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Hello everyone, 

Whether you enjoy blogging as a hobby, which helps you escape the responsibilities of your everyday life or want to call blogging your career (more than 100% possible), this post will help you get an idea of multiple ways to make money from your blog. There are many factors that go into achieving this, but as long as you have a vision for your blog, you'll get there step by step. 

I'm eager to write this post and share with you my knowledge of blogging because with the New Year, I know that many of us want change, want to call our hobbies our jobs, want to fully emerge into our creative beings, and are open to growing/achieving our goals in 2020!!!

As you may know, in April I'll be making 5 years since I starting my fashion blog. During that time, I had zero knowledge of the depths of blogging and how one could turn it into a profession. With time I read a lot of books (currently I'm reading 3 books about blogging), other bloggers' shared experiences and with every year, I got into blogging more and more. NOW, I want to help those of you who come across this post and are interested in this topic and want to make an income from blogging. 

Before I get into the details of ways to make money, I've got to mention it isn't as easy as everyone thinks it is. It requires a lot of preparation, great content, consistency, social media strategy, everyday work...and most of all, a lot PATIENCE!   

With so many blogs being created everyday, you've got to think what makes you different? Why would people want to visit your blog over and over again? Is there something you would like to teach your audience like creating DIY projects or ways to dress for different occasions or mostly you would like to share your personal life experiences? There is so much to think about...before anything else you've got to know the answers to these questions yourself. 

So, you've got your PASSION set, whether that's blogging about the newest beauty products, writing about photography, teaching others how to live a healthy lifestyle. Now we can focus on the many ways your blog can bring income your way!!!


This is a term you most likely have heard of. What is ad-sense? It's the ads that appear when you enter a blog. They can be seen on the side of a blog, showing up within a blog post, between blog posts or really anywhere you desire them. The amount of ads showing up is up to you. You can have as few as 2-3 ads or 5-6. It really depends on what you feel is right for your own blog!

You might be wondering, how does one make money from having google ads added to their blog? Think of it as an advertisement...the more these ads get clicked on, the more money you make. Of course, it will take some time to start earning enough money from them, but as your blog gets more popular, so will the income from google ad-sense. 

In the beginning, you start by making cents, but if you keep working on your blog, providing your readers with content that they want to follow regularly, you'll easily be able to call blogging more than just a hobby. How does that sound? 


Yep, nowadays a lot of companies have blogs to stay connected with their customers, which opens doors to being hired to write for them. This is another way to earn money on the side. While you work on your blog, why not write for others as well (and get paid) who will benefit from your writing skills? Plus, you can represent your own blog as a resume - showing your style of writing, your creativity, your professionalism and your love for blogging. 

Here are 3 sites you can check-out for jobs:  
(I use them often!)

Each job ad has its own requirements, so if you come across one that you like, be sure to apply! 


You can make money through the affiliate links on your blog when a reader purchases a certain item through your link recommendation. Be sure to link products that are associated with your niche. For example, if you've got a blog about beauty you can include a link of the latest beauty products you feel like your audience would love as much as you do. This way your readers can easily find or buy beauty products while they are reading your post. All in one place without having to search the internet!  

I use ShopStyle! It fits wonderfully with my fashion blog. I'm able to find similar or the same clothing items and link them in my posts. Anything from bags, to shoes, to jewelry! The more affiliate links you share, the more commission you'll be able to earn as your blog continues to grow. 

Another affiliate program I've seen many bloggers use is Amazon Associates. It allows you to link hundreds and thousands of products. A perfect way to make money while blogging!


Okay, so now that you've got a decent amount of readers who trust your opinion, keep coming back and want to see more of you, you can advertise your own services. That includes writing an ebook on a topic you're an expert at, charging a monthly fee for anyone who wants to buy it. Another idea is offering your service of writing articles for magazines or newspapers. Place the ad on the sidebar of your blog and you've got another sure way to make money online. This way you're not only the creator of your blog, but you're the CEO of your business. 

Also, you can charge as brands want to work with you. If they want you to share their product/service with your audience. Here, demographics and amount of views come into play. The more popular your blog is, the more money you can get paid while promoting a brand. Be sure the brand is one that you love as well and it isn't only about the money because trust me, your readers will know the difference. 


