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Hello everyone,

I've always been the type of person who loves being active, moving the body left and right, kicking and punching in hopes of getting a great workout, but also cleansing the mind and soul from any toxins. Ever since my childhood that has been my favorite way to let go, be free and build a strong body that can take on anything. It's rejuvenating!!! My secret ingredient to leading a happy fulfilling life. 

Trust me, getting in a workout at the beginning of the day is a total life changer!!! It teaches you discipline, proves you that you're stronger than you could ever imagine, gives you all the right tools to be the leader of your own life and it's so fun. Yep, real FUN... you can mix-up different exercises, play a sport , take on a hike outdoors. So many ways to disconnect from everything and just make this time all about YOU and your well-being. That's what we need in this hectic, fast-pace time, where you're focusing on so many different things that can easily distract you from what's really important. Don't you agree? 

The only thing that has changed is now I take into account what I wear when heading for a workout. I like to look good and feel comfortable, while I'm out there sweating, giving it my all. Because the way a pair of red pumps make me feel on a night out, the same way I want my workout gear to make me feel when exercising. Thankfully, I've found the brand that fits everything I'm looking for and beyond. It's VERSATILE. ACTIVE. LIFE. called TITIKA.

An active couture brand made to take you beyond the yoga studios. Ready to be worn to the movies, a girls night out or anywhere the day/night might take you. Athleisure style at its FINEST!

For me it's very important to wear breathable pieces, which easily allow me to move from one exercise to the next. Plus, of course something with beautiful details, appealing to the eye. That's why this set of bra and leggings are my go to. They completely check off everything I have ever wanted in a workout duo. 
The light rosy bra, which can be worn as a bralette for other activities outside the gym with this pretty back straps detail. Add a cute cardigan or kimono and you've got yourself a completely new look. Even the classic leather or denim jacket would look awesome on. It's all up to you! 
If you know me, you would know I love cool, edgy funky leggings that I can wear with my heels, tee and blazer later on. Leggings that give the look of sleek pants with back pockets and strappy front detailing. A high-waisted model made to make a statement anywhere you go. 

What's your favorite way to start the day? (Watching TV and eating doesn't count)! hahaha Something that gets your heart pumping, your energy going and your soul smiling?! 

I enjoy running, playing sports! I recently got into kick-boxing and, ohh my, it's the best, like a cup of coffee that kicks in. I completely surrender to the moment!

~ This post is sponsored by TITIKA. All opinions are my own. 
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Hello everyone,

Is there anything better than summer? It's the best season for plenty of vacations, fun activities, late nights. Add to the mix jewelry shopping and experimenting with lots of vibrant colors and you'll be dreaming of summer even after autumn. Along with spring, it's my favorite time of year because everyone is in that happy mood (smiling), being more laid-back knowing the sun is shining, enjoying quality time with loved one, traveling to exotic places and beautiful beach sunsets and looking like the heart-eyes emoji - totally in love with life! Okay, I think I might have described me in Hawaii, but I feel as though I'm there even if I wake up in one of the liveliest, most entertaining cities everyday. It's all really a state of mind kind of game, right? 

As summer comes along, we all like to express our excitement! Some like to save money for trips, others like to shop 😂! As each season comes along, I love to get in the mood for it by shopping for new exciting pieces (yes, clothes and accessories have emotions or at least, they bring out an emotion in me like no other hahaha).

I've always loved and will continue to love jewelry. During this time of year, buying lots of new jewelry, to me, is equivalent to an ice-cream lover. I CAN'T get enough!!!
That's why I'm more than ready to show you my new Lesebi hit-makers; trendy, fun, boho, casual and even dressy... everything I like in a piece of jewelry!

This first set of earrings I have here are like the chandeliers you see in Vegas with a WOW factor - one that you can hardly pass by without taking a picture of. However, in this case I get to not only appreciate their appearance, but also wear them. Having chic chandeliers accompaning me on the go never felt better!

I love the hanging, dancing pom-poms, the bright colors and the fact that these beauties can bring even more joy to your summer looks. Just imagine a white flowy maxi dress with this set of earrings... one word.... FLAWLESS! You would want to repeat it over and over again!!! 

I'm beyond thrilled to have them part of my jewelry collection because they're unique, unlike any other set I own. Plus, I see myself wearing them years to come. Don't be surprised to see me next year, during this time, sporting them again... just a tiny warning I thought I might share with you LOL! 

What's hotter than a hot summer day? A fun twisted wrap around necklace that can take you from day to night. It fits any occasion or, as I like to say, it goes with the flow! You don't ever have to think about changing up your jewelry because this silver treasure has got your back or should I say, neck. hahaha! 

I like to wrap mine around twice as a choker. What's cool is you can definitely play/wear it the way you feel most comfortable. The power is in your hands! Just let it shine by wearing a low cut top!

So versatile that you would want it in gold and silver. It's hot for every season, starting with this summer. I'll show you how to style it once fall/winter hit as well. 

Everybody needs some tassels to love this summer - ones that put the most gorgeous finishing touch to your outfit! Now is the time to wear every tassel colored set of earrings because this year they've stolen the show with so many different designs. Popularity at its highest! I see them everywhere, at weddings, barbershops, churches... just kidding, mostly clothing stores. 

