the desert heat (love it), but I haven't forgotten the beauty of having everything covered in snow. It's MAGICAL! 

5. Tortoise Earrings 

This is one you would want to remember because tortoise jewelry will be one of the biggest trends in 2019. Bold, fierce and something to spice up your looks. Here are the three pairs of earrings I've been going back and forward between all month long.

Like the jewelry lover I am, I can't pass a month without something dangling. Plus, I get to introduce you to one of the many trends, and we can get excited over them together. Have you caught up on this trend? 

As you can see, having one too many is never a bad thing! 

~ I get commission from purchases or clicks made through the links in this post. 
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What has been one favorite you couldn't go without this January and why? 

                                                                                                                                     Love, Radi


Hello everyone, 

When we feel fit, healthy and happy, every day feels exciting and full of possibilities! We're energized, inspired, motivated to go after our dreams and complete our to-do lists. It's the best scenario to be in!!! I find myself feeling this way most days, and I wanted to share with you three ways, which help me feel fit, healthy, and happy. I'm sure they can have the same effect on you and your lifestyle. They keep me upbeat and excited about life! This is how I take care of my body from the inside out.

With the start of January, we're all looking for inspiration in being the best versions of ourselves. That counts with every area in our lives - beginning with our well-being and inner peace. It all comes down to creating a balance, which allows us to enjoy every minute we have on this earth.

One of the easiest and most efficient ways to boost your energy is through a supplement like Active Advantage. These supplements offer lots of benefits including help with weight management, healthier metabolism, less join soreness, feeling younger and lots more. It's no secret that with age we need to look after ourselves more and more, so each effort we make adds a positive outcome to our body and soul.

Want to save money? Total restore coupon codes is the way you can receive special discounts while shopping. This is so perfect for all of us, including myself who enjoy a great online deal. I can't help it! That's one of my favorite hobbies as of lately...just kidding!πŸ˜‚ (since I could remember!)    

So let me introduce you to my not-so-secret ways of staying fit, healthy and happy! (Yesss, all at the same time!) πŸ˜„ 

1. Find An Activity You Enjoy

It's so easy to get hooked on a sport that gives you adrenaline, makes your body feel and look stronger and gives you inner happiness. If you've found it, you know exactly what I mean! You can't wait to get up and hit that tennis court, the running track, or like me, to get your kickboxing gloves and start punching and kicking that punching bag.  

It's the kind of outlet, which allows me to forget about anything bothering my mind. It frees me from what should have been, what hasn't been or what will be?! These and many other questions constantly occupy our minds and if we get caught up in that mindset, we are most likely to start questioning other things in our lives, which can bring lots of confusion, sadness, and worry. And that is not what we want when we are talking about fit, healthy, and happy. 

Being active and finding joy in moving your body is such a release of emotional buildup. Not only that, but it makes your body physically stronger and keeps you younger for longer. I feel that for anything new you want to do in your life, you need a good "why." Why do I workout and keep active? Because it makes me feel alive, it helps me release stress, and keeps my body strong. Now that I know what I am doing this for, it's easier for me to get up early in the morning and do it, especially on those days that I feel like I want to sleep in. It's important to me to feel good in my body, to treat it with the respect it deserves. That is why I commit myself to moving and exercising every day. 

So, find your "why." Find your physical outlet for stress release. It's important because you are important. Your health and well-being is important.  

I know I have found my active hobbies, which I like to go back and forth in practicing. I keep it as versatile as I can because I enjoy them all...running, lifting weights, playing sports. So find an activity that you're passionate about, that you enjoy doing. It can be anything - something you used to play in school, a class you've always wanted to try out...and make it a sustainable lifestyle. That is the key. This is not a one-time-fix. This is a lifestyle. 

2. Know Your Body

Whether your goal is weight loss, building muscle, staying fit, you've got to know the ins and outs of your body. Best way to do so is with DEXA SCAN; an easy x-ray (takes only 7 minutes to do) in which your amount of body fat, muscle and bone can be determined. This way you'll have a clear understanding of what needs to change in your diet or your fitness level in order to get the results that you've always wanted. 

I'm very interested in a method like this because with the discoveries of doing this scan, you'll know exactly what your body craves. It's done by professionals and there's a high chance you'll appreciate having this close relationship with yourself. After-all, knowing your body is key to a happy and healthy YOU!

3. Eat Clean  

Once you have found your go-to activity and know your body like never before, it's time to feed it all the good stuff that it needs. My advice is to eat clean, but to never deprive yourself of foods that you crave. I've been on many diets and eating lifestyles before I discovered that I am healthiest and happiest eating what my body wants and needs. I cannot stress how important it is to listen to your body. Depriving it of nutrients it needs can lead to overeating, nutritional imbalance, and even illness. Proportions, balance, and mindful eating are keys to keeping your body at optimal state. This is a subject that has tons of information on the internet, so you need to find the right solution for you and your body. Sometimes it will take trial and error, but it's important to keep moving forward, to learn from your mistakes, and to just take note of how your body is reacting. 