Some of you will be in favor of this, others not so much. Here is why. Joining a network means you won't be the only owner of your blog. Your revenue will be split into two. The network you're signed to will make money from you as their job is to help your blog grow. This is great if you're just starting out and need help in getting your blog out there. 

You can see there are both advantages and disadvantages, but do what's right for you. Jointing a network is a helping hand when you feel like you're alone doing this. You'll learn a lot from others and start making money faster. 

However, contracts are included, so be careful what you're signing. Take into you want to be the owner of your blog? Do you want to blog about any topic you desire? Are there more positives than negatives for you when joining a network? 

This is it! I've covered it all and really hope this helps a lot of you. Please let me know what you think of this post? If you want to learn a lot more about this topic, I highly suggest reading this book: It helped me learn so much!!!  

                   By: Darren Rowse and Chris Garrett   

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Also, please let me know what you would like to see more of on FashionRadi in 2020? πŸ’—

                                                                                                                             Love, Radi

BEST OF 2019!

Hello everyone, 

Salud to the end of 2019! (Yep, I currently have a shot glass of tequila in one hand...what can I say, I'm starting off the holidays just right!) πŸ˜‚ If I start writing in espaΓ±ol, just know it's the tequila in me!!! hahaha! You know I hate drinking alone, so here I am, I've got your company to look back at some of the great memories of this year. 

It has been a fiesta in every sense of the word from tearing up my heels from too much dancing to feeling like I've lost the rhythm a few times as the year passed on by. I guess that's LA VIDA! Who's ready to ring in 2020? But before we do, salud to surviving 2019. Know that a New Year brings new experiences, new changes, new opportunities. However, we've got our friendship and support to fall back on. I appreciate every single one of you, your friendship and your constant support...THANK YOU! πŸ’•

This year, when it came to fashion, I really wanted to experiment, not be afraid to try different styles and go for the looks that came from my imagination. It might not have always gone as planned, but like anything in life, it's the dedication that counts. However, there were a lot of stylish trends which I fell in love with. For example, I tried wearing zebra print for the first time, I bought a vinyl leopard jacket which makes a funny comment every time I wear it, one guy called it a lizard...#toofunny, I was happy to see scrunchies and neon colors back in style and so on...

For 2020 when it comes to my style, I'm going to raise the bar another level, fully take advantage of the upcoming trends which I will be sharing with you next. This way you and me can be 2020 fashion ready for everyday of being boss ladies in the New Year! What's something new you would like to change or try when it comes to your style in 2020?


This was my favorite year EVERRRR when it came to travel because of the places I got to visit. Two of the trips were the most memorable because it was my sister and I exploring a completely new city (San Francisco) and going back to the city we used to live in (Chicago) for my best friend's wedding. Incredible times since we've always wanted to travel together, see the world through our own eyes and have sister time of connecting, tasting new foods and creating lasting memories together. Hopefully in 2020 we'll double the trips! Like always, I'll be sure to share them with you.  

What has been your favorite destination in 2019... the first place that pops into your mind?


In my monthly favorites posts, I got to try-out a lot of new beauty products. This made me intrigued in learning about the ingredients in each one, testing every product properly to see what result it gave and wanting to change up my beauty routine with the start of every season. It has been FUN! The beauty world is just as colorful, interesting as the fashion world!

I completely understand the excitement you get when you purchase a new palette or when you smell the scent of your new perfume as you go on about your day. It's things like these that make us smile from inside-out.😊 What's one product you think I should try? Any recommendations?


This category is close to my heart because I'm all about having fun. I'm an Aries, what can I do? I love live music...screaming my heart out at live concerts, trying new activities like archery...I did rock climbing as well, having more than two cups of coffee daily, but currently tequila, going to hockey games and overall being free and happy! πŸ˜‰

Doing things like these make me wayyyy happy because really life isn't about working, working and working. We've got to take some time to play, loosen up and enjoy the things we've always wanted to try. Now is the time to do so!!!  

I've got an ever bigger list for 2020... at the top of it is skydiving! Go BIG or go home as we like to say here in Las Vegas. What's on top of your list? 

