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Hello everyone, I've always been the type of person who loves being active, moving the body left and right, kicking and punching in hopes of getting a great workout, but also cleansing the mind and soul from any toxins. Ever since my childhood that has been my favorite way to let go, be free and build a strong body that can take on anything. It's rejuvenating !!! My secret ingredient to leading a happy fulfilling life.  Trust me, getting in a workout at the beginning of the day is a total life changer!!! It teaches you discipline, proves you that you're stronger than you could ever imagine, gives you all the right tools to be the leader of your own life and it's so fun. Yep, real FUN... you can mix-up different exercises, play a sport , take on a hike outdoors. So many ways to disconnect from everything and just make this time all about YOU and your well-being. That's what we need in this hectic, fast-pace time, where you're focusing on so many differen


Hello everyone, Is there anything better than summer? It's the best season for plenty of vacations, fun activities, late nights. Add to the mix jewelry shopping and experimenting with lots of vibrant colors and you'll be dreaming of summer even after autumn. Along with spring, it's my favorite time of year because everyone is in that happy mood (smiling), being more laid-back knowing the sun is shining, enjoying quality time with loved one, traveling to exotic places and beautiful beach sunsets and looking like the heart-eyes emoji - totally in love with life! Okay, I think I might have described me in Hawaii, but I feel as though I'm there even if I wake up in one of the liveliest, most entertaining cities everyday. It's all really a state of mind kind of game, right?  As summer comes along, we all like to express our excitement! Some like to save money for trips, others like to shop 😂 ! As each season comes along, I love to get in the mood for it by shoppi


Hello everyone,  When I think of prints the one that comes second after my love for stripes is gingham. This checkered pattern may not be as popular as plaid, but has definitely taken on the fashion scene by designers like Joseph Altuzarra, Diane von Furstenberg, Oscar de la Renta and many more. It's versatile, can be seen in anything from clothing to party decor and kitchenware. Basically, it's the American print we'll never get tired off!  I'm sure you've taken notice and might even have fallen in love with gingham because it can be so fun to style especially when you're going after a cool edgy street wear outfit for everyday. I know I get the chills every time I reach for this pattern because I'm weird like that...hahaha! Must be the awesome technique of overlapping horizontal and vertical stripes that make my heart checkered. Am I the only one?    I'm thinking the more gingham the better! After-all you're your OWN  style queen ,


Hello everyone,  My love affair with the color red continues! Must be the way it makes me feel or the fact that this time of year I love playing with colors, being vibrant, living like there's no tomorrow. Okay, maybe, not that crazy, but definitely free and wild in my own way - if speaking of dancing to the rhythm of live Latin music, enjoying every moment I get, having a drink or two, then, count me in. Moments like these make me wish I could freeze time and make summers last longer with the blink of an eye. What makes you feel wild and free?  I recently came across the most beautiful quote that immediately spoke to me. Here it is "Don't ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who come ALIVE ."   How true is this? Being around people who feel and look alive is the most incredible feeling. Those who can inspire, who love to laugh, who appreciate the present, who have stories to tell, who