I always try to be mindful of what I'm consuming and how much of it I'm consuming. I'm also mindful of my attitude toward food. I try to keep my thoughts positive, filled with gratitude. You know when you eat a cupcake, sometimes you say to yourself, "Why did you eat that? You're going to be so fat! This is bad for you."  I avoid these kinds of thoughts at all times. No matter what I eat, I eat it like it's the first time I've ever tasted anything like it - with gratitude, love, and excitement. And I make it a point to always believe that what I'm consuming is healing my body. Food is wonderful. It's there for us to enjoy as well as to fuel us.  

I'm not sure if I sound crazy to some of you right now, but I'm just sharing what I've learned over the years. You may want to do more research on your own. I am not a doctor. And I'm not by any means telling you what is right for you and your body. Health is a very individual process. 

I would love to hear what are your favorite ways to stay fit, healthy and happy? What's your goal when it comes to your health this year?

~ This post is sponsored by DEXA Scan. All opinions are my own. 
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Hello everyone,

Keeping the outfits rolling because it just feels right! A new day, a new opportunity to shine and a whole new look to put you in that empowering state of mind. The go-getter who walks tall and never looks back...only to check herself out when passing by a mirror! πŸ˜‰ I know, I'm describing you... a girl who's got all the potential to achieve anything and everything, which sets her soul on fire! What is it for you...what are you mostly going to focus on this 2019?  

Along with powerful words like these, I just couldn't go for a mediocre look, but one to match the strong, yet feminine women we are. It can take you from one meeting to another, ending with a cocktail in hand by the nearest bar. Cause it's only healthy to have that balance of work mixed in with play. What do you say?   

With a touch of sophistication, a smile on your face and a killer blazer, you can make the world spin round and round. Seriously, there's no stopping you! We all know the power of a tailored blazer, not only for men, but women as well. It makes you look smart, put together and even playful, chic with the right type of accessories. No surprise, in how needed a blazer is in every closet because it's a true wardrobe essential that won't ever go out of style. Do you own one? What's your favorite way of styling it? 

And just like that I wanted my striped blazer to get more fierce with the help of a nice pair of black leggings and my go-to velvet over-the-knee boots. The kind of duo I love going to this time of year because it gives me that effortlessly chic vibe, which I love!!! It's nice to look like you've put a lot of thought into your look when really you just know what BEST works for you.

As someone who loves adding color in any way possible whether through a lipstick or accessory, I wanted a pop of yellow to draw you in. This is a crossbody bag, which I wanted to use as a belt bag because it's fun not having your shoulders hunch over especially if you're carrying the whole world in your bag! hahaha 

And that's how blazer days bring you lots of stylish ways! I'll be sure to do a new post in the future showing you a few various ways you can wear your blazer. Until then, stay fashionably fierce!!! 

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Hello everyone, 

Here we are into 2019 with some much to look forward to and lots to be see and do. I hope you have an extraordinary year, filled with everything you have ever wanted - a year that you will ALWAYS remember because it made such a wonderful mark in your life! I'm sending you only good vibes and let our new journey together begin with this post. 

Energized with new ideas, I'm here ready to take you from one season to another with new trendy looks - ones that can easily be recreated and made to fit your lifestyle no matter where you are in the world, as if, piece by piece everything was chosen to fit your perfect proportions! Let this journey of ours begin NOW! 

To most of us denim is something we reach for on a daily basis, whether it is that pair of denim jeans we love or the awesome denim jacket we can't seem to leave the house without. It's there to save us on days we have no idea what to wear or whenever we want something easy and chic that goes along for the ride. Denim is loved internationally and wouldn't you agree, it's so fun to wear?! You can take your favorite denim staple and fit it into so many looks - one for each day of the week.

As a fan of monochromatic fashion, wearing the same color hue in various separates, creating a bold overall statement, I completely fell for denim! You can call it a great start to the New Year! haha 

I've let my denim shirt, jacket and skirt come together in creating my ideal monochromatic look for a day like today. And on top of that I made it extra salvaje "wild" with rose embroidery tights and leather cap. Just like always, the tiny details make all the difference and shouldn't be overlooked because they can take your outfit higher than the Eiffel Towel of Paris. LOL! 

How many of you would go for an all denim look? It would be interesting to know because I feel like it's something that looks great on everyone. I don't know about you, but I own plenty of denim and clearly love wearing it. I might as well create a full on denim closet until the end of this year! 😁      

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See you next week!

                                                                                                                                 Love, Radi