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Hello everyone, 

What's one thing that you can't wait to do each spring? For me it's all about adding lots and lots of color to my wardrobe. It's not like I don't wear it all year around, but during this time is when my colorful thoughts start flowing thanks to the beautiful sunny breeze outside, the sky high palms that decorate the city, the fresh new window displays that almost always (Okay, always) catch my attention...literally EVERYTHING! 

Dressing in color is my natural state of mind, so you can image how excited I am to leave the winter blacks, grays, nudes behind and replace them with vivid shades or the in-season pastels we're all thrilled to experiment with. I'm personally looking forward to having yellows, lilacs and even more reds being added to my spring tone fiesta. What about you, what shades are you blushing over this season? 

Because spring and the colors of the rainbow are my favorite things, I would love to share with you my personal ways of adding color to your everyday spring looks. 

1. Accessorize to the Max 

I can't live without them!

Shopping for bold, fun accessories is my favorite hobby besides getting to wear them later. With jewelry, bags and sunglasses like these you can never have an average spring. It's always bright and full of surprises! (Exactly how I like it!)  

Even if you're not a color freak like me, adding just one bright accessory can change up your whole look and mood. Yep, these things have powers that you can only read about here on my blog. Give it a try and let me know your immediate impressions.

As long as it's spring, you can accessorize as much or little as you desire. For example, I have a big selection of different colored bags that I like to change back and forth from one outfit to the next. I bring them out to play once spring hits! Also, I'm big on wearing statement earrings and necklaces, of course, not at the same time because it would be a bit too much, but you know what I mean.

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 2. Head to Toe Color Lust 

Another way to bring color into your life this spring is by going ALL IN for those bright dresses, rompers and cute sets. My closet is overflowing with them because each year I buy new pieces to get me ready for the most beautiful season of the year. My eyes turn into hearts emoji when I see a dress like the one I'm wearing above! 

I love the idea of having one color be the star of the show from head to toe. It just looks super fresh, pretty and like you can speak FASHION all day long. In the end that's exactly what we want, right? 

How do you feel about wearing color? Do you find that it uplifts you, makes you feel extra confident, brings you joy or is it something that you still have yet to get used to? 

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   3. Pucker Up in Color  

The lips is the way to another galaxy especially when they pop. I love wearing lots of different pinks, corals and reds because they give life to the face and make any outfit that much more exciting. That's really the one make-up product you need this spring, leaving everything else as natural as possible with the lips visibly ready to shine. What's your go to lip color right now? 

From my make-up collection, the lipsticks are the IT item that keeps on growing. Everything else I repurchase once it's completely used up, but here I cannot resist a new lip color. I've got a full box of them and still have the very first lipstick I ever bought... can you believe it? 

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Now you know just how much I love having a pop of color whether that's on the lips, the clothing I wear or my accessories. What's your favorite way to welcome color into your life?

Have the HAPPIEST spring! 

                                                                                                                                       Love, Radi      


Hello everyone, 

If you ever thought dressing casual and chic is a mismatch, think again, because they can totally unite in creating a look that's both comfortable and stylish. The piece of clothing that has the power to do just that is the nowadays trendy graphic tees. I'm sure you've seen them in every store with sayings that are sure to make you laugh every time, from "Whatever Sprinkles Your Donuts" to "Time To Wine Down". Really, a catchy saying like this can help express your more quirky side and you can hundred percent wear it numerous times a week. All you need is one of your favorite graphic tees and let me do the work by showing you three easy ways to style it! 

So head to your closet, look at all the possibilities you have and take note of what I'm about to show you! Let the FUN begin!!!     

1. With Plaid Shorts

The most convenient way to style your graphic tee is by grabbing any pair of shorts you own, whether that be denim, print, striped or plaid. Ones you've got that down you can decide for what kind of feel you want to go; edgy, bold, fun or sporty. In my case, I decided to trust the tone of the black tee and let the bright bag steal all the attention. You can change it up the other way around as you please and once again have a really cool stylish look. 

As far as I know it's still a bit too early for wearing sandals so I opted for my fringe booties and my wrap coat that knows how to take this tee to the next level. You can even replace the coat for a blazer, which I think would also suit this whole look. Whatever you have, throw it on and you're ready to go out the door! 

Where are all my "Coffee Queens"? As I like to say, a coffee a day, brings only good vibes your way! LOL!!! Can you tell this tee is one of my favorites because it's so me?! Plus, I don't know what I would do without coffee! hahaha 

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 2. With Patent Skirt   

Wanna turn your graphic tee into something chic and sexy, just add a patent leather skirt. Preferably, red, for more fire and passion! A skirt like this is an obvious game changer to any tee because it dresses it up perfectly for any fun adventures that may await. 

