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Hello everyone,

Red, being my most worn and favorite color this season, even my thoughts have turned red hahaha ( I don't know what that really means), but I'm most definitely obsessed with wearing this hue. It's the kind of color that immediately catches your attention just the way the bull is drawn to the vivid red cape in a bullfight. It's FASCINATING, POWERFUL, making a woman feel confident enough to reach for the sky and even higher. If you're lacking red pieces in your closet, believe me, start stacking them one by one! πŸ˜‚ It might not change your outlook on life, but it'll give you the courage to step into the light!!! 

I believe the colors we choose to wear can for sure influence our mood or portray what we're already feeling inside. There aren't any bad colors, it's just that I think our subconsciousness has a funny way of picking what color to wear on a certain day. Have you thought about that? What color do you reach for when feeling excited, looking forward to something new and what color do you reach for when you're sad, not wanting to go out or have lots on your mind? 

I'm very easily drawn to lots of bright colors, but occasionally during the winter I wear blacks, grays and browns, just because I like having that balance and I feel as though winter is the time to experiment with something new, away from my usual. 

So if you're just beginning to fall in love with red or are a longtime professional, I've got three head-turner ways for you to try it out!!!

Now imagine yourself in head to toe red! If you're thinking ohh WOW so sexy, I love it... then MONOCHROMATIC is the way to go. You'll look and feel fearless wearing it! Plus, I don't think you'll ever care what others think of your choice just because you're in the zone, loving the power of red. Go For It! Be the stoplight at every corner!  

This goes with my previous post, but I have to mention it again because it's so important. Be yourself, wear what YOU love and give power only to the positive feedback or words you receive. I'm sure you'll inspire others to try a whole red look, without you knowing. Don't think twice if you want to let this shade make your statement. 

I love wearing a monochromatic red outfit as it's the opposite of dull and boring. It's everything I want to be - free, loving, confident... πŸ’“

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 If you're new to experimenting with the color red, start small by adding RED ACCESSORIES to get you used to this idea. Once you've conquered that, without a doubt you'll be ready to wear a full on red outfit. 

I love adding the smallest touches of red like a bright nail polish or my favorite red lipstick. Also, a cute handbag or sunglasses will do the magic as well by adding the perfect pop of color to your summer style. There are so many ways to play with this color; you can easily adapt to the the one that fits your lifestyle the most! 

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Another way to bring red into your life is by choosing one of your favorite red pieces and styling your look around it. Make that piece your MAIN ATTRACTION with everything else blending in. For example, I have my trusted red patent skirt that I love to wear as the only statement by adding white or black pieces to make it stand out even more. This way you've got a killer red pop!

You can go for red trousers, a crop top... basically any item you've got! Play with it and let it lead you to a hot summer day. I know the temperatures will rise as you step outside!

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So how will you be wearing red? All out or starting little by little? 
I hope that if you've been hesitant to trying out red, this post helps you end that feeling and gives you the courage to go for this powerful and eye-catching color. Get RED-Y to shine!!! 

                                                                                                                                   Love, Radi              


Hello everyone, 

With summer here one thing is for sure; we're all ready for an ADVENTURE! That exciting feeling, which keeps you awake at night knowing you'll be heading to a tropical destination, waking up to the sound of the waves and the salty summer breeze calling out your name. So pure and perfectly at peace, this is the season to pack your bags and make memories that will last forver! 

I know a lot of you have already booked your next trip or are thinking about heading somewhere, which is why I think a travel post is so appropriate at this time. To get you in the mood of relaxation time, I want to share with you my top five favorite beauty essentials. These are the items that make my vacations complete. As long as I have them with me, I know I'll survive and feel like there is nothing else I need from home. In that case, I'm ready to book my next vacation for a whole month. hahaha  Who's with me? 

 When in comes to beauty products, I like to pack as minimal as possible because I like to keep it as natural as possible. I think the sun, the air and the music help keep me feeling young and rejuvenated at all times, which is why I never wear eye shadows on vacation. However, having bright lips is everything to me! I apply a different colored lipstick in the morning and at night for dinner, which is why I pack around three to five different shades. That always includes a coral, red and purple lipstick. I can't help it, I've got to have options! 😁 Plus, with staple lips, no one will ever notice the "no make-up" eyes!     