This set here is my new go-to, well because they're new and very pretty. I love the way they bring light to the face and, like in the photo above, make me smile every time I wear them. That's the criteria to go by when shopping for new jewelry! If they make you smile, they're meant to come home with you.😉

 If you ever wanted to possess triple threat, having more than one shining piece, this is the necklace for you. Who needs talent, when you've got a choker like this? LOL! I love that it's the perfect layering choker, all in one, without having to dig out all your necklaces for a synchronized layered look. If you know what I mean? 

This is the kind of everyday staple I'm excited to wear all summer long because it would go with all my dresses, rompers, skirts and tops. Plus, you already know that these set of necklaces are ideal for the beach or a night-out. You can spot every other fashionista wearing one! 

Raise your hand if you already own a necklace like this. Now, raise your hand if you want to buy more... Meee! I see it as a great investment for my overwhelming love for jewelry! hahaha 

Are you loving my Lesebi jewelry haul? All these pieces I've showed here are still available. You can shop them or have the option to choose from lots more designs on their site. Use code "radi" for 10% OFF your purchase!!! 

~ I get commission from purchases made using this discount code. The jewelry is send to me by Lesebi. All opinions are my own. 
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Let me know what's your favorite summer accessory? Something that you always reach out for and it isn't really summer if you don't have it with you. I'm both-hands-up about all the jewelry all the time!!! 

                                                                                                                                    Love, Radi 


Hello everyone, 

When I think of prints the one that comes second after my love for stripes is gingham. This checkered pattern may not be as popular as plaid, but has definitely taken on the fashion scene by designers like Joseph Altuzarra, Diane von Furstenberg, Oscar de la Renta and many more. It's versatile, can be seen in anything from clothing to party decor and kitchenware. Basically, it's the American print we'll never get tired off! 

I'm sure you've taken notice and might even have fallen in love with gingham because it can be so fun to style especially when you're going after a cool edgy street wear outfit for everyday. I know I get the chills every time I reach for this pattern because I'm weird like that...hahaha! Must be the awesome technique of overlapping horizontal and vertical stripes that make my heart checkered. Am I the only one?   

I'm thinking the more gingham the better! After-all you're your OWN style queen, so why not, right?      

To set my gingham cabby hat and skirt on fire (not literally), I headed to Downtown Las Vegas, where you can find the most picturesque graffiti walls. From one wall to another there's plenty to get you inspired, as well as your photographer. Also, you can find vibrant colors that go along with your outfit and give it that extra pop. exactly like the yellow works in highlighting my sunny cropped tee in these photos. Do you love it? 

Because of the location, more than anything I wanted to create an edgy, chic look that, of course, at the same time focuses on the checkered print. After all we're here because of got us here and will get us even further! 

A look that is street ready... Ready to be taken anywhere!

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 With the right accessories, it quickly tied up to what I was feeling and going for from the very beginning. They're the hidden key to creating something memorable and mostly YOU. There really is no right or wrong answer when it comes to putting together an outfit. You just got to give it LIFE once it hits your body!!!  

How do you like to wear your gingham print?Let's get gingham-talking in the comments down below. 

~ I get commission from purchases or clicks made through the links in this post.
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Hello everyone, 

My love affair with the color red continues! Must be the way it makes me feel or the fact that this time of year I love playing with colors, being vibrant, living like there's no tomorrow. Okay, maybe, not that crazy, but definitely free and wild in my own way - if speaking of dancing to the rhythm of live Latin music, enjoying every moment I get, having a drink or two, then, count me in. Moments like these make me wish I could freeze time and make summers last longer with the blink of an eye. What makes you feel wild and free? 

I recently came across the most beautiful quote that immediately spoke to me. Here it is "Don't ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who come ALIVE."  
How true is this? Being around people who feel and look alive is the most incredible feeling. Those who can inspire, who love to laugh, who appreciate the present, who have stories to tell, who choose love over anything... those are the people we must treasure. I know right away you're thinking of that person and know the world is a better place because they're by your side. 
You won't miss a sign if you're passionate, alive and full of inner happiness. Choose to be the light, a light someone else might need at this time!

As red represents love, passion, power, I think a full on red look is one of my motives in spreading these vibes. Through fashion, we can go beyond what we see! We can spark an emotion! 

Have I yet sparked an emotion in you? 
I feel as though the monochrome red quickly awakens, and like I said earlier, makes you feel alive. A care-free scene of a vibrant carnival comes to mind where the people get together, laugh, dance and enjoy each others company. The crowd vibrates and breaths into one! With love toward life and respect toward one another. 

I've got the lace-up bodysuit and the patent mini skirt (you've seen plenty of) to make this summer one to remember. Plus, it's the kind of combination I've been loving. I honestly have worn skirts the most this year without a double. It's like I have totally forgotten dresses exist too! LOL! What have you been wearing most often? 

This look could easily pass for Fourth of July (I hope you had lots of fun celebrating) because of the white accessories I've decided to add onto it. I can't help it, red and white are easily drawn by each other like two magnets. Where there is red in my closet, mostly likely next to it there is white. 

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 ~ I get commission from purchases or clicks made through the links in this post. 
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Where will you be rocking this style? I have plenty of ideas that involve the weekend and the fact that I live in Vegas where the nighttime is our daytime. Everyone sleeps during the day, wakes up and gets ready for the night life! Only in loca Las Vegas!!! But I love it! 

                                                                                                                                    Love, Radi