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Hello everyone, 

Have you been on a luxurious yacht, sailing through the deep waters of the ocean, nothing but sky, water, and infinite horizons ahead? I haven't, but I have wondered and imagined what it would be like to experience such a lifestyle. 

Today's blog post is inspired by those luxurious yacht summers - linen light fabrics, bright playful accessories, golden sun-kissed tan, and plenty of chic unforgettable party nights. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, it can be just a dream OR it can be a dream come true - it's all in your hands. 

I chose to live the dream. I'm in love with my outfit. It makes me feel classy, sassy, and a bit like a summer hit on your favorite party playlist! FYI: my playlist begins and ends with Enrique Iglesias - Nos Fuimos Lejos - just in case you were curious...hehe :) 

My dress is everything that's hot right now. It has a gorgeous flattering triangle cutout on the front, a beautiful wrap detailing showing off your perfectly tan legs and subtly accentuating your waist, and a v-cut decollete with thin spaghetti straps for the complete fashionista package. 

Any fashionista knows that layering is good for the soul 😉 haha's only right for me to throw on a denim button down shirt, and of course, tweak it juuuust a little - roll up the sleeves, tie a knot for a cropped style, and shimmy my way to an off-shoulder for a little fun in the sun! 

Little tip for you: light-wash denim is more suitable for the spring and summer seasons for obvious reasons - it's light, fresh, and because it's denim, it goes with everything in your closet.

And to turn up the heat this summer, always trust your colorful bright statement accessories like a hot pink clutch, orange tassel earrings, espadrille wedges, and trendy sunglasses. 

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So, there you have it - simple but effective way to live out your summer dreams...or at least, one of them...I'll leave the rest for you to take care of 😁

What's your "summer hit" when it comes to style and rocking the heat from AM to PM? 

                                                                                                                                 Love, Radi 


Hello everyone, 

As I'm one who gets excited in finding out about the new and upcoming trends each season, I like to give each one a try. Therefore after experimenting with them I happily welcome the ones that have made long lasting impression on me. All of the sudden my closet becomes too small to handle any more clothing, shoes and accessories, but you know a fashionista always finds a way to make it work! hahaha 

I desperately wanted to make a whole look with my current favorite trends and take the time to talk and introduce you to each one because it would be a pity not to. My LOVE for each of these pieces is beyond normal as I'm already on the hunt for more. For sure I'll be heading to the shops once I'm done with this post! LOL!!!  


This one has definitely taken me by surprise because I never ever expected the fanny pack to return to stardom. Considered old-fashioned and something that we only saw our parents wearing in the 80's, I thought NO WAY would I ever wear one. Look at me now!!! (Got to laugh at myself for sporting one, when back then I thought they were the ugliest invention.) 

Today, they've totally taken a BIG turn to the cool side because of all the stylish, upgraded designs out there - colorful ones with chains, prints, even funny saying. For that, I have fallen for this comeback trend and am proudly showing it off in this look.

I love this red eye lashes belt bag that goes with the red stars on my shirt and my vibrant lips. A bit of red power can never hurt anyone! How do you feel about the fanny pack making the biggest comeback? Would you wear one? 

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One of the biggest or should I say STELLAR trends this year, plus my personal favorite, the stars print is here. From accessories to any type of clothing you'll be seeing stars everywhere you go. Anytime I see something with this print on I freak out as I'm seeing the galaxy for the first time. It's out of this world!!! 

This sheer stars shirt is just so dreamy. I love the ruffle trim collar, the light touch to the skin as if I'm wearing just a bralette and the classy bow tied at the neck. It's everything I ever wanted when I was in search of finding the perfect stars piece of clothing for me. 

This is the trend which I believe we're all going to love forever and not want to ever let go because it's just so pretty to the eyes and makes such an impression. 

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Because denim is always in style and something I like to wear lots every season, I had to include it as part of my outfit. With spring here, a denim skirt is the way to go, but also adds this more casual feel to my shirt, which I was looking for.

If you ever feel like you've got "nothing to wear" or feel stuck at styling different pieces together, denim is there to save the day. Trust me, it'll make everything so much easier for you... you barely have to give it any thought! 

