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Hello everyone,

Throughout this month, I've collected lots of favorites in products, apparel, but mostly memories that it's only right I share them with you. Nothing beats a month that effortlessly flies by because you are too busy enjoying it, not caring about day or time. This is how October felt for me! 

With a complete easy I knew what would make my top five favorites because, as life happened, I made a mental list of everything that made an impression on me. That's one of the best ways to be grateful for everything coming your way and acknowledging all the good in the world. It's a nice habit to have since the universe loves people who love life and smile at everything that is given to them. What recently made you smile or made you think,"Wow, life is good!"? 

1. Store: FOREVER 21

As a fashion blogger it's expected and well true that shopping brings much joy to me because it lets my creativity flow as I picture different looks from every piece I touch in the store. It's a lot more than spending money or buying something just for the sake of it. No, it's like having a vision of a clothing design and then seeing it right in front of your eyes. You get to touch it, wear it and enjoy the process of it all coming together. 

That's exactly how I feel about shopping, but I have one particular store, which inspires me every time, Forever 21. I can even open a small Forever 21 boutique because I think most of my closet is filled with items from there! LOL! Everything from shoes, accessories to dresses and tops! I've got it all... if you're looking for something particular I've probably got it hahaha!

Last week I bought a velvet lace-up dress from there, so without the slightest doubt in my mind I had to include this fashion store as my very favorite.

Shop Forever 21

2. Event: JBL FEST 

Cover your ears, I'm going to SCREAM on this one because on Friday I got to see "Mi Papi" AKA Pitbull for the fourth time at the JBL fest here at the SLS Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Hands down, BEST night of my life, or should I say, whole day, because I was there literally 12 hours.

I LOVE Pitbull and this day easily made my whole October! I'm still relieving it in my head!!! If you're cray-cray like me, you've got to let me know your favorite song of his. I will keep on repeating and saying it again, I love Pitbull's energy, his love for life, his positive and fun lyrics and the shows he puts on are out of this world. If you like dancing, jumping and screaming like me, he's your man hahaha!

The event was held at the Foxtail Pool with awesome DJ's and a synchronized swimming performance warming up the audience before the arrival of Pitbull. Only in Vegas do you get this kind of party!!! Also, I almost forgot to mention Olivia Culpo and Priyanka Chopra were there to introduce the main acts. So gorgeous!


With the changing of season, our clothing and make-up also change. We go from brighter to darker, warmer shades to fully emerge into fall/winter. This October, I've been all about the brown shadows and lipstick colors. I like having the eyes and lips match like a one canvas! 

This look here has been my go to for this month. I've done it so many times that I think I can even do it in my sleep. I should try it next time when I'm feeling sleepy but still have to do my make-up hahaha! I'll let you know how it goes...

Shop Fall Make-Up

4. Place: THE TIPSY ROBOT    

Ever dreamed of robots making your cocktail drink? Well, that can only happen in Las Vegas! With the touch of a screen you get to select your drink and within seconds see it being made by robots. They're the most entertaining bartenders I've ever seen!!! Plus, they always get your order right and create an experience you'll never ever forget. 

I'm adding "The Tipsy Robot" to my favorites because I wanted to go there since the beginning of the year, and luckily, it happened this month. It's located at the Miracle Mile Shops in Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, so if you're ever in Vegas, make this one of your night-out spots.     

Cheers and don't forget to tip your robot! LOL! 

5. Accessory: BERETS

And we've come to my last favorite, berets! I love adding hats as accessories during this time of year. In my opinion they make any outfit pop that much more, adding an element of chic with a touch of Parisian vibes we find ourselves frequently dreaming about. 

It's the kind of obsession that grows during these months because that's the one accessory I wear most often. A girl needs her options!!! What's your favorite fall accessory? 

Shop Berets:

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What has been your October favorite? It can be more than one thing! 

