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Hello everyone,  As we leave May behind, I think it's safe to say that not only am I excited for summer, but also love the fact that each month I discover new favorites to share. Some beauty, other fashion related and just anything that has made a long lasting impression on me.  This month there was plenty of new favorites that thankfully I was able to narrow down to five or else this post wouldn't have an end. I wouldn't mind talking to you for hours, but I don't want you to fall asleep on me. LOL! Once I get going, it would be difficult, almost impossible to stop me!   So let me introduce you to some things that might be completely new to you or you might know, love them already too! Let me know once we reach the end...  1. Brand: LESEBI          My all time favorite brand for this month and literally every month since I've gotten to know them closely and their incredible boho pieces is Lesebi . It happens to be my one stop destination for a je


Hello everyone,  The season that has us daydreaming of the sand between our toes, the seagulls calling out with joy, the light warm breeze running through our hair is only a month away. A magical paradise, which summer brings every time it comes around!  Even if you're far from the beach, during this time it's completely normal to let your mind take you there and allow yourself to keep your mind, body and soul at ease. Happily taking every sunny moment into account, while enjoying the beauty of summer!!! How many of you are summer ready?  I've got plenty of reasons to LOVE summer, but since this is a fashion blog, I'm going to share with you my favorite summer trends that I'll be loving non-stop. My wardrobe will be in full summer mood as I'm going to fill it up with each piece more than once if you know what I mean!?  1.  Bathing Suits              Okay, so you and I both know summer long days at the pool or beach are a must. For that you n


Hello everyone,  I still haven't shaken off my love for red since the beginning of the year!!! What can I say? It fills me up with passion, confidence and makes me think of myself as a flamenco dancer, especially this look today. And who doesn't want to be Sara Baras or Cecilia Gomez (two of the most famous flamenco dancers out there) even just for a day? I mean where do I sign up? 💃   Enough of the dance talk, but really, I'm completely enamored with colors and pieces that make me feel something stronger than just words and allow me to portray a different part of me - a  fire that has no stopping, no matter what!!! 🔥 That same fire, which keeps the soul fired up in reaching for those dreams and making something beautiful out of them. We've all got it! What's one dream that fires you up to wake up each morning?  Honestly, I can't picture my life without doing what I love- fashion. Evolving and soaking up everything about it from understanding the way


Hello everyone,  Back from Cabo , I headed straight into the hot desert for a photoshoot that required some hiking. No problem at all, I enjoy moving any chance I get whether that includes running or long walks in the park. Plus, like every photoshoot, there are lots of new fun memories that stick with me even after I leave and look through the photos. Literally, there's not a thing that I don't enjoy about blogging! It's like I've found my true soulmate and all I can think about is showering him with lots of LOVE!!! 💕 You've come to the right place if you're in need of some loving. If you've got a thing for fashion like me, I'm happy to call you my soulmate. We can understand each other with just one glace, without anyone else knowing what we've said. Thinking about it, I'm in awe of our strong connection! 😁    This outfit here within minutes can become your everyday summer uniform because it's simply sexy, comfortable a


Hello everyone,  Have you ever planned a very last-minute getaway? One that you didn't have much time to think about because the next day in the morning you've got to catch the plane? This was the scenario for my three day vacation to my favorite place ever, Cabo San Lucas! Favorite because it was as fun and entertaining as the first time I ever visited, way back in 2012.  These three carefree days felt like a whole week because I was really able to relax and enjoy each moment without having to check my phone every few minutes or work on the laptop for hours. I completely got to recharge by laying in the sunshine, swimming in the sea, listening to salsa beats every night as I enjoyed dinner, laughing out loud with my Mexican amigos, who were the real entertainment, so funny and incredibly nice. It was unforgettable and now that I'm back in Las Vegas, I can't wait to return there for the third time.  If you're feeling the need for a spring vacation, let th