To me a summer getaway without color is like dreaming in black and white without any spirit or liveliness. I like having bright lips that match my outfit and the happiness that flows from the inside out. In the end we go on vacations for a reason, to be fully enjoyed! 

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The only eye product I ever take with me when travelling is a mascara. I quickly apply two coats of it once dinner time arrives and am easily ready for the night. You see, I like to get ready as fast as possible, so I can make my vacation time count, instead of spending hours trying to get ready. How about you? Do you enjoy putting on a full make-up look or is mascara just enough for you? Let me know!

I like the way mascara immediately opens up the eyes and gives those lashes extra love by making them look longer and thicker. If it wasn't for mascara, I don't know what we would have done. It's the best invention for giving your eyes the confidence they deserve. Wink, wink! 

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 This is an obvious one, one we can't forget! I've been there, burned to pieces before, so I can't repeat enough how important sunscreen is. It's the kind of essential you need to have with you at all times - at the airport, the walk to the beach, the restroom, the gym... haha okay, you get the point! 

I swear without sunscreen your vacation can easily become a nightmare when you wake up the next day not being able to move from the pain of your burning skin. Can you tell I'm a little bit too familiar with this type of nightmare?...LOL! It's so unpleasant and makes you wish for a while that you never really went on vacation because all you're left to do is enjoy it from your hotel room.

Remember to pack your sunscreen first and later add on the rest of your beauty needs! 

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   Aside from protecting my face from the sun, I like to keep it moisturized throughout my vacation days because happy face= happy me. It feels just right knowing I've got a moisturizer on hand ready to keep my skin bright, fresh and rejuvenated as if I've just come out from a facial spa. How nice is it for your skin to feel this way at all times, especially when in a new environment with a different climate change than what it normally is used to? 

I even apply my moisturizer on the way to the airport, so my skin doesn't dry up. It's a total life savior, one I always bring with me no matter the destination.

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In the summer, I just can't live without my tanning mousse. Having summers last more than three months here in Vegas, I probably go through eight self-tanning bottles. But hey, I'm not complaining! I love being "fake tan" as I like the way dresses and skirts look on with a darker glow on.

Even more so on vacation, I raise my tanning a notch because I want to look like I've been cruising from one beach to another all summer long. Plus, I don't have the patience to lay hours in the sun to get that vacation glow. This is the safest yet immediate way to adding some color to your otherwise pale skin. 

That's why this is another must-have for me when going on a trip. I've got to have the tan or else I'm not going! πŸ˜‚     

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What are your top travel beauty essentials and where are you hoping to travel to this summer? 
I hope you have an amazing start to the summer and enjoy it lots. So much that you end up reliving it in your dreams! 

                                                                                                                                      Love, Radi    


Hello everyone, 

Be the DREAMCATCHER of your own life!!! 

Every single one of us is filled with dreams, ones that excite us to wake up each morning knowing we're on our way to achieving THE DREAM whatever that may be for you. It might be becoming a professional dancer, wanting to have your own sports car, travelling to a dream destination, wanting to open up your own restaurant and so on... These dreams exist within you for a reason!  

Be the living proof of your dreams. They're there to not only lead you to greater things, but to help enrich your soul and enlighten the people who come close to that "dream". It all starts with one single dream to fire up your soul and make you take action into seeing it grow step by step, day by day. How amazing is it that we have dreams, something to look forward to every single day? 

As I'm strong believer in catching your own dreams, I think it's time we stopped waiting on others to do it for us, stopped waiting for the perfect circumstances, for the approval of  people around us. Go for it with no fear! Trust yourself and the dream inside of you!!!

 As I'm filled with lots of dreams myself, to help remind me that they're possible, I've got this personalized golden dreamcatcher bracelet. I'm starting to think every time I wear it, a dream of mine is on its way to manifestation, so of course, I'm planning to always wear it. I see, feel and breathe that dream as this beautiful bracelet is a reminder of that. Do you have any symbolic jewelry pieces that give you the courage to go after what you've always wanted? 

