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Hello everyone,

To end January on a high note, I got the strong urge to fuel my bold side with an EDGE. Something extra cool, meant to hit the streets at a speed of more than hundred miles an hour... fast and furious like a race car. That's just the way I roll! 😉

Fashion can also be fierce, creating a statement that makes you feel as though you've crossed the finish-line first. WINNER! It's exhilarating, powerful, and you can most definitely say, memorable. 

I know this month flew by just like that, but when you're ready (have dressed the part) you're in for the ride of a lifetime! 3,2,1...GO! 

I wanted something black, vinyl with a touch of cozy. All together they create my ultimate look for an everyday outfit that is super comfortable and easy to wear. Even just a tee would work with these awesome patent pants because they bring the gloss and shine anywhere they go! 

I can't begin to tell you how much I love a furry teddy coat. I'm sure many of you feel the s…


Hello everyone, 

With the end of the first month of the new year, I've come across new discoveries. Discoveries that make me think how nice it is to try something new!!! That's when life gets exciting... you end up falling for things, which otherwise you may have never known about, if it wasn't for your curiosity to try it. Even the smallest discoveries like tasting a new dish at a restaurant to buying a an outfit that you've always assumed isn't for you - Moral of the story: Give it a chance! 

I like to think I'm open toward new discoveries, which leads me to new amazing experiences every month. It's something I want to do more of this year because that's when life opens up to you and you feel part of it. And who doesn't want to feel loved by life? For this reason, every month I sum up all the wonderful memories, even products, which have made a difference in my life and share five of them with you on here. It's a chance for you to get to know me…


Hello everyone, 

When we feel fit, healthy and happy, every day feels exciting and full of possibilities! We're energized, inspired, motivated to go after our dreams and complete our to-do lists. It's the best scenario to be in!!! I find myself feeling this way most days, and I wanted to share with you three ways, which help me feel fit, healthy, and happy. I'm sure they can have the same effect on you and your lifestyle. They keep me upbeat and excited about life! This is how I take care of my body from the inside out.
With the start of January, we're all looking for inspiration in being the best versions of ourselves. That counts with every area in our lives - beginning with our well-being and inner peace. It all comes down to creating a balance, which allows us to enjoy every minute we have on this earth. 
So let me introduce you to my not-so-secret ways of staying fit, healthy and happy! (Yesss, all at the same time!) 😄

1. Find An Activity You Enjoy
It's so easy to…


Hello everyone,

Keeping the outfits rolling because it just feels right! A new day, a new opportunity to shine and a whole new look to put you in that empowering state of mind. The go-getter who walks tall and never looks back...only to check herself out when passing by a mirror! 😉 I know, I'm describing you... a girl who's got all the potential to achieve anything and everything, which sets her soul on fire! What is it for you...what are you mostly going to focus on this 2019?  

Along with powerful words like these, I just couldn't go for a mediocre look, but one to match the strong, yet feminine women we are. It can take you from one meeting to another, ending with a cocktail in hand by the nearest bar. Cause it's only healthy to have that balance of work mixed in with play. What do you say?   

With a touch of sophistication, a smile on your face and a killer blazer, you can make the world spin round and round. Seriously, there's no stopping you! We all know the po…


Hello everyone, 

Here we are into 2019 with some much to look forward to and lots to be see and do. I hope you have an extraordinary year, filled with everything you have ever wanted - a year that you will ALWAYS remember because it made such a wonderful mark in your life! I'm sending you only good vibes and let our new journey together begin with this post. 

Energized with new ideas, I'm here ready to take you from one season to another with new trendy looks - ones that can easily be recreated and made to fit your lifestyle no matter where you are in the world, as if, piece by piece everything was chosen to fit your perfect proportions! Let this journey of ours begin NOW! 

To most of us denim is something we reach for on a daily basis, whether it is that pair of denim jeans we love or the awesome denim jacket we can't seem to leave the house without. It's there to save us on days we have no idea what to wear or whenever we want something easy and chic that goes along for…