                                                                                                                                      Love, Radi  


Hello everyone, 

Welcome to my city, a desert paradise with not much of an autumn season, but the city of entertainment where we make fall come to us. Simply said, Las Vegas is the city where everything is possible! With so much to do and see you'll need a full month to explore every fabulous corner of this shiny and captivating place. 

Most of us are in the mood for everything fall related - warm sweaters, leaves changing colors, hot coffee, so I thought, what better way to celebrate every beauty of this season than by sharing with you some of the things that make Vegas a fall-tastic adventure. These are five of the things I enjoy doing the most once October arrives in my city. If, by any chance, you're visiting Las Vegas this month, I hope this post gives you some ideas of what to do while here. 

1. Visit the Botanical Gardens at Bellagio 

Every season, with no exception, the Botanical Gardens at Bellagio get transformed into the most beautiful displays. Suddenly, you feel like you've entered into a Disney world where the calming music takes you through bigger-than-life floral creations. 

This autumn the "Sleeping Goddess" covered in flowers and autumn leaves brings the magic of this season. It feels as if you're in another world, which is why I always enjoy going there and entering each season with a new festive outlook. Plus, I could easily take her spot if she gets tired of sleeping because I lead the record of sleeping more than eight hours especially in the fall and winter. hahaha!

It's completely free to the public and you can walk around as much as you like. Don't be surprised if you can't take the perfect photo because the crowds are massive. There hasn't been a time when I have seen this place empty - only once - when I passed by at 3am, but there were still a few night owls roaming like me.   

2. Get Your Seasonal Veggies & Fruits at Gilcrease Orchard 

Make it a fun family day by visiting the Gilcrease Orchard to pick out this season's fresh fruits and veggies. Of course, during this month you will find pumpkins, which you can carve for Halloween. 

To me, this is one of the most fun ways to welcome fall in and really enjoy some quality time with the people you love. You're in fresh air surrounded by the smell of soil with open fields that you can walk around in while you fill out your basket with lots of healthy goodies. That's what I call the start to an amazing autumn season! 

It opens at 7am to 2pm and works on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays. Set your alarm clock (if you're like me... can't wake up early without a little help) and head orchard picking. 

3. Hot Coffee at Starbucks   

I know almost all the coffee spots in Las Vegas, but Starbucks has been dear to my heart from the very beginning. I may not like the windy days, but that's the perfect excuse for me to head out for a hot cup of coffee. It warms my soul and makes me super happy! 

I know fall has hit when I want something hot because most of the months it's iced drinks and coffees. My favorites are Caramel Macchiato, Cappuccino or White Chocolate Mocha. I rotate between these three options, so I never get bored. (Very clever, I know!) What's your favorite?    

Without a doubt drinking coffees is what I feel I was born for LOL! 

4. Walk & Talk at Red Rock Canyon

Yes, I grab my sister and we head walking and talking at Red Rock Canyon. We catch the beautiful sunsets.

This month is ideal for a hike because the weather is like what we, instagrammers, like to say, #OnPoint. You can breathe, you can speak while you breathe... I think you get my point! 

Okay, so you won't be seeing any falling leaves from trees, but this is as close to autumn as we can get thanks to the change in the air from humid to fresh. I just like it like that and try to appreciate it since it will only last for about three months. 

5. Paper Pumpkins & Leaves DIY 

With each new season we love to decorate our homes festive, so we fill up the atmosphere of decorations that bring warmth and that "homey" feeling in every room. That's why, in October, I like adding touches of things that represent fall, like pine cones, scented candles, leaf garlands, and why not even your own DIY paper creations?! If you have time on your hands, doing crafts can be so much fun! What do you think of my pumpkin and leaf decor wrapped up in twinkling lights? 

This is such a great activity to do with your kids (if you have any) or you can be the kid in this case, like me. Crafting is the kind of thing that allows you to welcome the new season right in the comfort of your home. It won't cost you much and the best part is you can reuse your DIY for years to come. 

