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Hello everyone, Now that autumn is a few weeks away (basically, it'll be here before we know it) I think it's only fair to do a recap of my favorite summer looks this year. They were bright, they were memorable, they were FUN. Each one left its footprint as it marked growth in my personal style, a clear vision of the creativity that's to come and hopefully the inspiration to dress as your own boss and express yourself to the FULLEST no matter what!!! If you're a new reader to the blog, a lot of these outfits will be new to you. I hope you soak up the inspiration for the next summer and become part of the family.  If you're a weekly reader to the blog, I'm forever grateful for taking the time to connect with me. We've become true friends even if miles separate us. The love for fashion, beauty and sharing our journeys unite us.   ENJOY! 1.        This is one of the first looks with which summer began. It felt so good being back in a dress f


Hello everyone,  For a while now I've sent all other prints (stripes, plaid...) on a mini vacation because I've been non-stop into the checkers . I have recently been inspired to wear it a couple different ways and fully make gingham a wardrobe staple. In the end, everyone is happy as I hear the rest of the pattern crew is having a blast at the Caribbeans hahaha!      There are countless ways to add gingham into your style, but today I'm going to share with you the three ways that work best for me. However, as I discover more gingham style options, I'll be sure to once again update YOU.  Like a true #trendsenthusiast , I can't hide the fact that I'm one who looks forward to discovering the newest trends each season, and later, happily hits the mall to make them part of my "everyday runway". Yep, every time I head out, I dress as if I'm about to walk the BIGGEST, most fashionable runway of my life!!! You've got to live it as if it'


Hello everyone,  Living in the BIG city has its advantages. Living there for more than ten years even more. That's why Las Vegas, the city that never sleeps (literally) feels more like my own backyard. I can't say that I'm an expert, but I do know some cool places that are so instagrammable it'll make your feed blow UP!  Whether you're visiting or wanting to find some new locations to shoot at, I'm here to help you out. These are the spots that I seem to always go back to when I want a fun, city backdrop or vibrant colors to catch the eye. Plus, as always, even though I live here, I try to see my city from the eye of a tourist as it makes me want to explore even more and have a fabulous time doing so. So put on your favorite outfit, grab your camera, call your bff and head to these five Vegas places for some fun in the sun!!!  1. THE LAS VEGAS STRIP      The first and most obvious (the reason millions of people visit Las Vegas each year) i


Hello everyone, With August already upon us, this July I had the chance to fall for NEW favorites that made this month memorable and fun for me because I'm not only talking about fashion or beauty - I got to enjoy some activities (keep reading to find out more) that brought me even closer to my true-self, helped me clear my head and let go of everything I thought was "suppose to" already be happening in my life. A huge weight, the size of these rocks in the picture above, was lifted off my chest, back, legs... hahaha!    This kind of thing happens to all of us, which is why I encourage you to find a hobby that lets you wash away everything you might have been holding deep inside of you. Like boxing, painting, driving for hours without a plan or simply sitting outside your balcony in the fresh night air under the stars. What's your favorite way of connecting back to your true-self?  I know this got a bit deep, but I like talking about life; figuring out why w