I'm determined in the near future separatly from my original closet, to have a denim closet where I can pour all my love for denim with everything from over the knee denim boots to cool embroidery denim jackets. How awesome would that be?    

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Awesome eye-wear is the way to look trendy no matter what! With cat-eye, oversized, clear frames taking on the scene, you will always look like you've walked straight out from the runway. I mean, just look at what my round sunnies are doing to this whole look (your true visual proof).  

I cannot go through spring and summer without sunglasses! I wear them constantly and always purchase new trendy pairs, currently in style. I'm even waiting on a new pair to arrive... so so stoked! What shades are you loving right now? 

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Let's talk heels!!! (I can hear you scream of excitement!) 

If you've ever thought whether a type of shoe exists that can make any feet look sexy the answer is the ankle strap heels. They're chic, feminine and the must-have type of shoe this season. So trendy and ready to make any outfit one hot showstopper. 

I say get a pair in every single color because they look good with everything. If you're a heels girl like me, you know you'll be wearing them non-stop. 

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What trends are you currently loving and can't seem to stop wearing even two days in a row? I would love to know! 

As always see you again next week! Bye! 

                                                                                                                                     Love, Radi   


Hello everyone, 

With festival season on its way, starting off with Coachella this weekend, it's time to let our bohemian spirits free with everything that a festival consists of - lots of fringe, layers of boho jewelry, temporary golden tattoos, endless singing on top of our lungs and basically everything in tons and tons amounts of FUN!  

Whether you're going to a music festival or not, it's always fun to dress the part and come up with a funky look that otherwise you may not wear on day to day basis. It's so good to be a "boho queen" for a day or why not a lifetime!? 

I don't have any festival plans yet, but since I've live in the desert for so many years now, I like to think that going boho chic is practically in my blood, and when spring hits, that's the style I want to experiment with the most. Plus, each year I get so excited to come up with more festival looks that would magically transport me (in my head) to Coachella one day. Every fashionista and music lover dreams of that day!!! 

So let me take you to the festival of your DREAMS with these four looks! 

If you're stuck on deciding what two pieces go together, the easiest option is going for a dress. One that you'll easily be able to turn into a bohemian style with the help of  your accessories. The idea will be to add all types of accessories that speak "festival season" and you're ready to go within minutes. You can go for a flower crown, multiple layered jewelry, your favorite sunnies, a fringe bag... anything that would help turn the dress into an effortless desert beauty ready to rock any festival! 

I find that off the shoulder and cold shoulder dresses are ideal for this type of event, especially if they're loose with a floral or funky print or with ruffles ready to move to the beat of the drum. There are so many options when it comes to festival dresses out there, that you won't even have to think about it. 

As it gets super hot from walking around from one place to another, a dress is the simplest way to feel comfortable, yet feel part of the band (they might mistake you for the lead singer LOL!). 

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Another piece that easily transitions into festival season is a denim skirt. You have so many ways to go when styling it - with a crochet crop top, a chic bodysuit, a festival logo get the idea! On top of that you can add a maxi duster in lace or florals and you've got another outfit ready. 

Don't forget the accessories - the real game changers when we want to change up the vibes of any outfit. You already know, the same clothing with different accessories has a different meaning and expresses your outfit in a different way. Just keep that in mind and have fun accessorizing!!! 

You can add anklets, they're very trendy this season. You can go for hats, they're the ultimate festival trademark, I would like to say. You can add a vintage looking backpack, so your hands are free to take every single moment in. Enjoy your time there! 

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As I mentioned in the beginning, fringe hanging from a jacket, backpack, boots immediately gives you bohemian festive vibes, so use it to your advantage. Don't be afraid to be a walking fringe queen from head to toe! hahaha 

I like the fact that a fringe jacket like the one I have on here can take your denim shorts and tee to the front row of any festival. Try it and let me know if it works!

As for shoes - gladiator sandals, combat boots, espadrilles are your bffs. Something that will be comfortable enough for you to walk in all day. This is where I would make the biggest mistake if I was going to a festival because I love my heels and no matter the activity, I always like to think that wearing my heels is no problem at all. Many times I have been wrong, but don't make me admit it!!! 

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One of the many ways to take advantage of the hot temperatures during festival season is to show off your lace bralettes. This way you most likely will get started on your summer tan, just be sure to wear sunscreen (you don't want to look like a burned toast afterwards). With a bralette you can freely play with different tops to add on like a kimono, denim jacket or tribal vest. 

