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Hello everyone,

Who here loves shopping? I think we can all agree that's one of our favorite hobbies if not the TOP thing we most look forward to when the weekend hits. At least, that's the way I feel! I can shop for hours and hours, online, at the mall, even in my dreams LOL!   

While buying a new seasonal dress brings me all the JOY, I like to shop smart because like they say money doesn't grow on trees. If it did, having a budget strategy in mind would be the least of my worries. As we live in the real world, sadly, this isn't possible, but the fact that you can look fashionable on a budget is. I'm going to share with you my ways of looking like you're wearing the most expensive brands (Chanel, Prada, Balmain, Fendi...) and how to stay within your budget when wanting to add new wardrobe pieces to your closet. 

Are you ready for this? Let's talk FASHION!!! 


Shopping smart means buying clothing that you need, fits your personal lifestyle, you can get a lot of wear out of and fits your body shape. Don't make the mistake of purchasing a gown dress if you never attend fancy parties or buying something just because you saw a blogger wearing it, only to have it and wear it only once. 

If you're a mom, you most likely will reach for comfy jeans, leggings, tees or sweaters, which is fine, since at the moment that is the current focal point in your life. On the other hand, if you're in the fashion business as a model, stylist or designer, your lifestyle will lead you in dressing up to the current trends with funky, cool, elegant, and all of the above pieces. So when you shop, keep your lifestyle in mind to help you make the right choice whether or not something should come home with you. 

Also, when on a budget, to look fashionable, your new purchases should be able to mix and match with your current ones. Let's say you get a new cute skirt that doesn't go with any top you have, you'll never end up wearing it. The money you've spend on it will be wasted and that won't make you happy. 


Accessories are a game changer and can be your best friend when it comes to looking fashionable on a budget. You may ask, how come? Well, with the help of accessories you can give the same outfit a different kind of vibe .Many times I've done just that! I've taken pants and a t-shirt and have turned it from edgy to feminine within seconds with a quick change in accessories. You can do that as well! 

That's why the more accessories you have the better! If you can stock up on various type of hats, scarves, belts, earrings, necklaces... go ahead, so you can use your already existing clothing to play around with all kind of looks.     

Shop My Favorite Accessories:

Always be on the lookout for the sales in your favorite stores. There's nothing more satisfying than being able to purchase a whole outfit for under $50, because as we know, that can be otherwise impossible, since nowadays only a single pair of jeans costs around $50. 

Very recently I took advantage of this tip and I'm beyond happy I was able to get a beautiful floral dress for only $6. Ohhh boy, this reminds me and makes me even more motivated to watch the sales for anything new I want to make part of my style. What's something you recently bought on sale and want to scream it out loud so the whole world hears you? 

Here are the CURRENT SALES you should take full advantage of: 
Saks Fifth AvenueSpend $150+ on women’s denim, get $25 off. Spend $300+, get $75 off. Spend $500+, get $150 off. Valid through 2/26.
JCPEnjoy 60% off when you spend $100+, 40% off $40+, or an extra 25% off select sale styles with code BUYNOW63. Valid through 2/22.
Saturdays NYC: Take up to 60% off. Valid through 3/22.
Scotch and SodaEnjoy up to 50% off Winter styles. Valid through 3/1.
BCBG: Enjoy 25% off. Valid 2/25.
Neiman Marcus: Save up to 65% on select styles online. Valid through 2/25.
MintedGet 15% off wedding orders of $350+ with code FEBWED18. Valid through 2/26.
BoohooTake 40% off everything (excluding sale) and free shipping on $30+. Valid through 2/26.
GapTake an extra 20% off your purchase with code FORYOU. Restrictions apply. Valid through 2/26.

The best way to get rid of anything old is by taking a chance on it and making it feel/look brand new again. Sometimes it can be something you just never seem to reach for anymore because you don't feel it's stylish enough. For example, I had this blue v-neck sweater that just hung there. I love the color and everything about it, I just rarely wore it, so I decided to sew some pearls to on the shoulders and now I get to add it a lot more into my style. Plus, having anything covered in pearls is super fashionable and such a big trend right now.  

DIYing your clothing will take a bit more time, but trust me it saves you so much money and if you end up loving your final result, you'll no doubt feel like you just won "Project Runway". So get your cutting scissors, thread and start creating your masterpiece! 