All kind of skirts have recently become my go-to piece to wear on weekends, so I always like to experiment in styling them differently. Some days with a bodysuit, other days with crop tops and often with cute graphic tees. The more options, the more fun! 

How do you like to be inspired? I enjoy it a lot! Even wearing this tee makes me seek inspiration wherever I go from any unique architecture I might see to a cute shop I might browse through. There is so much around us to keep us awake, alive and inspired!!! 

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3. With Denim Jeans 

When in doubt, I think I speak for all of us, we always reach for a pair of denim jeans. They're made to look great with everything, so you can rely on them each step (day) of the way. How awesome is it that denim exists? Without it, we would all be stuck in the mornings trying to decide for more than thirty minutes what to wear. 

I've gone a bit edgy here with the addition of the fishnets underneath and these cool silver mules. You can go for sneakers if you feel you want to go the sporty route... whatever your heart tells you! Remember to give it a chance and most importantly trust it! 

Mas amor por favor! It couldn't have been said any better or clearer. The world needs more LOVE, starting with loving ourselves for the way we are. This tee is a reminder of that, which is why I purchased it the moment I saw it. 

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What's your favorite graphic tee that you own and how do you mostly like to style it? I would love to know, so hit me with your answers down below! 

Thanks for stopping by! I'll see you again in the next post.  

                                                                                                                                     Love, Radi 


Hello everyone, 

It's so good to have you back... I get the sensation that you've come to the right place at the right time! :) Why you may wonder? Because now and forever we're going to be inspired to stay true to ourselves, while we dress to impress the person staring back at us in the mirror.

If you've ever felt the need to impress someone else, stop right there and drop this thought down the drain because the only way to be truly be happy is to first and mostly love yourself. That's the golden key to looking beautiful in any clothing you ever put on. As they say, the woman makes the clothing stand out, not the other way around!!! 

Since I love to think of dressing as a way to express oneself, I'm going to bet on going BOLD with my look. So fierce that even a Stop sign can't stop me! Please, don't call the police LOL!

One of the materials I've been crazy about since the beginning of the year is anything in patent leather. With that glossy shine, everything looks super sexy to me. I wouldn't mind having a toothbrush made of vinyl leather hahaha! However, for now I'm completely satisfied with my red patent mini skirt, which has been on my wishlist for the longest time. Since I've bought it I haven't looked at any of my other skirts.. this is my bold WINNER every time! I love the cool diagonal zipper detail and the two tiny ones to the side  that give this skirt the kind of personality I'm attracted to :) 

I wanted to stick with the idea of the skirt being the main focus, so I added this simple inspirational graphic tee on top. They're the best for that effortless street style, which so many of us try to achieve. Plus, having a positive writing on it like "Be Inspired" would never hurt you or the person across from you. You never know, it just might be the kind of inspiration they need at that moment. 

How about adding some more edge? I like the sound of that! This is why I went for my strappy sandals, black bomber jacket, a choker around the neck and a pair of cool dark shades. These items all play the supporting roles of the leading star "the red patent leather skirt". 


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This is the kind of outfit I would definitely wear from one day to the next because it's chic, works for lots of occasions. You can for sure change it up a bit depending on your own style and how you're feeling that day. 

I can see the leather skirt being worn with a sexy black sheer top with high heels for even more glam and edge. Really the possibilities are endless! How would you style this skirt and tee if you had to make two different looks out of them? I'm curious to know!!! 

It's my time to sign off! Thanks for getting inspired with me and I'll talk to you in the next post!

                                                                                                                                        Love, Radi      


Hello everyone, 

How are you feeling about seeing the sun shining, hearing the birds singing, smelling the aroma of the fresh blooms each step of your way once again? I couldn't be any happier because my favorite season of the year is only a few weeks away. I'm already thinking about everything that's got to do with spring from wearing floral print rompers to having a bouquet of flowers in each room of my home. If you're like me, then you're going to love this post! We're going to get deeper into the spring spirit with my favorite ways and things you can do to get you ready for a fresh new season!!! 


When it comes to style, I like to show my love for this season by wearing lots and lots of florals. I mean it!!! I have everything in floral prints; dresses, rompers, floral heels, floral embroidery jackets... it just never ends!  

Every time this season comes around, I'm shopping loads of floral pieces because they make me extra happy when I wear them, they're usually always bright, can uplift the mood of anyone, even "the Grinch", and as we all know, the floral print will always be fashionable and universal. 

I just can't and don't see this season ever passing me by without me wearing something floral. What about you? It would be so hard for me to believe if someone said they don't like wearing this print because I am one to want to wear it every season even in the fall and winter. 