I hope you enjoyed this 2019 recap!!! I wish you the happiest of holidays with family and friends!

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Hello everyone,

It's crunch time! Time to have everything wrapped and ready to go, so the holidays can truly be enjoyed with your family and friends. 🎁 

Last minute gifts can be some of the best purchases because you probably already have an idea of what you're looking for; all it takes is to head to the store or open your laptop to purchase it. However, if you still can't make up your mind and are left hanging for ideas I can help you with filling-up the stockings with stuffers to the max! A few present ideas for your loved one... all of which are under $35!!! 

Remember the thought counts! The gift you're picking must be related to the person's likes. You've got to know their hobbies, what makes them the happiest. Don't go buying something you would like to receive yourself. The point of giving is to put the other person's needs and interests first. I feel like that's one of the most common mistakes we make. Also, don't let time pressure you into buying something you aren't satisfied with. You'll feel it just when you've come across the perfect gift!!! πŸ’“

Let's get shopping one last time before Christmas arrives!  


These are some of my ideas for a lovely stocking stuffers SURPRISE. It's got everything for everyone! 

Something cozy and festive for the warm soul in your life who enjoys spending time at home. Something inspiring for the bookworm in your life who likes to read and jot down things that have captured her heart. I currently picked-up this Alexa Chung book. Can't wait to read it. If you have it, what are your thoughts? Something sweet with the aroma of coffee traveling around the room for the coffee lover. 

And the perk of it all is that you don't have to spend a fortune to make someone smile. 

You can even buy something more personal! WALL ART PRINTS, 3 Piece Set - $18.00  

These are gorgeous high quality digital prints. My sister actually owns the online shop. It's her original artwork. Her escape and inspiration is nature, and she's told me that she hopes her artwork can inspire those same feelings of love, positivity, and gratitude in others that she gets when she's in nature taking photos.

I have to say that having nature prints around the house makes me feel so relaxed and peaceful. And they are really pretty to look at.

These are beautiful and come in sets of three, and each set comes with two original nature photographs and one white print with black lettering, which is usually one word of inspiration, meant to help you breathe, relax, and remember to return to the present moment.

The best thing about this present is that the prints are downloadable digital files. No physical prints or frames are sent to you, but you get to download all three prints in different ratio sizes, and then you can print them in the sizes that you want as many times as you want! You can do really cool collages if you get two of the sets. And it just makes for a really meaningful gift.

I hope you have a wonderful Holiday season! Enjoy the precious moments with your close friends nd family. Eat good food. Laugh, smile, and love. I wish to you all so much joy and miracles! Go after your dreams this upcoming new year and create the life that you deserve! I believe in you!

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What's one thing you really want to receive this Christmas?πŸŽ…

                                                                                                                                   Love, Radi 


Hello everyone,

With Christmas getting closer and closer each day , I think it's inevitable to begin the process of getting ready and pampering ourselves. Somehow we all become our happiest, most festive self around this time of year. 

We've gone through the holiday party looks you should wear, in a previous post. Now it's time to take care of some details like freshly painted nails and cute festive hairstyles. We all want to look and feel confident from head to toe, right?! So, besides my suggestion for making a visit to the hairdresser for a refreshing blowout, today, I'm going to show you four hairstyles you can try out this holiday season. 

With short hair, sometimes it becomes a bit difficult to think of new ways to style it, but surely, these hairstyles will make you feel a little more special. They would work with any length of hair, as long as you're ready to have fun twisting and turning hahaha! Plus, I went for hairstyles that are easy to recreate. They don't require too much time, products and errors to be made. I'm still trying to decide which of these hairstyles to wear on Christmas day. Help me out!!!


I'm a bit obsessed with up hair-do's because they look extra classy during the holidays. A hairstyle like this can really elevate your whole outfit and make you feel all the cheery festive vibes. For this first hairstyle, you'll need two things: a headband and your hair LOL! 