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What's your favorite way to welcome fall in? 

                                                                                                                                      Love, Radi      


Hello everyone, 

With the world at our fingertip, from New York to Paris, with the power of social media we're able to experiment fashion week as if we're there front row, dressed to perfection in our favorite designer wear seeing all the upcoming trends roll by on the runway. I tell you, it's a MAGICAL world! 

Within minutes the new trends appear online. Within days the new trends appear in the shopping malls. Within weeks the new trends appear in my closet! LOL!!! 

It's no lie everything happens fast and furious with an overload of excitement for the surprises fashion gives us each new season. This fall animal print is bringing lots of fearlessness. Even more glen plaid is taking center stage in classy and chic pieces that we're all dreaming of. (I hope I'm not the only one!) That's why today I'm giving plaid all the GLORY! It has earned the spotlight and won over my heart. (A BIG statement coming from me!) 

Seeing this print in coats, trousers, overalls made me want to create a "business smart" look that is made up of my favorite fall pieces. This includes the plaid blazer, which can easily be thrown on. The kind of versatile staple that can put you on the top of the list of most fashionable ladies. I already see your name there!

If you're a tee lover than you know blazers and tees make the perfect balance between casual and chic. In one sentence it's the kind of bond that can rarely be broken because it looks way too good together. A pairing like this is not to be taken for granted. It's way strong as we have all witnessed the amazing tee and blazer styles.   

Just because I like fall, or more accurately, haven't worn pants in what feels like ages, I decided to change it up with these chic trousers. I hear my skirts crying out my name just about now, but I feel as though there is nothing wrong with taking a different approach. How many of you are also loving something so much that you keep wanting to wear it every time?  

Aside from layering, autumn brings me all the excitement for accessorizing, especially wearing berets or baker boy hats. It's the kind of charm that makes me feel like an outfit is complete!

Shop My Look:

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How do you like to wear plaid and does this trend get a thumbs up or thumbs down from you? 

For me it's a two thumbs up because I like experimenting with new trends, seeing old ones make a comeback and really evolving my style, adding new wardrobe pieces each season. It's part of the FUN and what fashion is all about!!!

See you next Thursday! 🌹 

                                                                                                                                     Love, Radi  


Hello everyone, 

Welcome to the game of a lifetime! One court, one sporty-chic outfit with an overcast of grey dominance and red heart for the game.
💓 Leaving the racket behind this time, I think it's save to say that we can ace in style to a break point for the WIN! What do you say?     

Okay, enough with the tennis terminology, but I couldn't help it since I used the tennis court as my location for today's look. Yep, there were stares, but so what? Same goes for Serena Williams when she steps on the tennis court 😁....just saying!

Velvet with distressed denim, let the match begin! Make yourself comfortable and pick your favorite piece of this look to cheer for!   

Easily, this kind of outfit you can take to any street... Milwaukke Avenue or Desert Inn. It requires a small dose of effort as anyone can pull it off and wear it on a day to day bases. Think comfort, mixed in with street style and a sprinkle of this season's current "must-haves".   

When I think of comfort and cuteness, all I ever want to wear is my heart shaped cozy sweater. It just speaks to my heart! hahaha Plus, there's nothing like sweater weather, right? It can take you back to some of the nicest memories like sharing a hot beverage with someone you enjoy spending time with. How cozy does that sound to you right now?

Of course as I love my denim so many of you do too, I needed to add some chic to the sweater in order to keep it fresh and exciting. This distressed denim skirt was the answer. Yep, it spoke to me and didn't leave me until it became a visual reality. The kind that is ready to pop with my cross-body bag aka: now a belt bag!  

Bringing back my velvet booties from last season, I needed a second dose of grey to match. They're irresistible and easily my favorite pair! Ohh, how they glisten in the sunlight!!! 

Shop My Look:
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What does your street style look like? What wardrobe pieces come to mind right away? 

                                                                                                                                    Love, Radi