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Hello everyone,  Have you been on a luxurious yacht, sailing through the deep waters of the ocean, nothing but sky, water, and infinite horizons ahead? I haven't, but I have wondered and imagined what it would be like to experience such a lifestyle.  Today's blog post is inspired by those luxurious yacht summers - linen light fabrics, bright playful accessories, golden sun-kissed tan, and plenty of chic unforgettable party nights. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, it can be just a dream OR it can be a dream come true - it's all in your hands.  I chose to live the dream. I'm in love with my outfit. It makes me feel classy, sassy, and a bit like a summer hit on your favorite party playlist! FYI: my playlist begins and ends with Enrique Iglesias - Nos Fuimos Lejos - just in case you were curious...hehe :)  My dress is everything that's hot right now. It has a gorgeous flattering triangle cutout on the front, a beautiful wrap detailing showing off y


Hello everyone,  As I'm one who gets excited in finding out about the new and upcoming trends each season, I like to give each one a try. Therefore after experimenting with them I happily welcome the ones that have made long lasting impression on me. All of the sudden my closet becomes too small to handle any more clothing, shoes and accessories, but you know a fashionista always finds a way to make it work! hahaha  I desperately wanted to make a whole look with my current favorite trends and take the time to talk and introduce you to each one because it would be a pity not to. My LOVE for each of these pieces is beyond normal as I'm already on the hunt for more. For sure I'll be heading to the shops once I'm done with this post! LOL!!!         1. BELT BAG/FANNY PACK   This one has definitely taken me by surprise because I never ever expected the fanny pack to return to stardom. Considered old-fashioned and something that we only saw our parents wearing i


Hello everyone,  With festival season on its way, starting off with Coachella this weekend, it's time to let our bohemian spirits free with everything that a festival consists of - lots of fringe, layers of boho jewelry, temporary golden tattoos, endless singing on top of our lungs and basically everything in tons and tons amounts of FUN!   Whether you're going to a music festival or not, it's always fun to dress the part and come up with a funky look that otherwise you may not wear on day to day basis. It's so good to be a " boho queen " for a day or why not a lifetime!?  I don't have any festival plans yet, but since I've live in the desert for so many years now, I like to think that going boho chic is practically in my blood, and when spring hits, that's the style I want to experiment with the most. Plus, each year I get so excited to come up with more festival looks that would magically transport me (in my head) to Coachella one day. E


Hello everyone,  When there's spring, summer is only a few weeks away, comes at the speed of light, leaving us with the best kind of memories from pool parties to dancing the nights away in flowy dresses and falling in love with new boho jewelry pieces - pieces that take you back to these hot summer days at the sight of them and make you relieve everything in a flash inside your head. It's inevitable - certain smells, clothing, jewelry items have the power to connect us to a particular time, person, place or event that now is only a memory. This is something that happens to all of us! When was the last time you wore or saw something that brought you back to a happy past memory?  I'm really looking forward to this summer, which is why I have the perfect golden jewelry to accompany me on my summer adventures. Each one magically unique ready to bring those effortless bohemian vibes back to me!!!  When summer rolls around, I like to mostly wear dresses/rompers a