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Hello everyone,

With the first day of autumn already behind us, fall is here to stay! It's reminding us how nice it is to go back to wearing the colors of the leaves, enjoying hot drinks and breathing in that fresh air which fills you up with happiness for the new season.🍂 

I've mentioned in the last post that lots of fall inspiration is coming your way. Easy, chic, yet casual outfits that are easy to recreate and will bring you the autumn spirit we're all excited for. 

Starting with today's look, you're going to fall in love with transitioning into this season and embracing the pieces that will make you feel as if the whole ground outside your window is covered with fallen leaves, even though, in reality there might not even be any sign of autumn yet. This is my current situation, here in the desert, but hey, I'm determined to make it feel like fall in any way I can. Any ideas how? Of course, first and foremost, starting out with my outfit!!!

You might be wondering what was I thinking of wearing a beret and a thick crop sweater in this desert heat...well, I thought the same thing until I pictured myself in an autumn surrounding, like one from a multicolored misty painting. It worked! hahaha   

I enjoyed giving a break to my loud and vibrant colors in exchange for fall appropriates like brown and black. It just feels right and makes me that more excited for all the looks I have planned for this season! There's only one question... Are You Ready? 

These pieces here are without a doubt something I go for everyday; skinny high-waist jeans, my favorite beret, cozy sweaters and heels in the form of a pump or booties. Definitely essentials that can last you all season long, plus, many more seasons to come!        

I can easily get away with wearing this outfit well into the Vegas winter, because with no snow, I won't be sliding all over the place or needing that much layering. What can I say, I've definitely thought about it more than twice! LOL!  

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I hope you enjoyed these a bit more Parisian vibes and I'll be back next week with more fall fashion! Until then let me know if you see any sign of autumn in your city!  

                                                                                                                                     Love, Radi 


Hello everyone, 

The BIGGEST fashion trend making a comeback this season without a doubt is animal print! The runway has been covered with the signature leopard coats during fashion week from designers like Tom Ford, Victoria Beckham, Calvin Klein... However, this fall, into the mix, join other prints as well, from tiger stripes to snake and zebra prints. I think it's going to be one WILD autumn!!! What do you think? 

Before we get into this post, let me hear you ROAR!🐆 Okay, that's better... now we can continue!

Because I'm super excited for animal print and with New York fashion week keeping you and me inspired all month long, I decided to bring back my beloved cheetah leggings. Here are three, easy ways to style them this fall! 

Simple, yet a great way to take what's trending and apply it to your everyday life, no matter what that entitles. You can be a college student or a successful lawyer and still rock this print. 

1. Edgy with Leather 

Leopard print screams power to me - so does a leather jacket. That's why I decided to put both of them together for one edgy, fierce look. On top of that, I knew over the knee boots can only do good and add something extra to the equation. So here is a cheetah-licious outfit that gives life to those leggings, as if the leopard is freely chasing through the fields for its next prey. Grrrrrr! 

I really like this look for fall because it's perfect when it comes to adjusting to the changing weather and it's wild just like me. LOL! 😉 Where are the rest of my wild girls? You know, I can feel you; we're from the same breed! haha 

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2. Casual with Cozy Sweater 

This is a more casual option that you can wear in the beginning days of autumn. Just your favorite cozy sweater, cute booties and let your leopard leggings do all the talking, or should I say, roaring! haha 

You'll look fashionable within minutes. Definitely a look that anyone can put together, especially if you're having one of those mornings wondering what to wear. Dig out (from your closet) your fall favorites and create something that makes you comfy with a pinch of trendy! 

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3. Chic with Nude Accents  

You know you're wildly into fashion and keeping up with all the trends when you put together an outfit like this one. Its got bits and pieces that every fashion babe out there loves like the hat, the coat, the layered necklaces, the high boots. I can wear it over and over again because it makes me feel like I walked straight into NYFW! ( Yes, with the outfit as my ticket or invitation) hahaha.   

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If you could choose only one outfit of these to wear, which one would you pick? Also, are you as thrilled about the animal print craze happening this season? I think my excitement hits beyond the highest ten mark!  

See you next week for more fashion!  

                                                                                                                                     Love, Radi 


Hello everyone, 

Let the autumn vibrant leaves fall, the crispy fresh air dance throughout the day, and the cozy, chunky sweaters be our warm escape! Okay, that's not exactly how autumn looks like in Las Vegas, but you know these are the kind of memories I have from my childhood when I lived in a country with four seasons. So, now, even though the sun shines, I still get into this season by adding bits of fall essentials to my looks. 

This is the most exciting time to slowly transition into the new season, get used to layering once again and even mentally prepare for chilly nights and the habit of always grabbing a jacket before you go out.      

Change is upon us, so let's make it count! It's time to stock up on new wardrobe essentials that will last you throughout the whole season and make you just as fashionable!     
Here are my favorites, which most likely you will be seeing me wear lots this season! Just a little heads-up!!! 😉  

1. Layering Tees 

When I think of fall fashion, layering immediately pops into my mind and what's better than having a piece that does exactly that? Logo tees or any basic tee you might own is the way to go! Just image all the stylish ways you can wear it. With jeans, striped trousers, lightweight jackets, pleated maxi skirts...I see endless opportunities! 