As for the bottom, I would add a festival inspired skirt of your choice. Anything that adds even more femininity to your overall outfit. That way, you'll sure feel like a boho queen ready to meet her boho prince! 

Again, the accessories are very important as they'll bring you the bohemian vibes you're striving for. You already know the drill, layer as much as you can, add the coolest pair of sunglasses you own and go have the time of your life!        

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Will you be going to any music festivals this year? If yes, what are you planning to wear? I hope you found this post fun and useful to any of you in search of some outfit ideas. 

That's all for now! Have the best day and see you next week!!! 

                                                                                                                                        Love, Radi   


Hello everyone, 
When there's spring, summer is only a few weeks away, comes at the speed of light, leaving us with the best kind of memories from pool parties to dancing the nights away in flowy dresses and falling in love with new boho jewelry pieces - pieces that take you back to these hot summer days at the sight of them and make you relieve everything in a flash inside your head.

It's inevitable - certain smells, clothing, jewelry items have the power to connect us to a particular time, person, place or event that now is only a memory. This is something that happens to all of us! When was the last time you wore or saw something that brought you back to a happy past memory? 

I'm really looking forward to this summer, which is why I have the perfect golden jewelry to accompany me on my summer adventures. Each one magically unique ready to bring those effortless bohemian vibes back to me!!! 

Jewelry can make a BIG difference to your daily look and mostly boost your confidence. It's fun to have pieces that will last you for a lifetime like these bracelets for women. How stunning are they? The unique craftsmanship can be seen right away. These diamonds sparkle like no other!    

When summer rolls around, I like to mostly wear dresses/rompers and give a complete voice to the jewelry I add on because it easily sparks the effortless chic summer looks I try to achieve. Jewelry has always been a game changer for me when I try to go for a certain message, whether that's happy, a bit edgy or simply summer ready. It's like art that easily brings out the best of YOU! 

This season you'll see me wearing lots of gold jewelry (my favorite) including these spiral inspired earrings that give a fun twist to the hoop earrings we all love. They remind me of the sun, delicate and bright... just exactly what I like! 

I know I'll be able to style them with anything and everything from bohemian (a Coachella staple) to classy looks. These are the kind of earrings that go with the flow of your outfit and make it a memorable one. 

Shop My Selection:

I love to mix and match lots of bracelets during the summer because that makes my summers even more fun. Having a ten piece bracelet like this to easily stack up on the go is always the best part before heading out. This bracelet could be your best mate from brunch to a day at the pool. It's chic, the beads are ready to play and I predict a day can't go by without you wanting to wear it. 

Currently having an arm candy full of different colors and textures is so in style, that it would be strange not to have a single bracelet on. The more, the better= the more FUN this summer!  

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Speaking of stacking bracelets, this turquoise cuff is another must-have for me because it's got that summer bohemian vibe that I love. It's captivating from miles away and I know all my desert goddesses out there would love it as much as I do. If you're on your way to Coachella ( how many of you are?), this is your ticket to turning your boho chic dreams into a reality. 

Inspired by the elegant girl on the go (my readers), I find that this cuff can keep you stylish throughout your summer adventures. Do any of you have exciting plans already for the summer?

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For more glamorous summer nights, my final jewelry choice would have to be these pink geometric earrings named "Malibu". They'll easily dress up any summer party outfit of yours, all you have to do is get the party started LOL! 

I love the bright pop of pink, the rhinestones, the way they hang like a million dollar chandelier. Truly so stunning, I cannot get over their beautiful design! One thing's for sure, these earrings won't ever bore you or leave your outfit feeling empty, lacking any kind of spark. 

I think seeing these earrings styled with pastels or a monochromatic white look would be a sight to see, one you wouldn't ever want to forget. Breathtaking to the point of you wanting to wear them every single day! 

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~ Jewelry was send to me by Lesebi. All opinions are my own. 
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Have you purchased any new jewelry for the spring/summer season? If so, how excited are you to wear it? 

I hope you enjoyed this post and it gets you in the mood of making this summer the best one yet. 
See you next Thursday! 

                                                                                                                                    Love, Radi