Most importantly, a big smile and confidence is what makes your outfit the most fashionable out there, even if you're wearing Target or Forever 21 clothing. Looking fashionable isn't defined by the brand you're wearing, but by the person who is inside. Keep that in mind and you'll always SLAY no matter what!!! 

I know that there are girls (yes, YOU reading this post) who can rock a pair of Target sandals like they're the new Dolce & Gabbana. You've got that power within you, to make anything that touches your skin super fashionable!!!      

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How do you stay fashionable while staying within your own budget? Let me know! 

Talk to you next week! <3  

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Hello everyone, 

We're going fishing today, so load up on your equipment, aka fishnets, because it's about to get FUN and a lot more exciting than you could have ever IMAGINED! Okay, so I'm not big on fishing, but I LOVE to style my fishnet tights with different looks. They always seem to turn an ordinary outfit into something less boring and extra cool and edgy. If you can't catch any fish, you can always dress the part, am I right? 

I know many times we get tired of wearing the same clothing. For example, a pair of our everyday denim jeans can get quite repetitive and dreary, which is why this is exactly where the fishnets enter the equation and turn everything around, of course, for the BETTER. You add these babies on and VOILA you'll feel like a new person. GUARANTEED!  

In this post, I'm going to share with you four of my favorite ways to wear fishnet tights. All four are very different, easily applied into your daily life and a blast to rock!!! 


Next time you feel your denim jeans aren't giving you enough, dig into your tights drawer. Give your jeans the spotlight they deserve by adding them to your look. Here I rolled up the hem of my jeans and tied my tee into a little knot, so the fishnets are peaking out for a new, edgy look. What do you think? It's as simple as that! 

If you're into the "street style" this is it! I've got the comfy "Mas Amor Por Favor" tee, the aviator sunnies, the silver slip-on mules, the crossbody bag, and a nice tweed coat to layer if needed.  

Shop My Look:   

You can go the sexy route by styling your fishnets with your favorite sweater dress. This way your legs will be even more accentuated... a great way to show off your killer legs if they're your favorite part of your body. 

I know this look wouldn't have been the same without the fishnet tights. They add the kind of flare I love to experiment with every time I get dressed. Plus, when you add a cute pair of booties, you really can't make the wrong move. 

This is the kind of outfit you would want to wear on a date, but you know what? I've worn it on a few occasions where all I did is go to the grocery store and later got a Starbucks :) 

Shop My Look:   

We all know it's hard to separate a girl from her denim shorts because we own more than one pair that we easily reach for during the spring/summer. That's why if you ever feel like spicing up your shorts, I suggest adding fishnets.

Imagine this same look without the tights. What do you see? I see something completely simple and expected where as with fishnets it immediately becomes the opposite. In the end, it's all up to you; how do you want to express yourself and what do you want to say with your outfit?! 

For me it's about feeling confident in myself, loving what I wear and letting my outfit speak the most.

Shop My Look:          

Just as you are playful with your looks, you can be playful with your fishnet tights by pairing them with a skater skirt. 
I like to call this outfit the "flare attack" because it's powerful enough to give you a heart-attack (the good kind, if you know what I mean?!) 

You can recreate this look to fit any season. For example, during the Vegas fall/winter I like to wear this skirt with a soft, cozy turtleneck and over the knee boots. During the spring/summer, I would add a cute tee and a nice pair of wedged sandals. How would you style it? 

Shop My Look:         

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I would love to know what's your favorite way to wear your fishnet tights and which of these looks would you wear yourself? Get the conversation started and I'll talk to you in the comments section! 

See you next Thursday! 

                                                                                                                                       Love, Radi   


Hello everyone, 
Are there any fulfilled hearts of LOVE reading this post? I may be single, but my heart beats from the love I have for life, the people around me, this blog that puts a smile on my face every time I create something new, I read a sweet comment or get to interact with you, no matter the distance... So many heartwarming feelings that I fully appreciate and notice, no matter the expectation of having a boyfriend especially on Valentine's Day.   

What I'm trying to say is that love exists in ALL forms and shapes. You can fall in love with the sun that warmly touches your skin each morning. You can fall in love with your city that has given you a happy home and thousands of possibilities. You don't have to wait for your soulmate, to feel an everlasting love. You can create your own love story everyday! What are some of your main love characters? 

Both women and men have a secret love ingredient called androstadienone, which effects our love life. It's not just attraction! Pheromones for women found in most hygiene products like lotions and body washes, helps us relief stress and spikes up our mood. Something very effective because it makes you feel more attractive, increases intimacy between you and your partner or if single helps you find one.     