I know for sure this is an essential we all LOVE from day to day (when staying at home) and can easily make it work for times when we find ourselves out and about. Simple, chic... the two words that describe a graphic tee and give the start to one "falling in love with autumn" mood. 

2. Denim Jeans 

Switch your summer dresses and skirts for a nice pair of jeans. Exactly what I'm planning to do this month. Jeans are way versatile and coming up with unique ways to style them always makes for one fun challenge. Later, I know I'll be hesitating to put them to the side as spring/summer arrive! 

3. Ankle Boots

This is the essential I tend to shop the most once fall arrives (even a bit before that, oops). I cannot live without all different print, style booties!!! I have the sense, this time around I'm going to purchase double the boots I purchased last year hahaha! What can I say, got to keep reaching new heights! LOL! 

A pair of stylish boots can make such a difference... your outfit looks the bomb, your confidence jumps a heel higher and you know you can never get tired of wearing them as they're meant to feel very comfortable! I'm telling you, there are no regrets whatsoever when ankle boots come along with the fall season! 

4. Lightweight Jackets 

You just got to have one! Something light, easy to throw on as you know the weather becomes more and more unpredictable each day. This way a jacket will work in your favor for both style and keeping you warm. Like they say, you can always take the layers off, so be sure to have a jacket with you just in case. 

They're the perfect outerwear transition piece for autumn because you can add them over your favorite tee, dress, romper, bodysuit. That's one way to keep wearing the summer pieces you just can't let go off quite so fast. 

5. Baker Boy Hats 

One of the biggest reasons, I'm into a serious rush for fall to arrive is because I get to wear all my baker boy hats and berets. That for sure is my signature accessory during this time of year! In my eyes, one hat can completely transform your outfit for the better and make you look like you came straight from a magazine, even if you're just heading out to run some errands. 

6. Cozy Sweaters 

This final wardrobe essentials is a must! The more sweaters, the happier you'll be. Why? They're so fun to switch up, plus so many great designs out there; color-blocking, with unique prints, studs, pearls... everything you could ever want in a sweater. 

Nothing beats the feeling of being wrapped around a knit sweater on a chilly day with a warm cup of coffee + chocolate cookies (can't forget them), watching something you enjoy. I mean, that's what autumn is for right?                         

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Your turn! What's your fall favorite essential and what are you mostly looking forward to this autumn? I'll be awaiting your answers in the comments down below! 

                                                                                                                                   Love, Radi    


Hello everyone,

Welcome or should I say "Bienvenido" to my DREAM location from which I returned last weekend!!!

Everything I love into one - the vibrant beaches, the loud and energetic live music, the friendliest faces, the delicious food, the most fun activities...the list goes on and on. Really, México is my favorite place for a summer vacation because I feel more than at home, I get to speak Spanish (all the years of learning it in school are finally paying off) and they know exactly how to celebrate life and live in the moment! #LAVIDASABROSA 😉  

There are million places to visit, but I always return back to México. This time, specifically in Cancún, because I've been wanting to go there for the longest time. A True Dream Come True! Who thinks dreams aren't real, this is prove they exist and are the sweetest part of life. They might take some time, but once you're living the dream you feel completely fulfilled and happy!

Get ready to explore the Gulf of México with me and let me take you on a day-long adventure where I got to visit one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Any guesses what place that may be?

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If you've guessed the famous Mayan ruins of Chichén Itzá, you're totally right. The tour started early in the morning and ended around eight o'clock at night. It began with visiting the Cenote Hubiku where I swam in the cold natural waters, continued into exploring Chichén Itzá and learning about the Mayan culture, and ended with the visit of a small village known for its grand church. In between, of course, lots of tequila (salud) was involved and jokes that can make you laugh to the point of crying, told by our tour guide amigos. I had an incredible day!

On this adventure, for the first time, I ate iguana (tastes exactly like tuna, but better - very delicious; I loved it), I strolled in this floral type of romper dress, which was a bit of a challenge as it felt like a gown, and the small village on our last stop, completely took me back to my hometown because the small center park area reminded me of where I grew up with people gathering to eat, relax and enjoy some music. Everyone seemed like they knew each other and that's where they spent their evening taking a breather from their everyday chores. 

This whole trip was fascinating as it opened up my eyes to what once I knew. It made me want to see more of the world as it's a lot more interesting being there in person and learning about different cultures instead of reading it from a book and imagining what it would look/feel like seeing it with your own eyes. What do you think? 


When it comes to style for any Mexican vacation, I always pack my most colorful summer pieces and most vibrant set of earrings because they go perfectly with the vivid tropical scenes. The location gives me an immediate idea of what I want to bring with me without taking unnecessary pieces, which might never be worn. 

In this case, a playful striped two-piece set, like the one I'm wearing, a floral off-the-shoulder type of romper dress, and a black set of flat sandals are just what I needed because I could change up the looks with my various choice in accessories. For example, adding a headband or a set of fringe earrings makes all the difference. What would you wear on a vacation to Cancún?  

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This was a great end to my summer posts! Now, I'm feeling energized and ready to bring you lots of autumn and winter inspiration. Get Ready!!! 

Leave in the comments what was your favorite summer destination this year? And what's one thing that you tried or did for the first time? 

I'll talk to you next Thursday! Hasta Pronto! 

                                                                                                                                   Love, Radi