Have your hair divided in the middle, place the headband on your crown and start by taking small sections of hair from underneath the hairband ( the size you would take if you were curling your hair) and loop it over and under the hairband. Do this until the whole hair at the back is up. You might have to use a few bobby pins to really help keep everything in place especially if your hair is shorter. As for the front, you can decide if you want to leave two pieces, shaping your face like me. 
Ohhlaaa it's simple as that! On to the next choice of hairstyle!πŸ˜‰ 


Don't let your gift ribbons go to waste! You can always use one as a bow during this time of year. An unique, fun way to contrast or match your hairstyle to your Christmas outfit! This half up hairstyle is one I often go for because it opens up the face and it's super quick to do. You can create it two ways: making two regular 3-strand braids and tying them at the back with a bow ribbon or grabbing two strands of hair on each side and twisting them around each other, which is my preferred way of doing this hairstyle. I just think it's more interesting. One thing is for sure, both hairstyles will give you a pretty holiday look! Do you love it?

If you have shorter bangs you can still create this hairstyle by taking two hair strands from the front of your ears. You tie them up in the back and add a ribbon for an extra special touch. It's simply a nice way to give your hair some love this holiday season. It's good to have it styled, unlike regular day to day when you might just throw it into a bun or have it all over the place...LOL!


Again a little up-do, but a bit different than the first one I showed you. However, this hairstyle is just as classy and beautiful. One that would look lovely on anyone, no matter your hair type; curly, straight, wavy...   

What I did here is make a puff out of my bangs in the front by pinning it back. From there I twisted the rest of the hair in something that resembles a french bun. Again I used a few bobby pins to keep the shorter strands tucked in. And I added a noticeable hair clip of colorful rhinestones to call it "complete and festive". It's too cute, isn't it?

So which hairstyle is your favorite so far? But wait, before you make up your mind, I've got one final style idea to show you. 


For this last hairstyle, choose your favorite side and let's make it happen! LOL!

Again, an easy hairstyle to do if you're rushing off to Christmas dinner or a holiday party. I'm sure you're already familiar with it, it's just good to bring it back for the holidays. In December, everything feels a lot more special! Plus, a stylish hairdo is something we, girls, love as it helps express ourselves just like our choice of clothing. 

To recreate this hairstyle, take two strands from your favorite side and start twisting them. As you get to the bottom continue adding bits of hair along the way to create a thicker twist. Finally, pin the twist into the hair, so it stays and you're ready for the celebration. See? It took less then 5 minutes! 

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Now you can tell me...which hairstyle did you love the MOST? If you need some help with your outfit, here are some ideas. Enjoy this time of year and I'll catch you again in a few days!!!

                                                                                                                                      Love, Radi 


Hello everyone,

2020... Who's READY? πŸ₯³

It's the season of celebrating the end of an year and the start of a brighter, golden New Year! With the challenges we faced, the adventures we took, the twists and turns we encountered in 2019, at midnight once the clock strikes 12, it's time for a clean start. Leave the bad behind and believe in the blessings awaiting just for YOU! 

Another year, another chance to smile at someone, to ask your crush out, to take that dream vacation, to reconnect with your inner self, to take a chance, to lead the life you have been imagining. Make it count!!!

I will take my own advice and try my best to make 2020 a great one. In the beginning of 2019 February, something happened that shook me to the core and made it hard for me to enjoy even the good moments. Now, as I sit here and write this post, I feel stronger, willing to flip the page to a brand new chapter of my life. We can all find the courage to continue on and make the best from the deck of cards life deals us.  

To celebrate this new beginning together, I want to us to get glamorous, take the needed time for us to get our nails, hair and outfit ready and to fully enjoy this night away!

I'm going for a gold theme for New Year's Eve! What about you?
I hope this post gives you the right inspiration in picking a dress, which will make your confidence shine on NYE and beyond!!! πŸ’—   

1. Sequin Dresses 

If you're life of the party, love having fun and want to shine, go for a sexy mini sequin dress. On this night, you're allowed to go all out without any shame. Dress-up as much as you want, dance until you can't walk anymore and leave the rest behind. 

This type of dress is drawing me in because what other days would I get to wear a shiny dress?! Probably once or twice, not very often, so on New Year's Eve, it is the perfect pick! Plus, it will happily sync with the confetti that's going to be flying everywhere! And do you know how awesome sequins shine under colorful disco lights?...It's magical in my eyes!!!