I find Valentine's day can be a great way to do whatever you love the most. Let's say you've always wanted to go indoor sky diving or go shopping for an entire outfit from head to toe, this is the day to do it. If you have a boyfriend to join you, double the joy. Be sure to live in that moment and, if possible (I know it's possible,) leave the phone behind because you deserve this "love time"! 

Whether you're going on a date with your boyfriend/girlfriend or yourself, I've got the perfect outfit to get your creative style juices flowing. This is something I would personally wear, if by some last-minute miracle I get asked on a date LOL!!! I know, I can always dress up and go with the flow of what this day will bring; no expectations, no plans, no phone in hand.  

If you want to wear something that would be extra easy to style on this day, I recommend going for a jumpsuit. Perhaps a colorful one, in sync with this lovely day with culotte pleats for more comfort and sassy attitude. I love mine because it literally feels like silk effortlessly following with each step.

To continue the love, I knew these strappy sandals with the golden wedge would be ideal for this "love story" because they're simple yet enchanting. The golden touch can catch the eye and you know that's never a bad thing. 

As a back-up it's good to have a coat in hand. I know the love you'll be receiving on this day is all you need to keep you warm, but get that coat just in case. Plus, your outfit will look 100 times more stylish if you're holding it in your hand. I speak from experience hahaha! 

Sticking with the theme of love, I had to add my double heart earrings for a cute touch. They accompany my loveland necklace just fine. As I like to say, jewelry makes everything okay, (I just thought of that right now, but I like it!)

Shop My Look:                  

There goes so much prepping into getting ready for a date night that I want to help you simplify it by giving you some ideas on what I think you should pack into your purse. It's not much, but it can save the night!!! Firstly, pick your favorite bag... one that will tie-up your look for the grand finale and quickly add these essentials. 

Shop The Essentials:

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Happy Valentine's Day from me! 

How will you be celebrating this day? Any dates planned? 
As of now I don't have anything planned. Who knows, last minute things might change! Like I mentioned earlier, my heart is already fulfilled with so much LOVE!!! 
Thank you for your LOVE!    

                                                                                                                                      Love, Radi 


Hello everyone, 

This is not Radi. I'm Daniela, Radi's sister and photographer. She invited me to write a guest blog post for you with my top 5 photography tips for beginner photographers.

I've been photographing my sister from the very first blog post she wrote. We've both grown creatively and artistically over the past two and a half years since launched. (It's going to be 3 years in 3 months!) I have compiled 5 of my best tips for beginner photographers because I was one not too long ago. I've used my experience to talk to you about what I think can help you start and grow as an artist.

I'm excited to write for you today as well as show you some of my favorite photos I've taken! I've heard only good things about you guys, so I think this would be really fun!

Before I get into the subject of photography, I thought I'd share 5 facts about me, so you can get an idea of who's behind these words.

Here we go:
1. I DIY almost anything and everything!
2. I can live off of bread and anything that has chocolate in it!
3. I love to workout!
4. Rain is my favorite type of weather - I love the sound raindrops make against the windows, I love the smell of rain, I always go out when it's raining - I love to get super wet!
5. I'm shy and closed off in social settings.

Okay, now you share one fun fact about yourself in the comments. I want to get to know you too!

And introductions are done with. Let's get to work.


1. Find what it is that you really like taking pictures of

What do you really like photographing? I can't express to you how much easier photography gets when you take pictures of things that you like taking pictures of. It's so simple! When you do what you love you can't fail!

Are you someone who likes getting close and personal with nature and her vibrant colors and beautiful textures? Are you someone who loves getting out into the city and exploring the lifestyle of its residents? Maybe you love architecture? Or you love fashion and working with people?

Whatever it is that you like to photograph, JUST DO IT! That feeling of living a moment of bliss behind the lens is really special! Do what makes you feel good on the inside because that feeling is going to inspire you to learn and further develop your skills as you progress in your photography journey, which will make that journey 100 times easier and enjoyable. Have fun!

I love photographing nature - she is so perfect. Her curves, edges, textures, colors are so inspiring. I feel like I'm meditating every time I go out into her embrace and give into the experience. Her beauty is not only a magnificent picture, but an eternal fountain of universal wisdom.