I like to think this dreamcatcher couldn't have come at a better time because just by putting it around my wrist, I feel the freedom to go after what has been inspiring me and keeping me of feeling alive for the last couple of years. It's really something special! 

Every jewelry piece that oNecklace offer has a meaning closest to you as you have the freedom to personalize it however you want. For example, you can have the initials of you and your better half engraved on a set of rings in sliver, gold or rose gold. The same goes for the necklace, earrings and bracelet options you can choose from, specially made and delivered to you. 

Before I leave you, I would like to encourage you to go after your DREAMS. Life is too short to dwell on the past, on what could have been. Instead, focus on the good, on all the possibility in front of you, on every moment of your life as it'll never repeat the same. Live free, open-minded and full of light! This way, without a double, you'll reach the greatest highs, ones you haven't even imaged could exist. 

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Until next time! πŸ’‹

                                                                                                                               Love, Radi     


Hello everyone, 

Get in! I've got my custom made camper van ready for the summer! πŸ˜œ 
Let's head from the west to the east coast on an adventure we'll never forget; singing at the top of our lungs, stopping on every beach in sight, laughing from sunset to sunrise... LIVIN' It UP like there's no promise of tomorrow!!! Are you in? Just bring your smile and love for life, leaving everything else behind and let the good times roll on by! 

This is the season to let your beach hair loose, wear bright colors that speak to you, spend everyday in swimsuits and drink a margarita or two hahaha! 

I LOVE everything about this time of year. It puts me in the best mood seeing the sun shine, the palm trees smiling toward the sky, the warm air breeze dancing by my side. Really, summers are the best! 
What's even better is that you can get away with wearing swimsuits outside the usual pool and beach! The one-piece swimsuits are too cute not to wear as bodysuits this summer. To help you get into this mood, I've got three looks just for YOU! 

1. Mini Skirt 

With my striped bathing suit as the piece I worked around, this whole look resembles the popular nautical summer style. Keeping it fresh, clean, and beach ready even if I'm only going out for a cup of coffee. I have no problem of looking like I've just got back from the beach because this is the kind of mood I want to be in every time I walk out the door.

Summers for me are BIG for wearing white! I like the way it looks and feels as long as I can pass the challenge of keeping it nice and clean throughout the whole day LOL! I'm pretty good at that, but occasionally there are those days when I have to scrub a stain off with all my power, so I can wear the same piece over again. This mini skirt here is prove of that as I can't say the same for my lace duster. 

Overall, an outfit like this makes me love the idea of wearing a swimsuit as a bodysuit because it's fun to style and some people can't even tell the difference. Plus, if  you're spontaneous and like night swims, with a swimsuit you're always ready to dip in.    

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2. Split Wrap Leg Pants   

Another fun and at the same time different way to style your swimsuit is with pants. Ones made of light material, preferably with leg splits, so you won't overheat as the temperatures keep rising. 

This is the kind of look that brings a whole new definition to one-piece swimsuits. Once you wear it, you'll always go back to it each summer. You'll be convinced you don't need to buy any more bodysuits since a swimsuit can do both. Plus, I love shopping for new swimwear every summer because let's face it one is never enough for those of us who love being out in the sun by the pool or at the beach. 

My obsession with red has overtaken my life completely. I've got red a swimsuit, earrings, heels, hats... just saying... you won't miss me if you see me out and about hahaha! And like many of you said, this is my color!!! 

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3. Wrap Maxi Skirt 

Aside from the usual denim shorts, my last suggestion would be to style your swimsuit with a wrap skirt. Something flowy in a beautiful solid color or any summery print. Whatever you're feeling that day!

This summer outfit screams SUMMER VIBES, which will bring you the joy of fully immersing into this hot season, making each day/second count. How are you going to make your summer count? Another tropical vacation is already on my mind, of a place I've always wanted to visit. Any guesses where that might be?

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How would you style your swimsuit this summer if you want to take it beyond the pool and beach?There are so many fun options that I don't see why wearing a swimsuit back to back  would be a problem. You can come up with sporty or chic looks that will no doubt have others want to try the same trend. Let's turn this style into a MEGA summer trend!!! 

See you in the next post! πŸ’“

                                                                                                                                 Love, Radi