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Hello everyone,  What's one thing that you can't wait to do each spring? For me it's all about adding lots and lots of color to my wardrobe. It's not like I don't wear it all year around, but during this time is when my colorful thoughts start flowing thanks to the beautiful sunny breeze outside, the sky high palms that decorate the city, the fresh new window displays that almost always (Okay, always) catch my attention...literally EVERYTHING!  Dressing in color is my natural state of mind, so you can image how excited I am to leave the winter blacks, grays, nudes behind and replace them with vivid shades or the in-season pastels we're all thrilled to experiment with. I'm personally looking forward to having yellows, lilacs and even more reds being added to my spring tone fiesta. What about you, what shades are you blushing over this season?  Because spring and the colors of the rainbow are my favorite things, I would love to share with you my perso


Hello everyone,  If you ever thought dressing casual and chic is a mismatch, think again, because they can totally unite in creating a look that's both comfortable and stylish. The piece of clothing that has the power to do just that is the nowadays trendy graphic tees . I'm sure you've seen them in every store with sayings that are sure to make you laugh every time, from "Whatever Sprinkles Your Donuts" to "Time To Wine Down". Really, a catchy saying like this can help express your more quirky side and you can hundred percent wear it numerous times a week. All you need is one of your favorite graphic tees and let me do the work by showing you three easy ways to style it!  So head to your closet, look at all the possibilities you have and take note of what I'm about to show you! Let the FUN begin!!!      1. With Plaid Shorts         The most convenient way to style your graphic tee is by grabbing any pair of shorts you own, whether th


Hello everyone,  It's so good to have you back... I get the sensation that you've come to the right place at the right time! :) Why you may wonder? Because now and forever we're going to be inspired to stay true to ourselves, while we dress to impress the person staring back at us in the mirror. If you've ever felt the need to impress someone else, stop right there and drop this thought down the drain because the only way to be truly be happy is to first and mostly love yourself . That's the golden key to looking beautiful in any clothing you ever put on. As they say, the woman makes the clothing stand out, not the other way around!!!  Since I love to think of dressing as a way to express oneself, I'm going to bet on going BOLD with my look. So fierce that even a Stop sign can't stop me! Please, don't call the police LOL!                   One of the materials I've been crazy about since the beginning of the year is anything i


Hello everyone,  How are you feeling about seeing the sun shining, hearing the birds singing, smelling the aroma of the fresh blooms each step of your way once again? I couldn't be any happier because my favorite season of the year is only a few weeks away. I'm already thinking about everything that's got to do with spring from wearing floral print rompers to having a bouquet of flowers in each room of my home. If you're like me, then you're going to love this post! We're going to get deeper into the spring spirit with my favorite ways and things you can do to get you ready for a fresh new season!!!  1. WEAR FLORALS         When it comes to style, I like to show my love for this season by wearing lots and lots of florals. I mean it!!! I have everything in floral prints; dresses, rompers, floral heels, floral embroidery jackets... it just never ends!   Every time this season comes around, I'm shopping loads of floral pieces because they ma


Hello everyone, Aside from LIFE being my everyday muse, this week I turned to my mustard yellow bodysuit to be the focal inspiration of my look. Achieving something fun, totally ME! A stylish outfit that I would wear over and over again, easily expressing my bubbly personality and my love for playing with clothes. What can I say... I find joy in the smallest of things or at least I try so! What has been your muse today? What made you look forward to starting a brand new beautiful day?  I know these months can be a bit tricky to dress for because the weather in Las Vegas goes back and forth from chilly to sunny. One day I end up wearing a skirt, the other day I've got to dress in jeans and something cozy to keep me from freezing on the spot. Thankfully this day was perfect for adding a few of my favorite winter and summer staples into one. I mixed them up like a juicer and here is what I came up with!!! Something sweet, sassy and visually appealing!          The