When I photograph nature it's for myself. I also love photographing food - I love making my own food and staging it all 'artistic and 5-star restaurant' like. But when I photograph my sister or any of my friends it's for them. I love looking through the lens and seeing that little adjustment I can make to accentuate my model's best features. I recently received a comment from my friend who told me that I made her feel beautiful. That's when you know what you're doing is really special. Photography is not just clicking a shutter button. Photography is emotion, excitement, inspiration.

2. Find your 'why'

Why are you doing this? What about photography makes your heart extra cheerful?

Finding why you love to do what you do really brings a whole different dimension of meaning and purpose to your life. Having a 'why' is like having a strong base for building a house; it keeps your house standing up even in the harshest weather conditions. You know that if you're having a tough day or you're experiencing creativity blocks you can overcome these setbacks because you have a reason, you have a purpose, you have something to keep you moving forward, to keep you hopeful and excited.

You can apply this principle to all areas of your life. Find a reason, a meaning and you'll always have a beam of light to guide you in the right path. Trust yourself.

Do you want to know why I photograph? Because it makes me feel like myself. I'm the one looking through the lens, choosing to capture what captures me, choosing to see things differently than what society or anyone else wants me to see. When I photograph, Daniela is Daniela - unedited, uninfluenced, free, happy.

3. Don't be too hard on yourself

When you first start photographing it can be overwhelming, especially if you're a perfectionist like me and you want to be at a professional skills level right away. All I have to say to you is don't be hard on yourself. The sooner you realize that you're learning something new and that it's going to take time to get to where you want to be, the easier it will be to move toward your goal.

Don't panic if you still don't know how to operate your camera and are feeling confused about which settings to use. Don't stress too much about using the best camera accessories like filters, lenses, tripods. As a beginner photographer focus on the very basic settings. Learn the basics first. As you start doing more photoshoots at different times of day, different locations, different themes, you'll start to develop an inner feeling for what aperture or ISO setting to use. Trust me. It's not that hard to figure out. And it's all good because you now have a 'why' which means that when you're feeling stuck or lacking motivation, you can easily overcome that road bump and be on your way again! (wink ;))

And today there's a lot of resources available to expand your knowledge on any subject you like. I personally like YouTube because it's easier for me to see how something works first. I also have photography books. You can always ask friend photographers for tips. You'll find a way if you're really serious about it. Just remember to be patient with yourself!

4. Don't buy expensive equipment just yet

As a beginner photographer I think that buying 'fancy' expensive equipment is not necessary. Focus on learning the basics. Take your time. Take it easy. Make your life simple. Invest in something more user friendly like a beginner level digital Canon or Nikon camera that's within your budget. There are so many great options out there on the market, you're going to be surprised at the quality of photography you can produce with a beginner level camera.

Can I tell you a secret? I was told once that the camera doesn't make the photo, but the photographer behind the camera. What do you see through the lens? How do you see the world? Capture that. Try different points of view. Play with composition and framing. Use your imagination. Give way to your inspiration.

You can always use editing programs like Photoshop or PicsArt to enhance and edit your photos afterwards. As you start photographing more you will also start looking into the accessories and equipment that best support your style of photography. Always make room for growth.

5. Experiment. Learn. Enjoy.

My last tip is not really a tip but a reminder.

Experiment with the different camera settings on your camera. Spend more time with your camera, go on more dates together, and soon you'll know everything about each other. Also, don't overlook mundane subjects. There is so much beauty all around, even in the places that you least expect. When you think you've seen it all, you'll realize that everything around is ever-changing if you are willing to challenge your perspective.

Learn. Be curious. Never lose that inner childish curiosity that sees the world as interesting, amusing and magical. It will show you new experiences, new colors, new views. All you have to do is be in the moment, enjoy the journey. Enjoy every moment of hardship as it will make you stronger, enjoy every moment of happiness as it will make you grateful, enjoy every moment of discovery as it will make you curious, enjoy every moment of change as it will make you grow, enjoy every moment of love as it will make you fly to wherever you want to go.

In conclusion, photography is an art of expression. Express yourself, your emotions, your challenges, your successes through the lens. Make mistakes. Learn from them. Make memories. Cherish the moment. Believe in yourself. And you'll always manifest any dream you dream!

This is what I have to say for now. I hope that you found this post helpful and engaging. Please don't hesitate to get the conversation started in the comments below - share your experiences and your thoughts. What made an impression on you?

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It was a pleasure writing for you today! Thank you for your time! 

                                                                                                                                      Be happy,