2. Velvet Dresses

For a look of elegance and sophistication, it's best to choose a velvet dress. With a material like this, you won't need anything else. It speaks volume as you put it on. Also, in its simplicity, velvet is so festive, making it a wonderful pick for this time of year. I know I've got lots of velvet pieces to keep up with the holidays happening in December. I'm thinking of my velvet leggings, boots and asymmetrical dress!. All favorites of mine!  

3. Satin Dresses

Want to add a glossy, beautiful finish to your NYE party outfit, wear a lovely satin dress! I would go for one in darker green or silver. The silk beautifully hugs your figure, making it hard not to notice. It's a 100 across all boards! Plus, this material feels light on your skin as if you're in your silk pajamas, but you know the more glam version. What else is there to dream about?  

Just like velvet, satin is also on the romantic side. A great option if you want to skip the crowded parties and spend welcoming the New Year with your man.                

4. Lace Dresses

And a little lace detailed dress goes a long way for a New Year's Eve party! It's delicate, makes a woman feel extra feminine. When you add a killer pair of heels, you'll be looking incredible...that's an understatement. 

For me, lace adds a charm that's hard to put into words. It's one of the most beautiful fabrics. No wonder wedding dresses are mostly made of lace. How could you not fall in love with it? 

I think a black lace dress would be ideal for NYE because it's classy and would look good on absolutely anyone. I'm sure you have worn one already for one of the previous New Years Eve celebrations.     

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Have you decided what you're going to wear on New Year's Eve? And what are your plans, anything exciting? I hope you have an amazing time with family/friends this whole month! πŸ’‹   

                                                                                                                                    Love, Radi 


Hello everyone,

Let's get into the HOLIDAY spirit!!! πŸŽ„

I'm starting off a series of blog posts all made to excite us and get us into a festive mood this time of year. Today it's all about the glam outfits, each one made to party because I know this is the season of attending parties from work related gatherings to family Christmas dinners. So I've got style ideas and tips to help you pick an outfit appropriate for each type of event and mostly give you the confidence to walk into the room and have an incredible time. Are you READY? 

When it comes to holiday parties... let's just say they are my specialty,hahaha because I love socializing, drinking (shhhh), dancing, laughing and I always having a blast deciding what to wear. That being said, you're in great hands! Just read until the end of this post, gather outfit ideas that suit your personal style and clear some time for a bit of online shopping. 😁 

1. Girls Night-Out

If you're planning to get together with your girlfriends for the holidays, exchange gifts and have a few drinks at a bar, this is the kind of outfit you should go for. Your look should be fun, bold and festive. You can be more free in your choice of clothing, meaning you can most definitely go for sheer fabrics and show a bit more skin than at other parties. Plus, I'm assuming they're your closest girlfriends, so they know you better than you know yourself, and more than likely, you always feel you can be your true-self in their company.

I know I love wearing metallic, sequins and see-through fabrics during the holidays, so I decided to mix them up into this one outfit. It screams party and it's a super fun night-out look! Just be ready... an outfit like this might get you a few more free drinks. LOL! Cheeeeers! 
2. Work Christmas Party

Lots of work places organize their own annual Christmas parties, which you most definitely will have to attend. You've got to have an outfit for this type of party as well! Here, it's important to still keep it professional and classy. However, you can play with the festive red and green colors for something more fun than your usual work outfit. Stay away from pieces that reveal too much skin. If you've got a low cut top or a dress you're not too sure about, have a blazer on top to make it more appropriate. You wouldn't want your boss/colleagues to see that side of you! LOL! Also, at a work party, there's nothing worse than others staring at your outfit, being distracted, not looking you in your eyes when having a conversation.

A safe bet is always a white shirt, pencil skirt and long pants. From there you can add something red or green, or why not both, like I did here. This outfit is prove that you can still add some holiday cheer to your work party outfit!   

3. Christmas Family Dinner 

'Tis the season for getting together with loved ones and celebrating! There's nothing like spending the holidays with your family, seeing the joy and sparkle in their eyes as we bond over shared past memories. In many cases this is the only time we get to see close relatives since a lot of us have families spread all over the world or in different cities. Thankfully, holidays like Christmas are able to connect us and make us feel home!

