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Hello everyone,

Who here loves shopping? I think we can all agree that's one of our favorite hobbies if not the TOP thing we most look forward to when the weekend hits. At least, that's the way I feel! I can shop for hours and hours, online, at the mall, even in my dreams LOL!   

While buying a new seasonal dress brings me all the JOY, I like to shop smart because like they say money doesn't grow on trees. If it did, having a budget strategy in mind would be the least of my worries. As we live in the real world, sadly, this isn't possible, but the fact that you can look fashionable on a budget is. I'm going to share with you my ways of looking like you're wearing the most expensive brands (Chanel, Prada, Balmain, Fendi...) and how to stay within your budget when wanting to add new wardrobe pieces to your closet. 

Are you ready for this? Let's talk FASHION!!! 


Shopping smart means buying clothing that you need, fits your personal lifestyle,…


Hello everyone, 

We're going fishing today, so load up on your equipment, aka fishnets, because it's about to get FUN and a lot more exciting than you could have ever IMAGINED! Okay, so I'm not big on fishing, but I LOVE to style my fishnet tights with different looks. They always seem to turn an ordinary outfit into something less boring and extra cool and edgy. If you can't catch any fish, you can always dress the part, am I right? 

I know many times we get tired of wearing the same clothing. For example, a pair of our everyday denim jeans can get quite repetitive and dreary, which is why this is exactly where the fishnets enter the equation and turn everything around, of course, for the BETTER. You add these babies on and VOILA you'll feel like a new person. GUARANTEED!  

In this post, I'm going to share with you four of my favorite ways to wear fishnet tights. All four are very different, easily applied into your daily life and a blast to rock!!! 



Hello everyone, 

Are there any fulfilled hearts of LOVE reading this post? I may be single, but my heart beats from the love I have for life, the people around me, this blog that puts a smile on my face every time I create something new, I read a sweet comment or get to interact with you, no matter the distance... So many heartwarming feelings that I fully appreciate and notice, no matter the expectation of having a boyfriend especially on Valentine's Day.   

What I'm trying to say is that love exists in ALL forms and shapes. You can fall in love with the sun that warmly touches your skin each morning. You can fall in love with your city that has given you a happy home and thousands of possibilities. You don't have to wait for your soulmate, to feel an everlasting love. You can create your own love story everyday! What are some of your main love characters? 

I find Valentine's day can be a great way to do whatever you love the most. Let's say you've always wanted …


Hello everyone, 

This is not Radi. I'm Daniela, Radi's sister and photographer. She invited me to write a guest blog post for you with my top 5 photography tips for beginner photographers.

I've been photographing my sister from the very first blog post she wrote. We've both grown creatively and artistically over the past two and a half years since launched. (It's going to be 3 years in 3 months!) I have compiled 5 of my best tips for beginner photographers because I was one not too long ago. I've used my experience to talk to you about what I think can help you start and grow as an artist.

I'm excited to write for you today as well as show you some of my favorite photos I've taken! I've heard only good things about you guys, so I think this would be really fun!

Before I get into the subject of photography, I thought I'd share 5 facts about me, so you can get an idea of who's behind these words.

Here we go:
1. I DIY almost anything …