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Hello everyone, With the first day of autumn already behind us, fall is here to stay! It's reminding us how nice it is to go back to wearing the colors of the leaves, enjoying hot drinks and breathing in that fresh air which fills you up with happiness for the new season. 🍂   I've mentioned in the last post that lots of fall inspiration is coming your way. Easy, chic, yet casual outfits that are easy to recreate and will bring you the autumn spirit we're all excited for.  Starting with today's look, you're going to fall in love with transitioning into this season and embracing the pieces that will make you feel as if the whole ground outside your window is covered with fallen leaves, even though, in reality there might not even be any sign of autumn yet. This is my current situation, here in the desert, but hey, I'm determined to make it feel like fall in any way I can. Any ideas how? Of course, first and foremost, starting out with my outfit!!!


Hello everyone,  The BIGGEST fashion trend making a comeback this season without a doubt is animal print! The runway has been covered with the signature leopard coats during fashion week from designers like Tom Ford, Victoria Beckham, Calvin Klein... However, this fall, into the mix, join other prints as well, from tiger stripes to snake and zebra prints. I think it's going to be one WILD autumn!!! What do you think?  Before we get into this post, let me hear you ROAR! 🐆 Okay, that's better... now we can continue! Because I'm super excited for animal print and with New York fashion week keeping you and me inspired all month long, I decided to bring back my beloved cheetah leggings. Here are three, easy ways to style them this fall!  Simple, yet a great way to take what's trending and apply it to your everyday life, no matter what that entitles. You can be a college student or a successful lawyer and still rock this print.  1. Edgy with Leather    


Hello everyone,  Let the autumn vibrant leaves fall, the crispy fresh air dance throughout the day, and the cozy, chunky sweaters be our warm escape! Okay, that's not exactly how autumn looks like in Las Vegas, but you know these are the kind of memories I have from my childhood when I lived in a country with four seasons. So, now, even though the sun shines, I still get into this season by adding bits of fall essentials to my looks.  This is the most exciting time to slowly transition into the new season, get used to layering once again and even mentally prepare for chilly nights and the habit of always grabbing a jacket before you go out.       Change is upon us, so let's make it count! It's time to stock up on new wardrobe essentials that will last you throughout the whole season and make you just as fashionable!      Here are my favorites, which most likely you will be seeing me wear lots this season! Just a little heads-up!!! 😉    1. Layering Tees   Whe


Hello everyone, Welcome or should I say "Bienvenido" to my DREAM location from which I returned last weekend!!! Everything I love into one - the vibrant beaches, the loud and energetic live music, the friendliest faces, the delicious food, the most fun activities...the list goes on and on. Really, México is my favorite place for a summer vacation because I feel more than at home, I get to speak Spanish (all the years of learning it in school are finally paying off) and they know exactly how to celebrate life and live in the moment! #LAVIDASABROSA 😉    There are million places to visit, but I always return back to México. This time, specifically in Cancún, because I've been wanting to go there for the longest time. A True Dream Come True! Who thinks dreams aren't real, this is prove they exist and are the sweetest part of life. They might take some time, but once you're living the dream you feel completely fulfilled and happy! Get ready to explore the