On Christmas Eve my family and I always have a special dinner, which later leads us to opening our presents under the Christmas tree. Years ago I made it into a family tradition because I couldn't wait until Christmas morning to open gifts. Santa said it's okay! LOL! 

On this special family holiday, I love dressing-up, adding a bit of spark. Anything gold is my absolute favorite and when it shines it earns extra points in my boo just like this cozy, shiny sweater! The golden theme continues with the long tassel earrings and the pleated skirt. Definitely go for something comfortable that makes you feel happy, in the mood to eat, celebrate and eat some more... hahaha! 

4. NYE Party

We can't let the holidays slip on by without welcoming in the New Year! πŸ™Œ This is where all the FUN happens in your outfit and outside of it. hahaha! Who's excited for 2020?

There are not limits when it comes to your party look...ok, maybe don't show-up naked. But I mean, you can go all out with accessories, your sequin dress which you've probably worn only once before, and your most uncomfortable heels, which you haven't even touched. hahaha! I'm laughing out loud because that's so me!!!

Easiest choice for a NYE party is a sexy dress or a playful two piece set. Both are meant for a wild night, just you know, a little heads up. I already have in mind what I'll be wearing this year. I might even show you, if you're really curious?!        
Hopefully, this post got you into the holiday spirit! Just know, there's lots more to come, so see you again next week! What are you MOST excited for this holiday season?

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Hello everyone,

Woooh-ahaaa! Black Friday is nearing, so is Cyber Monday, and that only leads to shopping and more shopping! πŸ™Œ It's the best time to catch the sales and hopefully finish your Christmas shopping earlier. We all know this can take a lot of our time because we don't want to forget anyone on our list or make a present that isn't well thought out or fits the personality of the people we're shopping for. So here, I've got your gift ideas for the fashionista, the guy in your life, as well as the home and beauty lovers. Mark your favorites and let the spirit of holiday shopping BEGIN!

My sister, for example, is a total home lover. Gift her anything pretty and useful for her home and she would die a happy lady, hahaha. There are so many gift ideas out there for those people in your life that appreciate an aesthetically pleasing and cozy space where they can relax and unwind. Here is a list of some of the treasures I found:

1. Globo Trellis Pillow 

Okay, so all women know that guys are super hard to buy presents for. Even though our men don't openly tell us what they want (it's because they really don't know what they want, right girls? LOL!)...anyway, we can still surprise them and make them feel special by picking something that we know they already like and would appreciate - a nice cologne or a watch. The following list is some of my favorite gift ideas for men: 

1. Cashmere Striped Crewneck Sweater

This has got to be the easiest category to buy for, in my opinion. I mean, beauty?! Yes, please! The options are endless! From luxury perfumes to body lotions and scrubs, from festive lipsticks to the perfect skin care kits - ah! The only problem I see here is that while you're shopping for your friend, it would be absolutely unacceptable not to get yourself something as well, hehe.

1. La Vie est Belle Eau De Parfum   

And now...for the grand finale...where are all my fashionistas at? Ladies, I don't have to say anything, right? I mean, the smell of brand new shoes, the cozy feels of a chunky turtleneck sweater, the perfect accessories to tie the whole look together....ah, the world is a better and prettier place because of fashion! Only thing you have to be careful about is getting the right size, but if you don't know it, it's not the end of the world, because you can't go wrong with a nice bag or a piece of jewelry that your friend has been eye for a while. 

1. Cashmere Double-Slit Turtleneck Sweater

Let the shopping EXTRAVAGANZA begin!

Which of these categories will you most likely be shopping? I'm curious to know who's the fashionista in your family/group of friends? I know I'm all over that category!πŸ˜‚  

I'm looking forward to this day and all the holidays coming up! It's going to be amazing! Be sure to enjoy it while it lasts. We all know in a flash it will be January again! 

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Hello everyone,

Wanna know something? It's a fall overall kind of day today because I'm bringing back my checkered overall dress, which you might remember from earlier this summer. However, this time I'm waving a leaf in the air (hahaha) and making it more suitable for autumn. Can you see, feel and tell? It's going to be EPIC!!! 😊🍁

It's just too good knowing that lots of summer pieces can also be worn in other seasons. This way you can work with what you have, still be creative in your style and not have to shop every time a new season arrives. You can't go all works out in the end! I know for myself...I find the joy in setting one item as the main character in this case the gingham overall dress and trying to wear/style it from spring to winter. And let me tell surprisingly turns out better than expected! My mind runs through countless ideas with one that screams "THIS IS IT!". 

