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Hello everyone, Red, being my most worn and favorite color this season, even my thoughts have turned red hahaha ( I don't know what that really means), but I'm most definitely obsessed with wearing this hue. It's the kind of color that immediately catches your attention just the way the bull is drawn to the vivid red cape in a bullfight. It's FASCINATING, POWERFUL, making a woman feel confident enough to reach for the sky and even higher. If you're lacking red pieces in your closet, believe me, start stacking them one by one! 😂 It might not change your outlook on life, but it'll give you the courage to step into the light!!!  I believe the colors we choose to wear can for sure influence our mood or portray what we're already feeling inside. There aren't any bad colors, it's just that I think our subconsciousness has a funny way of picking what color to wear on a certain day. Have you thought about that? What color do you reach for when feeli


Hello everyone,  With summer here one thing is for sure; we're all ready for an ADVENTURE! That exciting feeling, which keeps you awake at night knowing you'll be heading to a tropical destination, waking up to the sound of the waves and the salty summer breeze calling out your name. So pure and perfectly at peace, this is the season to pack your bags and make memories that will last forver!  I know a lot of you have already booked your next trip or are thinking about heading somewhere, which is why I think a travel post is so appropriate at this time. To get you in the mood of relaxation time, I want to share with you my top five favorite beauty essentials. These are the items that make my vacations complete. As long as I have them with me, I know I'll survive and feel like there is nothing else I need from home. In that case, I'm ready to book my next vacation for a whole month. hahaha  Who's with me?  1.   When in comes to beauty products, I like to


Hello everyone,  Be the DREAMCATCHER of your own life!!!  Every single one of us is filled with dreams, ones that excite us to wake up each morning knowing we're on our way to achieving THE DREAM whatever that may be for you. It might be becoming a professional dancer, wanting to have your own sports car, travelling to a dream destination, wanting to open up your own restaurant and so on...  These dreams exist within you for a reason!   Be the living proof of your dreams. They're there to not only lead you to greater things, but to help enrich your soul and enlighten the people who come close to that "dream". It all starts with one single dream to fire up your soul and make you take action into seeing it grow step by step, day by day. How amazing is it that we have dreams, something to look forward to every single day?  As I'm strong believer in catching your own dreams, I think it's time we stopped waiting on others to do it for us, stopped waiting


Hello everyone,  Get in! I've got my custom made camper van ready for the summer!  😜   Let's head from the west to the east coast on an adventure we'll never forget; singing at the top of our lungs, stopping on every beach in sight, laughing from sunset to sunrise... LIVIN' It UP like there's no promise of tomorrow!!! Are you in? Just bring your smile and love for life, leaving everything else behind and let the good times roll on by!  This is the season to let your beach hair loose, wear bright colors that speak to you, spend everyday in swimsuits and drink a margarita or two hahaha!  I LOVE everything about this time of year. It puts me in the best mood seeing the sun shine, the palm trees smiling toward the sky, the warm air breeze dancing by my side. Really, summers are the best!  What's even better is that you can get away with wearing swimsuits outside the usual pool and beach! The one-piece swimsuits are too cute not to wear as bodysuits this