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Hello everyone,

Throughout this month, I've collected lots of favorites in products, apparel, but mostly memories that it's only right I share them with you. Nothing beats a month that effortlessly flies by because you are too busy enjoying it, not caring about day or time. This is how October felt for me! 

With a complete easy I knew what would make my top five favorites because, as life happened, I made a mental list of everything that made an impression on me. That's one of the best ways to be grateful for everything coming your way and acknowledging all the good in the world. It's a nice habit to have since the universe loves people who love life and smile at everything that is given to them. What recently made you smile or made you think,"Wow, life is good!"? 

1. Store: FOREVER 21

As a fashion blogger it's expected and well true that shopping brings much joy to me because it lets my creativity flow as I picture different looks from every piece I touch in…


Hello everyone, 

Welcome to my city, a desert paradise with not much of an autumn season, but the city of entertainment where we make fall come to us. Simply said, Las Vegas is the city where everything is possible! With so much to do and see you'll need a full month to explore every fabulous corner of this shiny and captivating place. 

Most of us are in the mood for everything fall related - warm sweaters, leaves changing colors, hot coffee, so I thought, what better way to celebrate every beauty of this season than by sharing with you some of the things that make Vegas a fall-tastic adventure. These are five of the things I enjoy doing the most once October arrives in my city. If, by any chance, you're visiting Las Vegas this month, I hope this post gives you some ideas of what to do while here. 

1. Visit the Botanical Gardens at Bellagio

Every season, with no exception, the Botanical Gardens at Bellagio get transformed into the most beautiful displays. Suddenly, you feel like y…


Hello everyone, 

With the world at our fingertip, from New York to Paris, with the power of social media we're able to experiment fashion week as if we're there front row, dressed to perfection in our favorite designer wear seeing all the upcoming trends roll by on the runway. I tell you, it's a MAGICAL world! 

Within minutes the new trends appear online. Within days the new trends appear in the shopping malls. Within weeks the new trends appear in my closet! LOL!!! 

It's no lie everything happens fast and furious with an overload of excitement for the surprises fashion gives us each new season. This fall animal print is bringing lots of fearlessness. Even more glen plaid is taking center stage in classy and chic pieces that we're all dreaming of. (I hope I'm not the only one!) That's why today I'm giving plaid all the GLORY! It has earned the spotlight and won over my heart. (A BIG statement coming from me!) 

Seeing this print in coats, trousers, overalls …


Hello everyone, 

Welcome to the game of a lifetime! One court, one sporty-chic outfit with an overcast of grey dominance and red heart for the game.
💓 Leaving the racket behind this time, I think it's save to say that we can ace in style to a break point for the WIN! What do you say?  

Okay, enough with the tennis terminology, but I couldn't help it since I used the tennis court as my location for today's look. Yep, there were stares, but so what? Same goes for Serena Williams when she steps on the tennis court 😁....just saying!

Velvet with distressed denim, let the match begin! Make yourself comfortable and pick your favorite piece of this look to cheer for!   

Easily, this kind of outfit you can take to any street... Milwaukke Avenue or Desert Inn. It requires a small dose of effort as anyone can pull it off and wear it on a day to day bases. Think comfort, mixed in with street style and a sprinkle of this season's current "must-haves".   

When I think of comf…