So let our minds run wind and let us celebrate the last few weeks of autumn!!!

You know I couldn't keep the whole outfit black, I had to add something bright, yet "autumny"  that I would want to wear over and over again like coral. It makes me happy!!! If I was in a forest full of vibrant colored leaves, I would be picture-perfect matching them. Just imagine the Insta photo in your mind! LOL!

This heart sweater is an old one, but still a good one. Somehow I immediately thought of it when I was searching for something to pair the overall dress with. It wasn't easy finding it because it was somewhere in the closet surrounded by other sweaters, but "high five" I conquered it. hahaha! This is the result to prove it! πŸ˜‰

On top of that I'm happy to once again start wearing my over the knee boots. Their velvet fabric makes me crush on them so much... to a point where autumn might become my favorite season. Just kidding, not going to happen! πŸ˜‚ Summer is my MUSE!  

To top it all off, in my opinion this outfit needed a beret and fishnets. Just because, you know...that's when my personality shines! hahaha As I like to always say, it's all in the details! When every detail comes together, it creates something beautiful as a whole like a painting that tells a story. 

What are your thoughts on overall dresses? Yay or Nay?! 

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Hello everyone,

I've been wearing this one item so often that I had to make this post. The title gives it away... I'm talking about the white jeans!!! They're my go-to, not because I give them a wash every time I wear them, but because they're everything I want in a pair of jeans. This includes unique, chic and bright... my kind of signature style this fall!!! πŸ˜‰ 

I have already worn them so many different ways that I thought you would like to see. Would you? I'm hearing loud YESSssss! Or is this me daydreaming again?! LOL! Nonetheless, I hope this post inspires you and please share with me how would you style your white jeans. We can INSPIRE each other!!! πŸ’“

I know it can be a challenge to keep the white jeans as clean as when you bought them, but trust me they're just too cool to leave in the closet hanging. I would rather sit, walk and dance in them!!!


It's a denim dynamite everybody! Denim and white jeans as a combination EXCITE me. I mean, if clothes don't excite you, what will? Haha. Honestly I love the whole vibe of this look because it's put together yet cool with the over-sized denim jacket. It works and I like it like that!!! 

This is a quick outfit you can easily put together and rock through the autumn season like me. Shhh don't tell anyone, I have been wearing it more than once. Actually, do tell because I think clothes are meant for exactly that, especially if you feel confident in them. I know you feel me...what clothing item makes you feel unstoppable? 


If you're the girl on the GO, constantly moving from one place to another this outfit is for you. It's cute and casual, makes running around, or more precisely running errands, a lot more enjoyable. And you know I added watermelon earrings because I'm desperately trying to bring summer back! hahaha
It hasn't worked so far, but I'm crossing my fingers! Maybe if I wear them one week non-stop, the MIRACLE will happen!!!😱  

I feel like a lot of you will favorite this outfit the most because a tee and a cardigan go a long way. They're an everyday essential! Adding white jeans to the mix, it just can't get any better. So good, it screams..."Yep, I lovvvvve it!" 


So, we've got the white jeans, which immediately makes me want to go all out with a monochromatic look. It's like a white blanket outfit on cloud 9...of course I want to wear it! Here, I've got the sneakers, the furry coat and the clean cut details that I love. I can't explain the feeling with words, you've got to try it yourself!

Having one shade on from head to toe makes for one bold statement! There is not much else to be said, as the outfit does all the talking. Let's leave it to this look to finish the rest... hahaha!


And ending this saga with the sweet, knit life! hahaha  

The're nothing better than a cozy knit in the fall. Even more so when you've got white jeans at the bottom to make you feel extra special. I love the way grey and white look together! Like a holiday special, festive and heart-warming. 

Out of these 4 outfits, which one is more your style? And before I forget, do let me know what kind of holiday related posts you want to see this year? The clock is ticking and I want to hear your ideas!  

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