Shop My Favorite Floral Pieces:       


Spritzing a fresh scent every time you get ready for the day is another way to get you excited for spring. It'll completely make you feel like you've just entered a botanical garden full of various beautiful smelling flowers. Imagine roses, dahlias, tulips, sweet peas, mallows... (here just add your favorite flowers!) 

I'm in love with this Commodity Gold fragrance because of the rich vanilla scent it exudes plus a few sensual notes that appear once the perfume hits the skin. It smells just like a brand new fresh season in which you would love to surrender to or even bathe in :) 

Shop My Favorite Perfumes:

Spring without flowers is like summer without the beach! 

Having lots of flowers in your house will always leave a wonderful effect on your mood each time you pass by them. I know that even a small bouquet on my desk can make all the difference. It brightens up the room, it makes me happy and it puts a BIG smile on my face that spring is finally here. 

I would love to know what are your favorite flowers? For me it has always been red roses! I have no idea how or when my love for them occurred, but I feel like it has been there since I was little. They're beautiful, romantic and even mysterious at times. 

Shop Spring Flowers:


It's time to step away from the dark colored nail polishes and take advantage of all the gorgeous rainbow colors that can get you ready in the mood for spring. You can have unlimited fun here by adding cute floral designs, coloring each nail in different shade or anything really that comes to mind. 

Especially during this season, I like to add spring related stamp designs on my nails because I enjoy having my nails pop alongside my outfit and it's very fun to do. It doesn't take as much time as you might think. Once you get the hang of it, you can literally do your nail art in less than five minutes. 

Shop Nail Tools:

There's nothing better then doing a spring clean where you get rid of old clothing and make space for newness. That's how every season should begin; fresh, new and organized!  

I like to start with my closet because it's like my meditating corner where I love to hang-out the most LOL! When organizing my closet, I fully appreciate every single thing I own and feel satisfied of putting everything in order. This way, the next time I dress, I can see everything there is... how many times have you forgotten you owned something just because it was hidden somewhere even your dog can't find? Too many to count, right!? 

Replacing your wardrobe winter staples with your spring ones is the most exciting feeling ever because you know lots of sunshine is coming, endless fun times with friends and so many colorful easy to wear pieces that you won't ever get bored of styling. 

Shop These Closet Organizers:       

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What's your favorite way of getting ready for spring? 
These here were my five steps (routine) that I enjoy doing once March hits because they never fail to get me in the mood for those hotter days. 

Bye for now! I'll talk to you again in the next post!!!  

                                                                                                                                    Love, Radi 


Hello everyone,

Aside from LIFE being my everyday muse, this week I turned to my mustard yellow bodysuit to be the focal inspiration of my look. Achieving something fun, totally ME! A stylish outfit that I would wear over and over again, easily expressing my bubbly personality and my love for playing with clothes. What can I say... I find joy in the smallest of things or at least I try so!
What has been your muse today? What made you look forward to starting a brand new beautiful day? 

I know these months can be a bit tricky to dress for because the weather in Las Vegas goes back and forth from chilly to sunny. One day I end up wearing a skirt, the other day I've got to dress in jeans and something cozy to keep me from freezing on the spot. Thankfully this day was perfect for adding a few of my favorite winter and summer staples into one. I mixed them up like a juicer and here is what I came up with!!! Something sweet, sassy and visually appealing! 

The three staples from this season that I wanted to bring into this look are the below the knee boots, my favorite winter accessory; the beret and the cardigan that has kept me warm for so long. Literally, these items have saved me because I'm almost always so cold. You know what they say, cold hands and feet, but with the warmest heart and soul. hahaha 

The mustard yellow being an accent color I prefer to combine it with darker shades, so the focus is vivid and clear as the sunrise. Reach for navy, black or brown pieces that will suit the current season and most importantly your own personal style.       

As you know to me any outfit is in NEED of jewelry pieces to spice it up or transform it from one style to another. That's why I always have my Lesebi collection there to back me up in choosing the trendiest jewelry from leather chokers to bedazzled wrap bracelets. Here I've got the "Albany" geometric stone earrings with a modern twist, which will be in style throughout the year, so use this time to step into the rhythm of this geometric cycle.    

Shop My Look:

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Now I'm off to some fun in the sun in this mustard yellow! You bet I'm going to wear it again even though I wore it a few days ago. 

Do you own any mustard yellow pieces? How do you like to style them? 
Also if you're really looking forward to spring, you would want to come back to my blog because the next post will be spring related. I won't give away any secrets, but expect it to be floral, bright, joyful and inspiring!!! See you then! 

                                                                                                                                      Love, Radi